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  1. With the BBC showing every game (some on red button) you've got to imagine they will actually push it as an event.
  2. Thats just a training top I believe. This is their Magic Shirt;
  3. I watched it and the quality and performance of the stream can't be faulted. Paying for and loading up the stream was easy too. Id have preferred to have it on the BBC but I can understand why they rejected it if they thought they offered too little to show it. Just seemed to be a weird time to reject their offer just as they've announced a great partnership with them for the 2021 World Cup though. Are the RFL going to offer a subscription to watch all the World Cup matches later this year? It might make sense to do this as a way of making up some revenue from selling the broadcasting rights to premier sports for probably a low amount. I can't see premier getting international rights again so the RFL don't need to worry about annoying them and I'm sure people like me would pay for the RFL service instead of signing up to premier during the tournament. Maybe that's why they were eager to test streaming now to see if it's worthwhile?
  4. Working fine for me too
  5. Stream all good so far, would have looked good on BBC with the packed stadium and noisy crowd.
  6. Stream all good so far
  7. I've got my Mac hooked up to my tv and just waiting for the stream to start, currently got the coming soon graphic. Wish we could have watched the other games though.
  8. I designed a couple of the SL shirts in here. It's interesting to see everyones thoughts on them.
  9. Theres a video introducing the new logo here; The England logo has also been changed and now features 3 lions.
  10. Trains from Leeds have been awful, just spent two hours stood squashed against someone's armpit and now we're stuck in a massive scrum trying to exit line street station.
  11. Me and the missus have just escorted Tohu Harris to Boots so he could buy a plug adapter. Got a few photos with him too.
  12. Yeah it was 2011 I believe, theres a video of them coming out on the pitch on youtube.
  13. I agree about not singing GSTQ but there was one final at Elland Road (I can't remember the year) and England came out to Land of Hope and Glory and everyone was waving those little England flags. The atmosphere was amazing. It was just a shame that ten minutes later we had already pretty much lost.