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  1. Hemel Stags have had a full time community manager full time for over 20 yrs, paid buy the club in its amature days, semi pro days and now amature again. Clubs especially pro clubs in the south an even to a certain degree amateur clubs should help themselves and not wait for help.
  2. Know for a fact when Bulls played Hemel a couple of seasons ago, they agreed to sell tks for the game (Hemel at home) Bulls would get a commission on sell of tkts. Guess what they still haven't paid Hemel. Good job Hemel run a club on a sound financial footing, and can absorb the loss.
  3. Eddie Jones of the other lot, has stated he will change his team straight away building towards the next world cup.we should have had the same attitude so we lose a test or two it's the long term that counts.
  4. Think next season Thunder will be ok, with teams having to have a reserve team, D/R will fall away, and club's like Newcastle who have placed a lot of work in their academy should be ok.
  5. Should used for RESERVE and academy teams.
  6. Really glad TWP made S/L. I hope London or Toulouse make it next year. Bet there are few chairmen worried about the scenario of them making it.
  7. Have been told will be on the TV's at Hemel Stags.
  8. They could afford SWB after his world cup exploits. That would certainly make a statement
  9. Heard they made a derisory offer to buy the licence of Hemel Stags, interesting reading at companies house about how much money in there account. It was never about the money with Stags, but about the player pool in there area.
  10. Hemel Stags have not relocated, they play in the Southern Conference League. All they did was sell there licence for league 1.
  11. When do teams push/contest scrums. A effective play if used correctly., also put foot on ball at base of scrum, bound to get them off side.
  12. Great weather, much better than last year, what was the crowd attendance seem more last year.
  13. Trouble with these games at Wembley, they only have two changing rooms. You would have thought they would have built a a smaller set as well for situations like this for footy n rugby.
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