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  1. Albert Kelly

    Good to see the nationals bothering to report this despite not normally having an interest in RL. What I cant quite make out - they (papers) all say its an employee he is "talking to" and I cant make out from the video if that is the serving counter. But if so why on earth is a McD employee filming a customer?
  2. Just as a complete aside thought it was a real class touch by Tom Briscoe to walk round a clap the east and south stand. Mutual respect was given back. Cant be easy after a tight tough loss like that.
  3. Westerman leaving TWP

    Without wanting to be pedantic as I do agree I seem to recall he only represented his country once (I could be wrong) and didn't exactly have a stormer. Like I say not disagreeing just making the point he wasn't exactly an England shoe in or anything. And in fairness I guess Sean O'Loughlin was always blocking him getting in much more.
  4. Westerman leaving TWP

    Haven't really followed Westerans career since leaving Hull. Had he been playing loose forward at Warrington or "second row"? I just felt he got in the way at 13 at Hull and slowed things down. I have to say my overall feeling is no thanks with the lads coming through but then again not sure about Minichiello etc. for next year so maybe a bit of experience is needed in that position.
  5. Just a point (and I am an FC fan). But does anyone think that sometimes Mark Sneyd shoots his and us in the foot with the theatrics getting up from a tackle (especially in the "red zone"). Not only do we not get a penalty it just significantly slows the play the ball down when going for the kill. (Aside from the kicks though he had a good game last night - took the line on a couple of times to keep Leeds guessing).
  6. Hull really need to turn up tonight. For the last couple of seasons I have felt they could win against any of the "top" sides and even when they lost I always felt that with the rub of the green, a ref decision here or good luck there could have won on another day. I didn't go to Saints away but rather than the above it does sound like they were simply well beaten by a better side. Same at Salford which I did attend. That aside. If anything Hull have perhaps been more consistent this year if far from spectacular. At this time last year we had lost (and conceded over 50 points in both games) at home against Salford and Leeds. From what I saw in the earlier Leeds game away had Hull tuned up earlier they could have won that game. Therefore Hull to win because if they have ambitions at the top end of the table they really need to. A high scoring "tight" game so therefore a drop goal involved somewhere. Hull 31 Leeds 24
  7. The post is for Driffield mate. So either there or maybe Cranswick (the latter maybe because its a tad closer to Hull and did provide a larger proportion of players in the team 20+ year ago). As an "interesting" point I once found evidence years ago that RL was played by Driffield rather than RU but for the life of me either dreamed it or cant find the information anymore.
  8. Without going through every response on this firstly I am not too fussed if expansion happens or not at the location. Its a positive spin off if it does but if it keeps Sky happy, puts some pennies in the RL coffers and fans have a good weekend (I look forward to Newcastle every year) then im happy. Given that Newcastle RU used SJP (with a good crowd) I dont understand however why Thunder are not made the first game of the magic weekend? Surely having the "home" team at the weekend would help with locals (and it has to be said I have heard plenty of local accents at the games before). And finally I have said it before if cities are queuing up to do this I would follow the concept for a full round of either Challenge cup quarters (or maybe semis) at one location given we moan about the attendances for those each year. The quarters would potentially allow fans from other/smaller clubs to sample the magic weekend style atmosphere.
  9. Just seen a thread on Facebook about someone wanting to start a team in one of the towns in the East Riding "outside" of the traditional RL playing areas (was tried once before 20 years ago and lasted a couple of seasons). I am just wondering if there is a development officer contact or anyone in the RFL who can help? Maybe with a template of what is needed etc. Does such a person/contact exist?
  10. Mahe Fonua

    I am sure the stats will answer my question/feelings and to be fair due to concussion and red cards I cant get a full feel for Burretta yet - but he seems to make a mistake less each game than Fonua used to but perhaps not quite the same strike player almost canceling the pro's and con's out?
  11. Unfortunately I witnessed the said day that St Helens realized they are a very good team again
  12. I cant say this with any confidence but just fancy Hull. I think there is a good full game performance waiting to happen (so far most have felt a bit of a game of two halves of mistakes/indiscipline then improvement). Plus should have a very fresh bunch of incoming players come Friday. 26-27 with a Sneyd DG 2 games running...
  13. Liam Watts

    The thing is this cant be about his on the field discipline IMHO. The last sending off was crazy but a couple of have of previous incidents have left Radford scratching his head about the sending off. I think either he is acting a clown (again) off the field (which surprises me a little as I got the impression he had "grown up" a bit) or didn't take well to a chat with Radford after this sending off. Either way will back the club on this one - cant have have been taken lightly at all.
  14. For reference Carolyn said this would be "offered" to other BBC regions but contact them if you want to see it! Does the BBC have regional twitter accounts for Yorkshire/"Humberside"?
  15. well the rumor mill on Radio Humberside said Warrington team had already arrived. So given that I suppose no reason game to be off. Question on Sky - do Hull get more money as game was not meant to be televised or the pot is pot whatever games are chosen all year?