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  1. I think they’re too big for that, hardcore of 5,000 at least and sometimes hard times bring out the best in people, as has been seen at so many football clubs.
  2. They have the best shirt, and hopefully soon they’ll have a stand better than a pig sty.
  3. The Daily Express (which I got a free copy of in Folkestone so was a Southern edition) had a full page on Widnes being in the 1895 final yesterday, my jaw nearly hit the floor but it was superb to see.
  4. The Eels haven’t actively sought these fans out if I understand the article correctly.
  5. Yeah like in cricket, Trent Bridge has an alcohol free stand which I wouldn’t dream of going in but my in laws do because they don’t want to be surrounded by drunk people.
  6. Same here, but it’s not like the current two are remotely competitive. A Scottish team would be good.
  7. Cheers Legend. I didn’t know about any of this (other than the well publicised situations in Greece and Lebanon).
  8. Why it’s worrying. And now you have answered it - thank you.
  9. You’re not answering any of my questions (incidentally no I haven’t). Anyway I really can’t be arsed to argue about it, if you’re worried then fine.
  10. Some info about RL in Argentina https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_league_in_Argentina
  11. My point is I don’t see how this is hugely worrying, but fair enough if you and others find it so.
  12. By how many people? And how many of those play exclusively League rather than Union with a bit of RL on the side?
  13. It sounds like even rugby enthusiasts in Argentina haven’t heard of League and that website hardly comes across as a high level organisation ready to take on the RLIF. If one of the Pacific Islands, PNG or France joined it might be concerning, but not Argentina where quite frankly the game will never be anything?
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