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  1. Can’t ask for anything more than an opening day win. well done lads !
  2. Does anyone on here have any idea of what it would cost to get Active League as it’s own stand alone channel on satellite TV? if there was some way of linking that in with the Aussie game as well as showing filler games from some of the other nations, then surely it would be an easier sell than the current phone/tablet app format?
  3. I wouldn’t say struggling mate, totally ineffective with no leadership or direction for years! The time has long since past for BARLA to either accept it needs fully reformed, starting with a blank sheet of paper to find a place within the running of the modern game, or the doors are closed and the money (if the regionals agree) could be handed over to one of the independent community foundations to invest and offer funding to help set up brand new community clubs throughout the country. This could come in the form of a 2 stage grant, with the initial starter pack to include help and
  4. Well according to the BARLA constitution in the event of dissolution any money left after liabilities goes to the Regional Leagues! 15. Dissolution (15.1) A resolution to dissolve BARLA shall be proposed as a Two Thirds Resolution at a General assembly meeting. (15.2) The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution and the Board of Management shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of BARLA. (15.3) Any property remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of BARLA shall be divided equally among t
  5. all valid points. The RFL are in crisis, no other word to describe the current situation. Now more than ever strong management is required to get the ship back on course before it flounders for good, but like many others, I have my doubts as to whether there's anyone capable at the RFL to take on such an undertaking.
  6. That’s been my point from the get-go! Where’s the transparency? what’s the costs involved with running the community game? how much do Sport a England pay into the pot? You can’t just have a handful of undisclosed people making a decision that affects the wider game without being totally transparent
  7. Insurance premiums aren’t that much, when I was involved a few years ago I can’t recall it ever costing more than £5-600 for all the teams. It’s the clubs that do all the work at this level, they provide the coaching, facilities, strips after match food. most will take a weekly subs from parents who may have more than one child playing. they might also have other sports to pay subs for. Swimming lessons, football, cricket, rugby Union. kids are expensive and I don’t think asking everyone to pay a fee will work. it reminds me of the ill fated Poll Tax, and we all know h
  8. My club has about 35 registered open age players so far, plus around 150 youth plus volunteers, coaches etc. And that will increase as the season progresses. So if the fees are brought in that would mean from my club alone the costs would be circa 6k minimum. Based on historical performance I can’t see where our club would get value for money from the RFL on a 6k investment. The membership scheme also doesn’t take into account that a very high proportion of players of all ages might only play or train a couple of times a year. it isn’t unusual for an open age side to regis
  9. Again that’s for NWCL to ask the question. Sometimes when the same people have sat in the same seats for years people feel It would be a waste of time standing. Im sure there’s plenty of young or recently retired players who would step up if they were encouraged to do so
  10. What do you mean? are you referring to management groups at regional level?
  11. I think the issue with BARLA board was the meetings were held in the evenings at Huddersfield, which meant a 6 hours round journey for the Cumbrians, 3 hours for the Hull Leagues etc, so unfortunately the only people to put themselves forward were retired people with time on their hands who weren’t possibly the right people to run the game. with modern technology there’s no need for regular face I face meetings as it can mostly be done electronically
  12. I also know for a fact that some of the regionals pay the BARLA league fees to ensure they still have a say in how the cash is eventually distributed
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