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  1. Evidence. Bergal, White, Barthau, Robin and Ader take in yesterdays Top 14 clash v Bordeaux.
  2. In the above piece Lacroix went out of his way to say TO weren't being invited but resident. It's their home and part of Stade Toulousain.'We are happy to be part of this project'. Their adminisration is now I understand located at Stade Ernest Wallon. It's miles away from what the Dragons went through when at Aime Giral. As the screen suggests below 'Together'. Encouraging. (Budget for 2020 reported to be €3,2M
  3. Half a page in the regional broad-sheet 'La Depeche du Midi' Sports Section yesterday. Unheard for TO usually locked away in the city edition. Never seen such a profile. Lacroix and Sarrazain making this happen.
  4. Didier Lacroix present yet again at TO launch. The Stade Toulousain President giving his support. His team French Top14 Champions and aiming for Heineken Cup glory with Ulster in quarter finals. Is the ’ville rose’ the only city in Europe where oval ball rules ? TO boss Bernard Sarrazian is targetting 30th May with the first ever double header in France. His aim is to fill to capacity Stade Ernest Wallon (19,000) which would be an all-time French club record for a regular season fixture. The club feel their recruitment in 2020 could be decisive as all of them having played either NRL or Super League. The build-up for York on the opening weekend has started. Sarrazain here giving France 3 regional television major channel the up-date. Lacroix’s set-up so dominant that he is maybe comfortable in entering this arrangement. Something Dragons never reached with USAP. The problem there was I think the bloke who later became head of Top 14 organisation wanted nothing to do with the treize. Last year when Catalans played in Barcelona the USAP had approached the governing body about changing the day of their game to enable all rugby fans to travel south.
  5. Smashing evening at Stade Domec last night. Felt like Dragons-TO came of age. Fifth time they’ve met. A decade back when Toulouse were struggling in the championship across the Channel too easy for the Catalans winning 10-46. Back in the championship by 2017 TO turned the Dragons over at Blagnac 22-6. Fifth,3rd and 2nd finishes now make them a different proposition. Only team to beat Toronto in 2019 too. Last year underwhelming occaison on a Friday night at Stade Gilbert Brutus with home side just edging it. Fabulous what Carcassonne did. Picked up the gauntle and ran with in style with 4500 attending with special thanks to mine-host at Bar Felix Jean Cabrol who led the way. Made a simple pre-season run-out into an event – a gala occaison, Both clubs sold merchandise and the bars did good trade plus post match reception packed out.
  6. Bernard Guasch is hoping to secure something next week. I think they're saying that Sky will cover 5 home fixtures in 2020 so they need someone else to cover the other nine. The Vià Occitanie people who have covered Elite 1 games of late are interested - their coverage is regional based from Toulouse. The chairman says though Eurosport are still in the picture too. Bein Sport will still continue with their NRL coverage in 2020.
  7. Yes he is still very much involved in the club's 'Table ovale' which meets every couple of months engaging sponsors et al.
  8. Superb evening along with Stade Toulousain President Didier Lacroix and former union international star Thomas Castaignede. Two iconic clubs supporting Toulouse Olympique as they are about to launch their 2020 season at Stade Ernest Wallon.
  9. ...at the Storm in Melbourne.18 yr old Baptiste Fabre from Albi (left) and 17 yr Cesar Rouge from Limoux. The two halfbacks attending a youth training camp. Both have played in Elite 1 this season. What an experience!
  10. Last night in the most prestigious hotel in la Cité the press conference for the forth coming TO-Dragons game. A pre-season friendly game yes but being presented as something quite special. Marked audacious and professional. Centre stage the two Co-Presidents of the Carcassonne club Francis Camel and Dr.Christian Valero welcomed the respective leaders of the participating clubs Bernard Sarrazain and Bernard Guasch along with coaches Sylvain Houles and Steve McNamara. Joined up thinking.
  11. The Federation here is a side show and has been for along time. The iconic Paul Barriere who was behind the first World Cup in France in 1954 was such a hard act to follow. I don’t think anybody has got near to him unfortunately. Differents times of course. This century Nicolas Larrat at least saw how the game was evolving. He was at Wembley in 2007 to see the Dragons playing infront of a crowd of more than 80,000. Carlos Zalduendo followed and had pushed strongly Toulouse Olympique including a Challenge Cup semi final appearance in 2005. He missed out on a Super League place to Catalans and subseqently saw his club fail to make an impact across the Channel 2010-12. Bernard Guasch at Catalans iconic too in what he’s acheieved – two Wembley appearances and established a record Super League regular season crowd in Barcelona last year. Over at TO following Carlos departure from his rôle at the club and then the Federation Presidency has been followed in the 'ville rose' by the impressive Bernard Sarrazain. Fortunately now the two major clubs are working hand-in-hand seriously for the first time. In 2020 we will have the two double headers at Stade Ernest Wallon and Headingley bringing together the two French professional clubs against Leeds and London Broncos. This Friday TO are coming to Stade Gilbert Brutus to partake in joint training session ahead of their pre-season match Saturday week between the two sides, This match will be organised by the local Carcassonne club who will put on a post match banquet. Last weekend too the Dragons went to Lezignan to support the club’s inaugration of their new stand attracting a near 5,000 crowd. The clubs here are coming together and pulling their weight at last I feel.
  12. These Canadian lads from Kings College School in Nova Scotia were playing rugby league in the 1940's. Something to build on.....Pic courtesy of Philip Fearnley
  13. Albi 30-22 St Esteve Lezignan 18-28 Limoux Toulouse Olympique 10-48 Carcassonne St-Gaudens 12-25 Avignon Villeneuve/Lot 52-18 Palau Think we know now who the top 7 will be. 2018 winners Avignon had a fallow year last term but bouncing back now and will join the play off charge in 2020.Albi and Villeneuve re-building and could challenge the Aude clubs and holders St Esteve come June.Palau put 80 points on Toulouse last week but took fifty plus themselves this afternoon up in the Lot region. It's looking promising.
  14. Maybe the time of the year to take stock.and reflect Eric Perez full of ethusiasm in the here and now on the Toronto’s latest ‘Howlin Hour’ podcast, Interesting talks about the Martime Provinces, Nova Scotia and its capital Halifax as a potential home for rugby league further down the line. Eastern Canada 2-3 hours nearer Europe. Long, long before Perez though there was an Irishman John McCarthy who got Canadians interested in the game. In the 1930’s-40’s McCarthy coached the game and reported on it.Tony Collins the rugby league’s academic historian has his say too here. Concluding in his piece, »Can the rugby league game throw-off it’s reputation of the sport that never miss an opportunity, to miss an opportunity. » https://thehowlinhour.podbean.com/
  15. The kick off yesterday for the St-Gaudens/Lezignan game was given by Carole Delga, the President of the Occitanie Region which encompasses Toulouse and Montpellier and has a population of nearly 6 million. It was the second time this year that she has been involved with the game. She was received by Bernard Guasch at Stade Gilbert Brutus leading up to the Barcelona game at the Camp Nou. The Region support the Dragons spreading their 'marque' overseas - Spain in 2019 and Canada in 2020.The 'Sud de France' on the Dragons jerseys relates to the Regions promotion of its food and wines.
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