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  1. But groups in the CC dont need to be split into ful and part time. Were there more upsets in the old days? Any evidence?
  2. The worry for me is Price saying we need to ignore outside influences, our attack is great and we should carry on doing what we are doing. He is wrong.
  3. I expect our flowing sublime attack will cut cas to shreds in the last 10. Do not worry folks. Or we'll get a penalty and go for goal with 2 to go and 12 pts behind.
  4. We can set groups up with whatever combinations and seeding we want. Drawing teams in different comps are not loop games, although people are using that phrase more and more to make a point. Loop games are repeat games in the same comp that create an imbalance because we dont have enough teams in the league. When I first started watching it was possible to meet a team in the league twice, Lancs Cup, JPS, Challenge Cup and Premiership. That's 6 times, but people didnt complain about loop games. This is an issue about repeat league fixtures.
  5. My point is simply that that event does not have national awareness and interest you suggest. It is a great initiative for what it is, and undoubtedly contributes to the success of their game, but it is a rather niche event with little profile. Unfortunately, the London RU events are pretty unique that will struggle to be replicated by RL, as we have seen by RU in other places. Bug that doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try some new stuff. But none of that is the same as your suggestion of on the road cup games. I loved the On the Road games, but I'm not sure your proposed cup approach is right for it. I'd rather see a commitment from each club to stage a home game as an event away from their ground. Clubs can join up and stage a double header if they can make that work, but games in Barvelkna, Paris, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cardiff etc should be actively encouraged.
  6. Oh come on, that is a hell of a stretch. We are a niche discussion forum discussing it for a certain purpose. People in pubs in Warrington or Hull or St Helens are not discussing those games due to interest. Those things are great events in terms of getting bums on seats, and we can learn from that, but they are certainly not public consciousness events.
  7. Why because one did a documentary about a struggling team and the community? There are plenty of sports documentaries that are not like that.
  8. Well somebody has to balance out your hatred for the lower divisions, clubs and fans.
  9. Yiu have a low view of RL fans and the places they live. I highlighted earlier in the thread some of the great stories. I suggest we just dont hire you or scotchy as producer and it will be fine.
  10. That's a very honest and unexpected twist to that story if I'm honest.
  11. Are you kidding? See page 1, suggested similar, doing an access all areas kind of thing and got accused of being patronising!!!
  12. Sorry I rushed my post and didnt really complete my point. We have seen before cheap tickets can deliver a decent cup crowd. On a previous discussion on this I highlighted that often these games can cost more for a season ticket holder than a regular game, despite the experience and atmosphere often lacking. But yes I suspect there is something in convenience, my reasons for believing it to be secondary is due to the fact that often you can just grab a ticket in the day or even pay cash, or simply do it online in 2 mins.
  13. The evidence is quite clear that it is cost. When they were included people attended. When people had to pay, fewer attend. Clubs dont use any kind of rollover system.
  14. The real positives around this is that this and the wheelchair tournament don't just feel like some afterthought. They feel like proper tournaments that will form part of the wider World Cup festival. Brilliant stuff so far.
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