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  1. How about cup replays then? And also Wigan have known they’ll be at home this weekend for longer than five days.
  2. Really? FA cup semi finals don’t get low crowds and they’re arranged at short notice. Plus fans have to travel to those games.
  3. Again, football games arranged at short notice get large crowds and always have. It’s the culture of RL that’s the reason, not money or logistics.
  4. How long do they need? Honest question mate, they’ve been in for ages and don’t seem to have done anything to increase media coverage.
  5. Too busy saving up for the £11.40 open return. Football teams in the poorer Northern towns don’t struggle for crowds (Burnley being a great example, also Preston, Blackpool, Bradford City etc) so I don’t understand the rationale on this forum that RL is played in poor areas and people can’t afford one ticket on top of their ST. It’s more of a cultural thing that RL fans don’t go to extra games.
  6. Do you think they’ve made any impact on media coverage so far?
  7. I know, you asked if the 1.5m viewers were in America and I confirmed not, they’re in the UK. Anyway we’ll have to agree to differ on this one
  8. Because you seem to think IMG will sort stuff out.
  9. I’ve heard they’re converting to Union to try to win stuff.
  10. No there will be tens of millions watching in America. Just because you think it’s dull doesn’t mean it’s not popular tbf. I wouldn’t watch cricket, golf, snooker or Union if I was paid but I accept that many others do like it. I do mean distractions though, it’s a totally different sporting culture, they go to the game for a day out.
  11. You’re obviously entitled to your opinion about the game itself, but I know loads of people who like it, it is definitely popular. Have to agree about the full games though, on tv anyway, though they’re better in the stadium as there’s other stuff going on. This is the first thing that came up when I googled, and is where I quoted my figures from https://theathletic.com/2245508/2020/12/08/the-future-of-nfl-redzone-beyond-episode-no-200-media-circus/?amp=1
  12. NFL is really popular in the UK, and the three or four games here each season sell out in minutes. There are a few people there from America and Europe but having been a couple of times it’s overwhelmingly English people at the London games. I imagine the Red Zone on a Sunday evening gets great viewing figures too. Edit - just googled and between 1.0m - 1.5m people in the UK watch it at some point every week. It’s popular.
  13. I assume you’re being sarcastic?
  14. It does happen in some other sports but throwing rank amateurs in against top level professionals could be dangerous in rugby league, whereas in football or cricket it wouldn’t be.
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