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  1. At Newcastle Saturday the Thunder players formed a tunnel to congratulate TO's winning the Championship League Leaders Shield. A week earlier Huddersfield players did the same at Stade Brutus for the Dragons. And after the vocal support given to the Catalans at the Magic Weekend too.
  2. Ambert Challenge this year went to the Grizzlis of Limoux beating FCL (2-0) in a downpour watched by the new French coach Laurent Frayssinous. Baby Dracs fielded Roman Franco, Tiaki Chan and Florian Vailhen as well as twenty U19s. Despite the presence of Lacans and Stacul Lezignan couldn't cross the line. Decided by Lilmoux's Australian full back Zak Santos boot. Now awaiting the Elite 1 opening 16th October.
  3. First sign of Elite movement this afternoon at Pia. 4 teams take part Lezignan, Limoux, Dragons reservers and the Elite 2 side hosts Pia Baroudeurs. Play 20 minutes each way against each other way. If James Maloney and Jason Baitieri can't make it others like new comer Corentin Rey from SOA to St Esterve will be on show.
  4. Interesting today TO will have half back Lucas Albert on debut at Newcastle. 5 former Dragons now with Casty, Pelissier, Navarrete and Gigot. TO are a far different team that Ford and Kheirallah led well just a few seasons back. Add on the two players from Saints in Paulo and Peyreux.
  5. Really good news to hear Patrick Alberola taking the reins at the Pole Espoirs in Carcassonne. Has coached Carcassonne and Pia as well as involvement with French set-up too. Lots of experience. Good bloke.
  6. What an image. Who would ever have believed it. France v England Both captains playing for Catalans Dragons maybe.
  7. Maybe but he's won titles in France, Canada and now Barrow up in Cumbria. Good on him Hakim Miloudi - take a bow
  8. Alan - that would be putting the Catalan region back to where they were before with the Dragons. 4 teams in Elite 1 Back then it was X111 Catalan , St Esteve, St Cyprien and Pia. I think the success of the Dragons is a major factor here.
  9. Appears Gadwin Springer is returning to France and joining Villeneuve for the new season. The Aquitaine club though could be losing the services of Stan Robin who wants to re-locate to the Perpignan region.
  10. Dezaria was with the first academy intake along with the likes of Yaha and De Costa. He played 4 SL games for the Dragons back in 2016 before going off to Leigh and TO in his travels. He's a great example of a bloke maturing later.
  11. Add on Mourgue who turned out for the reserves this past season. His debut with Dragons was 2019 but really blossomed this year with 19 appearances so far.
  12. 21 appearances this season in Super League so far from the 6 apprentices viz. Le Cam (3), Cozza (2), Joe Chan (6), Franco (2), Rouge (1) and Laguerre (7). Ground breaking here anyway.
  13. Bernard overwhelmed Saturday at St James Park. Supporters from the other clubs chanting the Dragons name loudly, He couldn’t believe his ears. Maybe the Brits liking the under dog up against the top dog - since some time. The Dragons totem pole of the renaissence across the Channel since 2006. Three years after the Wembley Cup success - now the League Leaders Shield. 4 semi-finals now after 2009 (Kevin Walters), 2014 (Laurent Frayssinous) and now two successive from (Steve McNamara). Are Catalans becoming the 6th biggest club on the podium behind Leeds, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington and Hull FC. I think ticking all the boxes -stadium,support, formation,finance and now success on the field. Coinsiding with this Toulouse Olympique and their challenge to join them in Europe’s top competition. In less than a months time Stade Brutus and hopefully Ernest Wallon will welcome sides across the Channel, The French game here cannot believe it.
  14. Richard Greenwood is the President of NWC I played with him at Waterloo back in the 1960's He was an outstanding forward union international for England. His son also played for England in the centres. Great to see him getting involved with Crusaders.
  15. See the Federation now looking at promoting three Elite 2 sides next year to get to the 12 that they're after. That would leave second division to 10 clubs. But the hope is that two sides from the third tier would also move up to see a 12 side Elite 2. Fingers crossed. Pia, Ille-sur-Tet and Baho from the Catalan region could well be in the mix.
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