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  1. I can’t help but think that this is bad news for the short, medium and long term future for Rugby League.
  2. That’s a good win. I think Thursday’s game will be a good one, as I think we are better matched than the last result between us suggests. And after that, it only takes a couple of injuries to the top 2 teams and then it’s game on. There’s life in us yet.
  3. It is a lot more than that - and I appreciate that the comms could have been clearer for the UK audience. At this stage when awarding World Cups, the organisers go out and work out who will host the games. That bid process has been ongoing for months (with each region having to guarantee payments to the organisers). As I understand it, there are substantial budgets at local level in France to plough into sporting events in the relevant town/city/region. The level of proposals, each meeting the financial criteria, has been through the roof. This is one of the most important steps in underpinning the World Cup over there - it’s like our own Government guarantee, but in slices (and the French Government has confirmed its support as well). In contrast, when the US were awarded this World Cup they simply could not get these underpinning commitments, and so had no business case. It is a huge achievement. Jeu a trieze revient a la maison...
  4. The right to host the 2025 World Cup has been given to France. The extract above is an announcement of the towns and cities which have had bids accepted (and having to pay for the privilege) for the rights to host teams and games. The level of interest and buy in has been phenomenal.
  5. There is another factor which has tipped the balance in the last few weeks. While we have played more league games than anyone else, we are now playing teams who haven’t been able to play the COVID card for a while, and that is showing as there are 2 equally fatigued sides playing. We have a very talented squad, despite the visual and statistical evidence otherwise (fewer points than everyone aside from Leigh, having played more games...).
  6. They should bring in the QI scoring system - Wigan could have won by minus 30 to minus 40. Even Wigan’s ever chirpy twitter feed was bored...
  7. I would be very happy to see him back over here. While the NRL is a parasitic leach on the game, someone with recent knowledge of training and recovery at the top level (and an address book) would clearly benefit us. If we go with Peet, we will clearly need some attacking input, and I would be delighted to get someone from the parasitic leach for that. He would inherit a squad with masses of potential - “all” that needs fixing is the spine - we need 2 play makers to play alongside Smith, be they at 9, 13, 6 or 1. It is possible that we might go into 2022 with a spine of Powell, Smithies, Smith, Field and French. That would be repeating the same mistake as we made in the mid noughties. If, instead, we let O’Neill develop as an attacking hooker, and sign an organising 6 then there is very little wrong with the squad (I am assuming in writing this that the NRL props solve the lack of experienced go forward).
  8. Oh dear, Saints are doing fairly well, so they have not only got computers they are using them. Until they start losing and then we’ll be back to tumble weed “contributions”.
  9. Reading around this subject, it looks like Paasi may well be playing again before Langi. I thought this was exactly the sort of thuggish head hunting the game was trying to rule out.
  10. Any news on Langi? Paasi should be starting his off season by the end of Tuesday - nasty.
  11. They just said that he was offered the biggest contract in the 149 year history of the club. (I rather doubt that can be true, given how much Offiah and Hanley were taking home decades ago, when our wage bill was higher than now). Williams told Wigan that he wanted a new challenge. Rads surmised he was offered more money by Wire, as well.
  12. They are likely to put together a highlights package… just start watching at 75 minutes in.
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