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  1. Town website

    When the Opera house did variety I remember a comedian describing Workington as "An island surrounded by Tognarellis!"
  2. Town website

    Crack I heard was Callum wasn't offered a contract so looks like it was Hobsons choice for the lad!
  3. 2018 Squad

    A signing for Town and a massive "How the hell did they get him!" from Haven.That is if it's true.The rumour came from a source that told me about the goal kicking half back we just signed before any announcement.Saying nowt else!
  4. 2018 Squad

    From the info I heard today, if the name you have heard (or know) is the same as mine then a big shock is coming!! A very pleasnt unbelievable shock!
  5. 2018 Squad

    After working my Hercule Poirot on the photo,I think I need to visit the Refs advert---SPECSAVERS!
  6. 2018 Squad

    Definitely not Jamie.Think he's bigger than this lad.Build looks like a half though.Might have blonde or ginger hair?
  7. Official Town Website

    Like who did I criticise.I commented that the official site was out of date as far as news went. I expect you've never looked at the site or you would have known that. Better things to do actually without answering your sarcasm. I reckon I don't have to explain myself to you or anybody else on here.You are obviously one of the smart a***s who know the answer to everything.Where did I run the BOD down or anybody connected with the club? In 66 years of support I've paid plenty of cash into the coffers. That'll do for me Bye Bye
  8. Official Town Website

    I'm 77 next month for a start.How old are you? You give it a go if you think you can.I know I can't do that job without making a complete c**k up of it!!
  9. Official Town Website

    Thanks for the reply Gary, but I just don't have the time to devote to the task to do it justice. I don't often post but have supported Town since 1951! I think I had a "Kick the dog" moment! Take care
  10. Official Town Website

    Just had a look at the official Town site in the hope of maybe finding out some news! More chance of finding rocking horse ######. Latest news listed was 22nd June 2017!! Well that's up to date. Background player pics. Callum one side, super Sammutt the other.Time to give up for me.A sad situation. We've watched some right rubbish on the field in this non event League and of late, rubbish off the field. Can't see me spending a tenner on Sunday when the powers that be can't be bothered to confirm or deny the rumours flying about. The fans are the club.Fast heading for the lowest support ever for a Town team.
  11. Callum

    Agree all the way with Hate the rec. The Philips Bros are crucial to be signed on for Town for next season and while they're at it Tee wants nailed down as well. Does anybody know who if any of the players,with the exception of the three announced, are contracted for next season? While I'm at it,from standing on a Lemonade crate behind the sticks at Borough Park to the present day, I can't remember anything like whats going on at the club now. Totally demoralised after 66 yrs a Town supporter.
  12. Method of communication

  13. The Greatest Team

    First and Best team I watched on Borough Park.No subs,if you were injured you stayed on.All the players were there for 80 mins in Winter conditions! Risman,Lawrenson,Paskins,Gibson,Wilson Thomas,Pepperel,Hayton,McKeating,Waring,Mudge,Thurlow,Iveson. Hookers had to HOOK then.If the ball was going in like now,there would be a pen every scrum!!
  14. Keighley

    This team certainly know how to knock the stuffing out of their hard core support. Badly need an organiser. Had a penalty late on and kickable. Doran and Howarth had a confab before taking a tap, ending up with nowt. Never seen as many looped passes from two Town halfbacks as I witnessed today in the 2nd half,and that's 66 years, starting at Borough Park. We went through exactly the same scenario against Haven and Donny. Come on lads, lets shoot ourselves in the foot again!
  15. Town bolster pack

    Really good to see you back posting Keith.Hope you are keeping well. Malc