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  1. Without expansion to the likes of Sheffield, Cardiff and Belfast Ice Hockey in the UK would be in deep trouble now. Had Ice Hockey or Speedway depended on their traditional heartlands they wouldn't be struggling now they would be as good as dead. British Baseball is a pretty good example of what happens when you try to entrench in your heartlands and don't bother about making converts. Here the local football and cricket leagues are struggling with a clear downturn in participation numbers. About the only sport in this country showing growth from a meaningful base is Basketball. So get a base in American Urban culture and all Rugby League's problems will be solved!
  2. Which years are you missing - I might be able to find a few in my old notes
  3. Isn't there a role for the shorter season in enabling people and clubs to play RL? The problem is that there then isn't a longer season structure above it for those who want to be exclusively (or mainly) RL - or whose body type/skills are better suited to RL than RU. But to get that you'd need some sort of Southern Conference... (ah well)
  4. Well until you can get back to a Skolars home game then I suppose the NRL will just have to do...
  5. Hmmn - revised to eight entering teams with Catterick and Jarrow back in the list. Whitley Bay are still active - just not at the male Open Age level.
  6. The Roosters have a pitchero which could be read either as a rebranding or as a new club!
  7. Like I say they are just what I noted down at the time so if you find more official sources that differ then definitely go with them! I should say that one year the Victoria Rangers took over the fixtures of the East Lothian side which folded mid-season. Anyway hope they help.
  8. OK - I've got a few tables and most of the play-off scores that you are after Scotland RL.pdf
  9. I generally note down the tables I find at the end of each season - I should have a few once I look through the records. I can't vouch for completeness or 100% accuracy but they might be better than nothing?
  10. I think you misunderstood the theory in question....
  11. The strength of the Scottish team has little or nothing to do with the state of the domestic game there - which is probably a sizable part of the problem there.
  12. Easterhouse are certainly still up and running - but they are rebuilding and clearly not quickly enough to commit to a league programme this time out. As it happens it would only have been four games - but there you go! Lets hope they are back next year. As to whether its worth it - a home-and-away fixture is far from perfect but it at least keeps the flickering flame alight in hope of better days to come....