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  1. Well, as thread titles go, it's certainly one that makes you want to read more... ...in the hope of understanding wtf it means. But, sadly, I'm none the wiser.
  2. Might be some clit priced ones on ebay.
  3. And another shamelessly nicked... Walking down the street with my wife when she suddenly stopped and turned to me saying "You haven't even been listening have you?" I thought to myself, "That was a rather strange way to start a conversation."
  4. Nicked from fb... Me : I want to divorce my wife. Lawyer : On what grounds? Me : She's out all night, every night, going from bar to bar. Lawyer : Are you saying she's an alcoholic or that she's cheating on you? Me : Neither, she's looking for me.
  5. I ordered a video of the game anyway. It came very well packaged.
  6. Apparently this game took place but I can't quite recall it. Anyways, someone on FB Marketplace has the match day programme available if anybody would like it, he's put "sensible offers".
  7. You see...you've dismissed them by not even remembering the order of their initials!
  8. The quality of the Western Terrace with it's lack of protection from the elements is hardly a thing to bring into the argument. But, as you have done so, why are standing tickets in this area £24 if it's so poor? That price would be an average price for a standing terrace ticket in a decent part of any ground with cover.
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