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  1. One just has to look at the number of South Africans who have played in the English RL over many decades & successfully, to realise the potential for the game there.
  2. Gary Carter on twitter says Wigan v Salford garnered ch 4 viewing figures of 213k average, peak 270k I think. Surely the inconsistent coverage is hurting chances of more solid ratings?
  3. Let's remember French league announces attendances based on sold tickets. There could have been more in attendance baded on guests etc?
  4. Thank you. So I've read 59 million euro is the budget & Lacoste stated 70% will come from private investment. So does that mean 30% will come from the govt, which equates to nearly 18 million euro. Hopefully more on the govt investment can become clearer. I also imagine this would be central govt funding & extra municipal funding etc will be garnered for hosting games, training?
  5. Anybody know how much the French govt have chipped in?
  6. Marseille too have history. For an organisation that calls itself 'elite' & itself has ambitions beyond the South, larger city clubs are a must. How long have the likes of St Gaudans, Villeneuve etc had to go beyond a few hundred species these past 3 decades? It obviously isn't even working in the 'heartlands'
  7. Perhaps bring the elite back to 12 clubs & see some one-time clubs like Marseille, Lyon & say a Paris team perhaps. Might be a start to get more consistent free to air coverage like they have to ccasionally with Occitaine TV & who knows from there.
  8. French league is continually stuck in a rut if Pia are promoted. This will not garner national interest
  9. So basically Coventry Bears are dead? I don't see why, if this is the case, the owners have abandoned the team name & city all together?
  10. Should be an Olympic sport. Unlike that other code the wheelchair version actually resembles the parent sport & uses the proper ball to boot.
  11. Read St Gauden's have a new president. Was quite a well established businessman with offices in Paris but couldn't read rest of article-paywall
  12. Wish it would hit here in Oz this 'financial crisis' as property prices are beyond a joke. Someone's got money
  13. Catalans on a fb post said their match got 288k average viewers & peak of 446k
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