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  1. Absolutely, I was there back in March but couldn't bring myself to attend last night. Incidentally, if Sam had taken the photo when the bar had emptied it might have shown a few more hardy souls..
  2. Well you constantly post sad emoticons every time I make a “negative“ comment about Hull KR so I assumed you were a bit upset about them. Ignoring my posts means you wouldn’t feel the need to react.
  3. Huge congratulations to @hullfcofficial who will be taking the golden boot @StevePrescott1 Cup over the Pennines after an aggregate victory over @Saints1890 Huge thank you to both clubs and supporters for keeping the great mans name and legacy alive (From the Steve Prescott Foundation)
  4. On Wednesday, Robbo sent me a text saying that Bet365 were offering odds of 10/1 on Lewis Martin scoring a try at any point in the game. I replied saying I wouldn't fancy 10/1 on any Hull try scorer at any point in the game. When I told him Martin had scored last night he replied "You could have got 16/1 on him today! Sheesh!
  5. The "Silenced by the Lams" quote appears on every post because it's my signature, surely you don't think I type it out every time I post on here? It's not even my material, a mate came up with it and I thought it was rather good. Anyway, if it upsets you so much I'll change it, a bit like when you took me up for posting "Rervers", have you seen me post that since? "Dimmest Star" seems to have disappeared since they were apparently banned for abuse, ironically towards a fellow Hull KR fan in "Hull Kingston Bronco". Their posting style was very bitter against Hull FC and while I often post anti Hull KR stuff, it's mostly in good humour. Even when I occasionally cross swords with HKB, I'm sure we still appreciate each other's input (Well, I do!) and it never gets abusive. Anyway, if my stuff upsets you so much then by all means, use the ignore facility, I'll be disappointed if you do because you'll miss a lot of good stuff! (And then again, perhaps you won't!)
  6. Welsby with a last second try. Sintellerns 30 Ullefsee 12.
  7. Welsby in for a back to back Saints try. Sintellerns 26 Ullefsee 6.
  8. It was a bit nauseating wasn't it? He couldn't stop repeating it to put the decision firmly in the hands of Liam Moore.
  9. No wonder the mods have trouble with people commenting about refereeing after seeing that.
  10. Lewis Martin scores 80m try on debut for Hull FC. Sintellerns 14 Ullefsee 6.
  11. Saints score early doors after a set restart when Walmsley was tackled. Seems he ain't lost his ability of looking at the ref then. Hull wait for kick through to go dead but Matautia gets there before it does. Sintellerns 14 Ullefsee 0.
  12. 40/20 from Brad Dwyer ends with Saints batting the ball dead. Arf tarm.
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