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  1. Glad to see all the great comments about the way both teams played in what was an excellent advert for League 1. After all the pre-game cocerns I think it is worth mentioning the referee who had decisions to make but controlled the game well and allowed us all to reflect on the rugby and not the officiating.
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    Always disappointing to lose and when it is so close you look back at missed conversions, knock-ons, penalties, interceptions etc. but given what some people predicted it was a very positive result. Doncaster seemed bigger all over the pitch and we coped well for most of the time but fair play to Doncaster and the way they attacked our right side. Despite a few new players in the side we looked good when we moved the ball around and it was a very enjoyable game and a good team performance. Looking forward now to first league game.
  3. Don't think anyone has ever called The Law Cup a friendly.
  4. I couldn't go yesterday so can't comment on the performance but it was a game we should have been looking to win. We have had a tough start to the season with a lot of away games against teams we should be looking to compete with so playing these teams at home is crucial if we want to get away from the lower reaches of the league table. Like others have said I wasn't expecting us to be at the top of the table and believe we need to create some stability first but I was expecting better than what has been dished up so far. Hopefully things will improve soon.
  5. Great to see a West Wales victory today if BBC site is to be believed.
  6. There wasn't much between the teams but Oldham's errors, as mentioned above, blunted our go forward and overall our attack was a bit predictable at times. In Lewis Sheridan Rochdale had someone who was very creative and outshone some of his more experienced team mates.
  7. It was a positive meeting with the focus on getting the club more involved with Oldham community and vice versa. Time will tell how things work out but ideas and plans were realistic so hopefully everyone can pull together to raise both the profile and the funds needed to allow the club to progress.
  8. At least we had hope when we were reborn in 1997. What do we have now?
  9. Irrespective of the central funding being announced do we not need a 2022 squadbuilder or something like other clubs do. Whatever the outcome the club will be worse off than this year I am sure. I would think the supporters association or Rugby Oldham or whoever could organise. Having missed a number of live games this year and saved some cash, if we could find 300 people to contribute say £100 then it would go some way to replacing whatever central funding we don't get.
  10. Just out of interest does anyone know what it would take for Whitebank to meet championship rugby standard. That is allowing for the fact that any restructure of the leagues will no doubt mean moving the goalposts. No pun intended.
  11. I have to agree with blind side johnny. Nothing is a level playing field. In the Premier League in football Norwich are not in the same bracket as Chelsea. In Superleague, Wakefield are on a different level to Warrington. It is always about the owners with the most money and always has been. It just so happens that we are one of the clubs with no money.
  12. Well done from an Oldham fan. A shame that the last game will not be a decider but I am sure you are ok with that.
  13. As mentioned above we need to win 2 more games than Dewsbury and then assuming we have played the same number of games it will be all or nothing on the last day of the season. Dewsbury themselves are struggling so next few weeks will determine whether we have the last day decider or not. The hard bit at the moment is winning any games at all. The last two games needed cool heads and game management to see the game out from winning positions. Lets hope that starts on Sunday
  14. There needs to be a change whether that is in personnel, attitude or tactics. The problems include Bridge serving a 1 match ban and Green's name not being mentioned by the club anywhere. I guess something has happened behind the scenes because he would have been in matchday squads otherwise.
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