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  1. note: this documentary features some old footage from when Tirana was a rugby union club.
  2. Mainly on the left for England if my memory is right. Remember the disallowed try against Australia at Wembley when Perenara was reffing? Or the fingertip try/no try against Australia in Melbourne? Both on the left. Edit. The Wembley try was Tom Briscoe I think.
  3. He was pale faced before he hit the shores of the Humber.
  4. 2011 census has City of Salford with a population of 103,000. Wakey was 99,000.
  5. I thought that accolade was Wakefield’s?
  6. They’ve just shown the winning points from the previous seasons and 98 wins every year bar one.
  7. How good is Jurgen Klopp? I just hope he gets the trophy he deserves.
  8. https://www.ffr13.fr/actualite-a-la-une/litalie-accueillera-le-championnat-deurope-u19-en-2020/ Eight nations will again compete in the European Under-19 Championship in 2020, with Italy hosting the event for the first time. The coastal town of north-east, Lignano Sabbiadoro, will be the base of the biennial to be held from 3 to 13 September 2020. The defending champions (France), who won the last tournament in Serbia, are among the favorites with England, finalist of a hotly contested final in 2018. The seven nations ranked among the best in the last tournament - including also Wales and Scotland, Serbia, Ireland and Italy - will automatically qualify for the 2020 tournament, if they wish to participate. Ukraine, who finished eighth, will likely go through qualifying matches, with other nations having expressed the wish to be included. "On behalf of the board of directors of the Federazione Italia Rugby League, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the RLEF for having awarded the tournament to Italy", said the president of the FIRL, Orazio D'arro . "We see the European Under-19 Championship as an event and an essential and fundamental building block that contributes to the development of sport in the region. We are really honored to have the chance to organize this competition. " All nations will stay at Bella Italia Sports Village, which can accommodate 2,800 people in 13 hotels. At least eight of the games will be held at Stadio Communale G. Teghil, a complex with a stadium for 5,000 people in Lignano. Chris Thair, Managing Director of RLEF, said: "FIRL has prepared a compelling offer as part of our bidding process and will be hosting a fantastic tournament. To commemorate this working relationship and help gain experience with our staff, the RLEF will lead - for the first time - joint tournament directors, including Tiziano Franchini, from FIRL. Our goal is to ensure that the young people involved have a great sporting experience regardless of the results achieved. "
  9. I love it how so many people believe the mantra that playing in New South Wales or Queensland makes you eligible for SoO.
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