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  1. From reading the other forums you would think you were not even in the mix for promotion. Show them they are wrong... starting this weekend. Come On Town!!!!!!
  2. Don Fox. It is said that after the game Neil Fox ( Don's brother who also played in the Wakefield team that day) went to him in the dressing room. Don was sitting with his head in his hands and said" If I had a gun I would shoot myself". Neil replied " if you had a gun I would take it off you and shoot you myself cos you would miss"
  3. Theerepol ( Tee) Ritson. Record breaking Barrow RL born in Thailand
  4. I am hearing that the poor old fat lady has got tonsilitis and she cannot get an appointment with her GP for a face to face to get some antibiotics. So once again the NHS comes up trumps
  5. I have just found this clip by Peter Hitchens extolling Johnny Walker Black Anyone got any thoughts?
  6. Could of been worse.... you could have a bag of nothing but blue ones
  7. If you ask me how old I was in the year 2000 I would answer 52. But you are not wrong as I was born on 1 January. On every other day of the year I can truthfully say " I am not x until next year". On the other hand I cannot say "I will be x this year". I went to an old lady one day and she was having a 21st birthday party that very day. It was Feb 29 and she looked more like 84 than 21!
  8. When I see the Sir John Barrow Monument, Ulverston ( The Lighthouse on Hoad Hill, aka the pepperpot or just the hoad"
  9. Tom Tsang's record Fev (H) L Swin (A) W Shef (H) W Whit (A) L Toul (H) L Old (A) W York (H) W Played 7 W4 L3. Those 3 losses were against Fev (1st), Toul (2nd), Haven (A). AND 2 of the wins were away. Is that sacking justified? Especially, compared to the 2021 record of the lower division coach who replaces him and has just 3 wins all season ( two of them against a team that could not buy a win). The only interpretation that I can come up with is that the new guy is cheaper.
  10. I was seriously considering to the game on Saturday. Sadly, the train connections it make it too late.
  11. Just look at the bottom of this post and you can see where my heart lies. So, what I doing doing here on your forum? Well, with my Coventry hat on.. just beggur off you have no right to be you belong in the championship. With my Barrow hat on just beggur off we need a strong Cumbrian ( I'm the first to own up that my birth certificate says Lancashirem but let's put that aside, we all know what I mean). 3 teams can help each other by the rivalry and for the opportunities to get some cash ( which is going to be short in supply) through the coffers. Probably like you I am shocked of how your home form has been so poor.That said, you still have home advantage in the playoffs. Surely everyone involved with Town is aware of that?. I really, really hope you can do just what Barrow did and get promoted. From just a few weeks ago it went from being a shoe in to squeaky bum time. But, they did it and you will too.. Then the hard work begins. Clearly neither Barrow nor yourselves can afford to sit back and assume everything will be fine and dandy. It is going to need time, effort and probably a wedge of spondoolicks to make that transition to that next level. That other team near you ( can't remember their name but it will come back to me in a bit) will be busting a gut to chase the same player pool and probably trying to attempt to market in order to distort the market ( How fair is that). Tell your lot to take their fingers out of their bottoms and get moving. Back to my Coventry hat on... sod off you lot your not wanted here. COYB, COYR, COYT .... aye even coyh
  12. There was a great atmosphere in Barrow tonight. 1922 people in attendance. West Wales were on hiding to nothing and the score line reflects that BUT, ask the bust up Barrow players if they had been in a game. There will be a lot of sore Barrow Raiders players tomorrow. Not only that but despite a long journey ahead of the tonight WWR joined in the party. The guy on the Karoake was pretty impressive. Well done everyone at WWR for trying and never giving up. You were a credit to yourselves and rugby league despite the naysayers on here saying that they were a disgrace. I wish I had the gonads you lot have.0
  13. Free for anyone who gets there before 1pm as per usual
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