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  1. it was more wishful thinking on my part !
  2. just shows though, even in the amateur stronghold of the Wigan/Leigh area they are still having to bring in overseas players as there isn't enough quality in the local game to sustain Wigan, Leigh, Swinton, Rochdale and Oldham. Not sure how we would do it, but I reckon the only option for us is to try and identify players from down under who could use Town to showcase their skills with a longer term view of getting a contract in Superleague. We had some absolute belters in the past who went on to player Superleague, so I can't fathom out why we can no longer afford overseas players when other clubs with smaller budgets seem to be able to bring players over every season. I wonder if the RFL have ever undertaken a study into the number of players produced locally to support their local pro club?
  3. How do other championship sides manage to get work permits for so many overseas players whilst we seem to struggle ?
  4. Have a look back on this forum at the pre-season comments about the squad and most supporters were saying about the quality of the squad and how it was short all over the park. Chris Thorman may be a young coach, but there's no denying the recruitment this season has been woeful, as hookers apart we have nothing in depth ! How many lads who signed from the amateurs over the last 2 seasons are still with the club? In truth most, if not all were not good enough for Championship rugby, and most followers of the local amateur game would have said the same prior to them signing. Unfortunately, the reality for Town and Haven is that there are very few players locally who have the attributes to play at championship level, and some of those who are have good jobs, so professional rugby and the commitment needed to play at that level is of no interest to them. This is turn means our recruitment has always had an over reliance on travellers, and that is where our recruitment has been very poor this season, and is why we are rooted at the bottom of the division. It was always going to be a difficult task to stay i this division, but its been made twice as hard because of poor recruitment Someone has to take responsibility and as chief coach the buck stops with Chris Thorman ! I would have more confidence in him if he came out and admitted the player recruiting had not been as expected and what plans were in place to rectify this for next season in order to target promotion at the first attempt. That said, I do think he deserves to be coach next season but I sincerely hope the club are using what limited resources they have to identify someone experienced to help Chris with recruitment as whoever is doing it now seems well out of their depth I'm afraid
  5. you are correct that all leagues have winners and losers, but London have been top half of the championship for years, and if their Chair decides to fund their recruitment again next season they could quite easily jump half a dozen places the following year. For Workington, different set of circumstances, they were promoted quite late and needed to recruit 10 players in order to hold their own in the championship; which they were unable to do as most players were already tied up with contracts, so it was slim pickings to find players within their price range who were available. In fairness, its the same problem that Super league has, in that a) there isn't a big enough player pool and b) clubs are unable to build for the next level without breaking the bank with a ' or burst' attitude I know its contentious, but promotion and relegation needs to be looked at in order to try and create a meaningful competition across all 3 divisions
  6. .......my experience from Cumbria for this year's final: Hotel: Travelodge - central London - £140 each for 3 nights - good price! Ticket £45 each - good price for a major event ! Transport: Bloody nightmare - booked outward tickets on a Thursday for £32 each, but unable to get a return ticket home on the Sunday as there's no trains at all, and only very limited trains via Newcastle. Looked at changing dates to travel Friday and come back Monday but train cost was £140 each So on this occasion we are flying from Newcastle which is a cheaper option than the train, but not by the time you add in car parking etc. So in all honesty I reckon this will be my last London trip as it's just too much hassle. If the final is to stay 'darn souff' then maybe the RFL need to put all their efforts in marketing within the London Transport area rather than targeting northern based supporters from traditional clubs, as they are already aware of the date and venue. The other alternative is to make it an 'occasion' for all RL supporters and plan the event around 7 or 8 different venues to give supporters a different experience, but plan 4 years in advance so speccies always know where the next few finals will be played: for example: Wembley / Edinburgh / Cardiff / Newcastle / Dublin / Spurs / in fact any ground with a capacity over 50k and first class hospitality could be considered really
  7. Ah that’s right, totally forgotten about Dean, I remembered it was a new Zealander
  8. I think Ray Ashton started as coach that season but was replaced by Paddy Tuimavave in a caretaker capacity. it might have been the season we beat cup kings Widnes in the lancs cup so we were all really optimistic of having a successful season. Sheffield had a hell of a team, Mark Aston, Daryl Powell and Charlie Mcallister spring to mind
  9. I sometimes think Martyn Sadler writes these articles to invoke a reaction and discussion from his readers, but people take his proposals seriously and it just ends up as the usual arguments around promotion and relegation rather than looking at the wider game and the issues it faces now and in the future
  10. The game needs some stability as there isn’t the player pool in the UK to support 3 professional divisions. My opinion, (even though it has no influence), would be to put clubs on 24 months notice that the game is being streamlined into 2 divisions - Superleague could be 14 and championship could be 16. A condition of entry must be that each team must run a reserve team and must also have a full time development / commercial arm to work alongside the community game to improve coaching and identity talent through representative games as well as being in sponsorship. the RFL must also link up with a university to develop their own marketing course which could be ran over a number of weeks which is specifically for sports sponsorship. as a game we struggle to attract the right calibre of people with the right skill sects into the game, so it would be easier to train and develop our own personnel within the game
  11. Needs franchised Keith. looking back I think Maurice Lindsey had the right idea when he wanted to create an elite superleague competition
  12. We need quality not quantity and some of these lads who have gone back to amateurs have gone because unfortunately that’s their level and the lack of reserve rugby means it’s a case of ‘sink or swim’ when they sign, as we are unable to gradually integrate them into first team rugby
  13. I was hoping for a bit of size plus a fast centre/winger, but let’s give these lads a chance and see what they can do to improve the team
  14. let's be totally honest, virtually anything will be better than what's there now, and with the local authority unifying shortly this will be both club's one and only chance to get a modern stadium with proper hospitality areas. I genuinely feel for our neighbours 7 miles down the road, as they were in a similar position to us, with broken promises in regards to the Pow Beck redevelopment a few years ago, and its hard to see how they will be able to redevelop the Rec without serious outside sponsorship. Let's hope our scheme goes ahead or I really fear for our long term survival
  15. Did they give any indication at the meeting as to how much the new stadium will cost? I was looking at Boston United new ground, the Jakemans Community Stadium which opened around 2020 and looks a cracking little ground, which is basically one very well equipped main grandstand and covered terracing and that cost £12 million !! I think it has a 6,000 capacity There's a video showing how the work is progressing, can't help but think something along these lines would be ideal. I think the end that is still to be completed is a sports hall https://www.bostonunited.co.uk/news/video--community-stadium-latest-2589592.html
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