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  1. In our society people generally don't talk about money for politeness reasons and debt definitely features in this. I suppose as somebody alluded earlier it is seen as a failure, especially if you don't have good reason like redundancy for instance. It's just a failure to manage your money and/or an attempt to keep up with the Jones' when you can't afford it. I'm not sure how much good it would have done, but I wish they'd done more on money management in high school. I never got a credit card until ironically I sold them over the phones. At the time they were throwing them at me with ridiculous credit limits. When I went travelling at 22/23, I was took them with me as a back up for my savings. I worked in Aus but didn't save anything, so decided to fund the last exciting 6 weeks down the East Coast and Thailand on credit cards. I don't regret that but I do regret not even trying to pay it off for about 8 years and treating my overdraft as free money. I'm not stupid and I'm good at maths but it wasn't until I sat down and added up how much I was paying in pure debt that I decided to do something about it. As I've had setbacks (unemployed for a year) and life has happened (kids) it's been much harder getting rid of than I ever imagined.
  2. I'm not sure how you can knock an opponent out after 40 seconds and it not be deemed good!
  3. We saw the press conference this week of Wilder-Fury 2 and the whole thing was a little underwhelming especially from Fury's side. Dare I say it, I think he lost the press conference. In the days after the first fight, it seemed likely that any rematch would favour Fury more as he'd not long come back. However, although being slight favourite, I would say most boxing pundits favour Wilder in the rematch. There doesn't seem to be the same confidence coming from Fury this time. I've not heard much made of how the knockdown could've affected Fury. We all heard about how traumatised AJ might be, but Fury might also be bothered by getting in with a man he knows can hurt him like that. Wilder on the other hand knows he can hurt him like that and that Fury was fortunate to continue. Wilder is a frustrating example of mismanagement. He's 34 so only has a couple of years left but still has a poor record. If he retires after beating Fury, he won't go down as a great once the dust settles because of the reality of his resume. However, it has become clear over the last couple of years that his power more than makes up for his lack of ringcraft. I feel like they've come to this conclusion too late. Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more than Fury to KO him in 2 rounds but I highly doubt it and suspect were the big 3 to all fight each other, he'd be most likely to come out on top.
  4. He won it about as convincingly as McGregor beat Khabib.
  5. It's easy to say you're not scared of taking a loss after you've made wild pronouncements about knocking people out within 4 rounds. He chose to come into boxing, nobody forced him and he did very well out of it. The problem with a Khabib rematch is how easily Khabib won. McGregor needs a win tonight or he might be forced to retire. If you ignore everything that happened prior to the brawl then it was Khabib's fault. If you think words or actions matter then it isn't all one way.
  6. I suppose this is the issue, whether it is an act or not. I think initially there was the understanding that it was an act but this has certainly become blurred. Many seem to see him as some sort of a hero because in their eyes he says it like it is. If that is offensive and hurtful then all the better. Like I said it all feeds into a culture of nastiness and laughing at people's misfortune. I'm not a big UFC fan but I first became aware of him because of his quick knockouts, not because of the way he acts. I'm aware that part of his fame to that point was because of his attitude but I do question how much he really needed to go to extremes to make his money.
  7. Looking back, Mayweather was a very clever choice. Huge name, physically much smaller, in retirement and not a big puncher. I do think Mayweather took it easy, especially when he didn't throw punches for 2/3 rounds. He could've been very quickly embarrassed by a Canelo or GGG.
  8. The fact we have a society where making millions is the only barometer of worth says a lot for why our society is like it is. When McGregor and those like him started doing their thing (being brash and offensive with nothing being off-limits), I think there was an unwritten understanding that it was supposed to be partly comedic. However, this has morphed over the years into people being horrible on purpose and then thinking it's hilarious to watch how upset the other side get. It's rampant online. I'm not by any means blaming McGregor for the faults of society but he is venerated by many of these people.
  9. Can't stand the guy. I was one of the few hoping Mayweather sparked him out. He epitomises a certain culture, much of it online, where being a pr*ck is celebrated. I often say that much of his popularity is because he's Irish and everyone loves the Irish. As someone more familiar with the Irish than most Brits, he represents a certain type of Dub. If he was a proper scally scouser I doubt people would find him quite so charming.
  10. Both had been mentioned before you did. The only big sport I can see that doesn't seem to have warranted a mention is tennis.
  11. 1. RL 2. Boxing 3. Football 4. Golf 5. Athletics Harder than it at first seemed this. Despite not being a RL obsessive anymore, it's still the sport that commands most of my attention and there is a part of me that thinks I'm just on a bit of a RL hiatus. Boxing was an easy second and I'll follow football especially during big events: I'd say the World Cup is probably my favourite sporting event full stop. That is why athletics is there, the World Champs and Olympics get me more hyped than most other sports. Golf is the only one I remotely play and when I had the time to play properly I loved it. Wouldn't watch it any more though.
  12. Ah right, I'm more concerned by his last performance especially the cut.
  13. What makes you say this? He still seems in decent enough shape.
  14. I had a cheeky bet on Wilder in 1. If you'd asked me the day of the first fight I'd have said that Fury would be heavy favourite in a rematch as he was only 60% at the time. However, Wilder has just continued knocking guys spark out and he knows he can hurt Fury. Also, he let the occasion get to him and might be more patient this time. Dare I say it but Fury might need to be more aggressive this time.
  15. Surely you'd want to play with your toys? For us we'd open our presents, go mass at about half 9 and then go visiting family for about 3 hours. It was excruciating. We used to have free reign in Delamere but the idea has caught on and it's pretty busy these days. Hasn't caught on in Northern Ireland though: we went Gortin Glen as a replacement this year.
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