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  1. He played well today, very strong and hit the ball with pace. Good to see him committing to the right code.
  2. The main gripe from where I was stood was that we were getting pinged for offences that Catalan were getting away with - in particular offside, not being square and messing around at the play of the ball. I'm not suggesting we weren't guilty of any of those offences, I'm sure we were, but Catalan were seeming offside for most of the match yet rarely (in the first half at least) got penalised. It just felt way too one sided - not sure of the actual figure but someone claimed the pen count was 14-4 at half time. I wasn't counting but it wouldn't surprise me.
  3. The refereeing - particularly in the first half - was very curious to say the least. I'm not surprised Mick has got a bit wound up, he seems to "wear his heart on his sleeve". I'd like to think I am pretty level headed when it comes to refs but I was as baffled as anyone for much of the first half. I'd love to watch a video of the match to see if we were as badly done to as it seemed at the time. Good second half response though. A bit more composure and we'd have won it, but after 10 straight losses the nerves showed at the end.
  4. Do clubs get Sky money based on the number of appearances ? Great news for Bradford if so.