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  1. Yes wer'e all gutted and disgusted with having to watch that painful experience, but take a look at the league table before yesterdays result. Look at the points for, the points against, the matches won and the matches lost. We all know where we are and that's lower than a snakes belly! The rot set in at Town long before yesterdays match. My biggest problem is I've been lucky to have seen all the great Town sides, from standing on a brothwell and mills lemonade crate behind the Town end sticks at Borough Park and seeing all the great players of the era through to the Peter Walsh days when we were riding on the crest of a wave, and all the mediocre stuff we have to witness now and the many downs in between those great times. Regarding the choice of players , and just an observation, both Gus Rismans team and Peter Walshes teams had some pretty big tackle bursting forwards in them! Oh happy days.
  2. Same old story that most of us feared at the start of the season! Just walking through us. Bus v bike only one winner!!
  3. Last minute drop leaves us on zero points. Seems usual stupid mistakes and and poor play options. Wer'e all doomed as Frazer would say. Whitehaven and Barrow at home crucial now.
  5. maripins


    In my opinion the board should be on their knees to get Blain back. He is fast,backs up,crafty, tackles the biggest forwards.Him and Matty would provide some much needed spark at halfback. Problem is he went back to Amateur because he was training 3 times a week up here and didn't even get on the bench. Obviously our forwards have'nt got the size to punch holes so attack must come from the halves. PLay Jammer at 13, his kicks can be deadly when he gets them right and Blain wouldn't be far away from them.
  6. An observation at the match. At half time they trudged off , heads down with the exception of one player-Matty Henson, he jogged off to the dressing room. When they came back out it was the same story I'm afraid, except Matty who was jogging again. Some of these players want to show the same enthusiasm as Matty and we might get better results.
  7. Missed the match due to covid, thought I couldn't feel any worse till I heard the commentary. Start away matches soon, seems to me the only way is down unfortunately. I think this league is just too big a step up for some of the squad. Not pulling any player to bits but an honest observation having seen our opponents so far.
  8. Does that mean the popular side will be all standing? I'm sure the capacity of Towns popular side is a lot more than that on BP
  9. So the new stand at BP is catering for the stand users. Every time I've been to a Town match the vast majority of us have been on the popular side, so us popular siders are not getting a look in. When Town had to play on BP all places on the halfway line were seats, I prefer standing somewhere in line with half way. No chance on BP, its near the 20's. I stood on BP in the days of Risman and co and stood on DP from the first match played there. No way am I sitting to watch a game of RL.!! Even at my age. KT knows what I mean.
  10. Here's another one Keith told me when he was playing. We were playing Wigan at home and Keith was on the left wing, any body saw him play he was a pretty tough nut to deal with, Billy Boston was on Wigans right wing and set off toward Keith bowling along at speed. Keith said I'm going to stop this bloke! Next thing he remembered he was lying flat on his back with Billys footprints all over him and feeling as if he'd been hit by a train!! Laughed like hell at that one. I was at the match and asked Keith what had happened there. Reply unprintable!!
  11. Just read an article from Mr Jenkinson on consituency matters and he's looking forward to a new stadium which has got £5.5 million pounds allotted to it out of the £15.5 million for town generation! For that cash we might as well stay at DP which at the moment is looking really good on the eye. Pitch superb, terracing excellent, floodlighting top of the range. I don't know the cost for the upkeep of DP but got to be some businesses out there could help out. I reckon for the money available we won't be calling any stand "grand".
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