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  1. Best for me was the DP Q & A section. Darlyl is a very genuine guy and speaks honestly. The part when he said " Why would I go to a club like Wakefield, that are on their way down, when I can stop at a club like Fev that are on their way up" MADE MY DAY!
  2. I must say that the Barrow fans were a credit to their club today! Throughout the day they were always polite and enjoyed the good banter (even after 70 by them). Most even stopped to see Fev lift the shield which was great to see and even have a chat in the car park 20 mins after the game had finished. Well done Barrow you should be proud of your support.
  3. Put me down for a fiver Dave. Pitch was fantastic today.
  4. We only won because they had 17 injured players, DR players were not available, not enough rest between matches, the sun was too hot, they are playing Thursday, oh............ and a sheep jumped on the bus over the pennines
  5. Absolutly agree. You either play for 1 club or another, thats why I dont agree with DR players. For me all the DR players are doing is picking up their pay packet.
  6. Coady was very poor today in my opinion
  7. Just spoke to my mate at game. Reckons 4-500. Hicks giving them everything
  8. Too true. Maybe I have the blue and white tinted specs on, and dont care about SL but thats the best quote ive heard for ages.
  9. Dont know what it was last night but I had the pride and passion and all the emotions flowing out of my. From stopping at the services and talking to fellow fev fans, a very moving minutes silence and a nail biting win it was fantastic from start to finish. I think what got me the most was when all the fans after the game chanted "theres only one Gareth Swift" and the players just stopped what they were doing and applauded, and the tribute on the Lagoon Express was great. RIP Swifty. You can keep your super league and your fancy grounds, lasts nights memories will be with me for a very very long time.
  10. Response ive just recieved from Warrington for those that are intrested. "Warrington Wolves would like to comment on allegations that the South Stand was over crowded on Sunday 18th April when the Wolves played Featherstone Rovers in the Carnegie Challenge Cup. The South Stand is licensed by Warrington Borough Council in accordance with the Green Guide
  11. Copy of the letter Ive just sent to Warrington, perhaps if people were unhappy they shoud do the same. When entering the terraces it became apparent that a mistake has been made not to open the West stand to away support. Maybe as a club you underestimated the demand from the away fans (perhaps you thought it
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