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  1. You want to play a friendly in TO in February???? (unless you don't mind it being indoors in the Rogers Centre - I wouldn't actually put it past Perez to pull that off!!)
  2. I am going to make a fairly desperate case on the side of Hull. "On their day" they are as good as anyone in the comp if not better. Personally I think "on paper" at least they are better than last year. That said this side is wildly more inconsistent than last year. Even when we lost to Cas/Saints/Leeds recently I was not worried because with one or two (or lots of) mistakes taken out of the game could easily have won. I cant however explain for instance the loss to Leigh at home. But back to the point my two items I am hanging onto are - Coming good at the right time of year. Radford has made a big thing of this since winning the challenge cup last year and what followed. (Although who knows what getting into another CC final if we did would do) Gareth Ellis. If he does make his comeback at the end of the season we look a different side. He somehow just seems to install belief in the team when the chips are down.
  3. RE "away fans". I work for a Canadian company in the UK and therefore work with Canadians who end up based over here. Some came down to the game at Hull and intend to watch other games also. Given the marketing and general business awareness around TO seems light years ahead of SL clubs who dont seem to think they even need to try I wouldn't be half surprised if they create some sort of official supporters club over here for ex pats. I am not saying 2,000 are going to attend as away fans but nobody can say for fact there will be none.
  4. I see Hull have sold over 7,000 tickets. If the Leeds sales do pick up (I am sure they will) that should look pretty good on TV if the capacity is around 15K. I know selling the most tickets does not get you to the final but I think the extra support last year helped FC get over the line so to speak against Wigan.
  5. Three points. I don't know how many locals do or don't turn up for these events but I would say whatever it still "increases the exposure of rugby league". You only have to see social media comments and feedback that the people of Newcastle have if nothing else noticed the sport is in the city on those days. What "value" you can put on that I don't know - are people more likely to watch it on TV and adding to viewing figures for example? Second I couldn't really care less if 0 locals turn up anyway. I enjoy the extra weekend of watching rugby league in a new city, meeting new people in new pubs. That said to be honest 2 years is generally enough for me (although doing my 3rd in Newcastle) Finally I would quite happily make the Magic Weekend the Challenge Cup quarters. 2 games each day (or 4 on the Saturday only) all with something to play for and the potential that a team outside of Super League might get a big day out also (e.g. Fev this year).
  6. Have to say the Chairman's notes for tonight's game don't exactly make me think he will be here next year - "There has been much speculation about the future of Mahe Fonua this week and the potential of his return to the NRL. At this stage there has been only minimal contact, but we have to accept that we cannot compete with the Australian clubs for overseas players. If anything, it is flattering to consider that clubs are interested in our players and a sign of the development we have made as a club and our recent success. If Mahe does leave the club at the end of the season and the time is right for all concerned, then he will certainly head home with our best wishes."
  7. Would a magic weekend type Challenge Cup variation work? i.e. have a day out for all the "smaller" teams in one ground? I would personally watch something like that to see some teams I wouldn't normally see.
  8. I thought Tuimavave had a decent game, looks skillful and I think his defense is pretty good also - I quite like him at centre. Unfortunately I just prefer seeing Fonua at centre - he seems to make more breaks and offloads from that position. Quite happy to see how the combination grows over the next few weeks though on a drier track.
  9. After the Catalans game (which was awful to be fair) I actually really enjoyed this game. In Kelly I think Hull have a half that will finally take on the line. Although I haven't seen it yet surely this is going to make us a better side than last year come the back end of the season. I am not entirely sure both teams were as awful as people are making out. From a Hull point of view I wasn't sure it was a lack of ideas last night rather than what I thought was pretty decent St Helens defense. With Matty Smith playing would this Cunningham squad be as awful as some fans making out?
  10. Do Canadian ex pats still congregate at the Maple Leaf down Covent Garden? Might be worth asking them to a stick a flyer up
  11. I see Michaels named in the 19. Does that suggest Fonua to centre and Tumavave into the halves (and not Connor)? I suspect Green/Bowden/Thompson and Washy on the bench do Turgut and Connor miss out?
  12. I mentioned this a couple of years ago when the RFU where in Hull city centre selling tag or touch rugby. You get the ball run/pass and have 6 tackles. Presumably everyone who signed up is now playing rugby union. My mate, wife and 2 kids (3 and 5) go down to play at an RFU sanctioned venue. They are therefore rugby union players presumably. Credit to the RFU for doing this I suppose. PS I surf. The Brit Surf association lists that they think there are half a million people actively surfing sometime during the year in the UK. Presumably some sports just don't count or ask not to be?
  13. I would agree with everything said so far. I think more than anything Pritchard was a talisman and statement of intent. I also think he was a lot better on the pitch than some made out. It was his flick out at Doncaster that got us to Wembley. However is/was he going to improve in the 2nd and 3rd years of his contract? I doubt it. Looking at the Hull FC squad and signings next year what I don't see is anything to make me think we could go one step further next year. Griffin in but Yeamo out for instance. Without a doubt a fit/focused Kelly is an improvement to the squad. Hopefully FC can do the due diligence/contract to keep him on the right track.
  14. 3 * from Hull and meeting a delighted rugby league fan from Coventry I am sure the local will have some inside information on drinking pre-match but any other advise appreciated...
  15. As a big fan of judging a season by the for and against column as much as points I do think ultimately that Warrington deserved the title and even as a Hull fan I think it was a fitting end of season way to prove it. I think there was a bit of a feeling in Hull that since we got rid of Westerman it has allowed other people to play as always wanted the ball as first receiver. I think despite missing Sandow and Gidley he stood up for you last night as a ball player and also thought the often maligned Ratchford had a decent game also. A big crowd at Hull often seems more a curse than an advantage - it seems to bring a nervy we have to do produce something every play attitude to the team. I think the only point I thought we had a chance was when Shaul made the break and passed the ball to Taylor when it would have been better if no inside option was available to him. So big congratulations to Wire and hopefully this Hull team can lift for at least one more time this season - they have proved me wrong on numerous occasions this season already.