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  1. The new councilors have always maintained the new stadium was still on the cards, but the timescales and costs for the previous development mean't is was not financially viable. I've heard they are looking at a 5,000 capacity stadium, still on the Borough Park site, which will be more than ample at this time for Town and Reds needs. Let's all hope this development goes ahead for the good of the Allerdale
  2. in comparison to other modern stadiums, Old Trafford is light years behind, and United are in real danger of falling further behind their rivals as the likes of Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal develop the corporate side of their business which is far more lucrative than the traditional footie season ticket holder. The Ethiad is a far superior stadium, but as someone has already pointed out, the capacity is a lot less than Old Trafford, but in my opinion would make for a better 'fans' experience as the fans zone outside the ground would be ideal for RL, which could include a large stage with live bands etc outside the stadium rather than sticking a band in a corner of a ground where nobody can see them. So there's ways to look at this - keep it at Old Trafford and continue to sell heavily discounted tickets to community clubs in order to sell out the ground, or take it to a smaller ground, increase ticket prices to reflect the reduced capacity and put more effort into selling corporate sponsorship which in fairness, is where the money is. One the tram network to the Ethiad is finished, then this surely would be a better option - as the Ethiad has the smaller stadiums adjacent to it, the afternoon could be combined with the Ladies finals which could be played in the smaller 5,000 capacity stadium earlier in the afternoon
  3. Can always remember Mike Yarwood on his xmas TV special singing 'I'm dreaming of a 'White..haven' xmas'
  4. excellent move by the BOD. Not sure what's happened with Rooney taking over as coach, but I think this is a more solid appointment and will pay dividends in the long term. If nothing else, he has been able to assess first hand the issues at the club, the current squad, and will no doubt have players in mind that he wishes to bring into key positions to strengthen the side. Maybe the BOD should approach Haven and Barrow and possibly Newcastle and start playing for the Cumbria Cup as a pre season competition. It was always very competitive back in the day, and would be more beneficial that playing the Super League u19's and Reserve sides
  5. all business sense seems to go out of the window when it comes to managing sports clubs. Accountants probably advise the owners to stack interest on any loans to offset tax, so basically its a soft loan, and would only ever become an issue if the loan (with interest) was called in by the owner which they rarely are and was probably why Eddie Davies could write off the Bolton debt
  6. Eddie Davies was from Bolton, he made his money making kettle elements. From what I've read a lot of the money owed to him was 'interest' at quite high interest rates on money he had injected into the club in the form of loans. There's no doubt he wrote off a lot of money but whether it was 117 million 'cash' or anywhere near it is anyone's guess
  7. They are all a disgrace mate, its makes embarrassing reading. Playing out the 'ping-pong' blame game on social media doesn't inspire me with any confidence that any of them (Labour, Cons and Indies) are fit to run the council. I'm not talking about the bins fiasco either, as that will get resolved one way or another in the next few weeks. Every elected councilor should be made to sit a workshop about the perils and pitfalls of social media, some of them seem to forget that you can't undo anything that's posted, and hiding behind a pseudonym doesn't stop you from being prosecuted.
  8. I think she would have been better advised to have voiced her concerns to Allerdale in private without publishing the letter on Facebook. She's left herself wide open to criticism by doing that, after all, how many times did she 'publish' letters on social media while Labour were in charge of the council, and would she have been as 'openly critical' had these problems happened under Labour's watch? Social media is great for some things, but sites like 'The Allerdale Independent' with its constant trolling of the Independent councilors just makes Labour look like sore losers. End of the day the public can vote in who they want, and if they don't like the administration they can vote them out in 4 years. I'm pleased I have no political affiliation, as politics is so polarised these days.
  9. Mark Jenkinson has previously mentioned the Moor Lane ground at Salford FC on several occasions which is a metal pre-fab. I don't like it myself, be some temperature fluctuations between summer and winter standing on metal terracing !! Sure I read somewhere it cost circa £5 million to build
  10. my point exactly, but the grounds with decent facilities in Cockermouth and Maryport are all owned by the rugby clubs. Wigton and Aspatria have council owned pitches with changing rooms, not sure if they are Town Council or Allerdale
  11. Genuine question ...is the new sports centre still heavily subsidised by Allerdale BC? If it is by how much annually and for how long? That question isn't directly for you Sausage, I would just be interested to see how the original business case and financial projections stack up against the actual usage figures and financials now its open, as it has similarities to the stadium proposal. The fact that the sports centre is being used by 8,000 doesn't necessarily mean its profitable without subsidies
  12. ....... somewhere in the middle would be my guess. I really hope it goes ahead in some form as the Council have to do something to maintain semi-professional sport in the Borough, hence my watered down suggestion above, but equally they have to be seen as supporting grassroots sports as well. Let's not forget the other major towns of Wigton, Cockermouth, Maryport and Keswick, as well as all the villages in between. In an ideal world all our towns and villages should all have access to sports pitches with changing facilities. Despite the money that professional football has access to, good facilities for our local football clubs are few and far between, with Workington being the worst served town for junior football facilities. Other than the Ranch with its portacabins, what other changing facilities are in the town?
  13. The issue all along has been nobody knows who or what figures to believe! The stadium started off at 16 million, went to 18 million 2 weeks later, jumped to 28 million shortly after that when Sellafield 'expressed' an interest in being tenants, then jumped to 98 million once the PFI route was suggested. Its little wonder that 'non-sporting' residents of Allerdale started to raise eyebrows at the massive jump in expenditure and total lack of transparency from the Executive in charge at the time, which the Independents and Conservatives used to their advantage at the local elections. Like it or not, the whole episode looks like a botched attempt to rush through the stadium at any cost before the elections, as Labour must have had an inkling they were about to lose control of the council. Anyway, we are where we are, this world cup opportunity has gone, but there will be another RL World Cup held in the UK in the next 8 or 12 years, so WE WILL see international rugby here if we have a suitable ground in future. So, as I see it there's still options out there for discussion which could see a solution for all parties and something to keep the electorate happy. option 1: - Review the existing scheme and include the NHS, Sellafield and whoever else in more detailed discussions. Find out exactly what these third party users require and tie them down with a contract, which includes agreed rental costs, get-out clauses, lease surrenders etc. for the full period of the loan. This will silence the doubters IF the agreements are all made up front with figures to back up any arguments. Rather than go down the PFI route, if this is as profitable as many on here claim, then the council should borrow the full amount and use any surplus profit to plough back into local government services to make up for cuts in central government funding. If the figures don't stack up, then the new Allerdale Executive were right all along. Option 2: - Look at upgrades to either Derwent Park or Borough Park either as ground share or standalone clubs. Borough Park - Give the Reds a new 25 year lease and Allerdale BC to bring in a consultant to work with the club to see how much it would cost to bring the ground up to Conference/League 2 standard. Build a new grandstand, changing rooms and bar along one side of the ground, replace all existing steelwork with something modern and also out in new turnstiles and toilets/refreshments on the popular side. Possibly even go one further and replace the grass pitch with a synthetic one which would allow all the Reds development and Ladies side to play/train at the club which would help them to develop their own talent. The new lease would allow the Reds to access grand funding from Sport England, FA Development funds, so if the total cost of the scheme was 2.5 million and the Reds can get access to 50% of the funding, then the Council should make up the shortfall of £1.25 Million to bring the ground up to scratch. Derwent Park - Allerdale to become stakeholders in the club to protect any investment. Flatten the popular and Town end terracing, build a new stand at the popular side, and a few banks of covered terracing behind the dead ball lines at both ends. If the existing grandstand is structurally ok, then put a new roof on the existing grandstand, extend the groundfloor onto the car park to allow for refurbishment of bars, sponsors bars etc and also incorporate new office space and changing rooms. Sell off the remaining land behind the Town end terracing to Sellafield or whoever for office space and use any money raised to offset the cost of the Derwent Park ground redevelopment. Still redevelop the banks of the Derwent with All weather pitch etc, river walks etc, I'm no financial expert on these matters, but if Option 2 came in for around 5 million, with proceeds from any land sale to be deducted, then that would keep both clubs and the electorate very happy
  14. If they have put new field drains in as well, I would say 100k was about right. If you look at Sport England's guide for pitches, they can cost anything from 60k for basic redrainage up to 200k if its a brand new pitch and needs built up or leveling. Most of the local RL clubs (who look after their pitches) will pay around 5k per year for field maintenance alone
  15. Regardless of the result, I must say how much I enjoy watching the games from the terraces at Borough Park in comparison to Derwent Park. Much closer to the action. Let's hope the new stadium feels as intimate
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