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  1. No. They have peed on tradition by giving the number 6 shirt to a prop forward.
  2. Have any other nations announced squad numbers? Because if not it would support the claim that the Aussies are trying to undermine it.
  3. The poster you quoted didn't claim that squad numbers were traditional at the WC. He referred to tradition around a scrum half having a number 7, which is still the case with squad numbers. Things change - people don't have to like everything, but it doesn't mean we should trash it.
  4. Agreed, and that's sort of my point, he is out of touch, a dinosaur. But when we are talking nationality there needs to be an appreciation that it ha sthe potential to be controversial.
  5. We've also never had captains challenge. Maybe England should just be silly with it to make a point.
  6. I mean the fact that they are the only ones that will do this shows how silly it is. People know how to do squad numbers.
  7. I think there are some fair points there, and I expect Hemmings was maybe thinking along those lines, but there is some dodgy language there and a professional, modern presenter would be aware of his words and how they could be taken. Ultimately, a black player born in England's selection was questioned, and the use of 'as English as you or I' for Farnsworth in comparison is very poor.
  8. I think that proves my point exactly, what could be more cultured than a trip to beautiful Cheshire? Don't answer please. On a serious point, Browny answered it for me. There looks some great stuff in Warrington for the rlwc
  9. I understand your position on this and agree to an extent. But the Aussies are just being stupid on this. The majority of players could wear a number that matches their traditional position. It won't be a million miles off for England.
  10. Indeed, and Eddie deserves all the stick he gets for this. Let's call it out for what it is, it's racism and absolutely because Young is a black man. Being discussed by two older white men.
  11. I personally think you both over-estimate and under-estimate new/casual fans. I think you over-estimate how much the casual follower is interested in the positions element of the sport, and we do see a lot of interchangeable play nowadays. And I think you underestimate the ability of those who do want to understand every detail to understand squad numbers. My preference in a tournament like this is 1 to 13, but it's a bit of a tradition point - I love seeing a no. 6 or no. 13 shirt, but I'm not sure it is a big issue for newer fans.
  12. Thanks. And Newton? It's my local club, hence the interest. Aren't there rules about where kids can play?
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