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  1. And the Anorak of the year goes to Eddie. It was just over 4500 according to the Chairman. Er no - I can`t name them.
  2. Ray Batten was brilliant - Derek Turner further back & another worth a shout was Rod Smith at Swinton & Town & of course Charlie Winslade (Oldham & Wire) & Dai Moses (Salford)
  3. London Zoo found that their collection of chimpanzees was too large and offered some to any zoo that may be interested. Chester Zoo said they would take a dozen and a couple of days later the animals were loaded into a truck for the journey. All went well up the M1 and M6 but shortly after leaving the latter motorway and with only 30 minutes or so to go, the truck broke down near to the Smoker Inn @ Plumley. The driver pulled into a lay-by and phoned for a recovery vehicle but was told there would be a wait of a few hours as all patrol vehicles were busy. Desperate to deliver the monkeys the driver flagged down another truck. “Have you got a load on mate?” With negative for an answer the Zoo man said “If I give you £100, will you take these chimpanzees to Chester Zoo. ” Yes, came the reply and after a struggle and much alarm the chimps were transferred to the empty truck, and the driver departed. The London Zoo man then settled down to wait for the recovery van. About three hours later the driver looked up the road and there coming back from Chester was the same truck. There were chimps swinging from the wing mirrors and sitting in and on the cab roof. Horrified the Zoo man waved the truck into his lay-by. “What the hell is going on?” He asked “I gave you 100 quid to take them to Chester Zoo”. “Yes” said your man “I did that, and they had such a good time, so with £50 left over I’m going to take them to Alton Towers.
  4. Key players Hastings (Pies) Griffin (Cas) Jones (Dull) Tomkins (Unattached) Bibby (Pies) Fringe Olpherts (Cas) Lawton (Unattached) Greg Johnson (Unattached) Maybe others Replacements Kevin Brown Pauli Pauli Sarginson Atkin Greenwood 2 Fev Lads & more
  5. Not bad for a club with no fans eh? @Saints1890 50.6% @SalfordDevils 49.4%
  6. Always remember Stan Owen at Leigh - gave opponents a stiff arm then got to the player before the ref to shake him by the hand - always got away with it.
  7. Hastings has seen the eye specialist & vision is still blurred. Hope the RFL Throw the book at Mr Clubb.
  8. `What do Salford bring to SL?` is voiced every week on here. Well for a start we will be taking over 2,000 to the Pie Dome - not bad for starters.
  9. And I remember Myler cheating last year for Ref Child to give Rhinos victory
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