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  1. I think weather will play a part in this game, if wet this will suit saints as they have a bigger pack where as a dry track would enable Wigan to throw the ball about on the wide OT pitch. It pains me to say this as a Wigan fan but I think Saints have been unbelievable to reach the final considering their injury problems in the backs....a fantastic effort led by KC. cant wait for the game, cant call it may the best team win.
  2. Going to be a cracker. Will come down to discipline especially with all the build up. Wigan are not great in that department so for me if Wigan hold their discipline they will win, if they dont Leeds will. I just hope both sets of fan respect each other and let the talking be done on the pitch.
  3. I am so sorry I have an opinion of my own that does not agree with you, oh sorry I did agree with you on Phil Clarkes Comments. as for playing the game you were the one who decided I have never played it. only one person pathetic here mate and that is you sunshine
  4. apparently the rugby gods have already done that
  5. pipe down sunshine, clearly you have never played the game at any level because if you had you would realise the pressure and emotion of the situation and that is why the players went over, and lets be honest DM has won multiple oscars over the past seasons, who is to say he was not feigning it at the time? Never once have I said DM deserved to get injured or would want it to happen to any player my point was peacock trying to justify DM actions which were apparently he had already sustanined the injury...bull $hit Phil Clarke is entitled to his comments which in my opinion are probably what every non Leeds fan thought but in his position I would not have put them inthe public domain. and sunshine I have been injured on the rugby field very few of us who have played the game have not been.
  6. KT I totally understand your frustration with this, your club was made an example of simple as that but the RFL have now set out their stall and should therefore deal with this incident created by the minority more harshly in my opinion than the miniority that were politically incorrect at the Jungle. but it is the RFL. KR by now should have been able to obtain security footage from the DW identified the #### and banned them. I have not looked on their website so cannot confirm if they have done this or not. the other thing which I think is going out of our game is we always self policed it. The real KR fans (by this I mean true supporters not these idiot football fans infiltrating our game) should have ran down their in numbers and beat the living $hit out of these idiots. to answer your question large fine and a second offence leads to a home KR tie with no home fans allowed.
  7. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/Peaco...l-be.6539544.jp what a fu^king idiot. young daniel shouted at by big bad wigan players boo hoo...... he cheated, Wigan would have done it had it been roles reversed as would any club but to say he wa using Carmont as support stoking the fires me thinks and he is not even playing. bring on the BIFF
  8. The revenue created getting to the GF must surely outway a last ding dong with Wigan? no game is a forgone conculsion (where is wendall by the way?) you take what is possibly an easier option. Hudds is that. Hudds final was last night in my opinion. Saints will beat them comfortably. leeds vs Wigan will be awesome with Wigan winning (I hope) and a Saints vs Wigan final, the way it should be.
  9. oooppssss, that was not in the script. Warrington bottle it Wendall?
  10. Strong Rumour Lockers is playing 6 tonight, game over for Wigan if true. surely you move Sam from FB to 6 and Richards to FB and Roberts, Phelps, Charnely or Marsh to the wing. loads of options and this is by far the worst one. if this is true Wigan to lose for me as neither SOL or TL can kick for toffee, Dobson will kick us to death with all the field position they will get.
  11. I am not confident we will win this. everything points towards a wigan win: never lost back to back all season playing with 4 props unlikely to make the same mistakes as last week but this is a pressure game where the loser goes home and wigan have not won them type of match yet this year. head says close at half time Wigan to win by 20 at the end heart says to close to call
  12. of the two tackles in my humble opinion Buderus was more serious as he dumped Prescott on hi head/neck and himself fell on prescott head/neck. I personally thought it was the worst spear tackle I have seen that I can remember. the other tackle was a lifting of the legs and as a result the player landed on his head/neck without the pressure of the wigan players on top. however it will take a player to break his neck before this sort of challenge is taken more seriously. should be a straight red everytime.
  13. Wigan need to build momentum going into this play offs especially at home where our form has been scratchy. big Wigan win with Sam T going length of the field like he nearly did at KR before Dobson stiff armed him wigan 46 - Bulls 12
  14. well done wigan, definately deserved the table does not lie, best defense best attack. still dont think we will get to old Trafford but Wigan have exeeded everyones expectations. first silver wear in 8 years I will take it.
  15. after every loss we have come back with a good win. Not so sure this time, we have a few injuries that could cause a few issues. hope Wigan win and seal the hub cap.
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