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  1. Just a heads up, communication from this company is pretty poor. I put an order in with them in the middle of March and I've had one response to me chasing them up about it (saying it takes 4 weeks before they ship it - It's now been 8 weeks and I've no idea if they've sent them yet)
  2. The trouble is, lots of 'fans' will be saying to neutrals "Don't go to that, it'll be a walkover" as opposed to "It'll be a walkover, but it'll be a hell of a show"
  3. In the next RLWC, we may see in the group stages (depending on qualification) Ireland v Scotland, NZ v SA, England v France and Australia v Wales.
  4. Just a thought, why aren't Fiji in Pot 1? Pot 1 seems to be 3 of the the semi-finalist from 2017 plus NZ
  5. Pretty much, except there isn't a Pot 4. Pot 1 - 4 teams Pot 2 - 4 teams Pot 3 - 8 teams
  6. As much as I'd like to see USA in the tournament, Jamaica v Cook Islands would be a great atmosphere!
  7. 2011 - 7 2012 - 4 2013 - 9 2014 - 7 2015 - 6 2016 - 6 2017 - 6 2018 - 4
  8. Hope those are at different times of the year, as they both include Scottish and Irish players
  9. If this is a proper GB team and has at least token players from Scotland and Ireland, what does that mean for their RLWC 2021 qualification matches next year?
  10. Surely it'll still be England if it's the best England players available. Baring in mind the best Welsh players will be playing for GB too...
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