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  1. Translation: I know absolutely nothing about what I'm talking about.
  2. Thanks for this. My ironymeter has now burst to the point I can no longer understand irony.
  3. What often is ignored in this situation is liability. My wife works in a secondary school, and according to her the trust are terrified of the prospect that they reopen, a staff member catches it and dies and then they are found liable because the school hadn't done enough to prevent the spread.
  4. Social distancing between children is largely out of the window. It is more a goal than a concrete thing. Facetime is not teaching, it's lecturing. They are two very different things. I teach primary and with the current class sizes of 10 for EYFS, Y1 and Y6 that leaves few teachers not actually teaching.
  5. In my school, about 4/5 are shielding out of a total staff (teaching and non-teaching) of around 45. People will believe what they want to believe. The strange thing is that teachers are human. So you are going to get a wide range of views. The exact same if it was accountants, doctors, postal workers etc. The media and the public will therefore choose how they want to perceive teachers. If they want to think of them negatively they will and they'll find those voices to justify it.
  6. It really is quite remarkable. If you type in 'rugby' it will come up with a list of pictures with rugby in them, including some I have from 2001 that definitely weren't tagged with anything.
  7. I've made a little progress. Turns out if you type in 'document' into Google images it will give you a list of any photo that is obviously a document. I tried it with meme but it only came up with about 10. Just need to find an offline version now! Picasa doesn't do it and Microsoft Photos only gives a list of 10 ?.
  8. That must be what's happened to some of my older photos. Luckily it's only a small percentage.
  9. This is the program I've used over the years and continue to use for actually looking through my photos rather than organising them. I've decided to bulk upload them to my Google Photos account because that sorts them for you into a sliding scale of age and even does the facial recognition thing that Picasa does automatically. It also automatically puts them into easy to browse folders. I suppose the main thing I'm looking for is some sort of computer program that will identify obviously useless photos for you. The technology is there as my phone often prompts me to archive them, it wouldn't take much for one that could spot obvious memes too.
  10. Luckily for me, new photos are saved in a format which records the exact time and date that they were taken. Even the WhatsApp photos have a clear WA in the title which makes them easy to find and separate. Because of the chaotic nature of how I've transferred photos over the years, some of my older photos have lost the information including the date that they were taken. Luckily, there weren't that many of these and they were pretty easy to locate.
  11. Yeh I've done this with this program. Once you've gone through the first 100 or so and seen that it's accurate, then it's easier to press that button. It was doing a hard reset of my laptop that prompted the desire to sort them out. I transferred all my photos/videos/music onto an external hard drive and then moved them back over. I won't be deleting the original mess of the external hard drive just in case!
  12. This is literally what I've been doing. I need to get into better habits really. Like many I'm sure, I might take 5/6 photos to get a nice shot of something but never bother to delete the rubbish ones. Part of my problem is my fear of losing photos (I once lost my honeymoon photos and videos because my computer ran an update and got stuck), so I back everything up. Because it takes so long and I don't know where I'm up to, I'll often just transfer them back and forth in bulk resulting in multiple duplicates, which I've now sorted.
  13. I recently decided to do try and sort out all my digital photos. Previously, there were all over the place in different folders etc and whenever I'd backed them up from my phone to my PC I'd just done so en masse each time so ended up with a lot of duplicates. I decided just to place them into folders based on their year and then used a duplicate file finder to cull a lot of the repeats. The problem I've got is that I've ended up with thousands of photos in each year, literally far too many to go through individually. The main problem appears to be Whatsapp but I have also got into a habit also of taking photos of documents or reminders etc It would be easy to decide just to delete all of the Whatsapp photos, but probably 25% of them are good photos: most of the pictures I have of my relatives come from Whatsapp. I have placed them into a separate folder for each year but this has still just split 3/4000 into two. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good system for sorting them. For instance my phone will often pick out photos of documents and suggest that I archive them. Is there a program that could do this with the photos that I have and identify the documents/memes etc to allow me to delete them. Also generally, does anybody have any advice for how they've sorted their digital photos?
  14. I'm not on any other forums anymore. At one time I would have frequented Leagueunlimited, rleague, RLfans and gone to a few Union ones to be argumentative (Greenandgold comes to mind). Never really got into non-RL ones and never went anywhere near Reddit. I wonder whether there are many new popular forums popping up, it already seems a bit like something that was of its time.
  15. My favourite thread and sadly it might be RLfans, was the MS Paint thread. Home of the legendary Leon Pryce picture.
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