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  1. Exactly. You can make all the pronouncements you like about never quitting, but you can't ever plan for a caved-in cheekbone. It's not like having a broken arm, or a foot injury or even being concussed. Who knows what panic a broken cheekbone could bring on, especially as its going to repeatedly be punched again. Most people wouldn't be too harsh on him if he hadn't been such an idiot to Dubois.
  2. It was certainly a disappointing end to the fight. As soon as I saw the injury in the corner, I turned to the missus and said the fight will be stopped. I didn't think it was going to end there and then, but it was clear that the speed with which it had closed up was going to make the fight unsustainable. I absolutely don't blame him pulling out, his cheek was clearly sunken and it could have caused serious damage. The problem he has is that he was one of the biggest critics of Dubois, and he's getting little sympathy. He was doing well, and making a fight of it. It was certainly a
  3. Until very recently, nobody thought rugby or football meant you would have serious issues later in life with memory etc. This wasn't ever true in boxing, so the comparison fails. There has always been the immediate risk of serious injury, yet they take that risk and are often very hansomely rewarded for it. Contact sports will have to adapt to accepting that it is a choice/risk playing the game, or eventually end up being radically sterilised in a bid to make it safe enough to play without injury.
  4. It's about choice. Boxers make the choice to do what they do, they know it's dangerous and have always known it's dangerous. Getting punched in the head and body has never been something that people thought was anything but dangerous. Being punch drunk is not a new phenomenon. This is the fundamental difference with rugby, football and NFL sports like that. People getting involved in rugby didn't think that they might suffer from dementia if they took part. It's far harder for a boxer to make that argument. There are many dangerous and risky jobs, boxing is one of them but people c
  5. We used to get up early on a Saturday morning and go to the tech where they had free internet from something like 9-12. I'd have a box of floppy disks and try and get as much as I could to take home. I even remember the first time I ever saw streaming. We got a new PC around maybe '98 or '99, and I went on Sky Sports website to watch an interview with Arsene Wenger that didn't need to load. It was like magic. I try to explain to my class what not having the Internet was like and I always fail. To modern kids it's impossible to imagine.
  6. Social media seems to bring out the worst in people and highlights some problems in society but it also exaggerates issues in my opinion. I still think that society and the media hasn't learned how to deal with social media. Take the past as an example. If you went to the Wembley final and during the course of the game saw 3 people kicked out for being drunk and violent, you would be hard pressed to suggest that the sport of RL has a significant problem with violence. The reasons are obvious, you can see 100,000 people and the ridiculousness of drawing a conclusion about the 100k based on
  7. The ability to step away on a forum/social media is very difficult and one that I've had to learn to do but I have now. The main reason is because stepping away from a discussion looks like weakness and a lack of conviction in your position. Funnily enough, this picture really helped.
  8. I can remember the days when it was a tenner to join, that separated the bad eggs!
  9. I stepped away from Twitter about a year ago, it was hard at first but was one of the best things I've done. It is a cesspool of abuse mixed in with relentless virtual signalling. The day I realised it had the ability to affect my mood was the day I got rid.
  10. Yeh it's part of the crazy shenanigans that go on in the world of pro-boxing. Fury famously walked away the day of the Klitschko fight because they'd put a layer of foam under the canvas. They soon got rid but it does make you wonder if they hadn't caved, what legacy would Fury have now? He might have been in the right but he'd have never had that career defining fight. Although the ring size it is apparently in the contract, I do fear that Saunders is playing hardball only for the fight to collapse and his one opportunity for greatness passes him by.
  11. I think he'll at least give it a go if he doesn't get too stubborn and call it off. Sadly, I wouldn't put it past him.
  12. Ah the joys of boxing. Saunders is threatening to pull out against Canelo over the size of the ring... Reckon he's trying to pull a Fury against Klitschko, but knowing Billy-Joe it'll backfire.
  13. The lack of sympathy for somebody feeling homesick is almost bizarre in the modern age with the focus on mental health. It's like the old adage money can't buy you happiness. We've all heard of plenty of examples of people who won a lot of money or became millionaires yet suffered from depression. The adage is clearly true. Yet we still insist that it wouldn't happen to us, we'd be rich and happy! Somewhere like Australia is akin to dating a beautiful woman. From the outside it looks incredible, and you certainly have a few months of fun. There's only so long that this lasts though
  14. I spent a few months working and living in Petersham. That was enough to make me realise the difference between travelling and emigrating. When you're working a normal job and doing all the things a normal person does like setting an alarm, doing the weekly shop etc it soon becomes less glamorous especially when you've seen the main tourist bits. Over here, we often like to think of Aus as Britain in the sun but there are cultural differences too. I didn't realise this until I was given free tickets to Robbie Williams and found his humour refreshing.
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