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  1. Stop talking shi te and explain why you think my earlier post was hilarious.
  2. I know we're not very good but how is it that every time a Wigan player is injured the game stops. Then Connor Wynne gets injured and Wigan kick through to where he would have been and score?
  3. Is Chris Hill still Wire's captain? Hell of a way to lead by example, give a cheap penalty away under your own sticks that leads to a try.
  4. As a pal pointed out, why the fo ok did he try and improve the angle for the kick?
  5. I have to concede that I also thought, having beaten the Pies and run Skints very close, Leeds would be a possible win for Rervers. Was Abdul that much of a miss? Their errors and ball coughing up meant it didn't take much for Leeds to ensure the game was over by arf tarm. Must say, I feel a little more relaxed about next month's derby now, I feel it may be a bit more even than I was anticipating.
  6. If our goal line defence is up to it's usual standard, we'll concede every time Wiggin are in with a sniff. I'm with MZH on this one, as long as they tighten that up and have a go for the full 80 mins then I can't complain. Think we'll come second.
  7. Where I live in North Hull, they've just spent 7 weeks resurfacing the road meaning nobody could park outside their house on the road, let alone the path. They now have completed the work but there was some confusion during it as there were three official dropped kerbs and one unofficial dropped kerbs so a decison was taken to put a dropped kerb outside everyone's property. The residents who didn't have a dropped kerb before, because it costs several hundred pounds to have one fitted, used to park all over the grass verges and footpath. Now, they have suddenly found a dropped kerb and nice run up to their front garden, they've all cut down their front fences and now park proudly in their front garden. Unfortunately, every time they go out in their car, they leave muddy tyre trails all over the path and nice new road surface. One particular property has three cars including a Range Rover, lord only knows what the path and road will look like outside their house during winter, I imagine said Range Rover will come in handy towing the other cars onto the street when the weather deteriorates.
  8. Absolutely. I dread to think how many we'll concede against the Pies with defence like that. We'll make them look as good as your lot made them look ordinary.
  9. We may scrape home against Wigan St Judes if we're lucky but I doubt we'll come close to surviving against that professional outfit you also support.
  10. "We 'ad it tough!" I can see where MOK is coming from re. Daryl Powell. With both coaches interviewed after the game, Andy Last immediately praised both sets of players for putting on a show after backing up so soon after Thursday whereas Powell seemed to mainly concentrate on Cas and especially McShane, who you might have thought had played every day for weeks. I also agree with others who have suggested that our first game on terrestrial tv should not have been the shortest turnaround in our sport for quite some time. It devalues the normal high intensity and quality of our sport with the errors and soft defence resulting from understandable fatigue. And, to Clogiron, if you think Hull FC fans will be getting carried away after that then you ain't read many posts from me and the like recently. "We're sh*t, and we know we are!" springs to mind. But we didn't arf score a couple of crackers, you would have thought Carlos Tuimavave had been reading the press and decided to put on a show for any naysayers out there. Oh, and we'll get mullered next week.
  11. We can still fo ok this.up, even from here. Great try that though.
  12. Signs a new 4 year deal at Hull FC. In a team that's woefully inconsistent, he's the single most consistent player in the squad. Delighted with this news. Terrific payer.
  13. Very clever Snapper, mate. In a bizarre match thread where at least half the posts are relating to an earlier game, you have managed to produce a post that will no doubt end up being relevant to both that game and today's.
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