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  1. `What do Salford bring to SL?` is voiced every week on here. Well for a start we will be taking over 2,000 to the Pie Dome - not bad for starters.
  2. And I remember Myler cheating last year for Ref Child to give Rhinos victory
  3. Typical anti SRD comment from Rupe. The game plan was quite clear - Tough defence in First Half with no frills - Open Up Second half with thrills. The lads followed the plan to the letter. I don`t think many sides will relish meeting Salford in the Play Offs - That is if we get there.
  4. Well Faithful he`s a bit like Steve Smith - there is no replacement!
  5. McGroan just has a face you would like to punch hasn`t he?
  6. RayCee obviously doesn`t understand that maybe only a couple of clubs out of the 30 odd actually make a profit. Without a Sugar Daddy Salford run on an income less expenditure basis and that is why the Lui deal was so clever. We have a huge population of 200000 plus but sadly little interest in TGG - its wendyball for most even though their team (ManUre) are pretty poor these days. Only on field success will bring an increase in Crowds so we will have to wait a little longer for the upturn.
  7. AC well there are some players near the end who are capable of assisting IW - Flan is the obvious one - but rumours about Kevin Brown coming who would also foot the bill.
  8. What a miserable Man of Kent you are. Batleys heritage Challenge Cup 3 times 1896–97, 1897–98, 1900–01 - so they deserve a visit to Wembley.
  9. Absolutely - a gate half open - such a simple thing to sort as well.
  10. ...But of Course Salford don`t bring anything to Super League do they Man of Kent? Ratchford, Sneyd, Evalds, Bibby, Fages to name but just a few
  11. Very True Starburg BUT never forget :- Runcorn, Nottingham & Blackpool were thrown out of the League BEFORE the Season ended in 1992. (Were given notice)
  12. Sorry to rain on your parade Chrispmartha but you are wide of the mark. no - actually you are very wide. Hopeful Jacko stays another year at the club he LOVES and who supported him when he was down. Personally hope then at the end of 2020 he returns to Oz with his pal Lussick and gets offered a huge payday. Both these lads have been great for the Community club that is Salford and for British Rugby League in general.
  13. Will we see the Wigan Walk today with 20 mins to go? Guess they will head to the Beach though this time.
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