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  1. Lyon-Villeurbanne stuck in Elite 2 since the turn of the century I think. They put out these images year on year with the kids. Active local committee but don't appear moving forward significantly. A few things changing presently with a new boss appointed in Carcassonne born Guillaume Brisot (pic below). He's appointed a new coach for next season and trying to get some Elite 1 players on board. I remember back in 2000 they had a fine front- rower Rachid Hechiche who was in the French WC squad that year. They ran with a decent Junior U19s too back then. The new fella has targetted a return to Elite 1 in the next three years. Fingers crossed.
  2. Good to see. Four matches in New Zealand from 27 September. 24 players to travel from below group.of thirty-five. Great opportunity for lads like Brochon, Cozza, Carré and Salabio who have played regularly for Baby Dracs in Elite 1 this past season. Also Lima from TO who has played in the Championship as well Lacans and Gouzy from FCL. Add on back rower Goffin from Villeneuve/Lot who has also stood out in Elite 1.
  3. Remember the Chemics centre Harold Kinsey receiving a bar of Blackpool rock on Naughton Park pitch from some Borough fans. circa 1958. Maybe Aborigine wing Wally McArthur played that day too. What an athlete! Was at Municipal Stadium in Toulouse for the Lynx final against Villeneuve/Lot. Remember some Lancashire fans tumbling out of their minibus. Curtain raiser was Carcassonne-Toulouse Spacers. Fond memories.
  4. It 's a Federation initiative set-up a while back. In June at Lyon 1750 attended!
  5. 16 primary schools from the Perpignan area took part recently in a tournament. This was the culmination of earlier weekly introduction sessions held at Brutus attracting 1,200 youngsters.
  6. Alan there's the three 'hubs' then to promote and nurture. Worked well in Irish rugby union for Leinster, Munster and Ulster too.
  7. Catalan born. Defeated Kangaroos too for a Catalans selection side Xmas day 1948. Brousse third from the right back row.He and Ponsinet formed one of the codes great seconds-rows.
  8. One of the games' all-time greats has died aged 97 yrs in Roanne. 'The Sydney Tiger' second-rower put the Kangaroos to the sword four times between 1945 and 1953. Selected 30 times by France. Must be the last of that great group of Puig Aubert et al.
  9. Grand slam then for Catalans in 2018 taking-out Elite 1 (St Esteve XIII Catalan), Elite 2 (Baho), National 1 (Ille-sur-Tet), National 2 (Salses) and Federal (St Esteve). Baby Dracs coach Benoit Ambert was quoted afterwards ,'the Title is not an end in itself.' He anticipates that 4 or five of the clubs U19s will move up next season. He gave raps in particular Saturday to to teenagers Brochon, Mourgue and Cozza. Could see them joining Mourgue in the super league squad in 2020 along with Salabio.
  10. Yeah always liked him. Was surprised he just walked away after last season with just 32 appearances to his name since 2013.
  11. The last time the Catalans won it (as UTC) was in 2005 the year before they became the Dragons. Clobbered Justin Morgans' TO side at Narbonne a week or so after their Challenge Cup semi-final loss to Leeds. Aussie Ben Pomeroy helping out at St Esteve after his Dragons stint. Stayed on and like the Anderson boys contributing to the treize cause. Good on'em. Hear that the work-horse Thibaut Margelet (ex-Dragons forward) will be returning to his home base and team at Ille-sur-Tet next season. The locals have just won the N1 title and have aspirations of moving up to Elite 2.
  12. There is always a risk. I like to think though Chairman Bernard Sarrazain is cluded-up and savvy - maybe he feels this is a golden opportunity. ST is huge and iconic. All year round rugby. The treize have played cup finals and internationals there. The Dragons too. The hope would be that the present anticipared set-up is favourable for TO to be promoted to Superleague immediately if invited/earned unlike when the Dragons had to wait for Brutus to re-developed back in 2005. Would it not at least give TO the chance to get established?
  13. It’s done, ‘ca va se faire’ - the hybrid pitch. Full page interview of Stade Toulousain Chairman Didier Lacroix in todays ‘L’Equipe’. The very last question posed was about the new pitch to be installed at their Ernest Wallon base. He said that with more usage of the pitch it was necessary. « The womens’ team will play their matches there as well Toulouse Olympioque XIII - who we will become a partner »
  14. Not just the treize. Sunday too nearby in Ariege the XV experienced the same between a Catalan team and one from the Basque country. A young player taken to hospital after a brawl terminated the contest late on. His father fuming and sister in tears. Didn't stop there as the commotion carried on between rival supporters in the stand.
  15. I attended an Elite 1 Championship Final late 1990s at Narbonne between St Esteve and Villeneuve. That finished with officials, referees and players involved in a free-for-all. I like to think presently that certainly at Elite 1 things have improved. One main reason why the Dragons and TO needed to play across the Channel. The professionalism and discpline required to succeed.
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