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  1. A change from Whitebank on fire!
  2. We already have one accountant too many!!
  3. Fantastic signing for you lot. Could make the difference in the final push for promotion.
  4. Drubbing!!! It wouldn't have been half the score if you hadn't brought your own referee and his clowns.
  5. Absolutely gutted for the lads The RFL seriously need to look at the officials behaviour throughout. The RFL have lost control of the forward pass and it seems standard practice in SL now. The disallowed try that would have made it 12-6. The touch judge bottled it The second half Warrington try where the scorer was clearly held up.The knock ons directly under the nose of the referee that led to two of the tries and a couple of the worst penalty decisions I have seen in many years. It was never going to be anything but hard against a very well prepared team. Very professional and treated Oldham with respect. The Wires skill levels, strength and fitness was beyond the brave efforts of our never say die team who kept going to the bitter end. Warrington were not complacent and they have to be commended for that, but the scoreline is an unfair reflection of the days play.
  6. Not so sure we watched the same game. Both teams were guilty of some debatable tackling from very early on. Very lucky for Parker he didn't connect with his punch. He would be facing quite a charge. A stronger ref would have sent Parker off.
  7. Haven wanted it more. A proper battle. Well done to Haven on a proper fighting performance. The ref was truly awful for both teams, his decisions making the trip worthwhile for the comedy value.
  8. Tony rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in with the small band of guys getting Whitebank ready for the game against York. His blood and sweat are in that ground along with mine and the others. An outstanding person I am proud to call a friend. Dreams and promises of what Whitebank was to become lie broken. The five year plan ha ha. That is why when people are derogatory about Whitebank some of us take it badly. We gave so much and were badly let down. We do not support CH, we support the lads who pull on the shirt with pride.
  9. It's great to be pedantic. I include everyone on this fair isle. Are you xenophobic Love this thread.
  10. Well done Dave. Funniest ever episode. Ages us all doesn't it.
  11. Proper cryptic eh!
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