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  1. 2018 Kits

    O’Neills have to be the most unimaginative kit manufacturer out there. Either that or they employ the best negotiator. The Workington Town kit is just a rehash of Saints 2015. Oh ye, change the red to blue, add your sponsors and off you go.
  2. SUPER LEAGUE - A five-year deal from 2017, ensuring only on Sky Sports can viewers enjoy live Super League matches until at least 2021 I assume this doesn't mean much of an increase in revenue for SL?
  3. Is it just me but all I get when visiting the link (on my iPhone) is a poll and then the twitter feed below it?
  4. Royce Simmons to coach Saints?

    Meninga hasnt ruled out the job. I dont know if this means now or at some point in future years...
  5. Royce Simmons to coach Saints?

    I think Potter would have stayed at Catalan if Saints hadnt been in the market for him.
  6. Royce Simmons to coach Saints?

    Apparently Meninga has stated that he isnt interested in a full time coaching role and wants to stay down under.
  7. Royce Simmons to coach Saints?

    I think his reasoning is that hes spent 7 years as assistant to Sheens at Tigers and Australia national side since his penrith coaching days. The appointment wouldnt fill me with excitement to be honest, but I guess Maguire's "success" at Wigan has reignited the fashion for appointing assistant coaches from the NRL. As for Fa'as, likely that hes still going to be in the UK, Harlequins RU is his likely destination. He may be pulling on the England RU jersey before we know it!
  8. According to Andy Wilson at the guardian: click here