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  1. The club have given James a new improved contact for three years, great news.
  2. Fev getting to Super league, Cas winning G.F. York having a good season.
  3. Didnt he miss all last season through injury?
  4. Just glad York are in the competition and the league at one time thought we were a gonna.
  5. Thanks Roger and a merry Christmas to all fans of every club.
  6. Merry Christmas to all the Knights fans, players, coaching staff and to our new chairman and board thank you for making this a great Christmas lets hope 2017 is a year to be proud of.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone no matter who your team is and may your club have a great 2017.
  8. 6 more signings, Adam Robinson from Halifax, Ronan Dixson from Wakefield, B,A,R,L,A Great Britain tourist Chris Siddons, Liam Thompson and Joe Batchelor both from Coventry and Micky Learmonth has resigned.
  9. York.
  10. Hopefully at the football ground.
  11. Fans of other clubs would love the coverage we get from the Press, cant understand anyone moaning about it.
  12. Harry Carter resigns for the Knights, great news and theres more to come.
  13. The winger scored a fair few tries for Donny last season, welcome to the Knights both of you.
  14. Now that would be good Simon, happy days.
  15. ?