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    rugby - featherstone rovers :D. Xbox Gamertag - x Adam FRRLFC x add me
  1. Featherstone V Halifax.Thurs 9th 19.33

    Fev 24 fax 23 Fisrt try Briggs Mom Briggs
  2. Featherstone V Leigh.Thurs 7.30pm

    Fev 21 leigh 19 1st try Grayshon MOM Dale Attendence 2356
  3. Shaun Griffiths

    Just been on facebook and red that another young lad shaun griffiths has past away. what i have heard he played rugby league RIP Shaun
  4. Leigh V Featherstone. Tues 8pm

    10-6 to Fev first try scorer - briggs 2167 attendence mom hardman after runinng full length after the hooter to win the game
  5. Tonight

    Anyone Know Whats Up With Grayshon ?
  6. Rovers v Cougers

    42-2 First Try - Grayshon Attendence 2500 First Try Scorer - JJP
  7. Warrington V Fev .Sun 18th 1600

    Fev to win 18-16 Stu Dickens getting winning try with a min to go
  8. Sheffield v Fev

    Fev 34 Sheffield 4 Attendance 1450 First Try JJP MOM Grayshon
  9. Barrow V Featherstone

    i think that makes us TOP
  10. Barrow V Featherstone

    Game over UP THE FEV
  11. Barrow V Featherstone

    20-6 no bonus point
  12. Barrow V Featherstone

  13. Barrow V Featherstone

    maybe not
  14. Barrow V Featherstone

  15. Barrow V Featherstone