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  1. I was told yesterday that I need a pacemaker due to my AF. I have to have another check up to see if my heart has been further historically damaged by the AF. This will determine if I need 1 or 2 electrodes on the gizmo. There is a 3 months waiting list for the procedure to implant which ever is decided. I get extremely tired since my stroke and I am hoping that it gives me a bit of get up and go. Other than that I am ok, but I know my speech isnt quite right as I now stumble over occasional words.
  2. Well that’s me bu99ered. I can’t operate mine galf od rhe rime
  3. The average person in the UK has an above average number of legs! This is because whilst no one has more than two legs there are a small number of people only have 1 leg. Therefore the average number of legs of people in the UK is a very very small sum of less than two! Thus anyone with two legs is above average.
  4. Reminds me of an old lady I used to visit. One day she asked me if I liked Brazil Nuts. I said I did and she gave me a bag of them. From then, everytime I went she would give me some despite my protestations. One day I asked why she was so keen for me to have them. She told me her daughter brought her some every week. I said she should tell her daughter that she didn't like them. " Oh! I like them but the nuts get under my false teeth so I suck the chocolate off and give the nuts to you"
  5. The first time I ever used foreign money ( Deutsche Mark) was to buy a Toblerone.
  6. Not this season unfortunately. Cov have told us that the pitch will not be ready until the end of our season. It is a shame you cannot make it to Rugby as it's a very welcoming little ground. We are trying to accommodate as many fans as we can and to that end is there anything we can do to help you get to a game? It might be possible to get you a lift if that suits? PM on this board if we can do anything to help. Message sent to your message box.
  7. Why doesn't Zack Snyder just cast as Makinson in next Superman role? He would save a fortune in special effect costs.
  8. My daughter is going to Hampton Court tomorrow. It got me thinking of a great line from Carry On Don't Lose Your Head. Anne Boleyn and King Henry are walking along the river bank and Henry says 'Ere do you wonna come along to my pad? " Hampton Court?" "No, I always walk like this" Another others?
  9. Bearman


    I have just read Dave Mission's book Forward!. It is the year 2018 in perspective and is a really good read. Well worth searching out a copy.
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