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  1. Agreed, that was my point in the last paragraph, but we are seeing more and more incompetence each time. The extreme way the RFL limit ticket numbers on sale is crazy. I know people who have not bought tickets because areas are sold out, yet we will have maybe 25,000 empty seats there. People will have bought upper tier seats because the lower areas were sold out, only to see tickets now on sale. It is really poor. But on the fees, sales platforms are smart enough to have all sorts of variable prices nowadays. If I stick one code in for a £55 ticket I pay £41, another code I pay £52.
  2. Things like that are easily resolved though. A booking fee ainy an issue, and print at home options are now common. To be fair, the biggest issue is the use of the ticket system rather than the system itself. The RFL at times micro-manage this to such a low level it means that it is difficult for customers to get tickets they want.
  3. I think they invested a fair bit in ticketing systems a couple of years back to improve things. Since then it has been worse than ever.
  4. This story has been doing the rounds for a week or two now and it is an interesting angle for discussion that we don't normally get. I know Wire have challenged other clubs to share data like this. The most impressive thing about it for me was not just the sprint, it was the quality of tackle that Clarke pulled off on Hall. It was unbelievable, and should be shown everywhere. It is a real shame that we don't have great broadcast quality videos, as it would have looked brilliant from different angles.
  5. Yes, for Saints to only get 2 pieces of silverware over 10 seasons is mad when you consider their pedigree. Wire have done better with 5, but the SL trophy has evaded us and most of those wins were a while back now.
  6. Again, I dont see it as women missing out, but I dont see trans women as men.
  7. Interesting last decade for these two teams: Challenge Cup Wire, 3 wins, 2 final losses, 3 semi final losses (from 10) Saints, 5 semi final losses (from 10) SL Trophy Wire, 4 final losses, 2 semi final losses (from 10) Saints, 1 win, 3 final losses, 5 semi final losses (from 10) They have won 3 LLS between them. Saints have lost the last 6 semi finals they have appeared in (prior to 2019). Wire have lost the last 6 finals they have appeared in. I think it is fair to say that both of these clubs could maybe have expected a better return over the last decade.
  8. I'm of the opinion that Rugby League (and sport overall) should be as inclusive as possible, and that obviously includes Trans people. A view I struggle with is the view that Trans people are somehow trying to cheat the system or get unfair advantages, and are often treated with suspicion, which think is a distasteful starting point. I don't think we are in a place where men spot an opportunity to be a world champ at a women's sport and start to wear frocks and demand a place at the Olympics. It is far more complex than that, and the human side has to come first before any sport requirements. I am in favour of science being used for Trans people in sport, I know some use it already and have hormone demands etc. and whilst not too knowledgeable about it, that seems reasonable. If science is confirming that there is no health risk to other competitors, then I see little issue. I'm not sure I agree with your position that the rights of trans people are being placed above those of women. Sport is a funny thing, we draw these boundaries artificially, some sports have weight categories etc. disability sports will have different categories, so we can do whatever we want - I sometimes think if we replaced the gender argument with black and white instead of female and trans female would our arguments seem as palatable. I do think the ultimate starting point is whether people see trans women as women. If they do, then they generally support this approach, if not, they don't. I think it will take a fair bit of effort to get over that hurdle.
  9. I agree on Caster Semenya, she shouldn't be penalised for the way her body is. Unless she has doped it is all fair game surely. I'm not in agreement on your first point though. The world is a far more complicated place now, and I dont believe it is right to just ignore the trans world. I'm not an expert to know the best solution, but I don't think ignoring it is the best way.
  10. Unfortunately, extremists (on anything) are an issue and on many hot topics like this they can drown out sensible debate. But I dont think your point of generalizing is either right or helpful. Plenty of people speak about this without getting told to shut up or abused, although abuse is a problem in most debates from all sides, unfortunately social media has encouraged that. There does need to be balance though and we need to not make the assumption that because somebody is a woman then they are automatically right on this subject. Nobody has that privilege. I personally also feel your positioning of men who "feel like a woman" is unhelpful too and really underplays the complexity of the situation.
  11. We do know which game has more interest in it.
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