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  1. Updated Callum Mclleland
  2. Someone posted that new signings were being checked out by the medics before being announced. Hopefully,he has been given a clean bill of health but we all know how tough rl is on the body. All the very best and welcome back James
  3. Thanks Derwent. I will try the Tatie Pot and the Tatie Ash looks about right too.
  4. https://midlandshurricanes.com/news/hurricanes-warwickshireccc-partnership-announced
  5. I suspect Derwent may be on the mark. It was akin to Lancashire Hotpot. Lamb ( probably scrag) soft potatoes, onions In fact that us probably about it. That could be right. Have you a recipe?
  6. Tesco are selling eggs, flour and milk and its not Pancake till February.
  7. My Mother made a version of what she called Tatie Ash. It was lamb based and I wasn't that keen. Now I would love to try it again. The problem is that the recipes I have come across are more like corned beef g hash. What is your recipe?
  8. Jon Luke Kirby from facebook ( but some above not necessarily still on roster)
  9. Further update Max Lirkbright added
  10. Shamelessly stolen from Lee Child’s latest book. It’s ironic that the same two words make the best and worse phrase in the English language…… Free Alcohol Alcohol Free
  11. Chris Cullimore added
  12. Tom Wilkinson added
  13. Well done to everyone at the Outlaws. Brilliant work by great people. You should be very proud of everything you have achieved and long may it continue.
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