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  1. But the first issue is we need a coach. Only he can choose players he wants. The chairman shouldn’t be doing that although in our case I guess that is what will be happening.
  2. As always it’s the stone wall of silence that gets to people.
  3. Well Mike Ford said he wanted to take a club from the basement and build it up - here is his chance.
  4. Well, I hope this just another rumour, as whilst getting to Stalybridge is a pain I think Bury will be a no no for me.
  5. I think there are 10 international players there!
  6. If I follow this correctly we are still likely to be relegated and basically consigned to the bottom tier for at least two years
  7. We have held extensive discussions with the BBC for many years and still the clip is missing
  8. You may recall the massive project the Heritage Trust took on in 2019 to digitise all the paper archives of the trust and the donate it to the town. The work on the video archive is still on going We are still missing a few videos from the 1980s and 1990s and an appeal has just gone out on the Heritage Trust website. This is the appeal Missing Videos – Can you help? Published: July 7, 2021 The Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust has, over the years, built up an impressive collection of match videos. However, there are a few that would be a welcome addition to the collection if anyone out there has a copy. The match against Blackpool Borough on September 16th 1984 when a certain Hugh Waddell ran in a hat-trick against his future team-mates in a shock Lancashire Cup victory for the seasiders, is one that people have enquired about from time to time, but is one of the few home matches from the 1984-85 season that we don’t have in the collection. For the 1991-92 season there are just two matches required. Away at Sheffield on September 1st 1991 and the home match against Leigh the following week on September 8th. Also from the first super League season in 1996 only the away match at Paris on April 8th is missing from the archive. Any help in acquiring these matches for the collection of the Heritage Trust would be much appreciated.
  9. Emmaalivo. Sorry Brooksy is spot on. They are not personal attacks but a very good assessment of what was a structureless poor performance.
  10. Very true - I think professional RL is going through a rough time at the moment. It seems strange other sports were getting grants yet RL got loans??
  11. Not sure if Diskin's contract would be paid up? If he was sacked due to none performance then it depends what process had been on place. With regards his replacement it really needs sorting out urgently. The assumption is it will be a coach currently not with another club soo he could start immediately. I am sure Sheridan will be doing a good job with the lads but was is part of the old coaching team so it is unlikely new ideas will come through. Or is the club going top try and wing it until the end of the season with Sheridan?
  12. Read the article on Fieldhouse on the news feed on here. He was gutted at not being given the chance to coach his promoted team in division 1. It reads like unfinished business. also anyone listen to his insight and knowledge when he was commenting on Our League games?
  13. Who is available to replace him? John Fieldhouse, Scott Naylor, Darren Abrams, All quality coaches, John Fieldhouse in particular
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