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  1. At least he rid us of a French TV deal, and encouraged further contraction of the game. Not many other COs would have had that vision.
  2. Don’t you understand that more income doesn’t mean more spare money if your expenditure is higher? Also you keep quoting Linfield, who were in the Champions League, had their best European season in years and won in three rounds rounds. How much did teams who got knocked out in the preliminary round of the Europa League make? Edit - don’t bother answering that, I’m not going to waste my Thursday night pointlessly arguing with the most argumentative person on the forum.
  3. What if they got knocked out in their preliminary round, and having €1m doesn’t mean you have €1m to spend on covid. Linfield are part time, they don’t even have as much money as Salford.
  4. Norwich have done the same, people are paying monthly now and will get their ST ‘free’ next year.
  5. It’s got nothing to do with wealth, you can’t tell me that the Northern Irish and Welsh clubs who played in Europe have more money than the RLWC. Agree it’s too early to make a decision though, especially if the decision is no.
  6. Was the chap from Albi? I’m not on Twitter but I really enjoyed listening to him talk about the place.
  7. Some ex-public schoolboys rolling round on the floor and kicking the ball into touch by the sounds of it.
  8. To be fair the european club football competitions have been going on throughout the lockdown, it can be easily done. And I doubt even if there hadn’t been a pandemic that there would have been many fans coming from abroad anyway.
  9. I haven’t had that email, will check my junk. I’m just chomping stop the bit to get things organised now it looks like we’re going back to normal in the summer.
  10. These are still not in general sale, and there is no date for it starting on the website either. Now the govt have announced that restrictions will be lifted in June, and all adults will be vaccinated long before November, I’d have thought now would be a good time to get them on sale when people don’t have plans and are looking forward to life getting back to normal. In summary I want to get my tickets for the London semi final.
  11. It says more about the BBC than where we are as a game.
  12. I‘ve just been for a run so I could listen to this, great podcast and well worth a listen for anyone with interest in but little knowledge of Elite 1. Were any of those interviewed contributors to this forum?
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