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  1. Carcassonne line-up for this afternoons semi-final against Avignon.On Thursday they did a promotion in the centre of town. Club President Francis Camel leading the way here along with the town halls sports & leisure officer in support. The clubs off the field activities- impressive.
  2. Semi finals this weekend Carcassonne v Avignon Saturday 3,00 pm GMT Stade Albert Domec Lezignan V St Esteve Sunday 3,00 pm GMT Stade Moulin *https://viaoccitanie.tv/direct-tv/ Carcassonne would have prefered I think Limoux as a local derby - would get around 2000 plus i would imagine. When the Carcassonne played SOA away in Round 7 they were on fire. The Avignon coach Renaud Guigue was gushing with praise for the Canaris (12-36). The return game also still saw them winning (30-8) with the visitors that more competitive. The Canaris last home game saw them lose f
  3. Didn't Masselot play for Wakefield Trinity some years back?
  4. Yes! He did it again after his contribution at Lezignan. He's popped up from nowhere. Another excellent tussle painting the Elite1 favourably. Villeneuve gave everything and a false score line. Impressed with their teenager No13 Dimitri Biscarro - one to look out for.
  5. Today in the Perpignan suburbs of St Esteve the other quarter-final 3rd place v 6th. The Dragons reserves will line-up with half-a-dozen of the extended French World Cup group whilst visitors Villeneuve will only have one in their captain Lasvenes at full back. Their other nomination centre Marguerite not on the team sheet for this one. St Esteve have put Joe Chan and Laguerre in the centres with Flovie and Franco on the wings. The Aquitaine side with lots of experience with the likes of Robin, Godinet, Masselot, Pettyborne and Mika could well be up for this one though. In their coach Oli
  6. Limoux 22-24 Avignon First up-set in game one! SOA s captain Arnaud held the visiters together through out. Was a big ask after Moran and Gigot had moved on. Jouffret significant in their victory. Limoux's Australian half-back Levido two-sided performance. Binned 10 mins from the break and allowed Avignon to take the lead for the first time and later scored a fine individual try to put the Grizzlies ahead once again. Just 3 minutes from the end SOA grabbed it. A towering punt landed on the Limoux line and the flying winger Rey claimed the ball to win it at the death. Great start for
  7. Dragons reserves include Matthieu Laguerre and Joe Chan in their selection tomorrow. The former after two impressive performances against Wigan and Saints the last two weeks while the latter appeared in the loss to Warrington in the Challenge Cup semi final. PS- add in too Jordan Dezaire who played at Wakefield Trinity in Round 5.
  8. This weekend Quarter Finals Limoux v Avignon Saturday KO 2.30pm GMT * https://treizemondial.fr/elite-1-barrage-limoux-vs-avignon-en-direct-video/ St Esteve v Villeneuve/Lot Sunday KO 4.00pm GMT Both ties to be streamed Should be two exciting ties. Limoux after a slow start are in the ascendency. Turned over comp leaders Carcassonne at Domec recently. Avignon had a good second half helped by late comers in Pat Moran and Tony Gigot. Both gone now elsewhere. Louis Jouffret fit again will help their cause. Dragons reservers have lost their last three games. But comp
  9. Garnier coached Carcassonne a few years back. From Perpignan oringinally I think. He was the connection to getting Rouge and Fabre over to Melbourne Storm.
  10. Present players in the Dragons Super League group include Yaha, De Costa and Seguire who were from the first U19s Acadamy group which played across the Channel. Their last Academy group though included Mourgue and Le Cam. It was costing €600,000 a season so the club had to look for ways elsewhere. Le Cam along with Cozza and Joe Chan and with Laguerre, who arrived originally from the Salon Pole Espoir - the four designated 'Apprentices' for 2021. The Dragons are presently scouting around for new talent for 2021/2022/2023. The Director of Formation is Bruno Castany and has team of a d
  11. I was wondering where he had got to. The teenage Albi half back went with the Dragons Cesar Rouge to the Melbourne Storm formation programme early last year.
  12. After 2020 Elite 1 comp was appondonded it's good to see this year's regular season reach its conclusion this weekend with the one outstanding fixture St Gaudens hosting Villeneuve/Lot this afternoon. The 'Ours' looked out on their feet with three games over the last week or so. Yes they finished bottom but they're showing some bottle right to the end even when nothing was at stake. 50-32 at Avignon and 32-24 at Carcasssone. It was obvious some weeks back who the top 6 sides who would quialify for the play-offs. Albi and TO both turned over Limoux at home earlier and Palau had their mome
  13. That break led to Flovie scoring in the left hand corner. The Catalans web site only show the players by name.
  14. Wigan have a special link with the Catalans from their very first SL game in 2006 at Gilbert Brutus. 14 players have played for both sides. The Dragons played on the road here several times , twice in Montpellier and of course the unforgetable game in Barcelona which established a competion record of more than 31,000.
  15. Leon Llong was wearing a scrum cap. Made Catalans best clean break from the bench - haven't noticed him before.
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