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  1. I wouldn’t back them at 66/1, certainly not 20s.
  2. Not the first player to leave a club after just a few matches, I expect he’ll be singled out for it though.
  3. Tapping into the business community will be the hard bit, as they already gave a huge Union and big football team in town. I wish them every success mind you, would love to see them in SL.
  4. Really? That’s sad to hear, when my wife was breastfeeding our kids I don’t think anyone ever said anything negative.
  5. I’m surprised he wants to take such a step down, he must be desperate to get back to Yorkshire.
  6. They’re obliged to play the full season in a restricted amount of time though sadly, if they didn’t play that weekend it would mean another midweek fixture.
  7. Agreed, I’m just saying salford have shown it’s possible to succeed with just a first team.
  8. With two major finals in the last two years, better than Leeds, Wigan or Warrington.
  9. They’ve got a first team with nothing beneath it, and they’re doing well enough.
  10. They are obviously nailed on favourites, but they’re not unbeatable on any given day, if everything is in their favour (ie off day for Aus and they play their best game) I think Tonga could beat them, and possibly NZ too. England maybe not but we can hope.
  11. Indeed, unlike CD last season who just had to stump up £50k a time to charter a flight to their games.
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