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  1. You could say the same about the RFL.
  2. The issue is that season tickets don’t cover cup games so not as many fans go as to league games, which by definition devalues the competition. It’s inevitable, same as has happened to the FA Cup and League Cup (albeit in the context of European competition money being more important to clubs than winning trophies but it probably would have happened anyway). I doubt taking games elsewhere would work either. Who in a non RL area would go to watch a game that even people in RL areas aren’t interested in.
  3. What funding do the Government give RL though, other than the World Cup 2021 money which I understand from the BBC podcast this week is guaranteed?
  4. Well I hope it will be used for something positive, instead of filed away in a drawer like so much of this stuff.
  5. Yes but what is the point of doing that, ie what is the objective?
  6. I know this sounds highly negative, but does anyone know what the point of commissioning this expensive sounding report is? https://www.rugby-league.com/article/55324/andy-burnham-to-launch-a-social-impact-report-for-rugby-league
  7. I started this thread a month ago Rupert. Until this BBC article yesterday Adams has been nowhere to be seen. And if he wants to look at gambling advertising he should look no further than the football Premiership and Championship - there’s barely a club shirt without a betting company sponsor.
  8. VR takes far too long and is one of if not the worst aspect of the game as a spectator. It was fun for the first few times but now is so obvious most of the time it’s pointless. And that Try / No Try clock is a pathetic gimmick.
  9. We got plenty of dickings that season (7-1 at Blackburn springs to mind) but could have won it if we’d had a deeper squad - hard to believe now.
  10. So do you just want NRL based players playing for England?
  11. Blake Austin is top quality, I’d love to see him playing for England in the World Cup.
  12. Is there much interest around the town, or do the club market there much? I’d give my right arm for a super league club on my doorstep, or even a league one club.
  13. Are you counting Blake Austin among the average overseas players?
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