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  1. Wow, have not heard about any domestic activity in India or even Latvia but here they are in this Emerging Cup. Where are the Czech Republic, Ukraine or Serbia where we do here a lot about their domestic activity?
  2. Fire sale, some good bargains. I particularly like the all nations cap with logos. Would have got more beer can holders but appear sold out, damn only bought a dozen http://shop.rlwc2017.com/
  3. 16 teams in 2021 World Cup

    I read an article on NRL.com about the RLWC2021 & they say there will be a playoff between winner of the Middle East play offs (I assume South Africa will be involved) & the 7th team from the Pacific. Surely there are enough Pacific teams in the RLWC2021 & does this mean nations like Thailand (recognised by their govt) & Hong Kong, for instance, do not even get the chance to make the tournament?
  4. Training Facility

    This facility will be replaced if this plan comes to fruition http://www.randwick.nsw.gov.au/planning-and-building/council-works-and-upgrades/major-projects/the-heffron-centre
  5. you'll probably recognise the article when you see it lol. Thanx!
  6. Any world cup final for our sport shouldn't be only about the competing nations but all fans should support it because its a festival & celebration for our vibrant & multicultural code. Well done on those fans for showing up
  7. Hey I'm putting forward potential solutions to the criticisms of the RLWC. Added, solutions can create new issues as you point out. Question is, which one is better or is their a solution to the question you've brought up. All I know is it will take decades potentially for the many new nations to RL to catch up to Aust/NZ/Eng, if ever possible? Cohesion is a great question, it might also mean there is less fatigue for those nations disadvantaged by playing against 'heritage' teams. There are fans of the heritage rule who says, and perhaps rightly when we saw the effort of Tonga & Fiji, that it creates a different & unique sort of world cup for a sport. But it appears there are more detractors & potential new fans in the many new RL nations which might disagree. Hope you don't mind but I'm gonna quote your question in an article. Cheers
  8. That's why I kinda of thought the heritage rule could come into play if say Tonga played Australia in the Qtrs for example. But if they played the USA in a group match then they would have to ensure a minimum number of domestic players, say 8, had to be in the game day squad. If they played the USA in the Qtrs, same principle would apply. If they were grouped with say Australia, Serbia, Fiji....they would be able to call on their heritage players for the Oz game, 8 minimum rule domestic v Serbia, and when against Fiji, they could play heritage if Fiji also had a similarly advantaged squad. Just throwing out some ideas & also alleviating those embarrassing scorelines when you had Fiji v USA etc but giving them a fighting chance when in the finals round
  9. I think the leaving early phenomena is just the last remnants of kangaroos support who go to these games out of obligation. But these fans are dwindling more & more. Very little passionate support left for our national rugby league team, atleast at the ground anyway. Hopefully those who stayed were new or not regular attendees & enjoyed an epic arm wrestle & struggle
  10. We've just got to face it, there is an apathy for intl football, well the world cup atleast, in Australia. The 4 Nations when Samoa were in it was quite well attended from memory but I think the heritage rule, aside from Pacific sides, hurts the legitimacy of the tournament (Italy, Scotland, Lebanon). I'm just trying to think of a way the cup can be competitive without the over use of heritage players. I've always advocated there should be atleast 6-8 minimum heritage at this stage & that incl Pacific countries. I was also thinking in group stages there must be a rule, if you are not playing one of the big three-Aust, Eng, NZ, group games like USA v Italy for example, all heritage players must take the field in a game (Again min 8-& if a domestic player is injured they can be replaced/brought into the squad another domestic player if that is a scenario). Then when it progresses to a QTR final, domestic rule applies if it is between two tier 2 & 3 nations etc. Then I think we'd get close results in the group games & possibly the finals Just a thought?
  11. RLWC Final may struggle to sell out.

    Quite a few empty blocks of seating. Embarrassing & an indication the public no longer value the Kangaroos dominance. It's a detriment to Intl footy in this country atleast.
  12. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    I also see mining & oil companies around the world pour big money into sports at the same time they help maintain regimes keep a firm grip on invaded lands (West Papua) & pollute & destroy livelihoods of communities world-wide. It's really hard to separate sport & money from different sources & certainly pointing QATAR out is being insidious when we in a round about way/directly support 'legitimate' companies & governments doing the same.
  13. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    Source: Daily Telegraph IN what would be a historic game-changer for rugby league, a Qatar sheik worth an estimated $60 billion wants to invest in the NRL. The Daily Telegraph can exclusively reveal that Sheik Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani has discussed either sponsoring an NRL club — or simply buying one. He is the sixth-richest sheik in the world. “Definitely, money, funding, isn’t an issue for us,” said Dr Khalid Mohammad, who calls himself a “spokesman to his Highness”. “Rugby league is a very famous game in Australia, UK, New Zealand and all over the world.” HURT: Roos must protect Cronk SMASHED: Bennett and Stuart unite on injuries GREATNESS: 10 best moments of the World Cup Michael Ibrahim (left) with Qatar's Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani.Could this be the start of a new dawn for the game? Some may be sceptical but Sheik Faisal’s interest in rugby league is genuine. Sheik Faisal has befriended an NRL-loving Australian businessman, Michael Ibrahim, who has worked in the Middle East for the past 18 years. The sheik has already injected money into the Pacific rugby league nations and is proposing a tournament in Doha, Qatar — involving Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Qatar — late next year. Ibrahim supplies building material for stadiums to be used in the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup, sells food — meat from Australia and chicken from Brazil — to the Qatar Government and is helping build a resort in Qatar. Extremely well connected to the Qatar royal family, Ibrahim has direct contact with Sheik Faisal and is encouraging the financial giant to buy into rugby league. And that is exactly what the sheik plans to do. Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup preparations have been dogged by controversy. (Getty Images) The Daily Telegraph spoke in-depth about the sheik’s plans for rugby league through his spokesman, Dr Khalid Mohammad. “I feel personally that this game represents our nation,” Dr Khalid said. “Rugby league is a game of strength, power and strategy. “In Qatar, we are highly interested in rugby league and brother Michael Ibrahim is a very close friend of ours. We can sponsor the clubs in Australia. “He told us there are some struggling clubs in Australia and we are willing to buy them with correlation from Michael Ibrahim. He is a very a well-connected man there. A tournament including Tonga, Samoa and Fiji is on the cards. (AAP Image/David Rowland) “We can definitely buy and give some support. Sheik Faisal Bin Qassim would be funding all the activities. Definitely it will give us a return in terms of investment. “Qatar is the wealthiest country in the Islamic world. Money has never been a problem. “But the main question is how to utilise the money for the fame and coverage you can get. “People like rugby league in many countries but, for us, it is new. Football is very famous here but rugby league, we want to introduce it into our nation. LISTEN! The World Cup final has arrived for both men and women and the League Central crew dissect an incredible tournament to date, the future of the international game and pick their winners as the league season draws to a close. Download the League Central podcast via iTunes “In Qatar, we are preparing for the World Cup and sport is a way of communicating and representing ourselves in the world. “Michael Ibrahim has already introduced rugby league to us. In fact, we are planning to host a tournament with Tonga, Samoa and Fiji.” Sheik Faisal’s family wealth is $60 billion, while his personal wealth is around $3 billion. He owns more than 20 hotels throughout the world and high-end real estate in Qatar. He also sells medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Ibrahim, 44, who claims to be “very close” to the royal family, is a Sydney-born rugby league fanatic. He lives between Sydney and Qatar. “I’m an entrepreneur,” said Ibrahim, who owns a company called Aqeeq Holdings. “And I’m a massive Dragons fan. I bleed red and white. I have been telling them about our game and they’re not short of a quid. “Money won’t be an issue for them. Who knows, there may even be another Super League? The money is there. “This will be a win-win situation. They are a sport-driven country. That’s why they went for the World Cup soccer. “There would be interest in rugby league in Qatar, they would love it. “Unfortunately, our clubs don’t see beyond Australia. You’ve got to look elsewhere to find that corporate dollar. Clubs are doing it tough here.” According to Forbes magazine, Sheik Faisal “has a museum in Doha where he houses more than 15,000 artefacts, including ancient coins, Islamic art and antique cars.” He owns one of the largest conglomerates in Qatar.
  14. QATAR Money backing Rugby League?

    The company mentioned in the article: http://www.aqeeqholdings.com/ Their facebook page also has a lot of RL content. I didn't know a lot of the Pacific countries & their league teams back QATAR after the recent fall out with other Middle Eastern countries.
  15. Interesting news in Australia about a QATAR Billionaire. Had to check the calendar to see if it wasn't April https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/qatar-sheik-worth-an-estimated-60-billion-wants-to-invest-in-the-nrl/news-story/b67e396150c671c69c6f9f21c11ee828?utm_content=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=EditorialSF&utm_source=TelegraphSport&utm_medium=Facebook