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  1. Which years are you missing - I might be able to find a few in my old notes
  2. Isn't there a role for the shorter season in enabling people and clubs to play RL? The problem is that there then isn't a longer season structure above it for those who want to be exclusively (or mainly) RL - or whose body type/skills are better suited to RL than RU. But to get that you'd need some sort of Southern Conference... (ah well)
  3. Well until you can get back to a Skolars home game then I suppose the NRL will just have to do...
  4. Hmmn - revised to eight entering teams with Catterick and Jarrow back in the list. Whitley Bay are still active - just not at the male Open Age level.
  5. The Roosters have a pitchero which could be read either as a rebranding or as a new club!
  6. Like I say they are just what I noted down at the time so if you find more official sources that differ then definitely go with them! I should say that one year the Victoria Rangers took over the fixtures of the East Lothian side which folded mid-season. Anyway hope they help.
  7. OK - I've got a few tables and most of the play-off scores that you are after Scotland RL.pdf
  8. I generally note down the tables I find at the end of each season - I should have a few once I look through the records. I can't vouch for completeness or 100% accuracy but they might be better than nothing?
  9. I think you misunderstood the theory in question....
  10. The strength of the Scottish team has little or nothing to do with the state of the domestic game there - which is probably a sizable part of the problem there.
  11. Easterhouse are certainly still up and running - but they are rebuilding and clearly not quickly enough to commit to a league programme this time out. As it happens it would only have been four games - but there you go! Lets hope they are back next year. As to whether its worth it - a home-and-away fixture is far from perfect but it at least keeps the flickering flame alight in hope of better days to come....