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  1. Hemel Stags have not relocated, they play in the Southern Conference League. All they did was sell there licence for league 1.
  2. When do teams push/contest scrums. A effective play if used correctly., also put foot on ball at base of scrum, bound to get them off side.
  3. Great weather, much better than last year, what was the crowd attendance seem more last year.
  4. Trouble with these games at Wembley, they only have two changing rooms. You would have thought they would have built a a smaller set as well for situations like this for footy n rugby.
  5. Will there be a TV deal in the next round. Especially for the mid to lower league 1 clubs.
  6. So much tribalism, until some people comes to term with the financial realities of of life, these teams will struggle. A couple of mergers would surely make them extremely powerful clubs.
  7. After last week's game n last years Challenge Cup. Think Catalans v Warrington is right up there now.
  8. Cant see league 1 being around in 2021 in its present format. Less funds, that's why there so much being spent now to get into the Championship/ S/L 2 in the near future.
  9. Any one know?. Was it the the Alliance Comp back in 90's.
  10. See Sky cocking up again with there description F#÷×!=%g Rar Rar
  11. Might make Championship n League 1 a more honest contest.
  12. Thought it was S/L clubs who decided what % championship n league 1 clubs get?
  13. I think the French have a different attitude to sharing grounds, more akin to say the Italian's, i e Roma Lazio. Than we have in the UK.
  14. Hughes should have done it years ago, now near on impossible. People have to remember it suits the union club just find, they own it all.
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