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  1. I would agree with everything said so far. I think more than anything Pritchard was a talisman and statement of intent. I also think he was a lot better on the pitch than some made out. It was his flick out at Doncaster that got us to Wembley. However is/was he going to improve in the 2nd and 3rd years of his contract? I doubt it. Looking at the Hull FC squad and signings next year what I don't see is anything to make me think we could go one step further next year. Griffin in but Yeamo out for instance. Without a doubt a fit/focused Kelly is an improvement to the squad. Hopefully FC can do the due diligence/contract to keep him on the right track.
  2. 3 * from Hull and meeting a delighted rugby league fan from Coventry I am sure the local will have some inside information on drinking pre-match but any other advise appreciated...
  3. As a big fan of judging a season by the for and against column as much as points I do think ultimately that Warrington deserved the title and even as a Hull fan I think it was a fitting end of season way to prove it. I think there was a bit of a feeling in Hull that since we got rid of Westerman it has allowed other people to play as always wanted the ball as first receiver. I think despite missing Sandow and Gidley he stood up for you last night as a ball player and also thought the often maligned Ratchford had a decent game also. A big crowd at Hull often seems more a curse than an advantage - it seems to bring a nervy we have to do produce something every play attitude to the team. I think the only point I thought we had a chance was when Shaul made the break and passed the ball to Taylor when it would have been better if no inside option was available to him. So big congratulations to Wire and hopefully this Hull team can lift for at least one more time this season - they have proved me wrong on numerous occasions this season already.
  4. Slightly O/T - the light show. I think it makes the stadium and event look very good. Anyone else feel though that it replaces the atmosphere that normally builds before the teams come out slightly? Should be great crowds next week anyway
  5. After all that the North is open with a healthy Wire gathering already..
  6. None that I am aware of. My point if not understood was people watching sky sports news tonight or the game would see nobody there at one end. A more union watching friend commented after watching a recent game on Sky that the stadium "looked empty" when 10,000+ where there. My point is merely is makes the sport look unpopular. If that is the view of someone just flicking over wouldn't that also be the view of someone who could have been a potential sponsor of our game or something?
  7. I will be. However I am thinking of how it looks on Sky Sports news to a non fan describing a one off match to win the league and 5,000 empty seats shown as someone scores a try.
  8. Good stuff. Hard to judge as the figure comes down to the Warrington fans now. Would be nice to beat Leeds 17,192 from last year. Either way crazy 17,000 in and on TV looks empty half the game
  9. I don't think the ticketing would suggest the North is open. Had there been massive demand from Warrington that might have forced the hand. As it stands I would say South sold out 4,000, lower west sold out 5,000, upper west around 2,000 (2 of 5 sections sold) and then East stand with home and away fans (unknown) + gaps between maybe 5,000. So that looks around 16,000 to me and wont speed up much now.
  10. From a Hull point of view the 4 games against Wigan this season don't suggest that at all. Just to defend Wigan slightly even on the points for and against I am sure in hindsight they would have taken a different approach to the Wakefield away game. Had they got anything from that game the top would look even more balanced now.
  11. I am not sure what the politics of opening up the upper West (which is selling very well) compared to opening the North for costs is but seems crazy to have a full house above the cameras yet showing an empty North stand when someone is down at that end for a LLS match. I presume Wire fans just in the North East corner as normal?
  12. Well a big loss for Warringtom in Currie and Gidley if correct. Pleased that Currie is not playing as has been excellent this year - just not the way it has happened - was looking forward to him perhaps getting an England call up also. I wonder if Lineham will come back to finally haunt us? I think the Hull crowd will play a major part one way or the other - looks like a big turn out with most of the upper west left side now almost sold out. If Warrington can silence the big crowd early it might get nervy. There has been little between the top 3 this year and despite us beating Wire 3 times their for and against tends to suggest they deserve to be top of the league. If they (Wire) do win I for one will stay and applaud as they will clearly deserve the title at that point.
  13. At only 22 should he be heading back to the NRL at some point and giving that "another" crack? Surely he must have been noticed if the NRL clubs are prepared to eye British wingers (such as Burgess)?
  14. As a Hull FC fan I would love to go with the Warrington "chokers" theory but I am afraid I cant. Both Hull (at Wembley) and Wigan to a much larger extent had nothing to lose and played a brand of nothing to lose footy. When a team can throw the ball about with nothing to lose it must be a nightmare to defend against and momentum is then massive in our sport. As with Wembley you can toss a coin for me who is going to be LLS winners. The KC will be packed on Friday but if Wire score first that could easily play into there hands.