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  1. Time to move it or scrap it. How the FFR13 could call it a success!?
  2. one could say then the recent 9's comp in Sydney wasn't a 'world' comp. Least 2 nations representing about 2 billion people will be present in Samoa apparently. That's a fair chunk of the 'world'
  3. Nah, I'm still glued to the highly professional RFL presser announcing Tony Adams arrival. Why would I stoop to a lower standard that Wolfpack will apparently bring to SL
  4. From what I've seen over the years attendances seem to vary from 200 to 1000 most games. The odd derby game may get 2-3,000. Perhaps our French based Treizists may have a better idea!? Elite 2 may be on the lower end of the Elite 1 levels?
  5. So much for the advantages of Italian Rugby League being under the Italian Rugby Union by the other organisation. You'd think they would have swapped to the Italian RL group?
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2019/11/07/sports/rugby/07reuters-rugbyleague-tor-williams.html Even made the NY Times
  7. Actually I think Fiji have a strong side. They finally have a good halves combo which was the missing key. Thoroughly impressed with their win over Samoa. Will have a better idea after the game against PNG.
  8. Racism has no place in our game. At this stage it is an allegation, but it has now been made public & an investigation should take place as its a very serious allegation. Why shouldn't I as a fan voice my opinion that the IRL prove or disprove otherwise. I'm sure their would be enough witnesses if such a thing was said. Why it has taken this long to become public, who knows but an inquiry may provide answers. As for Jamaica RL, I am sure they would be very interested in this & what was said about their players.
  9. I also sent my concerns of these allegations to Jamaica RL!
  10. perhaps we as fans of Intl RL send messages to the IRL about these comments concerning the Jamaica players that there needs to be an investigation!? I'll send one on their fb page. They have responded previously.
  11. Couldn't believe the lack of Aussie fans at the game. There was no push from what I saw for visiting tours, great opportunity missed as the Tongan games are events in themselves now. I suppose the Kangaroos success has really turned people of travelling to watch them given they are most likely to win.
  12. knock yourself out with reading a few pages of "insecure dribble" in the comments section from the rah rah set you complete #$%$#^. Gawd knows what was said from the numerous comments removed. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/50272126
  13. Kiwis are a bland people & despite Jacinta Ahern's great social efforts, the fush & chup crowd probably would feel uncomfortable being amongst the Islanders &also shown how one really supports their team
  14. Their facebook page & twitter page have been more active promoting their RLWC game. Perhaps that is where there is most engagement with fans/public these days rather than the website.
  15. Why did England pick a womens team largely of concrete laden legged players? Honestly I've seen more pace at an aged care home. Whoever picked this team for 9's needs to go back to the drawing board.
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