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  1. Matthew, can the FIRL website be improved? It would be nice to have a concise fixture & result page with tables. Cheers
  2. While villages dominate Elite 1 there will be little change in my opinion.
  3. Melbourne over the next 7 days expected to be fine except one day, you guessed it, the Storm play their GF rematch & strong wind & rain expected. Should check to see what AFL is on that day, probably in the stad with a roof!
  4. In Sydney, yes other sports notably soccer & union have been affected by the weather. AFL in Sydney kicked off in fine weather. It seems Melbourne weather is now much better than Sydney & it always seems to rain in Melbourne during the wekdays fining up by Friday to Sunday!! They have had a good run of weather it seems. But the NRL for a 1st class sporting comp, has some of the worst facilities in the Western World. Sydney is woeful particularly ANZ stadium & I'm confident once the 3 major stadiums are upgraded, built & ready to go, along with the New TV money kicking in, crowds will see a renaissance.
  5. Good news but still a lousy amount considering Wales are in the WC this year & a successful run would be quite well received in Wales. Seriously, RL is one of the few team sports Wales can compete well at l, more so if they had a bilt more money thrown at them. Also a disgrace no money given to their wheelchair team who have to scrap & scrounge just to go to France. How poor is Wales?
  6. Doesn't have a section on how to be a whinging moaning flat capper?
  7. Are Trinity seeling their name or just their position in Super League? If its the latter, then this would be a great outcome in so many ways. Trinity remain in their town just dropping back a division or two? And there position in Super League is sold to the highest bidder (preferably outside its heartlands). It would certainly test the waters as to who exactly is serious in stumping up some big bucks and elevate their club, or a new club into Super League. It would be great to see Coventry, Newcastle, Sheffield or the like buy Wakefield's place. It would be a win win for the RFL too who want a more diverse geographical Super League, well atleast the England part. Imagine if a aforemention club with a big backer said 'here's 5 million pounds Wakefield'. Win win & I'm sure Wakey could once again sort out their stadium issues etc and make another charge to Super League. They are a club with those promotion 'genes' in them unlike a lot of other clubs in the lower divisions which have no such modern history of advancement all the way to SL
  8. Great stuff Re: Saluzzo
  9. I hope the new web site has a concise fixture & results section with ladder please
  10. The story that keeps on giving http://www.economist.com/blogs/gametheory/2017/03/crossing-pond?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/
  11. You assume this. A respected RL journo (name escapes me sorry) asked a question about RL funding & Sport England (I saw the tweet from them) said RL will be discussed in March. Remember the people who will bring the RLWC21 to England, the RFL, got £25 million in funding for it & the game so I don't know where the 'incompetence' is? Perhaps this suggests Sport England were sorting out their Olympic funding priorities & non Olympic sports like RL will be taken care of after March. Wait & see instead of all this speculative doom & gloom
  12. Why don't we all just wait to see what happens when the funding people sit down in March to discuss further funding of which rugby league will be discussed. With a world cup this year, one on home soil in 2021, I think the sport may just get some funding that'll surprise people, just maybe. Until that time, chill
  13. However, looking at the BBC Facebook & @bbcsports twitter accounts, there looked like no mention whatsoever regarding the season launch. You would have thought the Super Bowl was being held in London such was the extensive coverage.
  14. Thought we were going to hear exciting news of mini/mod rugby league games prior to Wolfpack games. When are we going to see kids playing in North America?