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  1. Just a heads up, communication from this company is pretty poor. I put an order in with them in the middle of March and I've had one response to me chasing them up about it (saying it takes 4 weeks before they ship it - It's now been 8 weeks and I've no idea if they've sent them yet)
  2. If this is a proper GB team and has at least token players from Scotland and Ireland, what does that mean for their RLWC 2021 qualification matches next year?
  3. Just had $2000 sent back to me as they are no longer the HKRL suppliers.
  4. Mascord Brownz are also getting those in. Makes sense, I've just seen who their sponsor is!
  5. Not as keen on their new badge as their older ones, but I might have to order something (once I figure out how much money that all translates to!)
  6. Well, unfortunately (probably the wrong word due to the circumstances), my trips to Madrid have ended and I've mostly lost contact with the people in Spain now
  7. Damn. That makes them £30, which is very reasonable! Any idea how much postage is? I couldn't see
  8. That's correct. I was at the Madrid v Valencia playoff match last month
  9. I don't think they ship outside Australia yet though. At some point this year I'll need to look into getting some stuff over
  10. Well done to Spain for qualifying for the qualifiers!
  11. Spain website now has this listed as "PENDIENTE DE FECHA" (Pending date), so it seems to have been postponed
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