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  1. Good point, though anyone can register for the pre-sale now I think.
  2. It would have been good if the clubs had advertise the fact that tickets went on sale today on their own websites and Facebook pages, for maximum outreach. It wouldn’t cost them anything other than a few minutes of an employee’s time. I’ve looked at a few though and there’s nothing.
  3. Have you tried starting again and setting up a new account, maybe with a different email address if you have one?
  4. If you went to the FA Cup final or a play off final or something you wouldn’t be picking your seats, you’d pay for some seats within a price category the same as this.
  5. Yes that’s it. To be honest it would probably be too complicated to have everyone picking their own seats, seems fair enough that they’ve done it that way.
  6. Excellent, thanks Chris. I’m signed up, and have cancelled everything at work to make sure I’m online at 9
  7. I don’t remember a fair few of them but I’m really looking forward to seeing Sivo in the flesh at Hull next year (if we can get tickets).
  8. Does anyone know (I have looked but can’t find it); The maximum number of tickets you can apply for any one game tomorrow. eg can I buy eight? Can you buy for some games or are they all ballots? Thanks
  9. Indeed. It’s a sad day when the likes of West Brom (or whoever is at the bottom of the premier league) can buy the best players from European Giants like the Old Firm, Benfica, Marseille, Anderlecht etc; just because they don’t get anywhere near as much tv money.
  10. Is that relevant though? Would you consider charity shops not to be viable because they use volunteer staff?
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