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  1. maripins

    Sean Penkywicz commits to Town

    Says a lot about our club when a player of Penk's class stays another season. Fantastic news.
  2. maripins

    Haven reaction

    Moi Moi got 2 games after a yellow Keith
  3. maripins

    Haven reaction

    Obvious as the nose on your face and has been all season.Too many times Doran tries to be the solo hero as when he made a break , one man in front Forber on his elbow and he tried to bulldoze his way through. A short pass and it was 6 pts. Forber been a great servant, spot on goal kicker but rarely asks questions of the opposition in attack. Sad.
  4. maripins


    Total disgrace from RL. They reviewed the Hunslet drop goal that never was and stated the official didn't display expected standards!! The conclusion was that they couldn't interfere with officials decisions! Well they've managed to do that with Fui. The ref obviously thought a yellow was sufficient.Not the RL though, I mean it's only Town isn't it, so two matches.
  5. maripins


    Commentary on Oldham Community Radio
  6. maripins

    Jam eaters takeover

    As a Town supporter I would hate to see your club going down the pan because of incompetence at board level. I hope every thing gets sorted for you. Good luck lads
  7. maripins

    Match Programme......a positive view...

    Diplomatic as always Keith! Hope you are keeping well these days.
  8. maripins

    Whitehaven Shortfall

    About time as well Sir!
  9. maripins

    Squad for Oldham

    The truth was, he wasn't offered a contract by Town.When Haven offered him one he joined them. End of.
  10. maripins


    Well said Marrafan. Talking about and speculating about a clubs finances on this forum is way off the mark
  11. maripins


    Agree with all you said
  12. maripins

    Hunslet reaction

    Real good teacher.I dropped Woodwork for Latin!! I can read prescriptions but my shelves fall down!!
  13. maripins

    Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Exactly what I thought! When I first saw it at the Ike match it struck me as being a non-statement strip.Lousy strip.
  14. maripins

    Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Well said
  15. maripins

    Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Exactly. More difficult matches away than this one to come.Top 4 down the pan now.