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  1. Yes that was the man! Very popular player. No size but quick and elusive.53 tries in 66 appearances.
  2. Reported here legendary Dragons winger who topped the SL try count in their first season 2006. To take over the coaching duties at Elite 2 Toulon. Other former Catalans players in charge of clubs/teams here include Cologni, Guigue, Rinaldi and Elima.
  3. Toulouses' original SL goal was to be achieved over five years. This is their second go at it. Last time between 2009-11 in an eleven team competition was unsuccessful with 10th, 8th and 10th finishes recorded. This time far more competitive with finishes already 5th and 3rd and presently 2nd in their fourth season. A fifth season will see them playing out of Stade Toulousains 'impressive ground (19500 cap). ST are the French Top 14 title holders with a rich history. Two decades back though they had real competition in the city neighbours Colomiers. The latter good enough to reach a Heineken Cup Final in 1999. They have since fallen away and struggled last season to stay up in Pro 16. Interestingly they could have been replaced by Federal 1 team Blagnac (who's ground TO XIII play on presently) who just failed promotion to the professional 2nd tier. Only time will tell how linking up with such an iconic club will unfold. Interesting times.
  4. Stade Toulousains' season launch press conference yesterday announced that the new hybrid pitch at Stade Ernest Wallon will be ready for their opening game on the first weekend of September. And added too that TO XIII would play their first game on it next March. Was wondering whether they would actually play at SEW if they they qualify for a home play-off-game on the 14th September as Stade Toulousain are playing away that day. They pulled 6000 there earlier this year when hosting Toronto.Would be looking to better that possibly if it happens.
  5. The Federation has had it's challenges for sure but impressed with their organisation around next domestic season. Already fixtures at all levels have been confirmed and published. Elite 1 will commence in the middle of November Elite 2 last weekend of September. Think staying with 10 teams for Elite 1was the right call. It s stable and slowly improving with more French representation. Elite 2 have lost two sides from the Aude Ferrals and Minervois and gained one from Ille-sur- Tet. I think first time for the Catalan side at this level. Appears well structured supported by a second team at Federal level as well as U19s. I feel that the model today is around less clubs but those that we've got run with more teams from tiny tots, tag rugby, womens, wheelchair etc etc.The fixtures are now on the Federation web-site. Below show the number of teams. Elite 1 10 Elite 2 11 National 16 Federal 24
  6. I think the City Council were looking at €7m originally to re-develop their old Minimes Stadium. The figure now banded about I understand is €4m to enable TO to relocate to Stade Ernest Wallon. I don't now how match the new hybrid pitch will cost. The City Council are also making it possible for TO to return to Minimes next year to use that as their training base. There is still one main stand there I think but the other one and club house were demolished.
  7. I thought that money at the time was being made available by the Aude department (district council) who hoped Aude Cathars would in time support tourism in the area. In the middle of winter they pulled near 6000 on two occaisons to Carcassonne for a pre-season match against the Dragons. I thought the input at the time was hugely impressive. A distinctive shirt and badge and their own anthem sung before the game. Super it was! An Aude selection from the three local sides Carcassonne,Lezignan and Limoux could play in the new 1895 Cup as an end in itself sharing matches between the three towns. Whats to lose?
  8. Like the idea of competing in the 1895 cup. Next year the CC Final comes forward to middlle of July I think so would be appropriate for French involvement. Would love to see Aude Cathars project return and playing in this competition each year along with say Avignon.
  9. Salabio was signed up earlier along with his mates from Federal club St Martin de Crau - Carré and Brochon. Salabio is already being targetted by Cologni as a WC 2021 possible.Fingers crossed.
  10. Yes. Spill out from the Dragons. Carcassonne who reached both finals this past season have Sadaoui and Baile who both played Super League with Catalans as well as two who played Academy U19s in Khedimi and Vincent Albert. Lezignan have former Dragons Fakir, Cardace and Stacul in their line- ups plus Lacans from their Academy U19s. Cologni, Elima and Guigue former Dragons players now coaching over here. Overesas players reduced and replaced by French players who have experience of playing either SL or Championship across the Channel.
  11. Why we need TO in Super League sooner rather than later. I see that Toulouse have picked up a lad from Salon in Provence Laguerre for next season too.
  12. The loss of the Dragons Academy U19s has been an issue. Bernard Guasch has always looked enviously at the like of Leeds, Wigan and St Helens set-ups. The club have now announced 10 hopefuls have signed their first professional contracts. Six who played in the Elite 1 Championship winning team Cozza, Tiaki Chan, Franco, Zafra, Scimone and Martin as well as 4 lads from the U18s Khedimi, Jobe, Baby and Joe Chan. Another teenager on-board for next season is the out-standing second rower from Villeneuve/Lot Jayson Goffin. Last year in Elite 1 registered 10 tries in his first season for the green & whites.
  13. Lyon-Villeurbanne stuck in Elite 2 since the turn of the century I think. They put out these images year on year with the kids. Active local committee but don't appear moving forward significantly. A few things changing presently with a new boss appointed in Carcassonne born Guillaume Brisot (pic below). He's appointed a new coach for next season and trying to get some Elite 1 players on board. I remember back in 2000 they had a fine front- rower Rachid Hechiche who was in the French WC squad that year. They ran with a decent Junior U19s too back then. The new fella has targetted a return to Elite 1 in the next three years. Fingers crossed.
  14. Good to see. Four matches in New Zealand from 27 September. 24 players to travel from below group.of thirty-five. Great opportunity for lads like Brochon, Cozza, Carré and Salabio who have played regularly for Baby Dracs in Elite 1 this past season. Also Lima from TO who has played in the Championship as well Lacans and Gouzy from FCL. Add on back rower Goffin from Villeneuve/Lot who has also stood out in Elite 1.
  15. Remember the Chemics centre Harold Kinsey receiving a bar of Blackpool rock on Naughton Park pitch from some Borough fans. circa 1958. Maybe Aborigine wing Wally McArthur played that day too. What an athlete! Was at Municipal Stadium in Toulouse for the Lynx final against Villeneuve/Lot. Remember some Lancashire fans tumbling out of their minibus. Curtain raiser was Carcassonne-Toulouse Spacers. Fond memories.
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