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  1. Not quite related but we have a Golden Fern Box in Hull...
  2. Massively looking forward to this coming week's games now and we're guaranteed a new name at Old Trafford which is great...isn't it? And yes, I'm a Hull FC fan and yes, I don't much care for Hull KR, but last night's game was strangely enjoyable, perhaps in a somewhat masochistic way. Seeing the likes of Widdop and Williams completely humbled by Lewis and Abdull made for a great sports story. I'll save my speculation about whether or not Rervers can do the unthinkable and get to Old Trafford for the match thread but I reckon Thursday's game could well pull in one of Sky's biggest ever viewing audiences for SL.
  3. A pedant writes...It wasn't a Cup SF if I recall, it was a regular league fixture at Craven Park circa 2006/7. Here she is in all her glory : http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/07_01/fightDM0807_468x280.jpg
  4. And before any Rervers' fans comment, Widdop and Williams salaries combined probably would pay for half the Hull KR squad tonight.
  5. Well, well...game over although I think it was before then. Great stuff from Rervers but Wire have played panic football from kick off.
  6. Wire seem to think they can score every time they have the ball in Rervers' arf. They're not respecting possession. Fair play to the away team, as I speak, Vete is in the bin for a nothing hit. And Wire lose the ball again. Arf tarm completion rates should be interesting.
  7. Hull FC's "dead wood" player cull as Mahe Fonua and Josh Bowden offered to other clubs. I can see Wakey possibly showing interest in Fonua as he always seems to play a blinder against them. Bowden has gone backwards since an outstanding performance v Leeds in the Challenge Cup SF at Donny in 2017. I expect more to follow.
  8. Hopefully this will be a belter. I guess it's all about whether Revers will be able to defend a confident Wire attack as I think both teams have the ability to score tries against each other, it's just that I reckon the Wire defence will be better. It'll be nice if the outcome is still in doubt towards the latter stages, that should make for a fantastic finish. I have this feeling though that it may be over, if not by half time, probably early doors 2nd arf. Wire 32 Rervers 16.
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