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  1. Poor discipline from York, cut out the stupid mistakes, hoping for a better 2nd half.
  2. Watched it on YouTube, fantastic quality. Quick replays great coverage, well done to all concerned.
  3. The thing that I do like, about the picture in the link. The sign on the door, offering free food to homeless people.
  4. Not according to the Chinese zodiac, it's the year of the dog!
  5. Another view of two of the new stands.
  6. A view of one of the stands at York community stadium, looking towards Monks Cross.
  7. I've also got a bad case of sausagefingeritis !
  8. 84.6 in the West of York and we think we have hard water!
  9. More pictures of the York community stadium progressing.
  10. Work is progressing well at the York community stadium
  11. If DHL are now delivering to KFC, I think they should look behind the bin!
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