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  1. Salford have a few back and they are `under the radar` Sarginson, Lannon, Pauli, Lussick, Patten & Taylor should strengthen. Can only summise Inu is out due to his partners imminent childbirth and sad Marshall has a reluctance to play Escare who can be a matchwinner.
  2. Quarter Final may be interesting after all if we get Escare, Sarginson, Pauli, Elijah Taylor, etc back
  3. Watching Chris Chester`s reactions make me laugh - Spitting Image of Oliver Hardy
  4. For me its not a 4 pointer - we are 3 games in - a new coach - a new assistant coach - new conditioner - mostly new players - so it will take time to gel - look at Fartown - they have spent fortunes yet are 4 from 4. Its just too early for everyone - suggesting the Reds are in Relegation fight - so are 6 other teams then. As it happens - we are without our top 4 earners in Kallum Watkins, Dan Sarginson, Joe Burgess & Elijah Taylor - so excuses in pre match but I am looking at the BIGGER picture.
  5. Well we had Kendall from Huddersfield looking after Huddersfield last night and we have Thaler from Wakefield looking after .............Wakefield today.
  6. Pleased with Salfords fitness and delighted with Taylor - never stops. Still in this if we get a fair crack.
  7. Not questionable Futtocks. A clear rip by Percival and Kendall yet again at fault.
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