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  1. I would only let clubs who have a running 23's set up be allowed to raise there salary cap threshold, if they can afford to pay out more on wages they can afford to invest in local players and run a reserves.
  2. May be its time to play the game at a neutral venue a more modern stadium were crowd control can be of a higher standard. The RFL certainly have to have a re think next year, such a shame. Unfortunately it's an element of people a minority that every club has that just ruin it for everyone.
  3. Thanks made it with 10 mins before kick off, though they did shut part of the M62 on our way home
  4. Currently stuck on the carpark known as the M62
  5. Quite confident tonight we seem to play better in knock out rugby, nothing to fear for me.
  6. Hull have put free coaches on filled 11 by close of today apparently and sold out there initial allocation in two days.
  7. Hill has been magnificent tonight well played Wire.
  8. Wire deserve there lead but Thaler is dire I think he actually thinks people pay to come and see him
  9. Thaler ruining a good game here
  10. I emember when we won the league in 1983, memories of Bunting holding the cup in front of Threepennies while smoking a huge cigar and the Kiwi boys performing the Haka. It's been a while please forgive us Hull lot if we seem to get a bit over excited but it's been and can still be one hell of a season. As OF said safe travel over for the Wire lot hope it's a great atmosphere it's going to be tight and Wire don't need anymore motivation.
  11. It's amazing how sometimes adversity can raise a teams performance, Wire will be no push overs even with there injuries. Such a shame for Currie the lad is absolute class .