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    Wigan Warriors<br>York City Knights<br>Rugby League<br><br>and of course lots of holidays!
  1. *waves back* thought I'd reannounce my presence on a thread I remember rather than jumping into something random...
  2. I have pink spotty wellies. (hello, btw, just popping in to have a look round - haven't been round these parts for aaaaaaaages)
  3. Erm, hello. Not been round these parts for a while. But I do seem to be in possession of a ticket for the match so it would be rude not to pop into the pub really...
  4. I don't use this forum as often as I used to do either. Spending more time out and about doing stuff and less time at the computer for a start, but even when I'm in it's slipping down the list of websites to visit
  5. I am making handmade chocolates for christmas. I've discovered that I can make a delicious hot chocolate out of the leftovers too
  6. I have been in Manchester all day. I'm back now. I got a 10k PB on Sunday. That's about as uninteresting as my life gets at the moment.
  7. I got back from holiday last night. I got into work this morning to discover my entire team was off (was it something I said?) and that the job from hell had landed. ######. On the plus side, when I was on holiday I finished a mere 2 places away from a trophy in a race despite standing at the start moaning about how hot it was It won't, however, be hot at the Abbey Dash on Sunday. It will be my 4th year, and every year it's been freezing. I predict a cold snap at the weekend...
  8. I'm wide awake now because I'm leaving for the airport for my holiday in about 15 minutes
  9. The landlords of the development where my firm's new(ish) offices are are considering putting in a running track instead of more office buildings (ie they have no money for proper buildings). I think I've died and gone to heaven
  10. I did a 10k this morning and my leg doesn't hurt :) :)
  11. My leg doesn't hurt
  12. I went for a run this morning and my leg didn't hurt