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  1. Apologies if posted previously and missed it Just seen on twitter @nalrugby Arena rugby using league rules
  2. When you lose 5 on the bounce (and the Widnes game was too close for comfort and this includes a thrashing) all "will not be well" and I have noticed a few grumblings around me. That said I aren't panicking but we do need a change of fortunes. As a glass half full sort I do think the injuries of the season has caught up with us and yes we have players back but suspect a bit rushed originally and not back to match fitness. We could do with a couple of wins before the end of the year to start next season with a bit of confidence. That said I do think we are also now seeing the effect of losing Watts and Ellis. I think we need a true front row replacement ASAP not just expecting some young lad to make that grade. And I don't think anyone has filled the Ellis void. When he didn't play last year we sometimes struggled and he could turn a game with a big hit that lifted the team.
  3. I seem to recall (perhaps incorrectly) that when he left he or his agent pretty much made out that rugby league was on its deathbed and he could achieve more etc. in the other code? I wonder what changed?
  4. Jarv

    Jake Connor signs...

    Lets hope its not the same pen they used for Paul Cooke....
  5. Bit of a late warning now sorry for Widnes fans but sounds like the A63E blocked and a long diversion and bit of nightmare.
  6. Jarv

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Scott Taylor (a massive Denver Broncos fan) is now in the sqaud. If they can't use that with the local media then I give up
  7. Jarv

    No ACL? No worries.

    When I did my ACL my original doctor tried to convince me that if I did enough physio to build up knee muscles I might not need an op (this was 20+ years ago when an ACL op was quite cutting edge I suppose). I spent weeks in the gym could run perfectly but kicked a ball for the first time and went down in agony. Went to another doctor who booked me in for the op straight away. Again in those days recovery was pretty much a year to allow the graft to "come back to life". Still playing sport now so must have worked.
  8. While I would have of course preferred two full strength outfits I can't help feeling this could end up being a high scoring and "entertaining" game. A score of 40-30 swinging either way would not surprise me
  9. Just trying to make some sense of the options even available to FC Half back - Connor and Washbook? Miloudi? Westerman? Do you draft a young kid in or are we somehow looking at a mix of Griffin, Logan (is he available?), Hadley (at centre?) and "someone" in the backs? I will then try and work out what we have left for the forwards! No excuses mind you Rovers have enough troubles of there own to be fair!
  10. I must admit I never really get the Yorkshire V Lancashire thing. Maybe its because I am from the East Riding and maybe of a certain age or something but don't have any sort of "hatred" of Lancashire or competitiveness against them that I sense in Australia between NSW and Queensland. I suspect others feel differently but for me that's why Yorkshire v Lancashire never really worked for me.
  11. I believe the NFL season would generally kick off the week after the CC final but suspect they would want to play the odd friendly before. More likely would be a clash with any England RL games played in the autumn but I guess these are few and far between at Wembley.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43906272 This is the guy who owns Fulham but more importantly I suspect the (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars So even England would be tenants if it went ahead
  13. Jarv

    Albert Kelly

    I'm sure. But I am fairly sure mobiles should not be on the shop floor. And if McDonalds staff are filming customers that would be another can of worms. So wonder why the camera was "ready" and what we have missed. Don't condone Kelly he's been a complete D.
  14. Jarv

    Albert Kelly

    Good to see the nationals bothering to report this despite not normally having an interest in RL. What I cant quite make out - they (papers) all say its an employee he is "talking to" and I cant make out from the video if that is the serving counter. But if so why on earth is a McD employee filming a customer?
  15. Just as a complete aside thought it was a real class touch by Tom Briscoe to walk round a clap the east and south stand. Mutual respect was given back. Cant be easy after a tight tough loss like that.