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  1. Before the they enlarged the league buy dropping teams in from the championship, Hemel made the play offs regularly.
  2. Is this on the wrong forum, shouldn't it be on the Community one ?
  3. Will it be feasible that Ottawa will be in league 1 next year????
  4. Hope Hemel Stags have been paid in full for selling licence to Ottawa with all this uncertainty.
  5. When they announce signings, and some the players are fulltime already. They must start paying wages. Should imagine the coach is already on fulltime wages now.
  6. Did not want put in the Toronto topic, but how the hell are they going to compete if Toronto are struggling. Think the RL are smoking funny fags if they think it will happen.
  7. There was a rumour that Skolars enquired about using Hemel Stags ground. Any one heard anything?
  8. If the RFL had kept the league 1 in the original format ie Development league, and allowed 1 new team a season if possible with promotion to Championship, this way teams who are stronger can progress. Make S/L a larger league by 2 then allowing 2 extra teams into Championship. Just an idea.
  9. If the new TV deal is significantly less, this time round, I suspect that there will little money or nothing at all, and that will be end of league 1 as we know it.
  10. I love the idea of expansion in RL, but the north will always give it there best, but to be a truly national sport we need to get into the South and have a strong foothold, no idea how to do it, but I think it is key for our great game..
  11. Hemel Stags been around 35 years, have long lease, have a club house open 7 days a week. two pitches, astro 9 a side pitch, and a very strong lottery 1,800 members. Strong junior set up. This does not mean it can automatically go to the next step as they found out. But they are still classed as an expansion club.
  12. Will Sky pay less money to S/L clubs now that Toronto are not in competition, and SBW the biggest name in S/L no longer around this season?
  13. Does any one have an idea when the September fixtures are confirmed.
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