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  1. Read St Gauden's have a new president. Was quite a well established businessman with offices in Paris but couldn't read rest of article-paywall
  2. Wish it would hit here in Oz this 'financial crisis' as property prices are beyond a joke. Someone's got money
  3. Catalans on a fb post said their match got 288k average viewers & peak of 446k
  4. Wasnt Super League back in the day launched on April 1? If so, could be a genuine announcement with a slap in someone's face? Let's hope it's something worth counting down for!
  5. Plus lets see how many super league clubs in the UK would have survived without £28 million loans + grants from the govt? Please, no time to still be on high horses about the Wolfpack.
  6. Titans numbers are woeful but Warriors are coming into their second season of playing in Australia. Prior to covid I think they had 18,000 plus members. Definately one of the hardest hit due to circumstances out of their control not being able to play home games in NZ hence not being able to sell match memberships.
  7. Another interesting thing about tv ratings is the almost snail pace conversion of the whole ratings system. The set top box method is outdated & the technology is there for it to be replaced by digital technology that is in place in just about every tv out there. The question is why the recitence in keeping this flawed rating system when they can virtually access the results of who is watching what in about 90 % of households? Why does the NRL virtually outrate the AFL on platforms like foxsports, kayo etc where this digital reading of who view what already exists but not
  8. They have signed a streaming deal to show their championship on Flick Sports
  9. Ok, on my fb feed are cryptic ads saying 'it's coming' 'a new sport' from a cccrl. No one is asking what it is, looks like Canadian based. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. I dont know about that. The AFL just signed a 2 year extention from Foxsports which actually increased in value. V'Landy's signed the NRL to a deal til 2027, kept quite about its value but apparently Foxsports got a discount. Now the AFL does mention Telstra which I think means digital rights something the NRL still holds. Until we know the 2027 deal, we cannot praise V'Landys yet?
  11. On the wiki page of Plough Lane they mention the London Broncos..just saying.
  12. RU Prem deal apparently £110 million over 3 years with BT Sports. Drop from £40 mil per annum.
  13. You're kidding aren't you? The season was marked by no crowds to 25% only capacity for most of this season. The Eels already are surging in membership for 2021 based on a normal season proceeding.
  14. Finally got around to watching the Super League final. Must say the commercial side of this was very underwhelming- Betfred, Dacia (only bright spot), Mushi Peas, Northern Rail, Papa Johns. If Elstone was brought in for commercial reasons, he has clearly failed. Compared to the NRL/Origin- the likes of Ampol, Hisense, KFC, Hankook, Coke, Rexona, Schick etc Also apart from crowds not allowed into most sports, the majority of sports TV audiences I think have not suffered, and there is talk around a number of TV deals that contracts are not reducing as envisaged. So Super League should not
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