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  1. This programme on BBC 2 catchup is well worth a watch. Yes, it's union but it resonates about our game.
  2. 10 days on... When do weekends begin and when do I get a day off?
  3. I think my neighbours are taking the pee. Thats the first time they have ever applauded me for putting my bin out. Seriously a few were out clapping around and some cars tooted. I understand emergency services were flashing their blue lights too
  4. Just being honest. If you dont like the message dont shoot the messanger. Its a fact that the truth often hurts.
  5. That reminds me when colour televisions first arrived. A copper stopped a guy who was carrying one down the street. He asked where he had got hold of such a valuable commodity. "I won it as second prize in the local CIU club raffle" " Second prize? What on earth was the first prize" " The winning prize was a week on the committee"
  6. https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2020/mar/25/super-league-challenge-cup-england-coronavirus-pandemic-rugby-league?CMP=share_btn_tw&__twitter_impression=true
  7. I have just spotted Rhubarb T lurking outside. He is asking if he is still barred?
  8. https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2020/mar/25/super-league-challenge-cup-england-coronavirus-pandemic-rugby-league?CMP=share_btn_tw&__twitter_impression=true
  9. I think its a device made by Apple to press clothes. I am not really sure as I could never be accused of being " a new man"
  10. To quote Reg Holdsworth in Coronation Street. " Have you ever been to Barrow in Furness? You drive to the end of the world and its 50 miles further on."
  11. Go West young man. When you crest the Penine ridge you will see the sunny plain of Lancashire laid out before you. In fact, if you go West, North or South you will find proper Dales ( Derbyshire, Wolds ( Leicestershire) Moors ( Northumberland) Mountains and Lakes ( Cumbria). Lancashire has proper resorts like Blackpool, Morecambe and Southport. In fact the world opens up to you when you get out of Yorkshire. A county that God made and quickly decided that he made a mistake and is eroding it away as fast as he can.
  12. It seems the government are considering paying the self employed up to 80% of their earnings. It appears to be very difficult to find away to do it. Am I missing something here? Every year I submit my accounts to the tax man. Based on that my tax liability is calculated. So the Inland Revenue know exactly I much I earn. Perhaps those that are claiming they couldn't live on 80% are really showing that they have been under declaring their true earnings.
  13. On Breakfast Time on BBC this morning Dan and Louise sat 2 metres apart. But Is it essential that there needs to be two of them. Wouldn't one of them do?.
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