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  1. I would like to see George Tyson signed (assuming he is fit again)
  2. Interesting that all the players officials etc were invited to Boundary Park last Tuesday?
  3. Great signing - Danny Bridge back for another year!
  4. It take it back - must have been a bad morning!
  5. I get really frustrated reading the Website! Whilst I have enjoyed watching the players who have now left us, I want to see the players who ARE playing for us, NOT the ones who aren't. Or, are we struggling to sign players? What about season ticket details - Christmas is coming Sorry for the rant!
  6. To me this is very simple. Two compulsory reserve leagues, one for SL and one for Championships
  7. It was covered on Granada Reports this morning - I saw it about 7.15
  8. That's really disappointing if true!
  9. Dave Are you going to pin a 2020 signing thread?
  10. Just a comment on the final now I have come back to earth! What a great day and what a performance. The lads dug in deep and everyone for me was a hero. Some amazing stats, especially Halkyard's metres covered & Bents tacking stint. It was also pleasing to see some old faces who have not been seen for a long time at the ground. Hopefully we will see them back next year! Well done to one and all at the club!
  11. Shame we are losing Zak - he has developed onto a really good player under Scott.
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