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  1. Was that the proverbial equine in town?
  2. If anyone is thinking of using my services..... DON'T. I have started back to work part time. This week I worked Wed, Thurs, and Friday afternoons. In all I have visited 12 patients, of those 2 of them have died on the night following my visit. Not exactly a good advert for my Podiatry business is it?
  3. It has been calculated that if an atom bomb was detonated on the centre of Nuneaton it would cause nearly £68 worth of damage.
  4. I think the Wrynose and Hardknott passes would qualify as a contender in both the best road and the worst road threads in this forum.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A897_road The road from Dounreay to Helmsdale in the Scottish Highlands has been described as the quietest road in the country. It's single track and is about 40 miles long. On the day I drove it, I never encountered another vehicle and that was in mid summer.
  6. Roads to Barrow takea bit of beating. The A590 and the A595 are never easy.
  7. I've been underheight most of my life.
  8. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/bears-to-deliver-free-community-fitness
  9. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/bears-to-deliver-free-community-fitness
  10. I had one of them too! Just 4 strings ( being pedantic it was a ukulele) and I could play " catch a falling star" on it
  11. He was from Bermondsey but I know what you mean
  12. Why does it have to be named for someone? Just call it the man of the match trophy. That will save it having to changed it when there is a history rewrite
  13. I saw one yesterday at about 3.30pm.
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