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  1. Please post some links showing RU “crushed” Lebanese RL.
  2. Of course it’s not a crime to switch off but you switched off for a reason. That reason was because IYO Catalans were too poor, or is that uncompetitive, to watch. The various football associations around the world come together for a WC every four years Harry, which I’m sure even you are aware of. They don’t have to be linked to each other. In fact they are separate entities believe it or not who play under a controlling umbrella that is FIFA, the RL equivalent being the RLIF.
  3. It’s not just the refs on the pitch either by the look of things.
  4. Would this current TWP squad struggle to beat, and I quote, “that shower of shi-ite who masqueraded as RL team”? The one you switched off with twenty minutes of the match remaining. Why does a NA league have to be tied to the SL or the NRL? Is La Liga or the Bundesliga shackled to the Premier League?
  5. There is a rugby league association in Turkey fi.
  6. You seriously believe there was a strategy behind TWP joining the game over here other than the one in Eric Perez’s head?
  7. A couple of points Harry. Who is to say a potential NA league would have a SC and if they did it might be higher than SL’s. London were slated to not even win a game in SL yet sit on eighteen points. They may still be bottom currently but have been competitive. Who is to say this TWP squad are “nowhere near good enough to compete in the SL”?
  8. A high tackle on Kasiano! Was Singleton stood on a chair?
  9. Good to see a few players coming back from injury.
  10. Playing devil’s advocate. Who’s going to pay for two, or more, SL teams to play a game/s in the States or Canada? What’s in it for SL teams? You rarely find philanthropy at the top of the agenda in RL circles.
  11. Welcome to the forum BB73. The best I can do is take a look at Open Rugby from that period although I doubt they have much more than you already have.
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