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  1. I think we have had the mother of all slices of good fortune, with the northern powerhouse new government, and now this being the moment Harry stepped back into public gaze. It has massively increased the profile of the tournament. The team running it are so professional and hard working they would get the most out of it in any case, but there was such an air of quiet self confidence about the draw that spoke volumes to its status. Having the World Cup every 4 years gives us a rhythm and a sense of history in the making now. A great day for the game.
  2. Any NRL club would have to find his contract money and compensation to Wigan (if we drafted his contract properly). So, he would have to be much more valuable to them than us, or else he can take a pay cut. The only bad outcome for Wigan would be to lose him and not sign another good half back - for all I know we may have said we will let him go if he is so keen to leave provided we have his replacement lined up. Lachlan Lam perhaps?
  3. Maybe he wants to go home now, and has been sounded out by NRL clubs? I assume wigan will have a contract giving him a break clause during his first year, but not before, in which case money would have to change hands for him to get out of it. I like what he has done at Salford, and for the game generally over here, and have sympathy for someone who wants to go home. As long as we get cash and another exciting player, good luck to him if he wants to go back.
  4. It is a superb edition. I was very moved by the article about the England women’s experiences in PNG. Once again our game making the world a better place.
  5. I suggested this not as a flight of what iffery, but because it got very close to being agreed last time it was debated. There are some who believed that there weren’t 8 competitive teams, that 9s was likely to be more attractive to TV, and that no one would watch. We can now revisit all of those assumptions.
  6. PNG is on the move and our game can be at the heart of it. We can be so happy and so proud to have seen the Ordhids get this far. A glorious day for our game.
  7. If the last month has shown us anything, it is that the traditional second tier teams are more than ready to take on the big guns. While this is hard to take from a GB perspective just now, this is wonderful for our game. There is nothing to suggest that the future won’t be even better for PNG, Tonga and Fiji, while Samoa are only a couple of players away from being massively competitive. My dream would be for us to have an 8 team Condederations Cup every 4 years from ‘25, with France being the 8th team of course. It can be done in 4 weeks. Given the competitiveness we are now seeing, it would provide breath taking competition every week. Play the first one in NZ, Oz and PNG, market it right and it could be bigger than big. This has been seriously discussed in the past, with the international game choosing to run with 9s instead, but we can and should have both. The big game is getting bigger.
  8. If there is one team that could win the WCC, it was of course our team against Cronulla. The best WCC performance in the last 10 years. I will be supporting Saints, but it is a long time since they were even competitive. It is very hard to win, and even we have found it difficult,. With a change in coach and their props having been sadly exposed by JWH and co I wouldn’t hold my breath. Though of course it only costs 3k to get you more than your fair share of fortune.
  9. Richo is a great man, and a credit to our game. He poured a fortune of his own money into Gateshead. He makes a lot of good points, but these ideas are not entirely new. The key point is that any new strategy requires investment and organisations living from hand to mouth don’t have the luxury of doing more than planning the next move, hoping it pays off. At this stage, the size of the upside is so huge relative to the size of the investment, that it could be an easier sell than in years gone by. People criticise all Aussies for not doing enough, but they are discerning fans of our game and on the international side they have seen virtually no competitive matches for decades. Tonga besting them in a match with an atmosphere rarely experienced by the panthers has made everyone sit up and take notice. This could all work out very nicely indeed.
  10. We are a resurgent France away from being able to put on a fantastic 8 team tournament... Oz eng nz tonga samoa fiji png france A boy can dream...
  11. I would have liked to see how Eastmond would have gone had he stayed. I felt Ashton could have been a good league player, as he had flair and most of his flaws could have been sorted out with a fair wind. Further back, Robinson was a big loss and it was wrong the way Farrell senior left the game. And I suppose it would have been interesting to see how Farrell and Ford’s sons turned out. Didn’t they both play league as juniors? I seem to recall that Farrell was supposed to have talent. If we had had a few more Argyles in that era, who knows where we could have been as a sport. We never speculated enough to accumulate as a sport and have ended up fighting for our place against both the dark side and the NRL. Though things can turn around. A rich man at Toulouse, Brian Juliffe winning the euro millions and suddenly we have a strong enough international game to keep and attract the best...
  12. Maybe you could ask the organisers. I suspect it is much cheaper for organisers and broadcasters to have everyone in the same place at the same time.
  13. He doesn’t think that, he just loves his club. As do many of us neutrals.
  14. My heart is bleeding. Is there a justgiving page for the endangered fatties?
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