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  1. It's a warm up for his NRL chums. Whitehead, Graham, Sutton, Widdop, Burgess etc. were gonna get in either way.
  2. We should remember that these are not tests. But I agree our selections were poor.
  3. I think the main problem is that the negotiations and planning took so long because we were fannying around with revitalising a brand, plus the Aussies didnt want to play us means that we have no new sponsors or broadcasters, I suspect no mass of travelling support, and an uninspiring fixture list that sees us play the Kiwis yet again. It's like we learnt nothing from the Denver Test. We had a solid thing going with the 4N, it still needed work, but we should have been focusing on growing that more, and adding another couple of tests to make an proper tour if we wanted.
  4. Ultimately the problem is that we generally had 3 lumbering forwards on the field at any time, plus two lumbering wingers. Tactically that meant we often went for three drives in a set and tbh it was all rather boring. Who was our strike player that put fear in the opposition when we had half a chance through blistering pace?
  5. Those playmakers played three times and romped to victory in 2 of them. William's was a car crash, although I'd have taken him for his broken field running he just seemed to want to kick and appeared to be lacking confidence.
  6. I'm not so sure, our highlight was the long range try with interplay between Tomkins and Widdop in game 1.
  7. I dont think the playmakers was the issue. The times we looked good we looked dangerous with Widdop, Austin and Tomkins creating. Unfortunately if you make a break and it is Graham or Sutton in support, or your wingers are Hall or McGillvary then you quickly see the issue. You need players that if they make a break 50m out, they are fast enough to score.
  8. I dont think there has been bias, just real incompetence.
  9. Is anyone there from these boards? Hardly looks like a festival atmosphere, havent seen groups enjoying themselves, having beers, fancy dress etc. All looks a bit flat. Not sure if this just the tv coverage.
  10. Are the Aussie pundits braindead? They are dumber than Baz and Tez
  11. We were schooled by schoolboys a few hours earlier.
  12. Ha, had typed my post before I read yours. Was just a bonus catching you up in it, cheers!!!
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