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  1. It very much depends on the teacher but if it's Primary level it shouldn't be a problem. Whilst there is a curriculum to teach to, you are also teaching to the needs of the children in the class and that includes brighter children. When we were kids, a test was given purely to give you a score in which to rank you amongst your peers. There has been a significant change over the last couple of decades to use assessment as a teaching tool. For instance, I will often start a topic (say multiplication) with an assessment to see what the class and individuals already know and then plan from there. Pretty much every lesson is then differentiated into different levels of understanding. As for coding, Scratch is a program that is free and easy to use. Plus there's plenty of age appropriate planning for it online.
  2. Great idea! I'm currently a teacher and I'm home schooling my kids (a 6 year old and a 3 year old). As an aside, I currently teach Y5/6 if you want any advice or anything. Although I have been teaching, I'm much more interested in giving them a structured day. Obviously, my three year old doesn't need much but with my 6 year old I'm just making he sure he reads every day, does a bit of writing and does basic maths skills so that he doesn't lose anything if he is off for a long time. The rest of it is directed play, fun science based stuff, lego and craft. If we're in this for potentially months, treating it like an extended school holiday where you can't go out (which I suspect many are), will start to have seriously negative effects the longer it goes on. I honestly think it's been better for my mental health having the structure too and even then I've had a couple of melancholy days. It's worked so well that I'm wondering how to manage the Easter holidays which technically start today. Once the structure has gone it could be difficult to start and feel the benefits of it again. If the children were a bit older I would probably take a more active role in actually teaching them stuff. The hardest bit for a non-teacher is pitching the work at the right level: it can be very easy for adults to try and teach them things that are actually too hard for them and that they don't understand. In this instance twinkl.com is very much your friend. I would give them one of the end of year tests as this tells you exactly what they're expected to know at that age group by the end of the year. Then the bits they get wrong show you where your focus should be and you can again use twinkl's mountains of resources to teach it age appropriately. If you're looking for something a bit more interesting www.nrich.com has loads of open-ended investigations which require maths skills.
  3. Somehow I hadn't heard about this until about 7:30. I was watching faintly embarrassed to see what it'd be like, but it was a good turnout so I joined in. The only problem was that someone started at 7:58 which threw people out, you could see people running out in response.
  4. Whereas I know of schools that have already sent out the opposite. The education secretary has suggested that schools will be open to around 10% of pupils, when these lists will mean many more. There is also a great deal of confusion about what is expected to be done with these children. My school is planning on putting on a form of lessons but the Williamson was saying today it's more a case of childcare.
  5. My missus showed me a copy that her headteacher had shared; she only told me after she posted that it was from NI. They do seem to be quite in step with us though, so I'm not sure it will be much different. Delaying until tomorrow seems crazy and way too late to be able to sort this out properly. Put it this way my school has identified around 120 children (out of 350) that they think might be eligible whereas my wife's school is expecting less than this despite being a 1600 pupil secondary school. School's basically have no idea what to do.
  6. Well they've just released a list of the key workers for schools. In a nutshell it's about half the workforce. I understand the difficulties they are facing but tomorrow is Friday and most schools have little idea exactly what Monday is going to or is supposed to look like.
  7. Whether or not the decision not to close schools is the right one to make yet, I suspect they might be forced to make a decision sooner rather than later. The decision to quarantine for 14 days based on anyone in your house having the virus is going to lead pretty quickly to chaos staffing wise. Also, pupil numbers will continue to drop: we were probably at 90% attendance today. It amazes me how many people still misunderstand the situation and are keeping their children off in a panic to stop them getting the virus.
  8. Much is being made this morning of the success of South Korea in slowing the spread down to less than 100 cases a day. Now I really don't understand a lot of all this but when they reopen everything are cases not just going to rise again? Then what is the solution, to close everything again? Surely, if they repeat the process like this they'll be left with years of disruption.
  9. Unfortunately, that's not a good enough answer in this day and age.
  10. I work in education and the closures seem to be dominating the environment at the moment. So many people just presume that closing them is the right thing to do and that the government are just being reckless. Most scientists I've heard seem to accept that it is a genuinely difficult choice. The obvious point is that if we close too early, then we could end up having to close again and again. In general, and it is no surprise with social media, there are so many armchair experts out there. My sister on Facebook was going on this morning about how 'the more she thinks about it' the more she thinks we've had this virus in the UK since before Christmas. I found it very very hard not to reply that the more I think about it, the more I know that she understands nothing about science. I'm still in two minds about posting this:
  11. Did the Chester 10k today and rather unbelievably I got the exact same time to the second as my last one (50:12). Disappointed as I wanted to get under 50 but it had some serious hills that slowed me I reckon. Onto my first half in May...
  12. I suppose it depends how big DAZN become outside of boxing. If they can nab a few different rights packages alongside the boxing then they could start to become a big player in the market. As someone who currently has no subscription to any sports package, I don't mind PPV as it allows me to watch big fights. However, the US model is horrendous and the frequency of PPVs over here is only driving people to illegal streaming. Personally, I wouldnt mind paying 5-10 quid a month to get a guaranteed picture and not have to get up at 5am to watch it!
  13. Neither should be PPV to be honest and I'll probably go looking for streams. There's been a positive development IMO with the news that DAZN are moving into the UK. It's a sport subscription service that's trying to be the Netflix of sports: it's quite big in other areas. It's starting out at 4.99 a month and will have a lot of the American content to start with where they have a big deal with Eddie Hearn. It's going to start with Canelo-BJS but next year the Matchroom-Sky contract is up and my money is on DAZN to get the Hearn fights.
  14. I wouldn't say he's using him as a pawn, he just realises that AJ is by far his bigger cash cow. Whyte should have had a shot at the WBC by now but he has been treated horrendously by them. When Hearn couldn't get the Wilder fight, he was quite desperate for an opponent at one point and Whyte was looking to be the favourite but he didn't like the offer he was given. In hindsight, that was a poor move: Andy Ruiz could have been Whyte. The fear of promoter monopoly is one of the main reasons I bet Wilder wants an instant rematch. Once he's out the loop, people will be reluctant to give him a shot purely because of his right hand and may I add because he played so many games when he was champ.
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