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  1. Brought is an absolute joke. Another clown who can't keep a professional manner about him. Should retire. Embarrassment to the game
  2. Top 8 stalemate

    I think the super 8s apart from the middle 8s are a shocking idea. the bottom clubs in the top 8 were not catching the top 4 after first 3 rounds. Championship sides looking over their shoulders after finishing comfortable above teams below them, its a farce
  3. IMHO There has been something of a levelling out but only because the top teams have declined. Generally I don't think the quality of the rugby is anywhere near as good as it was 10-15 years ago
  4. Salford Squad

    Justin Carney is joining Salford though
  5. Theo Fages released

    Today's Manchester Evening News says a deal all but done with Saints Theo Fages' move from Salford Red Devils to Saints is said to be a done deal and confirmation of this is expected in the next 24 hours. His signing for 2016 is expected to be announced at Langtree Park in the next 24 hours. Salford have confirmed a fee has been accepted for Fages who has not played for the club since July.
  6. Theo Fages released

    I hope so, would be a great addition to Saints midfield
  7. Salford Squad

    I had a head to head with Dr. koukash on Twitter last night. 4 or 5 new players coming in. All on the recommendation of Tim Sheens and his team. New start, new era etc etc
  8. Bradfords attendance today

    I have to agree with this sentiment and will work against all the relegated sides from now on. Won't see London again, Bradford would wane if they remain in the Championship and heaven help Salford and Wakefield if they go down
  9. marquee signings

    Judas. Sterling of Rugby. He has a place in the Rah Rah world cup squad so no chance of him re-appearing next season
  10. so to all intents and purposes we will never see a London superleague team again (bar the upcoming Wigan experiment)?
  11. Personally I think it is due to the fact that Salford have a poor following. The move to AJ Bell was meant to improve attendances to roughly twice what they were at the Willows (something that has no where near happened). effectively they are too small to warrant all these stars without flouting the salary cap. I think that is were most peoples grievance comes from
  12. Paul Wellens Retires

    I would like to extend my thanks to Wello. I was pretty cut up when Stevie Prescott (God rest his soul) moved onto to Hull but Paul made up for his absence. Great support player, fantastic competitor and a worthy captain. Together with Kieron, Longy and Scully, one of the clubs Super League era greats (in fact club greats period)
  13. Paul Wellens Retires

    It does and it will wither be Fages or Locke
  14. coming on top of Fages wanting to move though and Puletua law doen not bode well