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  1. Dragons reserve team up against Limoux. See that 8 of the players who played against Wigan 4-48 loss will be there tomorow interestingly. Only two from last year's lot - winger Rey and centre Jobe I think. Curtain raiser is Under 19's. A certain Alex Chan features but probably not his dad who is Manager of the Dragons - are there more to follow Joe Melbourne bound and eldest Tiaki now making his was in the SL's group. Add on to a certain Audric Le Cam possibly younger brother of Corentin who is in the French World Cuo group
  2. It will take some time to see how things work out. Miloudi is out after his injury at the weekend against England Knights - 2 months I hear. Jullien now at Pia will not play till World Cup is finished. Limoux who lost ten players from their GF against Carcassonne. Also their outstanding Australian full back Santo not back before December. Interesting to see how St Gaudens go with Garbutt as player/coach and a few signings. TO Elite 1 have really raised their group with some players who where in the French 'B' side who played England Knights recently. The 10 sides hopefully being closer together this year.
  3. Yes it's getting better slowly. Pia came up after winning all games last year. From up in Provence Carpentras U19s put forty past Carcassonne Saturday - their U17s were champions last year. Hopefully their seniors could return in the near future and getting back in Elite 1
  4. Real coup for Pia with Benjamin Jullien 87 games with the Dragons - seventeem this year too -still in his twenties and good for the competion
  5. Cracker of game at Limoux yesterday. Pia after ten years away will show - I think they can cut it. St Gaudens also seemed to do well at Albi of an opener. Dragons reservers played with 12 players from the first minute. Came back in late on - liked the lad from Albi though Bonillo with a powering run down the middle. Early days obviously - but hope in the Elite 1 Saturday France 'B' played with a group with just 70 Super League games on while the Knights could call on 700.
  6. Carpentras and Salon U19s take places of Avignon & St Gaudens? Did Covid be a factor there People coming to Carcassonne on holiday has shut up this summer
  7. I think that's right. The last time they had a full-house 11,600 was against Hull KR in the SL semi final. The Guasch Stand holds 2,500. Not sure that includes the open terraces either side.
  8. Jim - he was the captain in Australia last time wasn't he?
  9. It's the older Chan Tiaki - isn't playing against the Knights There are two players in both squads Le Cam and Rougé - wanted them to have some playing time Gigot seems to have gone back to his own town Avignon. Frayssinous was convinced by his desire to be involved - last chance maybe The coach has other names such as TO players Bergal and Jussaume as back- ups if injuries occur too 7 players from TO 13 players from Dragons
  10. The Bleus biggest challenge in decades - in one month * Oct 2 France B v England Knights Bordeaux * Oct 8 France v Tonga (warm up) Halifax * Oct 17 France v Greece Doncaster * Oct 22 France v England Bolton *Oct 30 France v Samoa Warrington
  11. Belmas Da Costa Dezaria Escare Garcia Gigot Goudemand Jullien Laguerre Langi Le Cam Marcon Marion Mourgue Pelissier Puech Romano Rouge Sangare Seguier Springer Stefani Jouffret Yaha * Half backs Lucas Albert & Fages are not fit like props Bousquet & Navrarrete
  12. TO are pouring decent players into their Elite 1 like never before. Interesting. 10 have gone from the SL set-up. Are they waiting on Hankinson's decision as for Lucas Albert.The Australian forward Alvaro seemed to go well too.
  13. From Salford to St Helens this year was great for the competition. Nearly all the top coaches felt it was an open field with all 6 in the race. What we need now is the other 6 to catch up. The league needs bigger clubs & more of them. That's all.
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