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  1. Racism and discrimination have been acceptable in the past though, as they still are in many places in the world now. As much as I’m sure we’d like to change that, it can’t be denied.
  2. While I admire Tony Adams for turning his life around and for the work he does with Sporting Chance, I don’t think he’s been a great RFL President. I’ve heard a lot less from him in his year than I’d expected and he doesn’t seem to have done much to promote the game itself.
  3. Change the name because it will honour someone else - fine. Change the name because of one unsubstantiated paragraph in a book, while seeking to impose 21st century thought on someone from the 1930s - no.
  4. I wasn’t saying there are any, I’ve never been to New York and don’t know anything about their news outlets, I was just asking how you did.
  5. Do you live in New York, out of interest?
  6. What do you expect, a headline in the NY Times?
  7. Info about how to apply for the draft is being published next week apparently. As some of you think the standard is going to be so low I’m sure you’ll be trying out .
  8. I know, but that doesn’t mean it will just be teams from those two countries, they’ve already got teams from 14 other countries in the inaugural cup.
  9. Why probably only Spanish and Italian teams?
  10. Is that a lot of fans for the Yorkshire Men’s League?
  11. Do you get many people watching your games? I remember Goole FC used to bring a decent following to South Liverpool in the old NPL days (that is the extent of my Goole knowledge!).
  12. If P&R is done away with permanently I’m done with Super League.
  13. I remember hearing an interview with one of your founders in a Podcast a couple of years ago, can’t remember which one mind you. How are things going, have you got good player numbers etc?
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