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  1. Yeh I think the similarity is unfair and based purely on his being British, an in-shape heavyweight and black. If he was American would people really be making the comparison? AJ is far more dangerous than Bruno ever was. He does have a suspect chin but then so do many!
  2. Tbh there are still too many question marks around the first fight to draw any real conclusions. For me, it comes down to 2 questions. How prepared was AJ for the fight and how much was he affected by the third round punch. With the first, there are still persistent rumours about him being KOd in sparring - the reaction of his dad to Hearn does fuel these. Then there is potential complacency, more in underestimating and not treating the threat seriously than under-preparing. How affected was he by the Wilder victory the week before? Rather than focusing on winning, how much pressure did he feel on putting on an impressive performance. The second is a big one. He wasn't 100% but he was pretty comfortable before this. Had he not gone in for the kill was it just a matter of time before he lost? I don't think so. Ruiz is being painted as some huge hitter but his record suggests that he isn't some unstoppable force like Wilder. He's beaten better boxers, it could just as easily been Povetkin landing that shot or Whyte. That said, all that could be bunkum and Ruiz could just have his number.
  3. Just put my bet on... Ruiz to win. Doesn't reflect any great revelation, more the fact that the odds are 9/4 for what I see as a 50/50 fight.
  4. Baby Miller was expected to be 22 stone, that's one of the reasons I thought AJ was so heavy in the last fight. You'd have to think that Ruiz has done this on purpose and he's shocked everyone in the process. I hope it doesn't throw AJ off.
  5. Must admit this makes me feel uneasy. I just saw an interview with AJ from straight after and you can tell he was shocked, it was pure damage limitation. Ruiz's team have clearly done this on purpose and they as everyone else will have presumed AJ will come in lighter. It's probably got AJ's team guessing and is an element of mind games that he probably didn't need. I don't usually read too much into how the fighters look before fights, but Ruiz looks like he knows he will win. There is a look of supreme confidence that doesn't feel misplaced. I heard it mentioned that he doesn't respect AJ as a boxer.
  6. Thanks for this, I think it's a very interesting fight and we'll really have no idea until Saturday. It will answer those unanswered questions from the first fight: most namely whether the original was due to a complacent or off-colour AJ who got caught and never recovered, or whether Ruiz is a bogeyman who has AJ's number. I think too much has been made of Ruiz's power, like it's just a matter of time before he knocks out AJ if the fight goes on. Ruiz has a knockout percentage of around 65% and failed to KO Kevin Johnson just last year who had been KO'd in his previous fight by a Croatian in only his tenth fight - AJ knocked him out in 2. I'm not saying he can't hit, he clearly can, but enough fighters have been able to nullify him and go the distance. I presume this is what AJ will try to do and will use his natural advantages to try and create a boring fight much like AJ-Parker. I don't think Ruiz will be as cautious as Parker though and knows he can hurt him so will go for it.
  7. Yeh this is sort of what I mean. Ortiz is a decent fighter but is old and he did raise the question of Wilder's chin. Whilst Wilder could knock anybody out, I think he could struggle if up against a talented boxer with heavyish hands. I don't think this is AJ who would be very catchable, but it could be Ruiz if he wins the rematch.
  8. Listening to another Audible exclusive: Evil has a name. Not as intriguing as the West Cork podcast but still interesting and incredible how they eventually found the murderer.
  9. I've come to this conclusion too. He doesn't need to box because there is almost nobody who can survive the 12 rounds with him. Although it was only a 60% Fury, he was lucky to survive and many refs would have stopped it. The rematch is a 50/50 because there's no guarantee that Fury will be able to stay away for the 12 rounds. I now think he'd probably beat AJ because AJ is catchable and doesn't have an amazing chin; he's also more cautious. I don't think Wilder would spend much time sizing him up and would go in for the kill early. The big question mark over Wilder is his chin: he's never really been tested. He got outboxed for 6 rounds against Ortiz because he was cautious. This was quite a long time and another boxer with decent skills might catch him properly and not give him chance to reply. This could be someone like Ruiz.
  10. Mine was about £50 for working at McDonald's. I spent all of it on a jumper from JJB. Ah the days when your money was just spends and you didn't have to consider anything else.
  11. We had a thread on this a couple of years ago I think but I can't seem to find it. Anybody got any interesting ones they listen to now? I've just finished West Cork by Audible and thought it was great. It was right up there with the first Serial and the first Up and Vanished. The one downside is that their lack of resolution can be frustrating! I probably listen to fewer regular podcasts than a few years back: they seem to run their course and become a bit repetitive. I listen to Remainiacs now and again but only when I'm in the mood. Any good ones worth listening to?
  12. Anyone watch Wilder-Ortiz? Say what you like about his boxing skills, it is true what he says: you have to be perfect for 36 minutes to beat him. It's a real shame because if he was handled better he'd be a real asset to the HW division and boxing. That said Fury-Wilder 2 should be huge. We're one week out from AJ-Ruiz 2, which is a genuinely intriguing fight. What are people's thoughts on the outcome? Was it a lucky punch, is he AJs bogeyman or is it somewhere in between?
  13. In the biggest fight of the year, KSI beat Logan Paul in a controversial decision. I've only seen the highlights but it seems to boil down to a situation where KSI was knocked down but as he was going down Paul hit him again. He got 1 point for the knock down but deducted 2 for hitting him. Billy-Jo Saunders escaped a possible upset defeat with an 11th round KO. I loved his analysis after the fight, 'Listen I'm not one to make excuses, I came over here five days ill, 9 hours difference, not slept in weeks...'
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