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  1. £29k sounds like an absolute bargain for Cannon, surely Salford could have got more than that if they’d gone out to market?
  2. It’s not my way, i’d prefer it if they share ideas (and maybe they do, we don’t know), I was merely pointing out that they probably won’t want o because they (as owners with a lot of money at stake) want their teams to win. Howeever I also want the salary cap raised so we keep and attract better players, and if that means the gap widens then so be it.
  3. So would you have clubs under central ownership? If we keep the salary cap this low the game can never grow and we’ll keep losing players to NRL and Union, or jobs outside of sport. If some teams can’t then compete so what, they’ll have to pull their socks up (easier said than done I accept) or others will take their place.
  4. I agree as a fan of the sport but it’s their job to keep their own club at the top.
  5. SL Champions - Wigan GF Runners Up - Toronto League Leaders - Wigan SL relegated - Huddersfield Challenge Cup - Saints Champ Winners - Tolouse Champ Promoted - Leigh Champ Relegated - Oldham and Dewsbury L1 winners - Newcastle L1 also promoted - Workington 1895 Cup - Widnes
  6. I know there’s loads of transfer business to be done but what are your current predictions for next season? SL Champions - GF Runners Up - SL League Leaders - SL Relegated - Challenge Cup - Champ Winners - Champ Promoted - Champ Relegated - L1 winners - L1 also promoted - 1895 Cup -
  7. Why would they want to improve their rivals’ financial position?
  8. How do you define poor, can they all be poor or did Saints make them look poor? Were you one of the people who dismissed Leicester’s title win because all the big teams were poor that year?
  9. Or make other teams do more to increase crowds, sell merchandise etc. Warrington do it well, others could follow suit.
  10. The way to keep talent here is to raise the salary cap, it’s too low.
  11. So you think 10,000+ people that want to go should be excluded from the final, just because some people want the match to raise more money from corporates?
  12. Why would you bump up prices to let fewer people in? This is a working class sport and has a history of being inclusive, the last thing most people want is for the game to become as corporate as football has become, surely?
  13. Why have no Big City League fans mentioned Beijing yet? Loads of multi millionaires to throw money at the club and with some clever marketing crowds would be massive. With a population of 21m, even if 1% of them got season tickets (a conservative estimate given how easy marketing RL in new markets is) the average attendance would be 210,000 so they’d need a new stadium but it would be amazing. Widnes should look into moving there.
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