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  1. My forecast for Sunday at 3pm. Rain showers( 60 % chance). 8 deg C. wind speed 13 mph.
  2. The forecast I use, and it's pretty accurate, has mainly sunny from 10am until 1pm then partly sunny till after 5pm. 10deg., 30% chance of rain, wind speed 38mph. Data from Foreca. Honest! We will see.
  3. maripins

    2020 Squad

    Fui back is better than a Xmas present. I had my suspicions though, because all the photos of him at the back end of last season he always had two fingers up.( Palm side facing the camera!!!) I took that as meaning two seasons.Lovely Jubbly.
  4. Heard he's stuck in America. Don't know how true it is.
  5. Kick off 1.30pm. Streaming link will be on-- www.barrowrlfc.com
  6. I thought the same but on Fui's it says "welcoming back for 2019!"
  7. Took some hard hits as well. Is he signed for next season?
  8. Walsh is and always has been a liability in defence, should be shipped out. GT should be asking Doran what he's strolling round the pitch for. Newmans second try and Doran stands like a statue, never moved and stuck an arm out.Rubbish,God knows how fat he's gonna get during close season. Sorry guys he's just not my idea of how a stand off should play,
  9. Whatever any "fans" think of Fui, Penky and Danny Tickle, I would ask them all if they fancy another season with Town. They've done it all and got the T shirt. If they go tell me where we get three in as good as these?
  10. Sign him quick, he's knocking them all over the pitch!
  11. Looks like he's got rather a large head! Pity his brain is the size of a pea.
  12. So the totally out of touch and incompetent council have been shown up for what they are:- a bunch of idiots. That letter and it's contents just exposes the lack of ability this council have. Excuses about non commitment of Sellafield and the NHS have proved to be grossly inaccurate. Come clean you self serving shower. I doubt you will though.
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