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  1. What about that sublime touch by the St Esteve centre Maxime Jobe for Jordan Flove's second try against Carcassonne. last Saturday. A such light touch, he didn't hold ball just flicked it on - wonderful. He knew he had done something quite special there! PS 13H39 Paul!
  2. 50 players lining-up this afternoon at Amie Giral. 42 of them French. Some Elite 1 players will have the added incentive of trying to make the World Cup group in October.
  3. Dragons fielding 29 players tomorrow Good to see Joe Chan back in the mix Few regulars missing out with minor muscle problems Garcia, Dudson and Bousquet. MclIorum and Joel Tomkins still suspended Jason BAITIERI Lambert BELMAS Robin BROCHON Louis CARRE Joe CHAN Mathieu COZZA Alrix DA COSTA Tom DAVIES Jordan DEZARIA Josh DRINKWATER Jordan FLOVIE Romain FRANCO Mickael GOUDEMAND Maxime JOBE Benjamin JULLIEN Sam KASIANO Samisoni LANGI Corent
  4. To me this is the strongesst group they've put together by some distance. The Elite 1 comp finishes late June. There must be players there who could give them hand late on if necessary.
  5. Be interesting to see how the Elite1 go. They've got 10 or more games under their belts against the Dragons group who have only come together since this Monday. Frayssinous watched both games at Brutus and Lezignan at the weekend and he expects some Elite 1 players will make the World Cup squad. It's fifteeen years now isn't it since the Dragons last played at Aime Giral.
  6. Aussie crew in tandem with writer Mike Rylance Worth a listen https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-progressive-rugby-league-podcast/id1357522412
  7. From a group of 22/ All French players Sporting Olympique Avignonnais XIII Tony Gigot Louis Jouffret Romain Pourret Saloty Mendy Albi Rugby League XIII Nitim Pedrero Carcassonne XIII Lucas Albert Vincent Albert Bastien Canet Jorgy Gambaro Mickaël Simon FC Lézignan Lilian Albert Valentin Ferret XIII Limouxin Romain Puso Valentin Yesa Palau XIII Broncos
  8. You've got to factor in too - age and experience here. St Esteve basically an 20's side against the Canaris. Two big, strong Pacific island players in Tuilagi and Drodrolagi, Escamilla and Canet both French international forwards the latter with lots of Championship experience with TO X111 along with Lucas Albert and Simon with nearly 200 SL games between them. St Esteve changing their role a bit now under Murphy and Bird. Really asking questions of the youngsters. Their raison d'etre not all about silverware.Perez and Dezaria only ones with experience. Thought both had decent games but t
  9. St Esteve few changes from last week for the clash with Carcassonne tomorrow at Brutus. Looks a bit like the team that lost against the Canaris earlier and nothing like the team which turned over Lezignan with the likes of Le Cam, Cozza, Laguerre, Belmas et al. Maybe Steve McNamara keeping them back for next week against Elite1 Selection. Interesting that game now to be played at Aime Giral as Brutus is being used by local Canet soccer team in the French Cup game agains the mighty Marseille Olympique.
  10. Light years between what the Dragons put up with at Aime Giral home of USAP in 2006. Selling clubs shirts et al from portable tables behind the stands in the open like a market day. Remarkable what is evolving here. Stade Toulousain probably the biggest rugby club in Europe on and off field. Got class.
  11. Robinson brought his Roosters side twice to main land Europe in the lead-up to the WCC across the Channel. He invited Toulouse Olympique and their coach Sylvain Houles to share a training session up in Paris and followed that up next time ditto with the Catalans Dragons and Steve McNamara to Barcelona's Olympique Stadium.
  12. This coming weekend promises the best so far. The dress rehearsal maybe for the May Play Offs. The present top six playing each other. Leaders St Esteve v joint 2nd place Carcassonne possibly to be played at Brutus the choice pick with a couple of recent Dragons in Canaris colours. Lezignan v Limoux in an Aude Derby leaving rising Avignon 4th hosting Villeneuve/Lot 5th placed. What’s not to like.
  13. Not that I can remember. TO XIII are slowly moving forward to be like the Dragons. Catalans a decade in front at least in their formation - the Dragons have played several times against Elite 1 Selection.
  14. 1st March back to Brutus with less than 4 weeks to the opener against Hull KR. 13th March v TO at Brutus. Was wondering if they were looking for another hit-out. Or using Elite 1 just to get some match practise in.Thinking especially for TO with lads like Sangare and Jussaume. Suprprised a bit yesterday. Thought St Esteve would find it more difficulr against Villeneuve. McNamara kept all his fringe lads in cotton wool. Le Cam, Laguerre, Cozzia and Joe Chan plus Mourgue and Belmas. Lost Romano unfortunately for the new season already. How long will Joe Chan be out for?
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