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  1. Just read this mate, wtf you on about? Never in doubt.
  2. During the second half, Sneyd tried a kick behind the Leeds line that rolled dead. Almost to a man, the South Stand erupted with a "SNEEEYD" roar, taking the p*ss. 5 minutes to go, 24-20, and Naulago scores in the corner. Up steps Sneyd with the chance to convert from the touchline, right in front of all those baying Leeds fans. We were stood on the Western Terrace, about a hundred yards away and it was suggested that we would know how good the kick was from the sound of the South Stand. From the moment it left his boot you could have heard a pin drop.
  3. I'm not that keen on any Union team tbh.
  4. I didn't think it was too bad a game. Both sides' defence looked too good for the respective attacks but I suppose that might tell you there wasn't a great deal of spark or creativity in said attacks. Was surprised Thaler didn't go to the VR when the Hudds player might have grounded the ball a tad short, would have been a close call that one. Agree with HKR A D, Parcell being injured left a huge void in Rovers' attack, still scratching my head as to why Leeds let him go. The next round of fixtures looks interesting, especially as Saints are fielding an under strength team tomorrow and could well come up short in the Smoke.
  5. I blame those crooks...what name do they go under again? Ah yes, Lee Radford Estate Agents.
  6. It's not only the fans. A few years ago, Hull City A.F.C. brought out car stickers for their fans depicting : "Hull - A Football City". If that isn't proof of their inferiority complex, I don't know what is.
  7. He certainly came in with a dodgy knees in the back hit, then immediately signaled to the ref that his opponent was injured. Has he recent history at the RFL Disciplinary for this or am I making it up 'cos I hate Wiggun?
  8. Of course. You know me, absolutely impartial. Just think of my Radio Blunderside commentaries.
  9. Hicks gives a forward pass against Wakey when it went back a yard. Still, I'm sure he'd have done exactly the same had it been a Wigan pass.
  10. One way to really improve the video ref would be to allow him to open his eyes and watch what actually happened before he comes to his decision.
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