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  1. It isn’t that the selection for this game hasn’t directly adversely affected the league prospects of 4 sides, as it almost certainly has, but rather the level of what iffery required to get too worked up about it. These teams will all be playing someone next week who will have had a week off (in Wigan’s case we get 2 weeks compared with 5 days!), and then 4 teams will play the finalists either the week before or the week after. Lots of teams “benefit” from being knocked out of the cup early, every year.
  2. By that stage Holbrook’s mind will be more on bulldogs than rhinos, so I suspect we will see some weird and whacky selections on the way to semi final heartbreak.
  3. Warrington play Cats away after their semi final, then Saints and then Wigan away. Wigan could be equal on points with them by then. Even assuming for these purposes that Wigan take advantage of the ridiculous Thursday match, FC’s next few games all look winnable. I will stick my neck out though and say that I think Wigan will finish above whichever of those 2 gets to Wembley.
  4. Wembleyitis happened every year. We still have teams to play the CC finalists either the week or after the final. Wigan play FC on Thursday after their probably Herculean semi the previous week end. All teams can do is play with the hands they are dealt. Saints played their reserves and got beaten, we fielded ours on Good Friday with a similar result. Such is life.
  5. He can be a really dirty player, and very annoying to watch. But last night was one of his much less grubby nights. Indeed, now he seems to be working on a running game, he could become a very good player.
  6. I feel sorry for FC, who are handicapped by virtue of doing much better in the cup, and for those Wigan fans who could have gone on the original date but now won’t be able to do so. Having been on the other side of this, it seems inherently unfair for Wigan to gain an undeserved advantage. I think the FC - Wire game could be a brutal classic, possibly the game of the season. 2 great clubs and 2 great teams with everything to play for. It will be very hard for FC to get up again.
  7. I am surprised to see Trinity in dire straits, as they have been well coached, with a well put together squad, for years now. They have beaten Wigan year in, year out, and will have a much bigger pack, even with their absentees. Last year’s Trinity would win this game by a distance simply because we have at most 1 senior prop to choose from. It will be fascinating to see how Wigan perform. It looks increasingly that we are too good to be relegated, but too poorly coached to challenge in the play offs (if we get there), and so the focus then becomes looking at what signs of potential the players show, or whether there is any progress in defensive structure, game management, resilience or attacking structure. Lam has had 8 months to instil some sort of plan and order, but it is almost impossible even to discern what he is trying to do. I was astonished he was given the job for 2020, and tonight will be another chance to see how well or ill judged that decision is.
  8. He should take the opportunity and is clearly considering his options. Any NRL club would be a big step up from St Helens. I assume he will take some of his current squad with him in short order.
  9. It has been a while since I saw a sentence end “end of” lol. Took a long time to shift 18k tickets but it goes to show if you build a ground the right size, with a fair wind (indeed enough fair weather for the fans) it can be full. Great to see (or not, from Greece, even with Sky Go).
  10. Well, looking at the number of times our juniors have tasted victory over Saints and the hard currency of the respective team’s Grand Final wins, we simply need to play to our potential. You are of course entitled to your opinion; it is lovely to have so many saints posters on here in these better times for the club.
  11. That’s the spirit. I just hope we get to give you a guard of honour, and maybe you could sign some autographs. The way to win this is to find this year’s Richardson, and attack them. Fages and the Welsh winger would be the ones I would go for. Wigan have a superb squad and will field a team with more than enough talent to win, the only question I have is whether Lam has the ability to motivate and organise us. At least now that Sammutt is fit and firing we have something like the attacking shape we were hoping to see from the start of the season. It is in our hands, play to our potential and we will bring back the points.
  12. Interestingly, if FC lose, then Wigan could be within 2 points of 3rd place come 10 pm on Friday. I might even look into how the top 5 play offs work if this goes on much longer.
  13. As I asserted forcefully in a different context a week ago, we will never see another Hanley in our game. Called that one right.
  14. We all see different things when watching the same thing. Saints have plenty of bang average players, with one true world class forward in Thompson. They are very beatable when autumn comes round. Mid summer, with carte blanche to throw the ball around is not playing under pressure on a wet evening with a nip in the air. To be honest, in those circumstances all it would take would be to keep it tight and concentrate the attack on Grace, and they will lose again. He is this year’s Richardson. Now, there is another point, and I would not want to discourage the many Saints fans who discovered computers after KC left, and it is well made. I genuinely believe we give far too little credit to the team who finishes top of the league. That, to my mind, is every bit as great an achievement as winning in October. It grates on me that, say, Wire can’t argue that they have been champions for 50 years when we all saw them top the league in style.
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