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  1. Good result. Terrible game. Way too many mistakes and a lot of them from Danny Langtree. Hope they are all out of his system as we will need to be much better next week.
  2. It's a competitive division and this was a tight game that could have been different but for the bounce of the ball and a missed tackle. Having said that I don't think we were creative enough. Bridge, Langtree, Leeming and McComb are dangerous but they are just given the ball without committing any defenders so they are faced with busting through 2 or 3 men tackles nearly every time. If we can give them the ball in space or with just one man to beat then things may be different. Still all to play for so lets see what happens next.
  3. Given the lack of forwards to lay the groundwork at times we did ok. Did we only have 3 subs today. I know the BBC said we has Davies, Bent and Kruise Leeming playing but they don't really seem to bother if it is not Super League. Hope we have some bigger men available for next week.
  4. Talking about the West Wales game I am hoping to give my voucher to someone else as I would be going anyway. Hope a few more do the same and encourage a few more to attend.
  5. It was a great game. Skill, aggression, mistakes, refereeing decisions. The league table confirms what a competitive decision we are in. Good debut from Leeming as well.
  6. It's a great season so far for the neutral. On any given day any team can win with possible exception of West Wales. The results last weekend and the league table reflect that. There will be ups and downs for fans of all teams but isn't it good to have such a competitive league?
  7. I did think our game management would be better this year with the addition of Hawkyard, Bowman and Law but it isn't. Add to that the apparent lack of leadership from the captain and we are in the same position as last year when it comes to seeing games out. In fact during the end of game collapse I think our captain was in the sin bin which is not where you expect the captain to be. The coach has some big calls to make and appointing a new on field captain needs to be one of them.
  8. Thought the same myself- Haydock maybe?
  9. Think the A5 flyers round the estate is a great idea although it may need a few volunteers to help make it happen maybe with a few players after training one evening or at weekend. I know it has been mentioned that kids are the future but we do need people through the turnstiles now so getting a few more locals would be a great idea.
  10. You are right. Much better value for the Rochdale game.?
  11. or even loose forward. It would be good to have someone a bit wider out that can do something with the ball rather than having forwards that just drive it in. Suppose we should wait to see how the squad develops before we start doing Scott's job and picking the team!!
  12. What have we heard from our governing body ? Nothing.
  13. Agree with most of above but feel Hewitt getting constant slating is wrong. He is young, has improved over the season and it isn't going to be an easy task to find one or two more halves. We are now a mid table League one side with attendances below 500, no assets and no money. We aren't going to be able to attract a Danny McGuire or Danny Brought to lead us around the pitch. It is going to be one of most important close seasons in a very long time.
  14. Very disappointing. It may have been a long journey, Newcastle may have played the best they have all season but to be considered genuine promotion contenders it was a game we had to win.
  15. I have to admit it was very poor and a big letdown after last weeks try fest. Very few line breaks or offloads and no plan B when the forward drives weren't yielding results. I know we have players missing but we should be beating teams like Keighley if we want to be part of the end of season play offs. And why do we not take two points when on offer? Fair play to Keighley though. Their so called fringe players did the club proud.
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