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  1. Very revealing quote from Bill Quinn regarding no engagement with the clubs back in 2009-10. Really really sad.
  2. Great report from the forum. Thank you. I can honestly say I have not been more excited about the season or the club since the the clubs time ln SL
  3. Elijah Taylor should be fit for weekend. Pat Moran a bit longer. The club haven’t mentioned the two wingers yet
  4. You can come late. You won’t have to go to the office for a late mark!
  5. To give the Cornwall lads time to get back at a reasonable time I believe. Quite a few of their away matches start at 1pm
  6. Swinton are having a good season. They beat Toulouse away at the weekend, so that puts our game against them into perspective
  7. Given there’s likely to be plenty of squad rotation I doubt the score will be that high. All that matters is a win and hopefully to nil Cornwall
  8. 296 more to go https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowX34ZsaboxtOusBxJe7yg
  9. Had Tyrer not hit giddy with his kicking on attack in the last 10-15 minutes there were probably another 4 tries there
  10. The likelyhood is the traffic will be Oldham to Salford not the other way. Salford already using Oldham squad members for their reserves. Quite sad really! The lad from HKR (PLT) is on a 12 month lian not DR
  11. A great win for Oldham today. Missing two regular wingers and still waiting the return from injury of Elijah Taylor and Pat Moran.
  12. I know Cian scored 6 , but I thought JT was immense. His centre play to put his winger in was superb. But his tackles on his opposing centre during first 10 minutes or so really set the tempo for defence.
  13. Warrington are playing like a team properly for the first time in ages. It is likely the structure in place through Sam Burgess.
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