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  1. Allowing Hull FC to muller Leeds at Headingley. Man, that seems such a long time ago now.
  2. Bloody Hell...who do you think you are, Jilted John?
  3. Tut, tut, https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/350199-who-next-for-the-position-of-head-coach-at-hull-fc/ It hasn't even fallen off the first page and you contributed to it! Where are your manners?
  4. If a team is faced with a potential banana skin in that tie it's Sheffield.
  5. Ties due to be played weekend of 4th/5th April... Wigan v Warrington York v Castleford Widnes v Catalans Wakefield v Featherstone Newcastle v Toronto Leeds v Hull KR Salford v St Helens Sheffield v Hull FC
  6. That's more like it for an internet forum mate.
  7. That last try probably sums Saints' performance up. A great break from Walmsley, support from Thompson, and no back within 30 yards backing up.
  8. I would say they're that bad they'd only beat Hull FC by 40.
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