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  1. First and Best team I watched on Borough Park.No subs,if you were injured you stayed on.All the players were there for 80 mins in Winter conditions! Risman,Lawrenson,Paskins,Gibson,Wilson Thomas,Pepperel,Hayton,McKeating,Waring,Mudge,Thurlow,Iveson. Hookers had to HOOK then.If the ball was going in like now,there would be a pen every scrum!!
  2. This team certainly know how to knock the stuffing out of their hard core support. Badly need an organiser. Had a penalty late on and kickable. Doran and Howarth had a confab before taking a tap, ending up with nowt. Never seen as many looped passes from two Town halfbacks as I witnessed today in the 2nd half,and that's 66 years, starting at Borough Park. We went through exactly the same scenario against Haven and Donny. Come on lads, lets shoot ourselves in the foot again!
  3. Really good to see you back posting Keith.Hope you are keeping well. Malc
  4. As a Town supporter and rugby league fan, I was wondering how the young lad was who got injured? I think he wore number 1.Anyway all the best to the fella.
  5. Agree, I thought the likes of Doran and Forber should have been leading the team around the pitch. For me it was the no 14(? Dowsett) who was making the breaks at speed.
  6. At this moment in time we have 17 players signed on.Several are from the amateur scene,so we won't know if we've discovered any like Brett and Callum till the season starts.OK,irons are in the fire but none of these are signed on, so the squad is definitely too light considering when the first match is. I just can't see where we will get the extra numbers required before competetive matches start.Can't argue with being cautious but if we are to survive in this division we need a decent sized squad.Worried!
  7. The facilities were not up to the standards the Kiwi's are used to!!
  8. Well that's good to know. Cheers mate
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but I reckon from last seasons squad we have lost: MURPHY,CARTER,HULME,SAMMUT,COWARD,MATTY,SHACKS,STACK, VERLINDEN, WALKER MCAVOY,? OLSTRUM ? BRETT P,? CALLUM P,? I don't envy Dave Clarke and the BOD having to fill these holes on a small budget! Keep the faith!!?
  10. Regarding Callum,does anybody know what his injury is? Silence reigns again at the club.
  11. You would think we were playing to end up in DIV 1
  12. Radio Cumbria will not be providing commentary from the Rec on Friday.Commentary on Monday v Leigh. TYPICAL
  13. Totally agree there. A Jamie Thackeray or Acton, somebody to take the opposition on and scatter a few bodies.Lacking in that department big time.
  14. Sitting at the bottom of the league and looking at points difference, I think it will take some getting off there.our pack was always the strong point of the side but this season every pack has dominated us.Heard again today that 4 or 5 players had hands on knees and out of puff. We've seen that in our home matches as well. Last time out at home L.McAvoy was out of puff after 10 mins.
  15. Just been informed by my brother in law Ken that his brother Jack ("Loppy") died today in intensive care at Carlisle following recent surgery for an aneurysm.He made a great partnership with Ike.RIP JACK. Condolences to all the family. Malc