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  1. I don't see a contradiction here. I could be arguing that Southgate is the best manager of all time (I'm not) but that he could only get England so far. Pep Guardiola could manage Everton but they wouldn't win the PL without investment levels that they don't have. I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying here. I think Southgate only did a good job overall (moreso in 2021 and 22), but that his record is historically incredible for an England manager. A not insignificant part of that was luck. Take this tournament: If Denmark nick a goal against Serbia, we get Germany in the 2nd round - likely exit If Slovakia drag out injury time like Spain did we go home in disgrace We only beat Switzerland on pens, and even if we were good still is still part lottery If we don't get a terrible penalty against the Dutch who knows what happens You'd be insane to claim that Southgate's England was in the final based purely on merit. But there you have it, he did and that's what other managers will be compared to. They might not get the luck.
  2. I genuinely didn't know I'd spelt that wrong! It looks right...
  3. I think it's very naive to think that this level of success will continue. We could have a much better manager and not do this well. We've been very fortunate at times (especially this time) and can't rely on that again. The reality is that there are always a not insignificant group of countries that could win a tournament with a bit of luck. We are but one. Trust me, as soon as we have an earlier than anticipated exit (which will certainly happen), people will be unfavourably comparing it to the Southgate era. It's very much a poisoned chalice, because all the new manager can do is win a tournament to be judged a success.
  4. The whole Linekar situation was a classic example of media stirring. The panel were reflecting on the game (I think Denmark) and saying it wasn't good which was everyone else was saying. Linekar then said something like 'yeh, it was just a bit s**t really wasn't it.' The media then confronted Kane saying 'Linekar said you're s**t, what do you think about that?' Anyone listening to the podcast, knew they weren't overly critical. They were always looking for the positives, and Southgate was playing the team in a way that literally nobody agreed with.
  5. I'll always defend what Southgate achieved, and I feel sad that he's gone even though it was the best choice. When the dust settles, and the hurt is forgotten we'll look back on this time as a golden age of English football. If such a bet exists, I'd put one on the fact that people will be begging for his return come 10 years time. His replacement is tough. There were rumours around that things had been more difficult behind the scenes this time. We need someone who is going to be brave enough to be able to drop big names in favour of the team and not get slaughtered in the press for doing so. This points to a bigger more established name, but whether we'll get one is another matter. It might be a case of beggars can't be choosers. Gary Neville made the point that the final was like pretty much every big game England have played in since about 1996. Sometimes, you have to accept that there might be bigger issues than tactics. Take the Man Utd job, they've gone through so many big established names that you can't blame the manager too much for their ills.
  6. I've been saying for a long time that he's done some things behind the scenes that cannot be underestimated. Take the penalties thing for instance, we've gone a long way to removing that demon. I think when the dust fully settles, the Italy one in 2021 will be seen as the truly missed opportunity. We went a goal up and it just threw us, and even then just lost on pens. Last night was a case of coming up against a team better than us. We had a chance, but it would have been fortunate. There have been other changes from the last 10 years or so that are starting to bear fruition. It is why for instance we have so many good players to choose from all of a sudden. We're likely going to be in the discussion for some time, it just feels like you need a mixture of things including the stars to align to even make a final. Like I said, I think we were best in 2022 but came across France in a game that could've gone either way.
  7. I don't know much about Potter tbh, but he's the favourite and did have some success as a PL manager before Chelsea. I'm a fan of Southgate, and defended him on here before the tournament. His record is unprecedented in our lifetimes and IMO people were all too quick to forget what it was like in 2016. The idea that all we needed was a good manager and we'd be world beaters just didn't stand up to any scrutiny. I was also quite annoyed to read today that he'll likely step down because he's 'failed at 4 tournaments.' It is a very narrow yard stick to class two second places as failure in the England context. In some ways, I think 1966 did us no favours because it created the illusion that we're a team that should be in the conversation when usually we're not. However, you cannot deny that he's been very lucky in this tournament and in 2018. In 2021 we grew into the tournament and in 2022 we were probably the best we were under Southgate. This tournament was largely poor with flashes of something good. One of the things that feels so bad today, is the reality that we might be much better and not get the luck we had this time. The chances of making a final are so slim and it just feels like we might have missed an opportunity we won't necessarily get again.
  8. Graham Potter seems the obvious choice. Southgate's legacy will likely be one of success from a historical England perspective , but the question will always be was he just very lucky? After this tournament, it's hard to argue against that proposition.
  9. I don't think it's scapegoating to be question why Kane was so bad. It wasn't just his lack of pace, but his touch was really bad too. There have been questions that he hasn't been fit and maybe they're true cos the reality is he has been totally ineffective this tournament. We were always likely to be second best against Spain in most areas, but it didn't help having a striker who was for whatever reason a passenger. Until we have someone willing to pick the best team and but the best players, we'll always have this issue.
  10. The last 4 minutes was a disgrace. Two ordinary/arguable fouls that were dragged out and the ref blew the whistle dead on 4 mins.
  11. I think undoubtedly we'll look back at it as a golden period. There is so much luck involved in football, that we might be a lot better and not make a final. His record of semi-final, final, quarter-final, final will be very very hard to match regardless of how lucky he's been.
  12. It's hard to feel too down, we were the second best team and it would've been a lucky win. It was like losing to Brazil in 2002, I didn't feel so bad because we'd been outclassed. It feels way worse losing on pens or when you do well and don't deserve to lose. Southgate should go here yes. I don't think he was the problem here, but let's face it we were lucky to get here. He's a great guy and done a great job in ways people don't understand, but these players need a better system. I'm gutted and again wondering if it'll ever happen in my lifetime. Glass half-full people will say we're getting closer, people like me think we likely won't get this close again for a long time.
  13. Have to say we'd take that. Not been a classic, and we've been second best but defo not out of it.
  14. Already been a more positive experience. Hearing the reports of scumbag, drunken fans really did take away from it in 2021. I think we had a better chance of beating Italy last time but you just never know. My head says 2-0 Spain, my heart says England on pens.
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