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  1. Its just finished its meal and flown off. Apologies to the squeamish but here's what's left of its meal...looks like it was a blackbird.
  2. Heard the magpies going mental on my roof this morning so had a look out and was rather thrilled to see a sparrowhawk devouring some unfortunate bird in my front garden. And this in very urban North Hull. Apologies for the quality but I didn't want to scare it off...
  3. That reply was quicker than a Steve Reed input after a criticism of Hull KR. They're doing a great job at the Skolars. I went to the Friday Night Lights a couple of years since and was impressed with their efforts and set up. In fact, as Just Browny will no doubt confirm with glee, my pal and I arrived late to the ground, having survived a 28 stop tube trip, to find that the turnstile operator had buggered off so we got in for nowt. I rather hope the profits they made from the beer we bought helped to counteract this.
  4. Just as well that you don't live in Hull then. And, for the record, if Hull FC were struggling and Hull KR were out of danger, there would still be plenty of folk happy to see a Rugby League team from Hull get relegated. Just not as many as the current situation.
  5. As RoyBoy has just pointed out to me, Trin coached by ex Hull FC favourite, Chris Chester.
  6. Full tarm at a ground where what's left of the home fans are booing. Hull KR 10 Wakey 38.
  7. Brough drop goal attempt hits the post, could be crucial. Maguire knocks on over the line.
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