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  1. Some musings on previous posts Table Skittles with a wooden " cheese" was very popular in Warwickshire Crown Green bowling The most Southerly club in England was in Kenilworth they competed in the very strong Coventry League. Softball... Whilst I was at school we ONCE played a PE lesson of Softball. By luck mostly I managed to hit the ball first go. A view days later one of my mates called to me to look at the message board and it seems I was picked to play as one of the players in the school team on the following Saturday. On the Friday before the game was cancelled...and that
  2. I bought a "Fire Mountain" portable bbq last week ( £49 Amazon) It is fan assisted and from lighting to cooking is only 5 minutes. It only uses 250g of charcoal.It's easy to clean. ( It's even easier when the stainless steel bowl is lined with tinfoil. Tonight I grilled some sardines and a sea bass, just plain... but delicious. As I say I am really pleased with it. Looking on line there is an upmarket version " Lotus" ( 3 times the price) has anyone had any experiences to share of either contraption ? Or have you got any "go to recipes"?
  3. I bought a bottle of Asda Islay single malt last week and it was excellent. I had assumed that all supermarket own brands Islay would be probably be from the same distillery. On that assumption yesterday, I bought a bottle of Aldi's Glen Marnoch Islay. It wasn't a patch on the Asda.
  4. I was going to give you a thumbs up.. but it didn't seem quite appropriate But I do hope they get you sorted asap
  5. Pork Pie? Incidentally I had a Mark's & Spencer's Melton Mowbray pork pie from their " Our Best Ever " range yesterday. It was excellent.
  6. And it's cousin Westmorland sausage. That famous Lancashire dish..... Haggis Faggots.
  7. Adrian Morley on Our League game Saints v Wakey thinks scrums will return at some point. Is he right? Anyone missing them? I'm not
  8. Adrian Morley on Our League game Saints v Wakey thinks scrums will return at some point. Is he right? Anyone missing them? I'm not.
  9. The best part of real pubs opening is we can get away from the TRL virtual pub bore. I know this will be lost on you ' cos it's YOU.
  10. I was involved as an adult. I trained air cadets and kids with many either social or learning difficulties disadvantages. I ended up as a Gold Assessor for candidates. It gave me some great experiences. As quoted elsewhere I had 3 meetings with Prince Phillip and one with Prince Edward Name a hospital near a national park and I have been there! The scheme has been brilliant and has been copied by countries around the world as a " Presidents Award" or similar.
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