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  1. Yesterday's RL Cup Final..."Neutral" fans..

    I was supporting Warrington. I was born in Warrington hospital so after Saints they've always been my 2nd team. Order of support: 1. Saints 2. Warrington 3. Catalans / Crusaders 4. Other Lancashire teams (except Wigan) 5. Other non-Australian teams 7. Wigan 8. Australian teams
  2. Feel sad for Saintsbird but its great news for me. I can't get over from the Isle of Man for Friday night games, but was coming over on the Saturday morning anyway to visit family. Now I can go to the game too. Thought my last visit to Knowsley Road was going to be seeing them lose to Wigan at Easter.
  3. Not much the police can do about it. As far as I know it isn't against the law. Morally wrong maybe, but not legally.