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  1. Dylan - I could not get the link to work (but will try again)
  2. Wire’s biggest challenge to my mind comes from the grossly unfair decision to stage their game away at Salford on the Thursday after Wembley. That said, wigan went to Saints and won the Thursday after Wembley, so it can be done, especially if Wire are galvanised in defeat. If they win, I would rate their chances as very close to zero.
  3. I think we should have both p and r and franchising, with 2 tiers of 10, in which the teams play every other team in their tier twice and the teams in the other tier once. So, it could look something like... Wigan Wire Cas Cats FC Saints Leeds Salford Huddersfield HKR Wakefield London Toronto Toulouse Widnes Bradford Leigh Fev Fax Sheffield Mostly random selections off the top of my head, and clearly question marks about some of the clubs, but I chose the non expansion, non current SL clubs on the basis that I have seen each of them win either the league or the CC (in a few cases both). No tediously playing the same teams 5 times, at least one massive derby for pretty much everyone regardless of which division they are in, consolidating expansion, jeopardy but not oblivion...
  4. We put that game to bed very well indeed. Our young pack stood up superbly, Thaler must take credit for giving us so much defensive work practice. If he could find a reason for a penalty/knock on/sin bin/forward pass he swung into action (he saw nothing with the QB effort for their consolation, natch). You know the ref has reffed one team when not even JB can find a reason to criticise him. That sort of controlled defence wins championships. This is turning into a renaissance season for us. Partington, Smithies, Byrne and Havard will be the back bone of a glorious Wigan pack for a long time to come. That investment in youth (and nicking Yorkshire’s finest in Smithies’ case) over so many years looks like paying dividends. Oh, and I like the look of French. He has something of the Amos Roberts about him. All that said, we haven’t won any key games yet this year. While we beat FC, that was the Thursday after the semi. While we beat Wire, that was after they have been decimated by injuries to Charnley and Austin, and with more than half an eye on Wembley. They are still a fine team, and will have some good nights before the year is run.
  5. I will be fascinated to see how Partington, Smithies and Byrne get on. With Havard in the wings these young lads have been a shining light for us this year. Having gone into the year a big lad down (according to Lam), we have lost Hamlin and Tautai (through their own fault), with Bullock and Flower injured. So, leaving aside current form and Wembley, you would expect Wire to run through us with all their big guns and Clark to run off them. And yet they seem to have stepped up. If they can avoid being over run then our prospects for the years ahead will be very rosy. Even if they crack, they will learn a lot from some of the best in the business.
  6. So Saints fans on here - and aren’t there a lot of them all of a sudden - are bored of being soooooo much better then the plebs in the rest of the game? Wow.
  7. Wire are a very good side, but the week before Wembley is always the ideal time to play someone, so I have us as favourites. How Wire’s season finishes will depend on the result at Wembley. If they win, then I can’t see them winning all their last 3 games which could well mean they end up 4th. If they lose, they are still good enough to win all 3 and finish 2nd.
  8. You’re not great at spotting jokes, are you? The game before Wembley is always one that players simply want to get out of the way, particularly in a case like this where there is nothing to play for. Whoever they pick will go through the motions, either consciously or subconsciously.
  9. There are of course lots of ways to measure these things, but I think the teams in the bottom half of the table are as strong as I can ever remember. In the top half, with a different coach, fewer off field self inflicted problems and better luck with injuries, Wigan could have been much better than we were in the first half of the season, and Wire’s form has only dropped off latterly after looking really good for half the season. As we will see next year (and even more so when their big lads leg it to the NRL), Saints are no Harlem globe trotters. I think the closeness, and relegation, has really helped the competition as there are so many more meaningful games this late in the year.
  10. Does JB reckon that gas men beat up people’s boilers when they’re angry? I like that as a concept but I think the last thing a gas man would attack would be their own pride and joy - “not the combi! Leave the combi!”
  11. Good luck to him. Hope he stays healthy and enjoys his retirement. A tough way to earn a living.
  12. So, it ended up 2 - 1. From what I saw both McIllorum and Tomkins deserved to be banned. I know it doesn’t work like that, but that feels more “proportionate”. By the way, I think it’s a shame that McIllorum and Tomkins have become such miscreants since leaving Wigan. They used to be such lovely lads, whom I would stick up for at length.
  13. I think the mistake was to suggest Wigan can’t get to play in the GF without playing Saints. They can, and would then play Saints once they got there.
  14. I can understand the delight of Wire fans and their enthusiasm for defending the disciplinary decisions. A 1 match ban for a winger after an ill tempered game ending in a brawl between both teams that in turn inspired horrendous off field violence is about as good as it gets. I just don’t understand why the Panel didn’t look at the 5 - 1 result and conclude that it gives a rather imbalanced (to neutral eyes) apportionment of blame. I really fear for the outcome of the investigation into the off field incidents similarly apportioning blame entirely to the Catalans.
  15. I didn’t use the word “thuggery”. I am astonished that 5 Catalan players have been suspended and only 1 Wire. I don’t recall even Wire fans at the time arguing that they were that much more sinned against than sinners.
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