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  1. That's a real shame - he was limping badly when he was a the matches last year
  2. Morning all - currently there is a small part of the collection on display on the library's foyer. The collection will eventually be on a rotating display in the new Local Heritage Centre, which we understand will start construction shortly. There will be a dedicated section there to Oldham RLFC. All the collection has been professionally photographed and will eventually all be visible on the new website.
  3. Thank you all for a great response so far! There is loads more stuff to go on the site yet and it will be evolving as we go along. Current;y some of the images are labeled up wrong and we will be sorting this. For example, we are currently digitizing hundreds of match reports, the Wednesdays Chron reviews and articles, related features from other newspapers and magazines etc. All these will be in searchable PDF's so you can put in say, Terry Flanagan 1982 as a search and it should bring up all related stuff. These are all generally from original newspapers etc rather than the microfilm archives in the Local Interest Centre. I am currently working on some 1919 Green Finals as an example. There was a lot of research papers from when we produced some of the old books and we hope to get this stuff on eventually as well.
  4. Morning Dave I had totally forgotten we had this footage!
  5. Morning Folks - just a reminder about todays "do@ There will be a good number of past and present players there as well.
  6. Good Afternoon one and all. This Saturday will see's the official handing over of the Heritage Trust's Collection to the town, and which will be professionally maintained, museum / gallery environment for all future generations. You are all welcome to attend this event where some of the collection will be on display. It will also coincide with the launch of the new Website, which has been build by our own website guru Dave Naylor. The collection will eventually be one of the key elements for the new Oldham Heritage Centre. If you are in town, please feel free to pop by and take a look, and enjoy some light refreshments with us! We open at 11am. Thank you Please see the press release below: In December 2018, The Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in order to hand over their impressive memorabilia collection to Oldham council. The project will ensure the long term preservation of this historically important collection which is recognised as one of the best in the world in either code of rugby. Full cataloguing will also make the items more accessible to researchers and digitisation will bring these objects to a wider audience via the new website. In short the collection will benefit from being located in a proficient, professionally maintained, museum / gallery environment. The task has been realised thanks to the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, with the help of several volunteers and the cooperation of the staff at Gallery Oldham and the Oldham Local Studies and Archive. The Project called The “PASS IT ON” is due for completion in December 2019 and will coincide with the opening of the new website for the Heritage Trust. A launch event to celebrate the conclusion and success of the project will take place at: The Education Suite, “Gallery Oldham”, Greaves Street, Oldham, OL1 1AL on: Saturday December 7th from 11am to 2pm. The Mayor of Oldham has accepted an invitation to attend and we hope to see representatives from the Oldham ex-players association. Everyone is invited to attend and the Trust would be glad to see a good turn out for this event.
  7. The pitch at Boundary Park is long over due replacement, but the club can't afford to do so. Therefore it won't cope with the two sports being played there. Relations between the clubs are good currently. Why all the negative posts - critisise by all means, but please get your facts right!
  8. I would like to see George Tyson signed (assuming he is fit again)
  9. Interesting that all the players officials etc were invited to Boundary Park last Tuesday?
  10. Great signing - Danny Bridge back for another year!
  11. It take it back - must have been a bad morning!
  12. I get really frustrated reading the Website! Whilst I have enjoyed watching the players who have now left us, I want to see the players who ARE playing for us, NOT the ones who aren't. Or, are we struggling to sign players? What about season ticket details - Christmas is coming Sorry for the rant!
  13. To me this is very simple. Two compulsory reserve leagues, one for SL and one for Championships
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