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  1. I designed a couple of the SL shirts in here. It's interesting to see everyones thoughts on them.
  2. Theres a video introducing the new logo here; The England logo has also been changed and now features 3 lions.
  3. Trains from Leeds have been awful, just spent two hours stood squashed against someone's armpit and now we're stuck in a massive scrum trying to exit line street station.
  4. Me and the missus have just escorted Tohu Harris to Boots so he could buy a plug adapter. Got a few photos with him too.
  5. Yeah it was 2011 I believe, theres a video of them coming out on the pitch on youtube.
  6. I agree about not singing GSTQ but there was one final at Elland Road (I can't remember the year) and England came out to Land of Hope and Glory and everyone was waving those little England flags. The atmosphere was amazing. It was just a shame that ten minutes later we had already pretty much lost.
  7. I hope the England team comes out to Land of Hope and Glory like they did last time we hosted the 4 nations
  8. I'm thinking of ordering some white cut and sew polos with blue and red chevrons. If I got some of these and put a generic yellow lion embroidered logo on them would anyone be interested in getting one? I'd probably order them in a similar design to the last couple of GB shirts. I reckon I could get these made for less than £20 each (postage may make it slightly higher), and the quality is good, would anyone be interested? I'll put a mock up of what they'll look like on here if anyones interested. I could order sublimated shirts if people prefer them.
  9. In theory France should only need to beat Lebanon to get to the Quarter-Finals. Same with Scotland and beating Tonga although thats probably a more difficult task. Top 3 from Group A and B progress along with the winners of group C and D. Lebanon are the ones who appear to have been shafted, if these do turn out to be the groups. On the whole though, everyone has something to play for. These groups haven't been announced yet so might not be true if the information being leaked over the past weekend turns out to be false but several papers have reported things which match up.
  10. Apparently the NSW government didn't bid to host any.
  11. The full draw is announced tomorrow. Based on information already out it appears to be the following; Group A Australia England France Lebanon Group B New Zealand Scotland Tonga Samoa Group C European Qualifier 1 European Qualifier 2 Papua New Guinea Group D Fiji European Qualifier 3 USA Cross-over games Fiji v Euro Qualifier 2 Euro Qualifier 1 v Euro Qualifier 3 USA v Papua New Guinea Only two games are in NSW, Aus v Lebanon and England v Lebanon, the final and a semi are in Brisbane and the other semi is in New Zealand. Aus v England opener at Etihad stadium.
  12. Read somewhere that the following games have been confirmed; Fiji v USA Scotland v Samoa A Euro Qualifier v A Euro Qualifier and Scotland v Tonga double header A Euro Qualifier v USA and A Euro Qualifier v Fiji double header Based on that info I think the groups will follow the same format as before and be something like the following; Group A Australia/New Zealand England France Lebanon/Papua New Guinea Group B New Zealand/Australia Scotland Tonga Samoa Group C European Qualifier 1 (Probably Group A Winner) European Qualifier 2 (Probably Group B Winner) Papua New Guinea/Lebanon Group D Fiji European Qualifier 3 (Probably the playoff match winner) USA Cross-over games Fiji v Euro Qualifier 2 Euro Qualifier 1 v Euro Qualifier 3 USA v Papua New Guinea/Lebanon I did think PNG would host a group of 3 but can't see how that would work with the already announced fixtures unless Lebanon are fed to the bigger teams. I could be way off the mark but thats my guess. Also read that a semi and the final are at Suncorp. I don't like one semi being played at the same ground as the final. Gives one finalist an advantage plus lessens the specialness of the final
  13. Its been one of the main stories on Radio one Newsbeat today.
  14. Really nice to see. I've spoke a few times to Wendy who runs the png women's rl and she is really passionate about the game and deserves every bit of success. Their logos pretty good too