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  1. The one with Mary Beard? If so it's on BBC2 now.
  2. 59 is no age, only a couple of years older than me! He was the first TV chef to really catch my eye. I loved the fact that he championed British cuisine. I have a couple of his books, they are really very good; far better than some of his rivals.
  3. Agreed. They'd probably have won anyway, but this second half has really taken the gloss off it.
  4. Like Phil Clarke just said Salford need to play at the injured Makinson.
  5. You won't be saying that next season when he's wearing a Wigan shirt!
  6. Well that went quickly! Salford doing well holding out all that early pressure from Saints and a bit unlucky not to be level. Saints showing that they can be vulnerable if you can withstand their initial assault. A great contest so far.
  7. I, like all other neutrals I imagine, will be a Salford fan for the night.
  8. We should never complain about the standard of our reffing in this country ever again after this.
  9. Well, from a Wigan POV that was awful. Well done to Salford. Good luck for next week.
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