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  1. Is it just me or are the video ref's far quicker in making decisions in oz than the UK. Also you hardly hear the ref.
  2. Think there is a realisation about finances this time around, which could encourage clubs to try more up an coming youngster's
  3. Just a thought, have relegation every 3 or 4 seasons. This way it would allow club to blood younger players without the fear factor for at least 2 seasons allowing them to play with out fear.
  4. I just cant see S/L having the finances, for keeping the players in isolation, and paying for all the testing not just the players but all the auxiliary personnel that make the game happen., It certainly not going to happen in the Championship and League 1.
  5. Who pay for the teams to stay in England?
  6. You cannot change rules, once the season has started.
  7. Premier league footy are going to spend millions on testing kits for games to be played (hopefully). RL does not have the funds to do this.
  8. In theory every one will have to be tested, that is not going to happen let's all be honest .
  9. I think clubs that have a club house/ bar will be the last to open up. They will be put in the the bracket as pubs, clubs,and gyms. And as we all know its this revenue that keeps going. So cant see anything happening for a very long time.
  10. Bit of a derby there Teeside v Newcastle
  11. As its a quite Newsday, a bit of a trip down memory lane from an old programme of mine.. Conferance league 2002. A few names still here now, a lot have disappeared.
  12. We could sabotage them, and send Rimmer over there. Just a suggestion
  13. Can you honestly see Canadian academy players would give up there school/university at home to come to England. Better to get Canadian kids playing league in Canada.
  14. This is going to cause a logistical nightmare for clubs up an down the country.
  15. How will for example if Wigan, Giants have home games but the footy teams have home games., or any league team renting a ground.
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