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  1. If (big word) we had won yesterday we would now be 5th!
  2. How we didn't score a bag full in the second half I will never know. Credit fax with defence, but we did it. Well done to the boys!
  3. Is he still injured?
  4. Did mine nearly 50 years ago. Passed silver. The gold one had an expedition 50 miles in rough terrain over 3 days. The weather was atrocious, and in this modern age he "hike" would have been cancelled. As the mist on the moors closed in we got a touch lost and finished up getting to the meet point around three hours late. Sadly we failed, and I never got the chance to re-do it. Thinking back some of the activities were really dangerous, such as pot holing and the like. Glad I did it all though!
  5. Yes you are correct, sorry my mistake.
  6. Sadly he is making some poor decisions. Agree with the above, but the late shoulder charge on Charnock was missed completely. If it was a penalty try then it should have been two kicks.
  7. Two Oldham players from the 60s to the 80's - fullback Martin Murphy and the hooker Kevin Taylor (just got one u24 cap)
  8. Bobby Irving - Wore 11 & 12 with distinction for Oldham, Wigan and GB
  9. I remember him with Featherstone- good player of I recall
  10. Alex addressed a Rugby Oldham Board Meeting just be fore lockdown - he is so passionate about the club and it's future.
  11. Me too!. But I would just like George back as well - we would have a great back line then
  12. Why is this even being debated. No spectators are allowed at any sporting until further notice - why should RL be any different. We are in the grips off a world wide pandemic. Lets get through this and then we can get back to normal, but in the meantime.....
  13. Aparently retiring at the end of the season accordingly to LoveRL - would be a fantastic addition of we could pull it off!
  14. Great signing - now if we could only get a fit George Tyson as another centre , that would be even better!
  15. Maybe you should check your facts - LOANS - repayable at commercial interest. Very few if any clubs have used these.
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