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  1. How convenient if true, the council allowed demolishing of facilities then decided to can the re building of Minimes! Destroy a nice little ground & a club house that takes away income. Rugby league certainly has many roadblocks in France.
  2. yes, the town isn't even supporting the RL team they have now. Doesn't deserve a spot in te English system let alone Elite 1 in France. Time for the FFR13 to grow some balls and promote the sport in bigger cities that once had a strong RL presence like Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon...and stop this small village stranglehold on the French game.
  3. yeah I watch SL on new streaming service Kayo & it comes up as over 3 hours for the broadcast & I have to skip through to the match, quite annoying as I don't have time for the buildup.
  4. disappointing the FFR13 President has no plan to reintroduce some big city clubs. The current set up just sees the dog biting its own tail.
  5. Can't those people from Canada, France etc get online accounts and bet from anywhere in the world? And perhaps his company will make moves in the future overseas? So getting the brand out there is just a typical company move!
  6. Le Equipe have an article: https://www.lequipe.fr/Rugby-a-xiii/Actualites/Bernard-guasch-president-des-dragons-catalans-une-belle-et-grande-fete-au-camp-nou/1019171?fbclid=IwAR1vOO5xqRkhVv7BoQbz7UMm1OlXp5EauYaEtEv7qNTDBjFotDnOIs0Mifg
  7. if we can share this article there is a 'view counter' on the article. Just under 500 atm but after the Super League fb page posted it, the count went up very quickly. Given the influential status of such media outlets like Forbes, the more clicks the better!
  8. Just got back into watching Super League via new online service Kayo here in Oz. SL is providing good entertainment for me of the matches I've watched so far. Must say the catalyst for me getting this service was the Catalans game in Barcelona!!
  9. Stop talking sense Copa. How many die on our roads or domestic, public violence induced by alcohol for example? Haven't heard one person dying from cannabis. It is really criminal how the governments & their big pharma buddies have demonised cannabis. Even conservative USA are waking up & legalising it. Shows why RL is looking to the North American market given how backward the UK has remained.
  10. not a recreational drug. Do some reading instead of this village mentality. What about the needles players get during games where they suddenly come back on like Latrell Mitchell in Brisbane yesterday. He could hardly walk and then hey presto he's back on! If you wanna talk about drugs talk about those!
  11. Sheesh, CBD cannabis oil is not snake oil & for a vast number of consumers it is a life saver. Not everyone is being bent over anymore by the big pharma. Well done Wolfpack for introducing a viable product branded for athletes as well as for the general health market,
  12. I like how WR allow its unions to basically plagiarize the National Rugby League. Even the womens premier league (soccer) in the UK is called Super League apparently? Our sport needs to take ownership of its name & put a stop to all this confusion.
  13. With so many rugby union comps calling themselves 'leagues' I came across this article which refers to the NRL & Sydney Roosters. Am wondering if it is an attempt to start a genuine rugby league comp or just a union comp but inspired by the Sydney Roosters work ethic?? https://bulawayo24.com/index-id-sports-sc-rugby-byo-161109.html
  14. from what I saw in some French publications they had 300-400 listed, so not good!? Perhaps time to move to a new venue as I think it's a good idea.
  15. Tickets: https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/tickets/superleague-rugby
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