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  1. I must say I thought the first 30 minutes were very uneventful, but once it got going that was a very good game. There is very little between these 2 teams. We have such a good back line, we just need to hold our own in the middle. It is just a shame that we won’t be able to focus on the derby, but even with half a team rested I think we could be competitive at this rate. I am not usually one to criticise my own side (no, really), but I am glad that is one game nearer Flower leaving the club, he is a disgrace.
  2. So, Trinity will be fielding their strongest side because all of the infected players were fringe players? In that case they stand a good chance of winning, as they often give us a game, have a good first 17 and have had a week off.
  3. One feature of recent games has been Fafita’s involvement in “incidents” which he has highlighted at the time and subsequently (without commenting on whether he has a point). If he is able to play, then it will be interesting to see whether he becomes unhappy at any point after being tackled. As for teams having to step down covid players, this year is only about one thing and that’s getting the games played for Sky.
  4. The game went on and on with all the stops for head knocks, though. My issue is it is a waste to have the games back to back, as opposed to having them on separate days. We would get far more people watching if we spread them out.
  5. We had to absorb a lot of pressure, but you could really tell that Sneyd had not played for a while, as FC were slightly unsure where to run. I think that these open constant re-start games in good weather suits our smaller, active pack.
  6. Great game between 2 very fine sides. Pleased for Gelling and Charnley, 2 entertainers. Price has produced a team with cohesion, who are very easy on the eye. They can bank this win and draw on it in the battles to come.
  7. What a great try. Wire look imperious. Watching the last 10 minutes reminded me of the Ray French quote “there’s no excuse for pace...”
  8. It was a really good performance, Given a share of possession and momentum, I think our backs will win us most games.
  9. I don’t really understand this. Do you mean “antipathy” rather than “apathy”? As self appointed Surrey envoy of the WDL, I would welcome a bit of apathy towards us. It would make life much easier, and save thousands of words trying to defend the indefensible.
  10. I know I am coming to this very late, but (with commiserations to Cas) what a finish. TGG.
  11. I think we will win. If we give the ball to the big lads, we can get sufficiently on the front foot for our backs to flourish. Last week emphasised yet again that if we rely on players like Byrne and Flower with zero impact we will lose far more than we win.
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