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  1. It was interesting that Elstone also criticised the fact that this had come up so late in the day, although I'm not sure if his frustration was aimed more at the RFL who are the ones who put it to the SLE board I believe.
  2. Apologies mate, I didn't mean it as harsh as it maybe sounded, but even basic things like ticket price wouldn't be as high as £30, and fans certainly wouldn't then spend an average of a further £30 on refreshments. I do think the uplift is overstated, but that is just a personal opinion and I'd be very happy to be wrong on that, I know my wife is certainly more interested now SBW is back in RL (not sure what she sees in him!!!). But on the flip side, there may be more corporate interest at some of these games so who knows what the numbers will be. And there is a risk of injury, or bad weather, or clubs on a bad run of form, which will trump the SBW factor. t I'll be interesting to watch, but I'd question any rationale like this putting a benefit of a million quid on it just yet.
  3. I would say though, like many within RL I don't believe much of what is spouted in the local media.
  4. Hudgell's quote was interesting that TWP didn't play ball with the information requested from SLE. Maybe their negotiating tactic backfired particularly with SLE holding all the cards.
  5. It would be good if this travel point was clarified as it would quieten down some of the noise here if that was the case. I'm not convinced match day revenue will be lower than the team they replaced. I think that comment from Hudgell is poor. But it is interesting as more and more detail comes out that some of the events quoted here are being spun differently.
  6. 1. See, that is not my point in the slightest. I am advocating different rules. I have always stated that clubs are different and I have no burning desire for clubs to be treated the same. We should do what is right for the game and clubs. 2. Try reading the conversation you jumped in on. A TWP fan was claiming it was unfair that rules were applied differently to them. In a thread where many TWP fans are asking for the rules to be applied differentl. I think the latter group are right, they should be treated differently.
  7. I'm not sure I understand this point that Hudgell makes: "For the clubs, extra central distribution is not a windfall because we are subsidising their participation in the competition. It goes to fill that extra expense in some ways."
  8. Again, your point is all jumbled and I've not a clue why you are even making it. Speak to those TWP fans who are complaining about being treated differently whilst demanding to be treated differently.
  9. This I do agree with, and it is my one reservation, I'm not sure who would be that interesting to sign, but then I don't watch Union. Farrell signing for an RL club would at least get headlines, like Burrell did. We will see this year whether Burrell was a good signing or a dud.
  10. I have an issue with the marquee concept, I don't think there are too many who would get thousands into grounds, but there is no doubting that after a very slow start we are starting to see better quality signings from Oz because of the marquee allowance, so that has to be welcome.
  11. Your argument is jumbled. There is a difference to treating all clubs fairly and treating all clubs the same. I am all for treating clubs differently, as long as they are all treated fairly. It was others asking for the same treatment, but then also to be treated differently.
  12. That is where the cap limits it though. At the moment Wire can get 2 top class NRL players on the marquee, and then 2 top class Union players. In a year that may have a cap value of around 300k and whilst a gamble could pay off.
  13. The problem is, if we don't, we just keep focusing on lads from a small part of the world and never get any of the diamonds from RU that we previously got.
  14. What type of channels/networks are these three being mentioned here? Who has biggest reach etc?
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