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  1. If he'd done it against Leeds or Wigan believe me you wouldn't see him this side of Christmas 😉
  2. Johnathan Richman and The Modern Lovers ... Roadrunner
  3. I think you are in a similar position to us last year, we faded badly after th CC Final, not saying it's going to happen to Cas but I still think you need more options if needed. Jake Connor was brought in along with Griffin and three of our 21's have stepped up and been outstanding. Ellis is not being rushed back we had the luxury of resting Kelly and Mini last week. Powell could do with giving Gale a rest if they get the LL Shield wrapped up early.
  4. Cas aren't top out of luck, well coached with quality players my only concern for me would be how when it matters they deal with injuries, if they lose Gale and a couple of there pack I don't think they have strength in depth to sustain there superb season already.
  5. You cannot give Cas a lead like that and expect to win but another 5 mins who knows. People mentioning on twitter about footage from last nights game of Gale stamping on Conners ankle haven't watched it back yet.
  6. Picked up an original mono copy of Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band's Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin' Funky - Butt ... live the other day from my favourite 2nd handshop. Cracking album in excellent condition too.
  7. I hope it's a cracker, always look forward to visiting Cas. I see Radford has brought Griffin back replacing Michael's so I would expect kicks to the corners.
  8. Puzzled why people always state if it's played down the middle Hull will win. Our backs are just as big as our forwards and are our biggest threat. When we beat Cas in Cup Eden was anonymous and Shenton had a mare. If our backs are on form Friday Cas will be in trouble outside. Its going to be close home advantage could be the difference but I'm confident we can get the win I cannot wait. 16 - 24
  9. I think your in denial OF
  10. Thought Jake Connor was excellent again. His attitude seems to have changed totally from his Huddersfield days, had a bit of petulance in him and I thought it caused him to lose his concentration in games. Once again Radders management seems to of paid dividends.
  11. Hull have sold over 1000 shirts on line apparently since the launch last night.
  12. I would only let clubs who have a running 23's set up be allowed to raise there salary cap threshold, if they can afford to pay out more on wages they can afford to invest in local players and run a reserves.
  13. May be its time to play the game at a neutral venue a more modern stadium were crowd control can be of a higher standard. The RFL certainly have to have a re think next year, such a shame. Unfortunately it's an element of people a minority that every club has that just ruin it for everyone.
  14. Thanks made it with 10 mins before kick off, though they did shut part of the M62 on our way home