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  1. Think the Chairman is quite happy were the club are now. He knew what was going to happen with the new TV deal. They have boys at Broncos so they can play at a higher level.
  2. ShropshireBull just looked at Hemel fixtures on there web site seems they have a team in the Southern Conferance league, a reserve team in East region, U-18,16,14,12's. + minis. Seems they are regrouping and found the right level. Pathways for players open to get picked up by London Broncos.
  3. But with no money. S/L will keep it all, may be a sweetner to a revamped Championship/ S/L2. But nothing below that. League 1 better start budgeting for 2022 season.
  4. It does look like league 1 been thrown to the wolves,and going to be left to fend for themselves
  5. Remember watching NCL3 Kippax, Huddersfield Underbank, Bramley ,Warrington Wizards. Hemel some good games, lower league 1 standard.
  6. Last team from NCL, I think was Hemel they won the comp Div 3. They had Aussies playing for them, but when they went up to semi pro there was lots of visa problems. Or could be Coventry
  7. Personally I think the commentary team are rather biased. It comes across that Catalans are not worthy of being in the lead.. Footnote: Glad NRL coverage kept mentioning Mose Mosie they have raised over $50,000 Aus this weekend so far !!!!
  8. Listening to the NRL now, commentators giving stats,cracking jokes and more importantly giving quality commentary, there voices reflect the the game,not all one mono tone of voice.
  9. No one has really mention the coach. He did a blinding job at St Helens, knows a lot about S/L what English players will suit him in skill and temperament.
  10. Rangi has still got it think after a few games, and if they get some heavy defeats he'll get an offer from a higher division.
  11. Hard decisions to be made sometimes by part time players, if for example if you are on the tools down sarf, plumber, sparks etc you could earn up to £40/50 k a year would you jeopardise it for £150 for a game of semi pro rugby league.
  12. How many league 1 clubs can survive without any hand out money via SKY/SL. If the new deal is reduced .
  13. Hope we are allowed to go to Catalans. Could do with a cheeky weekend away in the sun.
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