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  1. Civilisation rolls on, as old technology is replaced the old ways are discarded. Once upon a time two twigs were a pretty neat idea to stop fingers getting messy when eating. Once knives, forks and spoons were invented why on earth would anyone carry on bits of stick?. Unless of course it is part of your cultural identity or one is just a pretentious tawt.
  2. Now the racist bigot has told some Black Democrat congressmen to " go home"
  3. Sky would probably offer enough to win the contract and then ignore us by putting it on the red button. We might not get as much money but free to air would get more eyeballs and other commercial opportunities. Let us hope the powers that be take the long view and not go for the quick fix.
  4. Bearman


    Was the Dalli incident put on report?
  5. Or Sky could hand out little placards with it on like the "Try/ No Try" one. Whatever, I want one please.
  6. Definitely. But, we have to start gaining our own points. Let's start again tomorrow! COYR
  7. Bearman


    It's a big ask to beat Leigh. But, we have to start picking points from somewhere and what better statement of intent could there be than winning on Sunday? Please, please, I want to come to CP next season to see a few games but I do not want to come in an official capacity. COYR
  8. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/gpkxcins0yukfr4hr86vaejnn1833a
  9. Great game so far.
  10. 10-12 at Dewsbury. Great game and all to play for.
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