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  1. Nowhere f***ing near. Everything going the Aussies way.
  2. Difference in the sides is the defence. Aussies look almost impenetrable, Kiwis not as good. Just as I post it, they're opened up again.
  3. Ball steal with two in the tackle, decision amazingly goes against the Kiwis.
  4. Jeez, he was tackled then wasn't he? The trophy has got the Aussies name on it already if you look at some of these decisions.
  5. I'm sure the officials would have spotted it if so. Ffs.
  6. Looks like the officials are backing the Aussies as usual. Sh*te decision.
  7. I think the Wigan side that won the Middlesex Sevens in 1996 would have faired better than England in this comp. With two less players.
  8. Oi! Leave me out of it, I was taking the p*ss.
  9. Certainly does. I had no idea the NRL was a full time Nines competition though, there was an awful lot of players on the pitch during the Grand Final.
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