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  1. So, it looks like: - this form of the game is great to watch and levels the playing field; - it should be repeated. The plan is to play the World Cup every 4 years; - we should have more of this kind of tournament, domestically and internationally; and - we need to work much harder on publicly and selling it, but as ever the play on the field saved the days.
  2. We need to do all we can to keep our talent over here (or in France or Canada). Time passes and things change. Who knows, in a few years the NRL may find their next TV deal is lower, exchange rates could revert to historic levels, we could get a cash injection through a bumper TV deal... Life is uncertain, but we have to do all we can to aim for parity, even if it is off the back, say, of 2 well backed NA teams and 2 French teams. It is a shame that it is now the perceived wisdom that any player worth their salts must want to play in the NRL. I know it’s true, but I don’t like it.
  3. Why don’t you take this somewhere else? Salford deserves the full attention of this thread. How well placed do people feel Salford are to build on this?
  4. I agree to a large extent. The big challenge for the game is to do all it can to make sure that Salford get the fixtures and support they need to best build on this next year. If they ask to play local derbies for the first run of home fixtures then they should be granted that. Having seen at first hand how London failed to turn Wembley into anything I am hoping we learn the lessons from there. Everybody’s second favourite team?
  5. Don’t worry, they will all disappear from here once they lose a couple of games next year.
  6. “No, you hang up.” anyway, I like that squad. Some very exciting talent. I hope Zak steps up, and builds on the year he has had.
  7. I am a big fan of Dr K. He signs actual cheques and pays actual money to get teams on the field. That’s enough for me. I wish we had 100s of them. I hope he felt proud on Saturday, as his club did him so proud.
  8. I honestly don’t, and that having spent thousands of pounds over the years watching the Broncos. London will never have a big club, the market is simply not there for a “London” club, and it doesn’t need one to serve its dual purposes of hosting massive RL events, and developing players. And Mr H has plenty enough money.
  9. He is far too young, and may never be big enough, but he has immense talent. I am sure you have shared the rest of the game’s excitement at his emergence this year.
  10. Sarg is superb, and a real 100% player. He is very effective from full back, if Evalds could move up. The main thing is getting enough in the ground by whatever means necessary early in the season for people to feel it is enough of an even. I doubt anyone would be going expecting them to beat the top sides every week, but they will want to be entertained on the pitch and not feel they are joining an obscure cult off it. When I went to the Broncos’ game at the Stoop after Wembley and there were only around 2k there it was heart breaking, and brought it home to me that it was just never going to happen. Get 5/6k to the first game, be competitive and that gives them a chance.
  11. I should perhaps note that Saints were the best side of 2019 and would very likely have won last night regardless of the decisions of the referee. I nevertheless am gravely concerned that Saints’ institutional and deliberate open criticism of the CC referee has been followed by a set of 50/50 decisions in the GF which people far more neutral than I am consider to have pretty much all gone in McManus’ team’s direction. Now, the officials and fans of that club can ignore that chain of events and celebrate as much as they like - and if I were in their shoes I may well do the same - but this sets a very dangerous precedent for our game. I don’t agree that this is a wider societal issue at all. I accept players and coaches shortly after games have criticised refs from time immemorial, and that the Aussies are past masters at referee influencing. But I cannot recall an entire club (roping in its own media) making such a concerted and prolonged attack at the integrity of a referee. Mr K may be entirely unaffected by the potential polemic coming his way, but which of us knows? I would hope that no other club will ever stoop so low and that the RFL makes it clear in no uncertain terms that a repeat will not be tolerated.
  12. For a few years at the start of SL, the Broncos got decent crowds, with some success. The key things there were 1) it felt like an event, 2) the team has characters and 3) the team was competitive. The first is absolutely vital - I have taken many people to matches and pretty much without exception they have been conscious of the size of the crowd. The way for salford to sustain their success is to beg, borrow or steal to get enough fans into the AJ that the casual observer will feel they are watching something worth watching. Our game sells itself once people are in the ground, and most fans won’t expect them to win every week as long as there are characters and they are in the fight. I am guessing that you need 5k plus at the AJ to make neutrals feel it is an event. Kidnap people if you need to, market like mad, make it easy to hear about and get to, and you can break the downward spiral.
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