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  1. You have to look at the new regime in place. They have steadied the ship and now are backed by a huge community input. The club are negotiating a new lease where they take income from Car Parks, Commercial Sales & Pre & Post matchday income which in the past went to Salford Council. All they want is a fair deal and these Special Measures will surely put the Council under pressure to negotiate.
  2. Naive comments again from the Boo Boy Twins `dboy & Bedford Broncos. Stuck records the two of them. ` Stop spending money you don't have on players then.` We received £300k from Player sales - Would guess not all up front and probably structured and I am not aware of any transfer fee payments for players inward. Quite good business in my book. I reiterate the basic fact that we do not have a sugar daddy and our losses are `better` than any other SL club. The issue is the Ground - solely I understand.
  3. Not been on here for a few weeks yet straight away the Salford hating dboy is at it again. Bedford Bronco another hater is obviously on holiday. The difference between Salford and the other 11 is that they don`t have a sugar daddy to see them through the Winter. Personally feel that the Ground issue is key currently and maybe the Club`s stance here is to push the Council to provide a temporary lease of sorts so that monies can be earned for the club (Commercial, Sponsorship Match Day etc etc). May be wrong but I think Salford will be at Headingley to PLAY Leeds in February.
  4. Mike Nicholas. He had a personal feud with Jimmy Thompson of Fev. At Wilderspool the players lined up pre match and Wires won the toss and wanted to play at the Railway end. As the players passed side hy side Nicko stiff armed Jimmy and he fell to the ground with a broken jaw. JT was the first ever player to be substituted before the start of a game! Nicko got away with it.
  5. Both Fev and Bulls/Wakey need to be in SL now and the other clubs should form the Championship. Radical overhaul needed NOW. A 10% levy on all gate receipts to be assessed and to form a separate fund to build up reserves. Will it happen? Of course not as the Benefactors of 11 SL would joke against.
  6. Don't forget RL players are mercenary in financial outlook which I totally understand so maybe Fev players preferred Championship level games and winning pay in 2024.
  7. 'Will Rohan keep his job Gary 'Well its fifty fifty at the moment' 'I wasn't referring to the scorelines Gary'
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