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  1. Latest odds 2/1 Rowley 9/4 Marshall 3/1 Tony Smith 4/1 Betts 5/1 Any Aussie Coach 6/1 Radford 8/1 Briers 10/1 Wane 12/1 Last 16/1 Orr 20/1 Bar
  2. I wish Ken good health but it all depends on his longevity for success at the Giants.
  3. Daz - Your comments are based on the fact that you have a wealthy Chairman who is in his eighties. Salford & Huddersfield have similar set ups and crowds but thankfully we don`t have a cow bell. So - once Ken goes you will see the Giants live within their means and.................maybe lack the ambition you talk about.
  4. Well its left a sour taste with the Salford faithful - Its down to one thing only and thats financial independence for Ian Watson,
  5. They are playing some really good open RL at the moment. This half has been great BUT if you haven`t viewed the 2nd Half v Catalan then please do so as it was even better than this.
  6. Warrington were awarded a 24-0 win against Salford last week when the Devils had only 13 fit players. HKR announce today that they will curtail their season immediately due to C19. We are in the middle of the biggest Pandemic for years and years and yet Salford are the ONLY team to have suffered this way. Warrington meanwhile have been gifted 2 more points which has given them lofty status AND increased Prize Money. It is time for this decision to be reversed with points reinstated. What say you guys?
  7. Mr Singspiel - Its all down to Money as Derwent inferred some pages back. The new owner was not businesslike enough in supporting his budgets with hard facts & PROOF of assets and his laid back attitude to have the `conference call` in his car just showed a lot of arrogance. My personal view is that they finished on 0% and should be relegated to the Championship with one of London, Leigh Fev to come up - or all 3 if the SL clubs would divi up and have their slice reduced. Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind so that won`t happen of course.
  8. Well Manfred - You continue to spout the upmost drivel on this Forum. Not for the first time I have to tell you that you have NO idea of how Rugby League is played. Your lot Thoroughly beaten by a side put together for maybe 50% of Catalan. Krisnan Inu`s `emotional breakdown` netted him a Hat trick of tries and 7 out of 7 goals. Some breakdown.
  9. Saints young side? Walmsley, Graham, Peyroux Paulo ALL over 30!!!!! Stuart Pike commentating - ex Director at.........................drum roll ST HELENS. Bias or what?
  10. You missed my point Rupe. Hastings & French are marquee players. The only marquee we have is a tent selling Greene king
  11. Hard to compete with the money angle. Hastings & French will be on more than Salfords 1-7 & bench - Fact of life not complaining
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