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  1. That's the problem with the politics of scapegoating; eventually you run out of "others" to blame, you then have to turn on one another. See Saintslass's subsequent posts for evidence.
  2. The thing is I'm pretty sure he doesn't believe a single word of it himself. Just like all the guff he used to write about the EU when he was the Telegraph Brussels correspondent, which he has since admitted was mostly invention, this is just playing to the gallery.
  3. This reply sums up perfectly how I feel about viewing anything from the s*n.
  4. I don't object to private education in principle, each to their own. I do however object to their tax free charity status when they are very obviously businesses. Tax them properly and use the money raised towards funding the public sector education better. My point of view is bring about equality by raising public sector education to the levels of the private, not by abolishing the latter. And to do that there needs to be parity on spending. The report states that private schools spend three times per pupil than their public counterpart, let's redress that balance.
  5. "Taking back control", the reality: This is what vassalage really looks like.
  6. He's no longer and MP, but he is a Tory and he's threatening to take Johnson to court in the event of him suspending democracy: John Major’s threat to take Boris Johnson to court is a true act of public service
  7. Indeed. This quote from George Orwell's 1984 is doing the rounds and encapsulates that perfectly: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
  8. What makes it worse is that the pair of them toured the political TV studios last week with him supporting her story without making their relationship known to the watching audience.
  9. I was going to stick this on the cricket world cup thread but thought it best not to pollute a great thread with this garbage: He tries to score a cheap political point on the back of a spectacular sporting achievement but ends up scoring an own goal given that the team is captained by an Irishman and Ireland being in Europe. But then again, back where his mind resides Ireland was just a British colony. It also ignores the fact that England is European. Just goes to show that you can be extremely well educated with a ridiculously false posh accent that makes the queen sound like an east end docker and still be as thick as mince. Talk about proudly parading your ignorance.
  10. Seems to be just as good at facts and details as her champion Johnson.
  11. That's the bit that the quitters seem to struggle with; they seem to be under the collective delusion that the EU is a foreign dictatorship where the UK has no input into it's decision making. The truth is that everything that the EU dose it does with the UK's approval and quite often at the UK's initiation.
  12. The word "believe" is doing an awful lot of the heavy lifting here.
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