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  1. I don't; Wigan have a long, proud history of winning, well just about everything many, many times over prior to 1996 which I'm always happy to discuss. However, my post was in response to another post discussing the current structure of Grand Final appearances/wins.
  2. Saints and Wigan have an identical record in Grand Finals; both have won 5 of 10 appearances. Warrington however have lost the 4 that they have managed to get to.
  3. I like their cocky attitude, I think it's needed when you're up against opposition props who are all older, bigger and more experienced than you are. Reminds me very much of Bateman when he first came to Wigan.
  4. For me he was the difference between Warrington's first and second half performance.
  5. With a couple of lost possessions in their own half Wigan are trying their best to let wire back into the game.
  6. Wire have not had a sniff of a score; they look completely lost in attack without Austin.
  7. I'd rather have Chris Kendall than several other refs at this level. He normally allows the games to flow and gets the balance right between letting things go and pinging every trivial offence.
  8. Cats in collapse following the Singleton sending off. Having a man advantage doesn't make for an automatic victory, still have to put the work in.
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