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  1. Frank was our hero at Widnes in the late 1950's. Remember him breaking the clubs try scoring record (38?) at that time - he had a great fend. Later I had the honour of playing against him for the Chemics when he moved on to the Saints. The picture below tells a thousand stories. Right corner maybe Percy Davies who played scrum half to Frank in the early days. The image in casuals I think was taken at the Widnes golf club where he was a top player. Bottom left scoring a try at Knowsley Road in a trial match for GB v the Rest leading up to the 1962 WC. On top that great occaison the Chemics winning at Wembley v Hull KR 1964 along side Vince Karalius. Between them the Chairman who led them out that day Frank Devonald and a neighbour of ours at the top end of town.
  2. 24 years ago - 29th March 1996.What a night that was. Travelled over on the recently launched Eurostar- fabulous. A starting date for the competition which today some would like to see return.'L'Equipe' give it a third of a page match report. Loved the international profile. Kacala a prop from Poland and a winger from Moldavia in Piskunov. Father (Tas) of Dragons forward Jason Baitieri running the show too.
  3. TO get the VIPs in too pre-match. The new facilities help as well.
  4. TO getting the message out for tomorrow's Batley visit. Houles wants to improve his sides points difference from 2019. They've had a comfortable programme so far - major challenges ahead. Toulouse travelled back on the same plane Monday as the Dragons. Wonder if he had a word with McNamarra regarding fringe playes at Catalans. Some of the Dragons reserves I think will need bigger challenges than Elite 1 possibly when the local comp runs down in June.
  5. Elsewhere Dragons are looking to relocate the second Toronto game here - 27th June - possibly to either Marseille or Toulon. The latter at Stade Mayol may be prefered as there is a local second tier club there run by former Dragons winger Justin Murphy. Also too SB Williams played in Toulon in the Top 14 between 2008-10.
  6. Has passed away. At a young age in Perpignan The Catalan forward played I think in that first ever Super League game at the Charlety Stadium in Paris PSG-Sheffield. XIII Catalan was his local club. He was capped 20 times for France and was in the last Tricolores team to beat GB at Headingley in 1990. Back row below fifth from the left next to Danny Divet who played at Hull FC and Feathersone.
  7. Tomorrow at the Olympique Stadium in Barcelona. Same turf where they played the Wire in 2009. Trent Robinson the link. He did the same last year but with TO up in Paris.The Australian coach played and coached at TO and later with the Dragons 2011-12.
  8. At least the Federation and Elite 1 clubs are looking at the possibility of regional sides coming together. Playing against the two professional clubs regularly would help the game here.
  9. Yes like the idea of 'origin' because that would be the only way i think of making Provence work as a fourth entity. Today the Dragons have young fringe players from Avignon area such as Mourgue, Salabio, Brochon, Carre and Laguerre could be welcomed. But that would be some way off. For the time being Dragons-TO repeated next year again at Carcassonne hopefully. January 2020 was the best we've had at Carcassonne since the last in 2015 with the Aude Cathars reseplendent distinctive jerseys with badge and even their own anthem sung. Magic weekends here, even Cup finals cannot replicate these possibilities.Remember though has to fit in Dragons-TO expectations. Two week window in January
  10. Interesting that. Dragons having another one or two extra pre-seasons could be a help.This year it was annouced that they would play 2 games as last year against the President's XIII as well as TO. It just didn't happen.Rembering how much excitement it got when Aude Cathars played the Dragons a few years back with 6000 crowds. As a starter for 2021 why not put Aude Cathars-TO-Dragons together. Would link three different 'departments' next to each other too.Pyrenees Orientales/Aude/Haute-Garonne. Could be built on.
  11. Some years back when Nicolas Larrat was President they had a four team comp.Provence, Roussillon, Aude and Garonne. Unfortunately lasted just one year. Provence centred on Avignon, Roussillon have two Elite 1 clubs in St Esteve & Palau, Aude three clubs Carcassonne, Lezignan and Limoux. Garonne -river which runs towards the Atlantic - takes in St Gaudens, Toulouse, Villeneuve/Lot and Albi. The thing with this approach is that they would take part each year. Some thing to build on. They need more 'events' of note. I'm not sure the Championship clubs would go for it; if not participation in Challenge Cup or 1895 Cup.
  12. Last month over 9000 fans turned up in the Aude at Lezignan and Carcassonne even if some got in for nothing. Narbonne and USC (Pro 16) the top union clubs in the area each pulled 2500 in their last home games. On the weekend of the Dragons-T0 in Carcassonne all the Chairmen of Elite 1 clubs came together. One of items to be discussed was a European club competition. One thing being considered is 'regional enties' rather than clubs. Will the 'Aude Cathares' once again see the light of day.
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