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  1. I wandered into that clinic. What a mistake, I thought they said spectacles.
  2. Triumph Herald cost me £80. The cheapest car I ever bought was a Morris Marina for which I paid £25. I drove it for 6 months. Talk about throwing money at it, at one point I had to change a brake bulb* After the 6 months I took it for a free " pre MoT". The mechanic asked me if I was having a laugh? At that point I took it to a scrap yard and they gave me £30 for it. *In those days " consumables" like bulbs, points and spark plugs were freely available in Coventry as everyone knew somebody on one of the tracks in car factories.
  3. I know he was reckoned to be the world's worst poet. But, that it is better than I could do. I freely admit ( as if you didn't know) to be a philistine. I cannot draw water and I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket
  4. If the RFL were to invest some ( a lot of money) they could use the ground they own
  5. In this week's League Express he hasn't exactly apologised. In fact, he is so upset that with the flak he has had to face that he is threatening to leave rugby league altogether!
  6. After a magnificent season on the pitch and a big turnout of supporters for both the semi and the final can they kick on from here? I note on the match thread a lot of neutrals and indeed Saints fans really hope they can. But, can they? With some of last nights players moving on can they replicate this season's performance? Watson is clearly an excellent coach but was he a bit lucky in having Hastings to light the blue touch paper for their season? Hastings moves on to Wigan and who would or could act as talisman for 2020? As for their supporters, again from comments on the match thread there were some accusations that some of the support might have come from a soccer element. There were comments that there was some inappropriate chanting. I have long believed that our target audience should be genuine soccer fans. I hope that we can attract more to our sport. To answer my own questions above. I fear that this season has been a bit of a lucky one off. The stars aligned in Salfords favour. They have to rebuild a new team on a low fan base and budget. I hope I am wrong.
  7. Salford two visits to the Saints line = 1 try and 1 chalked off
  8. I worked in a chippy when I was at school. We sold ######, chips and peas but only to customers that brought their own dish. P.S It's a sad sign that fa990t would fall foul of the swear filter. That said, my oldest daughter always insisted that we call them savoury ducks
  9. Didn't get finger ache as I scroll down to find my birth year when told to fill in my birthday on tinterweb
  10. "Go through the lounge"? Does one live in a public house? Or, does one mean the sitting room? How very non U. Parvenu !
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