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  1. I have no issues with my teams level of gamesmanship tbh. Teams do what they have to as far as I'm concerned. We can't all be saints I suppose.
  2. Your club have been very charitable to mine in recent years, as I say, certainly no bitterness. It's important to acknowledge that it's easy to misread the tone of a post. It was a lighthearted pee take around the recent injury controversies in Saints games. Although I do find the booing from some fans tasteless. But it's all good, I'm happy with the win.
  3. The 'incidents' were very minor parts of the game, with only King's looking anything like gamesmanship. But the losing coach has made it a main focus, instead of his team.
  4. Nobody would have thought anything of it last night until it was highlighted over and over again by Saints. Look at the tackles where Ratch, Currie and King went down, they were all very very heavy tackles. Only they will know whether they played them up. King is getting stick for playing injured then playing on, but Walmsley had a lot of treatment on his knee and then played on. RL is a tough game, players will get hurt, particularly late on as fatigue sets in, maybe Woolf should focus on his team, although you could argue he has done a great job of steering criticism from him and
  5. Saints love injuries. Their fans love to boo them, their players love to score unopposed tries from them, their coach hates it when they are stopped from exploiting them.
  6. Hey, you don't need to tell me that, have you read any of my posts about the Steve Price-coached Wire team?
  7. I do think we need to be careful in this country with the Aussie influence. Too many clubs are going down the defensive percentages route, and it will turn fans off. I enjoyed last night's game as it was a great battle between two of the best teams, but I dont want to see those tactics every week.
  8. I think I remember seeing them on 4 or 5 kits, and wondering if it was an SL deal, but then it wasn't on ours. In their site they did a press release about a Saints tie in so maybe that was a separate deal.
  9. I don't think they appeared on all of the kits, I don't recall them on wires, and they appeared in different places so it did seem to be a bit different from the arm sponsor we have sporadically seen in SL.
  10. Happy with that. Even I was happy with the 5 drives and a kick approach towards the end!
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