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  1. We all would SB, we’re sadsack RL fans, however unless you have money to invest yourself you’re just dreaming.
  2. Agree, other than it’s a potentially great international fixture and nowt like SOO.
  3. Nonsense, their plan was for a semi pro club and related revenue, supporting the community side. Without the former the latter couldn’t happen.
  4. What was the point of them carrying on after they’d been knocked back? No point throwing good money after bad.
  5. All the away fans who saturate grounds across the length of the M62.
  6. Struggling, like signing the world’s most famous Union player?
  7. In case of interest you can also donate a few quid each month to help the newest club, the Perama Tigers. https://www.patreon.com/peramatigers
  8. Iirc things were progressing really nicely there before Covid, and their lockdown was harder than in a lot of places. It looks like they’re back now, with a six team league and more clubs planning to enter once they’ve rebuilt. With Greek players already playing in Elite 2 and (I think) one in League One this could be great for the game in Europe. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1008002583078561&id=357252468153579
  9. They had a very wealthy backer, that wasn’t the issue, it was the SL clubs who panic if they go within 5 miles of the M62 who didn’t want it to happen.
  10. It could have worked if the SL clubs wanted it to, they were against Toronto from the off though.
  11. Another fantasy thread, great timing with the season ending today. I’ll throw Norwich’s hat into the ring then, only one other pro sports team in the county, they could play at Carrow Road, great transport links to the Heartlands along the A47/A17, hourly train to Liverpool that goes via Sheffield, Manchester and Warrington - the perfect location, come on Eric spunk your money here.
  12. Why would the people from Ottawa put their money into a team in England?
  13. . Try clicking on the website it suggests for them though, where you get call, directions, save, website. … or actually don’t.
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