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  1. Great news about advertising revenue, where did you hear that?
  2. Mine doesn’t, nice touch though
  3. Anyone got it? Just had an email saying it’s now available. The predictor game with the chance to win a car sounds good (though this being RL it’s probably a six year old second hand Dacia with 80,000 on the clock).
  4. We hate it when our friends become successful is about someone leaving Warrington to go to the NRL.
  5. There was no need to post a picture of that abomination @RigbyLuger; why not one of this season’s delight, or the 1989 Asics jersey instead?
  6. Swinton season ticket holder. Every day is like Sunday was about his boyhood trips to Station Road.
  7. Here’s the Salford one, I can’t see the Cumbria one on there. Maybe it’s only on the northern website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/63157729
  8. Oh yeah sorry, I meant the stuff the teams will be wearing instead of the official rlwc tat.
  9. There’s a whole thread about it for you to peruse
  10. Danny Sculthorpe must have been the back up choice when they couldn’t get Rimmer to address the Fijians.
  11. Though nobody knows who was asked the question during the extensive market research, certainly not any rugby league fans. Maybe to save money they just tagged onto Everton’s market research.
  12. Fair enough, but they need to actually sell them first. I imagine a few NWC fans would buy them for a start.
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