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  1. Seems they have stolen the name https://www.facebook.com/maroc.rugbyleague/?fref=ts Anyone with facebook can see it's all union now with some stuff on players of Moroccan decent in French RL. Bastards! I think the best way to go atm would be like what ousted governments do and have a set up in a protected country other than its origin. A sort of exiled government. They could have set it up in France, played internationals under the Moroccan name and even formed an expat club or two in the French league divisions. Give the Maroc RU the finger from France!
  2. keep getting the odd facebook updates from the 'official' Maroc rugby league site. Unfortunately its rugby UNION updates. I left a messge asking what the hell was going on and got a reply that they are now rugby union!
  3. http://www.rlif.com/member-nations If you put the mouse cursor over 'member nations' at the top of the ba, the full member nations will all appear
  4. Wouldn't say getting big in Thailand but lots of potential given the largeness of the expat community whom many would be league fans who have started the comp and getting Thais involved in the administration straight up. I think NRL is shown in Thailand via Sentanta at this stage.
  5. According to Thai officials, rugby league is about to become a recognised government accredited sport so I would place the Thais above the Philippines. Having Thailand qualify for a RLWC would be fantastic for the game. I think if there is a spike in Latin American countries playing league over the next few years (Canada, US, Jamaica, Mexico & Argentina now have domestic comps if reports are true plus Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador in pipeline), then the Americas deserve more than 1 spot, so say 2. Asia should get one, Africa/Middle East(South Africa, Ghana, Lebanon confirmed) 1 (2 spots if more countries join like Morocco, Nigeria, Cote D'Voire, Sierra Leone as reported), Pacific/Australasia 5 and 7 spots for Europe.
  6. This deal really has me stumped by its suddenness. I'm trying to think of different scenarios and I think SL has been assisted in a large degree by BT Sports rapid rise and I can imagine this has caused Sky Sports to panic somewhat and SL provides an excellent sporting content for a company like Sky Sport, something they have taken for granted for too long. I am of the belief Sky Sports recognised SL as a 1. excellent content filler, and 2. a sport it needed to sign up quickly as to allow it to concentrate on its fight with BT Sport over EPL. I think Sky didn't mess around, realised a contract too good to refuse would also allow SL to have funding to provide top quality sport (something it would struggle with on its current level of funding). Sky Sport could have also said to the RFL, if you don't say yes, we (BSkyB) will announce a non interest in renewing rights. Imagine the consequences?? More importantly, and correct me if I'm wrong, but BT Company has leanings toward RU in terms of sponsorship etc. This may have even persuaded BT Sport to pass on SL. A possible scenario?? I think the 200 million pound deal is excellent for SL & UK RL in general. We may not all like/agree on the funding structure that's been planned but a vibrant SL can potentially attract $$$$ for all levels of the game in other ways.
  7. Am I wrong in thinking it's Lenagan who has the least right in criticising the RFL in terms of sponsorship & TV when a club as famous as Wigan in league fails to really attract any main sponsor of note.
  8. not sure if this has been posted by The Guardian which states further good news "The competition's commercial portfolio is also set for further expansion before the start of the 2014 season next week with two more partners to be added to First Utility" http://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2014/jan/30/sky-tv-deal-super-league-nigel-wood-rugby
  9. Latest tweet from Irvine says deal worth over 200 million pounds!