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  1. 25 minutes ago and we were facing absolute crisis going into the WC, with an incredible 10 minutes we managed to save some semblance of hope. Obviously not perfect, but at 2-0 down their heads seemed to have really dropped. As soon as we scored 1, we dominated the rest of the game. Couple of silly individual errors cost us a win but hopefully Slabhead and Pope won't start in the WC.
  2. Is it just me or did I watch this game last week on Channel 4? Saints absolutely pulverising a team but both teams being in it at half-time.
  3. It's not positive but it's also not necessarily that negative when it comes to the World Cup. Put it this way France could still get relegated from a group with Denmark, Croatia and Austria. Last night was one of those games where either team could've nicked a goal. There were passages where we looked quite good without being massively threatening. It was certainly much better than the games in the summer with Bellingham and Foden looking good. I've seen many games where we've played worse and won. I'm convinced 50%+ of people judge the game entirely on the result. If we put in a good performance against Germany and dare I say it get a win, it would represent decent preparation for the WC.
  4. Forgive me if somebody has mentioned this, but surely the strangest story this year so far has to be Preston North End. After 10 games, the total number of goals at their matches has been 7. Until this week, there'd only been 3 goals in the opening 8 games with 5 of them ending 0-0. For context, the next lowest in the Championship, L1 and L2 is 13 from a team that has played fewer games than them. They must have some pretty bored fans!
  5. Very relieved to get a win. Hopefully we can avoid getting dragged into a relegation battle.
  6. Responses to the Queen's death have interesting in my experience: Real-life: people saying 'awww' a lot and generally saying they were sadder than they thought they'd have been. Facebook: very similar with a lot of people posting something soppy about the Queen and Prince Philip. Twitter: people making out like the Queen is basically worse than Hitler, the UK is like North Korea, people of x group shouldn't be sad because of x and subsequent outrage back and forth over reactions.
  7. There was a feeling that she might have already passed by the time they were on TV. This was my thought because if she was just very unwell she could have pulled through, it could've gone on for a few days and we could even potentially be in this situation a few times over and over again. They were only going to announce something if it was definite IMO.
  8. Don't quote me on this but I don't think there's nearly as much animosity between fans. I was shocked the first time I went a PL game, how many fans spent what seemed like the entire match goading the opposition fans. I'm sure to an American this is a shock.
  9. The warm up for the Chris Rock/Chappelle gig did a bit on going to a football match yesterday afternoon. He said in football in America the players are brainless knuckleheads, but in England the brainless knuckleheads are in the stands.
  10. I honestly can't think of a downside apart from some notion of purity. We'd soon see fewer instances of players lying down after every tackle if the referee just stopped the clock.
  11. Thanks for that. If I was a Wrexham fan that would be my one concern. They answered it well tho on the documentary, saying it will be a very high-profile failure for them if they do it and then soon pull out. Wrexham fans must be pinching themselves, outside of the PL they are probably one of the top few well-known British football clubs now.
  12. Criticising the level of journalism is just absurd. I just read a hard-hitting article about how Giggs' ex-girlfriend went out for a run the other day.
  13. Oh yeh I get that. When I was telling the wife about it, she said that it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do if I was a multi-millionaire. I'm still unsure how it came to be Wrexham compared to anywhere else. Were they for sale, or was there some sort of connection? If they just wanted to buy a football club to bring them up, were there no League 2 clubs with potential?
  14. Has anybody watched the Wrexham documentary on Disney+? All very interesting, but after two episodes I'm still none the wiser about why they chose Wrexham.
  15. Don't forget AJ has been more than humble in his two previous defeats. He was even criticised after Ruiz for appearing too happy. It's much easier to be humble when you've clearly lost. The difference this time is that it has defined his career full stop. Had he beat Usyk, he'd be a heroic 3 time champion on his way to fighting for undisputed. Now he can never get that back, you can have an off night or have the wrong gameplan, but to lose twice defines how he will be viewed for all time. There are few sports and certainly fewer jobs where you experience this in a single moment. As I said, if he apologises and accepts he did wrong he should be allowed to move on. There are a lot of people keen to make out like this is the 'real AJ' whose mask slipped. I think he should retire personally. He has £100m in the bank and can only further damage his reputation. You could argue there'd be some redemption if he regained a title at some point, but unless it's against a Fury or Usyk again (which are both incredibly unlikely fights IMO) it would be a hollow achievement. In the meantime, if he lost to a Whyte, Joyce, Wilder or worse it would only further damage his past achievements.
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