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  1. It’s set up like the Panthers v Broncos, with you as the throw it anywhere Broncos. If it’s half as good, it will be a treat.
  2. I was referring to the semi final. “That one” referred to the last game referred to at the end of the previous sentence “the semi”.
  3. I am happy to clarify what I thought was conveyed by my original post: the last one I was referring to was the last semi final - and we know how that one went.
  4. In this instance, doesn’t a single frame tell you all we need to know? If any part of the ball hits the ground at any point it’s a try. I am surprised it take the VR more than a second to conclude it was a try. It was a terrific game between 2 teams who have already, I would humbly suggest, exceeded most people’s expectations. It was particularly impressive, given that neither side had had a week off, and yet they found the juice to go toe to toe. It’s not just that they have really shaken up the “established order”, but that they have done so in such an entertaining way. Next stop for HKR is away to us for a semi final. And we all know how the last one went.
  5. Hill may well have played. If Havard returns, he may not play again this year. He is a talented player who is unlucky to miss the final.
  6. It wasn’t intended to be patronising, and having re read it I can’t see how it can be seen as such. To reiterate, I hope that Leigh win, and they are good enough. I hope it is a classic, and both teams have had great seasons.
  7. I hope that Leigh win, and they have repeatedly shown they have the talent to do so. 2 really matched and well coached teams, am hoping for a classic. Regardless of the result, both teams can look back on their seasons with immense pride.
  8. I was a little concerned after the Leigh match thread that we would struggle, but I think we needed that to get us match fit. At this stage, we could bring back Flower and O’Loughlin for the final and still have a good go at defending the indefensible.
  9. Funny you should say that, given that the interchange rule that we were caught on was one that had not been applied in regular season attaches, that Wire accepted the result and were happy to play us, but Saints raised the issue and refused to accept that outcome. You can rest assured that Saints are all over potential Wigan breaches.
  10. I am a fan of the disciplinary process as a process. I think it applies the rules consistently, within clear guidelines. As far as I can tell the point here is not that the process is wrong but rather that this rule is wrong. It didn’t just appear, the clubs accepted it and a number of them have “benefited” from it in the past. So, the controversy has actually nothing to do with Wigan, however much that is the spin some posters would like to put on it. if people don’t like the rule they should get annoyed with their clubs, including Wire, HKR and Leigh. I would also note that in this instance, as opposed to the usual way this exception works, Wigan benefit because we have invested enough into our reserves to have qualified for the this final.
  11. So, in short, a rule has been correctly applied, in a way consistent with precedent.
  12. Could you perhaps remind us of the number of posts and their content at the time? It would be strange indeed for you to have been unconcerned then but apoplectic now.
  13. So, a rule was applied correctly. Which is WIgan’s fault how exactly? It is testimony to our club’s talent that we were able to benefit (as opposed to clubs usually benefiting through being knocked out of the cup). If other clubs had invested enough in their reserves to stop us making the final, or if we hadn’t finished top, thus earning a week off, then we couldn’t have benefited.
  14. Of course he did. Perhaps the fairest thing would be to ban King for having his head attached to his body by his neck?
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