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  1. Tommy protesting his innocence to the ref there "if I'd tackled him you'd know about it!" He's not wrong is he?
  2. John Mahoney who played Martin Crane in the American sitcom Frasier was born in Bispaham. Kim Cattrall of Sex in the City is a Scouser. Eric Blair (George Orwell) was born in Motihari, Bengal India.
  3. One of the leading architects of the Northern Irish peace process, John Hume. A genuine colossus of a politician.
  4. Liverpool win Premier League Been a long time coming.
  5. Thank you for supplying the name. Indeed a sad loss. RIP
  6. Very sad to report one of our own.... I can't for the life of me remember his TRL handle right now, sorry.
  7. Isn't it? I still get goose bumps whenever I play it even after all these (42!) years.
  8. Wasn't Another girl.... another planet by The Only Ones? But yes, absolutely one of the best ever guitar intros of all time.
  9. It's not the band that I was talking about, it was myself and my fellow audience members! JJB us pushing 70 but still looks like he could manage 80 minutes of rugby league.
  10. So did I. They've still got it. Which is probably more than you can say about hundreds of bald, fat, middle aged blokes who still think they can pogo through an entire set but are wheezing and gasping for air before the first song is half way through! ?
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