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  1. A European Championship would need to be creative, it would need to be staged in venues that are not going to see 'regular RL fans' trash the event. As RL fans we are spoilt by the quality of sport we get, so staging games like this at Leeds or St Helens won't necessarily be attractive. However, packing out York, or hitting small grounds in other developing areas, like Newcastle, Bristol etc. before you even touch on the French cities should be the aim. Aiming to get bustling 10k crowds in smaller grounds, decent atmospheres and having realistic aims is the way to go. We saw the BBC show a Wales v France game in Lyon(?) a few years back, and then we half-heartedly put a couple of England games on at Salford and Hull KR IIRC which pretty much killed the tournament dead. We can probably learn a lot from what has been done with some of the Women's football and how they have staged events and grown.
  2. I think there are some good points here. For me the main point it makes is that the games need to have some credibility and context - a tournament game will generally do far better than a random friendly (who'd have thought?). Decent scheduling, interesting venues, context of a comp etc. instead of just hiring Leigh and playing a random match will see better returns.
  3. They just go again. Where these finals help Salford is in their reputation as a club. It should help with recruitment and retention in that Salford can now demonstrate that they are a club who make finals and play the big games, rather than a small. Club fighting relegation every year. They are on the up. These things take time to develop, but playing in the big games is always a good thing, even if they lose.
  4. Agreed, it wouldn't really work with the current offering. Imo it's a downside of the condensing of the cup and delaying the entry of the top teams, but I understand its a balancing a t. I'd obviously love 4 or 5 live SL games and mid-season test match on BBC across the year, but doubt it's gonna happen.
  5. Probably the only thing I'd like to see improved would be number of weekends rather than the double headers. It'd be good to have more coverage over more weekends to make us harder to miss.
  6. We do have around 7 live terrestrial games a year iirc, plus internationals are shown on the BBC. Highlights of SL are also on the BBC. Its not a bad amount.
  7. You do know this article was from a month before TWP led the way and walked out of SL?
  8. I suspect it is financial tbh. If they normally get any kind of share of income that is gone. And if income is minimal they won't want their pitch used.
  9. We don't have a binary decision of Headingley and St James.
  10. I'm cool with the likes of Bolton or similar. Basically not one of our own grounds tbh.
  11. I think one of the points I keep coming back to is the prestige and also how it looks for the TV viewers. I don't agree the experience is the same either way. The experience watching the match yesterday was far better than the semi final. It felt like a major event and for anybody coming across the game on TV they will have known it was a major event. If people are concerned about costs, I'd like to think we may be in a decent place to negotiate as we have many options.
  12. You are putting on your best show. Today was better AT Wembley than at a normal ground
  13. There are many decisions that affect the game. For me, Leeds's try was in touch, Salford shouldn't have had the ball for their last try, but that's the game, everyones doing the best they can and these things work themselves out in general. Leeds were the slightly better team, Salford did very well but its a fair result, no injustice here.
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