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  1. The GB Lions used to be something relatively distinct and recognisably RL. It was confused a little by the RU Lions but it had the history and the ashes series. It took quite a long time for England RL to get going in my opinion. That said, any brand recognition we had has completely gone, especially in a place like NZ. It's nice for nostalgic reasons for some of us but it could actually be counter-productive and appear as a less serious version (e.g almost invitational) than England RL would have been.
  2. League to Union is a decent comparison, they are after all very similar games. I play piano and both would appear on the sheet music as exactly the same thing: a complicated and quick melody that is played largely on one hand using many of the same rhythms. A good comparison would be somebody who is good at keepy-ups. Somebody who is good at them has to be technically very good at football and have an awful lot of skill. However, that doesn't mean you're good at football or need to be good at them to be good at football. That said, sometimes they can be useful and many of the best players utilise the same skills. Anyway, it's each to their own. I enjoyed songs for years by singers doing amazing runs and genuinely didn't realise anybody didn't like them until I was about 20.
  3. Back on track anyway... Muse Madonna And one for the kids - Billie Eilish
  4. In my late teens and early 20s, I was a singer who was part of a culture where melisma (or runs/turns/vibs) were seen as something to aspire to. This was mainly because they are very hard, and if you can do them well you need to be an exceptional singer. There are plenty of examples of singers doing it who can't do it. Florence (of the machine variety) and Annie Lennox are two such examples. Even now, I enjoy music that includes this and often because of how they do it. Some use it for the sake of using it which is where the problems come in.
  5. I'm not a huge Carey fan, but I am going to defend the style. I often hear this opinion from 'credible' music fans who hate it but have no problem with massive guitar solos. They are in essence the same thing. Both are just a melody taken to an extreme, in a way that demonstrates technical proficiency.
  6. Sam Smith. Nothing to do with his politics, just can't stand his voice.
  7. The GF hasn't sold out many many times before. Wigan-Warrington last year had less than 65k.
  8. I thought I'd put the solution separate. The only way to make the crowds on a par with SL games is to include them on the season ticket: no amount of cut price tickets or marketing is going to stop this rot. Instantly crowds would be like normal SL games with large away followings and over time they might even start to feel like bigger events again. Any argument about interest is absurd. To suggest that Wigan fans were only half as interested as they were about a normal league game against London or Wakefield just doesn't add up. Sticking with fewer clubs is key, so that each of the games is actually important. We have been quite unlucky this year that Saints are so far ahead making the playoffs lack any real meaning. This won't always be the case. There will be plenty of years when any 3 or 4 could genuinely win it. That said, a top 6 playoff might be better purely because it prevents repeat matches. Part of the problem was that we had Wigan-Salford twice and there was a certain inevitability to it. We shouldn't have the situation where Wigan have to beat a team they've already beat in the playoffs. Presuming we got the same finalists, this year we would have had: Castleford-Warrington Salford-Hull -------------------------------------- St-Helens-Wigan Salford-Cas -------------------------------------- Wigan-Salford ------------------------------------- St Helens-Salford This seems a better balance to me.
  9. This is not a new problem but has been getting worse over the years. People often like to compare it to the old playoffs but these were attended very poorly. In the final year of the playoffs, the entire attendance of the top 8 system was less than that of the SL Grand Final is now. In the early years of the playoffs system, it was well supported and there was a lot of enthusiasm about the system. Even then, crowds were only relatively similar to SL games. For instance, the infamous wide-to-west try was a playoff game in front of 8,800 at Knowsley Road which is almost exactly what their average was that year. This however, meant that the crowds weren't noticeably appalling like they are now. It's tempting to say that the move to a top-8 playoff is what caused the rot but things had started to wane before it. The top 8 simply accelerated the decline massively. Rather than it being the top teams fighting it out at the end of the season, it involved too many games with too many teams that had no right to be there. By the final year of the top-8, only one of the 8 playoff games broke 10,000. 10 years earlier all 5 games had broken 10,000 and 3 of them were above 20,000 - this was probably the peak playoff year. I applauded the return to a top-5 system but unfortunately it has been too little too late. The playoff brand has been tarnished possibly forever by unnecessary messing around. Not only have we lost the excitement of the early days, but the games are populated by the worst crowds of the year which obviously has an effect on how the events are viewed and anticipated. Until the final, they feel low-key especially at the clubs who've been in these games for years and years. It's easy to criticise Wigan fans but a repeat game against Salford that they expected to win, even if it was a semi-final, just isn't that big a deal to them. Also, they would have also known all too well that it was going to have a low attendance. I can certainly sympathise with the idea of keeping your money and watching it at home.
  10. Made up for Salford. When Koukash went, I thought they'd be done as a SL club within the year. Regardless of how it goes on Saturday, their inclusion is a real shot in the arm for smaller clubs. In modern sport it is easy to look at it and think that the days of small clubs doing anything are long gone. As a Widnes fan, I don't think I've ever genuinely felt like we could ever be champions again. Maybe win the cup, but never champions. We're just too small. It's the same in football, as an Evertonian I don't seriously think we'll ever challenge again. Days like yesterday, just give that glimmer of hope that maybe one day we could pull it off.
  11. Ha I'd post it if I wasn't trying to keep up some form of anonymity.
  12. I tend to go off fast and then hang on, so after the first kilometre I generally get overtook for the last four. At my last Parkrun in Derry, I overtook a young lad (17-19) who had given up and was walking. I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little smug about it, showing this young buck how it's done. To my not-insignificant annoyance, he overtook me again on the line. This moment, including my disbelief, was the photo they got of me and then posted on Facebook. If it wasn't tragic it'd be funny.
  13. Bit disappointed with the main fight even though it was decent enough. I'm a big fan of Loma and although Campbell was British I was hoping for a vintage Loma performance but it wasn't that by any stretch. Campbell did really well and was really in the fight; I thought the scorecards were harsh. Andre Ward was willing him to go for it but he definitely lost the Championship rounds with the knockdown ending his hopes. Campbell's ringcraft and also being a southpaw negated Loma's highlight-reel moments. Dare I say it as well, but I don't think he's been quite the same since his shoulder reconstruction.
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