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  1. My point about not owning our ground was prompted by reading McManus’ excellent equivalent letter. Generally, if you own a ground and make money on it, it is a useful asset. If you can’t use it, and have outgoings it becomes a burden. Temporarily, but we are only one clever Oxford lad or lass away from waking up to find this will be all over in no time, at which point balance sheets matter again. I just highlighted it as an odd quirk among many just now.
  2. I am not sure what letter Harry read, but I am pleased he thinks anyone would consider 500k loose change, Further confirmation that Leigh has gone very up market. We won’t be asking for our money back, and I would have thought that would be the case for many of us at many clubs. However, given how many lives have been ruined by something far outside any of our control, I for one would not begrudge anyone needing it getting a refund. I wonder if we are faring less badly because we don’t own our own ground. Funny old world we live in.
  3. This is the best news I have seen in a long time. Fill in those corners! Can’t wait to see him play again. A true genius.
  4. Oh, and I believe Tonga deserves to be added to the list, taken in the round.
  5. Norway is a success story for our game. People of discernment.
  6. I would buy one, particularly if it meant i could stream all of Wigan’s games. However, I also buy a ticket for my 96 year old aunt, who could watch matches on sky sports, but streaming is likely to be a step too far. Seems to me that we as a sport in the NH are going to be in a terrible place as a result of the timing of this pandemic, unless the government steps up big style.
  7. The only questions any of us needs to ask are: - are we in an at risk group? If so, keep ourselves to ourselves; - is anyone in an at risk group dependent on us, so that we need to be in close proximity to them? In which case, be very careful and keep ourselves to ourselves to the extent we can; - if not, keep away from the people in the above 2 camps, and play on. Allow anyone that wants to stand down to stand down - see who is left and play on. Test them, get them into a controlled environment and play on. The upside in terms of morale in having something to watch would be huge. Those teams that have played out of ANZ will hardly notice the difference.
  8. I really like Marshall, but there is no point picking him for England, as he is too small. Cracking player, very exciting, and (unlike Joe Burgess, seemingly) makes the absolute most of his talent. I wonder whether he has nipped ahead of Davies because of the concerns around his horrific injury last Good Friday, but given how how father’s career was blighted by bad injuries, it would be impossible to begrudge him that.
  9. I am yet to see Salford, so can’t comment on them (save to say I hope they get a good crowd, as they deserve to grow as a club), but Wigan look very dangerous to me. If the big lads like Bullock and Burgess dent the line and give Smith and Hastings room, then our back 5 will cause a lot of havoc.
  10. Having just seen the finding, it looks like both tacklers are in hot water, with Partington’s deemed the worse of the 2. They will get what they deserve.
  11. I have seen 3 man tackles in which, with bad luck, the tackled player could get injured in every game I have watched this season. Under Lam, Wigan’s behaviour in defence around the ruck has been far crisper and less intense than under Wane. I am happy to let the disciplinary committee form its own view, as I think they generally do a very good job, and if he is shown to have deliberately endangered someone he should sit out a lot of games. We should have sacked him after his horrible assault which lost us the GF, and I will shed no tears if he leaves us at the end of his contract.
  12. Didn’t Flower nearly join HKR (or was that a made up story)? I haven’t seen the game, so will need to ask my (95 year old) pitch side reporter. As it is well over 70 years since she last spotted a Wigan infringement, I expect that there will be no case to answer from her perspective...
  13. I am happy that Wane has not picked Austin and Hastings. From what I have seen, Sam Tomkins seems to have got his running game back. If so, he is our best full back. My dream back line would be (running) Sam T - Manfredi - Gildart - Percival - Johnstone - Widdop - Lomax... In the pack, Watts Clark Thompson Bateman Currie Whitehead would shake it up. Smithies is years off, but has a certain Batemanesque quality about him. He will make the most of his talent, and play for his country plenty of times.
  14. I have not seen the Giants, but Wigan are very good at the moment. Our back line is fantastic, and the wide open spaces will suit us down to the ground. Am v confident that we will win, not because the Giants are not very good, but that our backs are so dangerous and getting more so by the week, as the combinations get used to each other.
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