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  1. What about the ads that keep appearing on the banner on this forum? The one with tattooing for people with bald heads. I think they tattoo a couple of thousand rabbits all over your head . I understand that from a distance they look like hares.
  2. I've got a mate who is an African prince who is looking after my money. I could introduce you if you want.
  3. I cannot remember how to write 1,1000,51,6 and 500 in Roman numerals. IM LIVID
  4. Does that mean that you are exempt from Inland Revenue rules? ( Thanks to Ken Todd for that one)
  5. Won 38-18 I think they said 700 odd
  6. 223 to win. That is probably too much to do.
  7. Even in the 50's football grounds had an entrance for "boys". I cannot remember seeing girls at games. The first girls I remember choosing to see soccer was because George Best was on the scene.
  8. I am amazed hat they had the prescience to arrange the game so that it would fall on Lionel Hirst' s birthday. Those old fellows knew a thing or two.
  9. Has any celeb ever done more to push RL more than Adam Hills?
  10. Coventry Northern Union split from the union team and the union team were forced to find a new ground at Coundon Road. The Northern Union team played in black and white at the Butts Stadium which was eventually redeveloped as the Butts Park Arena. My Mothers cousin Crispin Carter played in that Northern Union team
  11. Why do some people drive shopping trolleys with their elbows?
  12. Anyone that drives a car that has the music so loud that the whole car "Throbs". Cold callers selling PPI or accident claims Anyone that starts a thread like this as it makes my blood pressure go through the roof
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