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  1. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    I am fairly sure I played in division 20 (I ended up getting to play in 4 I think!) around 20 years ago although to be fair it did stretch as far as Cranswick/Driffield in the north and to the coast. No idea of the size now. Would be interesting comparison as to how all sports are/aren't struggling.
  2. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

    Yes I was referring to baseball in Hull. The following book is pretty interesting on how big baseball got - The blokes of summer I do enjoy telling my KR friends that the baseball got bigger crowds at Craven Park than they do now
  3. Toronto

    Darrell Griffin is available for one isn't he?
  4. Hull's Sporting Life: Tony Collins

  5. https://twitter.com/carolyn_hitt/status/952603360213065728 Basically the premise of the documentary will be about the great RU players who moved north to Rugby League and how they were treated in Wales for doing so. Looks like the documentary itself will be aired during the six nations but if I am reading correctly will only be on in Wales (which is a shame) but watchable by switching to BBC Wales (and perhaps on iPlayer?). Looks like Carolyn has been busy visiting the north to investigate the stories.
  6. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Ah got it - bit slow there.. Am I correct in saying nothing came of that in the end??
  7. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Visually and play wise I would say Jordan Tansey. Watched Miloudi playing for Doncaster v TO (half back) and thought he was best player on pitch that day. Only thing I would say watching yesterday I didnt get the impression he had too much pace.
  8. Albi, Avignon & Villenueve

    Just on the subject of lower level French rugby league - does Béziers still have a team? Met a lot of good people involved when Hull played there against the Catalans as they had an outside bar during the Feria festival.
  9. Just finished "No helmets required" and the frustrating to read last chapter of opportunity's missed in the US. Then I read this and see the sport has learned nothing 50 years on with regard to looking a gift horse in the mouth.
  10. Despite the nightmare logistics, possible pie in the sky idea (not a dig at Wigan) and "build it and they will come" idea from this guy (worked for Toronto?) having just been to Melbourne to watch England play, going to Sydney in Feb to watch Hull FC play, a chance to see your team play in Canada and now a potential trip to Colorado for a game against NZ... what a terrible time to be a RL fan!
  11. Reading the book and having watched college football and NFL there is no doubt as athletes they are fantastic. I am sure some would (have) made great rugby league players. Interesting that reading more some of the college players played RU in the off season. I am sure if shown league and given the oppurtunity a lot more would switch well into that quickly.
  12. I am afraid I only started watching FC in 90. Must have got confused or a slight myth them playing against FC perhaps. The name helped and found this (below). Would be interesting to know how they or KR stumbled across them. A story told by Maurice Bamford about Tim Anchors: "I had a couple of lads at Huddersfield who were both fearsome characters. There was a big American called Tim Anchors, who came from Kansas City and was a defensive line-backer in Gridiron. "Tim was like a cross between the Incredible Hulk, Big Daddy and the Loch Ness monster. "Anyway, he shared a house with another of our lads, Jimmy Johnson. Between them they bore the facial scars of many a rugby battle – broken noses, scar tissue, and cauliflower ears, and were definitely not a pretty sight. "As they prepared to go out one Friday night, they heard a knock on the front door. "It was the gasman looking for his money, as the collectors were always trying to catch them in. "Jimmy and Timmy were at the bottom of the cellar steps, with the gasman going 'Hello, anybody home?' Suddenly, he opened the door to the cellar and the beam of light from his torch shone on to these big, stooping, scar-faced, Herman Munster-type forwards crouched in the blackness. "A scream of fear erupted from the gasman, who fled for his life away from the two giant ghouls standing there in the inky blackness. "Apparently they had to revive the gasman with smelling salts in the grocer's shop. It's a story that Tim Anchors still tells in Kansas City.
  13. Decided against a new thread as currently half way through the book and had a few questions... Anyone know if a documentary/film ever got off the ground. Seems like a story that would do well (maybe the end may have to be changed to have a dramatic final win though). A case for RL crowd funding perhaps? Also are there any links to bigger portions of some of the games? I am at the point in the book it says the QLD game was filmed for a USA audience (don't worry about spoilers if it somehow never happened). Also can anyone think of American football players making it? I seem to remember last year a kid tried out for the Catalans but never quite made it? As an FC fan I might be imagining it because before my time but I am sure KR played a couple of Americans against us years ago?
  14. Is this the 12" version of the national anthem
  15. Not sure how this means anything though as this "Scotland" team is playing 18 year olds with a couple of first team games experience?