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  1. Baaarrow

    League 1 Predictions

    Barrow have assembled their strongest squad for 5/6 years and if it were not for Toronto, would be a good bet for top spot. Unfortunately 5 or 6 clubs will be battling for just one promotion spot !
  2. Baaarrow

    Oh Dear

    Due to the current league one fixture set up we may end up playing both Cumbrian sides away and not at home.
  3. Baaarrow

    Challenge Cup Final Media Watch

    I have just seen an advert on BBC1 for "this weekend's sporting highlights" and it didn't even mention the final. Disgraceful.
  4. Baaarrow

    Barrow Raiders v Keithley Cougars

    Hopefully NOT the last home game !!!!!!
  5. Baaarrow

    todays game

    Brilliant result after so many heartbreaking last minute defeats at their ground! Well done. Hope we get a decent turnout next Sunday. How about some special offers to pull a good crowd in?
  6. Baaarrow

    Exercise4less at Wigan...

    Maybe while he's got all this free time he can go out and buy some tie ups to keep his socks up the scruffy git !!!! While he's at it, maybe he can buy some for Gelling and Charnley too !!!! lol...
  7. Baaarrow

    Jamie Dallimore

    Great news !!!!!!
  8. Baaarrow

    Jamie Dallimore

    Exactly what we need !!! A quality stand off!!! Always looks impressive whenever he plays against us!
  9. Baaarrow


    Well said Coach. Great supporters you have there. Hope it all gets sorted out!
  10. Baaarrow


    Crusaders are in a right mess ..................
  11. Baaarrow

    Barrow v Rochdale

    Totally agree with you Lee. That was another match that shouldn't have been played. £15 to watch 34 players rolling around in a mud bath. Only consolation is that it was impossible to judge the team in those conditions. Very worrying attendance also, only 659. How are we going to break the 1000 barrier ?
  12. Baaarrow


    Alot has been said on this subject since my comments above and I would just like to take back what I said about the Des Johnstone era. I know the present B.O.D. are doing a great job in reviving this great club. Guess I was just really disappointed that the testeminial was called off and I think it the whole thing could have been better managed. Onwards and upwards !!!!
  13. Baaarrow


    The friendlies were money over the gate for the club, tonight isn't. The friendlies would have been postponed if they were league matches.
  14. Baaarrow


    Well said SJD.
  15. Baaarrow


    Warrington have always wanted this to go ahead, or else they wouldn't have been sending a first team squad would they ?