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  1. Yeah, this is what I'm clearly not getting, as it would still show a curve if it was a regular scale on the Y axis, wouldn't it? I accept this wouldn't allow the full range of tracking, but a graph like Les' first one (without bringing population in) would still be a better visual aid for mine.
  2. It's clearly common, but I dont get the distorted scale on the Y axis. Its not something we have ever used at our company, and I'm not an analyst, but doesn't this make France and Spain's numbers pretty similar, when Spain's are actually far worse? If this was on a standard y axis, China and Italy would be miles apart. Why is this seen as effective?
  3. Announced in Scotland today that some major screening programs are being put on hold for three months to free up NHS resource.
  4. I believe our numbers only count those admitted to hospital. It was a line that was just sneaked in last week when they changed methodology without explaining it.
  5. How many times have we heard that we will get to 25k tests per day? This has been claimed for weeks now, and apparently we should get to that in three weeks.
  6. Not telling you! You lot would have me banged up because I bought panninis instead of the basic white sliced loaf you lot allow as essentials!!!!!
  7. I went shopping yesterday and the shelves were 90% stocked. My wife then had to nip to get the stuff I forgot today and she reported the same at Morrison. She even got loo roll.
  8. Of course this could have been a normal shop for somebody who ended up in hospital, or worse. But, it's better to demonise and stir up hatred.
  9. Are companies doing this because they know it is cheaper to run an empty train/plane rather than refund people? I saw Ryanair are still flying from Edinburgh to Dublin as normal (I think).
  10. Yes, think that's been raised a few times, even people coming in from Northern Italy were just walking through and seeing no mention.
  11. I dunno, I've seen the 20k for a fair amount of time now. And that is one of the best results apparently.
  12. I think this is one of the things. It is expected we will all know somebody who gets quite poorly with it, hopefully it won't be serious, but for quite a few it will. And aside from that, the economic impact will affect us all for an awful long time.
  13. There are still people trying to massage the numbers. Andrew Neill was the latest last night. Being isolated I've found it all a bit calmer and I've backed away from much of the news, but seeing the government building temporary hospitals and mortuaries should be enough to show people that this is far from normal.
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