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  1. haha, good luck to them anyway
  2. Lee Briers has tweeted saying he's climbing Everest for the Steve Prescott appeal.... He's either got this very wrong or they arnt going to make much money Its costs about £40,000 a person to climb and 40 have died in the last few years trying I think my may come to realise he's going to base camp, which is still a great adventure...
  3. Schofield reacts to Peacock criticism

    I can see his point though, we are trying to beat Australia and New Zealand at their own game instead of being different We can beat these teams by being creative,
  4. He's a legend I remember him coming on against NZ at Old Trafford in 80s and changing the game in 2 tests
  5. So how can we get a message across Loads of people have tweeted that the Burgess 'Good Riddance' headline is terrible, including Brian Moore and lots of RU players Other than not buying what can we do, or do we just let it continue
  6. I really feel as a Rugby League fan that this paper treats our sport as a piece of sh*t in their shoes. Barnes., Jones and Ackerman just write rubbish or worse still nothing I will never buy the paper again
  7. Exiled Wiganer.... Your comment 'I also think that the democratising effect of social media is going to be increasingly helpful to our game' This is spot on, since the advent of social media its harder than ever for the media to force opinions and control content Single twitter users have the power to reach bigger audience's that major papers or TV stations, Rugby League is benefitting more than most from this
  8. Its all very easy to speculate, we could have lost the first test and got poor crowds fro 2nd and 3rd test, this is going well - we are building momentum for future internationals, and sold out headlines look good
  9. Sean OLoughlin just been on Chris Evans breakfast show, 10million ish listeners
  10. A few good stories coming out now Again this shows that giving the press an angle, such as Grand Final selll out lets them write a good story, they are up for Union bashing at the moment
  11. Its all over press now, and with RU in Manchester same night it gives us some real positives Those spares will sell this week anyway
  12. Positive press, saying sold out now shows the game in a good light It you anno this on the day no time to get it in papers
  13. But think of the positive press of being able to say its sold out Worth much more to have that in all Uk newspapers tomorrow than sales of few hundred tickets And as you say people will still check and buy these anyway
  14. scrap the eights

    I think middel 8s has been great As a Halifax fan, we have good home crowds, and the feel for Rugby League in the town is coming back I guess its better for us than Leigh fans because we didnt approach the season thinking we would win everything and having an arrogant view point so its all a bonus, and we are £790,000 better off next year yipee
  15. Eng V NZ Olympic Park tickets

    Can anyone help me, Kingstone press have a VIP comp on their twitter account for the Olympic park game I cant get all the faces, one is James Graham ? Any ideas ?