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  1. He saw the word turkey on the card, is that right?
  2. I'm actually annoyed by that.

  3. Just put "nice plums."

  4. Good news about Muamba.

  5. Fauja Singh completed a 10k run at the tender age of 101. I get a stitch getting up to go to the fridge. #legend.

  6. Just watching Game Change. As cringeworthy as it gets. But then it is about Sarah Palin.

  7. Planes Trains and Automobiles. Classic 80's fun.

  8. Brian Noble please please please join us.

  9. ###### team ###### club fed up cant be arsed.

  10. Where I come from its called a full 'ouse 'e passed every question.

  11. You can't beat a full English.

  12. Our lad's were suffering from the aftereffects of an Easter scoff-fest. #bettsexcuses

  13. Right, we can narrow down the fan who is the jinx to a Widnes fan who is also a Liverpool fan. He needs to give up sport + take up painting.

  14. Got a hankering for lots of meat today! :)