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  1. Rugby League books

    Sean Long's book is hilarious
  2. St Helens 10k 2014

    Thought this might be about season ticket sales.
  3. You'll find this exhibition downstairs at the Town Hall. Not my thing by any means but certainly worth a look on your lunch break or if you're trying to keep yourself out the pub for half an hour while shopping. I think Along the Line was my favourite piece. Liked Held Up Short and Agony too.
  4. Football

    What absolute twaddle

    A star for every 10 World Cups?

    That's the reason given, yeah. Saints had 5 stars for 5 SL titles.Football clubs have them for all sorts of reasons. Although I like the Italian tradition of one for every 10 scudettos, it generally sucks.

    Didn't realise the Widnes kit had a star this year. I'm dead against stars on kits. "We don't have stars in this game, Mrs Weaver, that's soccer"
  8. Football

    Luton-Millwall's the stand out tie in the 5th Round for all the wrong reasons. Great draw for LUAFC.
  9. Football

    Luton aren't exactly Sutton but a non-league club beating a top flight club is still a big deal. Nice one.
  10. 4 Pint Pitchers at Leigh Centurions!

    I heard two pint pots and footlong dogs were popular choices when Leeds fans were asked what they wanted on the new South Stand.
  11. Football

    Anyone see the Everton fan convicted of shouting racist abuse? "My daughter's got a coloured boyfriend.". Christ.
  12. Football

    Cracking stuff Futtocks! Dulwich's old place was a bit bigger than the current ground, wasn't it.
  13. Football

    Another great night unfolding at Valley Parade. Sorry Bleep!
  14. Football

    Gotta love the FA Cup. Cracking wins for Macclesfield and Luton yesterday although it's tricky to think of the latter as minnows. Cracking draw for Brentford if they can get by Southend.