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    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Maybe call it GB Knights, then...
  2. brooza

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Hope those are at different times of the year, as they both include Scottish and Irish players
  3. brooza

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    If this is a proper GB team and has at least token players from Scotland and Ireland, what does that mean for their RLWC 2021 qualification matches next year?
  4. Surely it'll still be England if it's the best England players available. Baring in mind the best Welsh players will be playing for GB too...
  5. I got mine last week, there's no info
  6. brooza

    George Burgess summoned

    4 matches, and he'll just miss the preseason games
  7. brooza

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I misunderstood the ticketing site and managed to book 5 tickets behind each other rather than in a row. Thankfully the RFL swapped my tickets for me
  8. brooza

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Cheap tickets for Elland Road are almost gone, though thankfully the upper tier in South Stand is open (but not displayed as being open) and I've managed to get 5 tickets together. I thought the site was broken at first but it seems that someone else wanted 3 of the tickets I was trying to buy so it just wouldn't go to the next page
  9. brooza

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I really need to get my tickets booked
  10. Not sure if it's just because I wanted Spain and Serbia to go through, but I'm dubious of the "visa issues" Serbia had for their match in Russia...
  11. I mirrored my screen to watch the women's GF on the telly at the weekend, so it could be done that way
  12. It was supposed to be on Saturday 20th! I've only just found out an hour ago that the match has been moved to tonight and I have a website that keeps track of international fixtures!
  13. brooza

    Sammut wins the day (again) Malta champs

    He regularly plays for Malta, it's not as if this is his only appearance
  14. brooza

    Best side in the Emerging Nations so far?

    Didn't have the Burundi match. I think Norway v Greece is 2019, unless that's been moved up EDIT: I've added the Burundi v DRC match and just noticed it's a different match to the one you have listed!
  15. brooza

    ENWC Results

    Serbia and Russia both have World Cup Qualifiers taking place at the same time as the ENWC (2 for Russia). There's only so thin they can spread themselves. I believe there was hope of sending a combined Scandinavian team down, but there were issues with funding
  16. brooza

    Best side in the Emerging Nations so far?

    On the bright side, I make it 64 international matches this year
  17. Jamaica are crowdfunding to get some of their UK based players over for the qualifiers -
  18. brooza

    Hungary v Poland video

    Finished 32-0
  19. brooza


    Marginet didn't make the 22-man squad, but Pelissier did Anthony Delgado (Carcassone), Antonio Puerta, Juan Mudarra, Rafael García (Custodians RL), Chris Lopez (Eastmoor Dragons), Leandre Torres, Luc Franco (Limoux), Eloi Pelissier (London Broncos), Francisco Luis Pérez (Mineros Peñarroya – Pueblonuevo), Daniel Garcia, Alex Doutres (Palau), Aitor Romero, Daniel Morales, Hadriel Mehamed, Raúl Simo, Miquel Tomas (Tigres Torrent), Romain Pallares (Toulouse Olympic), Adriá Alonso, Fernando Vidal, Carlos Font (Xativa Roosters), Miguel Olivares (Valencian Warriors), Kevin Aparicio (Unattached)
  20. brooza

    Hungary v Poland video

    This match is Friday 28th
  21. brooza

    Emerging Nations Cup live stream and schedule

    I'll get the links updated on my site too
  22. brooza

    Golden Point ?

    Shot clocks to make the game shorter and golden point to make the game longer...
  23. brooza


    He's on the RLEF press release too (which the LoveRL article is probably a copy/paste of)
  24. Just had $2000 sent back to me as they are no longer the HKRL suppliers.