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  1. In the 40s. Before the procedure it was around 80 and that was on beta blockers. They have halved my dose so hopefully it'll settle, or maybe the beta blockers aren't needed any more. They seemed OK with it once the doc had been, but I'm gonna monitor it now on this lower dosage. Still on blood thinners too. Thanks mate.
  2. Thanks John, heart rate is now really slow so having to change my meds, but it is regular at least. Yet to feel the benefits as pretty wiped out tbh, and a fair bit of chest pain from the shocks. I suppose the experts saying to rest may be right! Hope you're feeling well John.
  3. Happy to say I'm back. Took the maximum 3 shocks but appears to have worked thankfully. Appointment with Heart Specialist in a few weeks to monitor and discuss future.
  4. Content filler, and we can offer lots if content at a reasonable price.
  5. I expect this isn't true personally, but it would be great if a provider grabbed hold of the game and did what BT did with RU. The level of promotion and fees they paid them was far above the value based on viewing figures. I worry about going further behind pay walls, but I did like the quality of the football they put out the other night.
  6. So in for a Cardio version this morning. Slightly longer than the 12 week expected wait, but pleased to get seen this side of Christmas. Speak later folks.
  7. Well no then. The marquee and salary cap rules are part of the SL Operational Rules, the commercial distribution of funds aren't. Clubs are already treated differently, TWP and Catalans are not being forced to run a Reserve team like all the other SL. But as far as I am aware the Operational Rules cover all clubs. Generally if they agree changes to things like the cap and marquee it is agreed with a transition period, rather than knee_jerking because a quality player comes on the market and one club wants to buy him. That seems a wholly reasonable approach.
  8. Whilst the point about splitting the TV money has some merit, no, not the same rules. I don't believe the terms of the commercial income is in the operational rules, however things like overseas quotas and salary caps are. So they are very different things.
  9. Marquee rule was brought in to sign big name players commanding wages that could be justified that would put bums on seats and get coverage. SBW is a perfect example of the kind of signing we should be making allowances for. Latrell Mitchell would be another. However when yiu have used a space on Lussick, I'm not convinced you should be then demanding another slot to sign Mitchell. It is one of my issues with the marquee rule, it should be for genuine World class players, or entertainers.
  10. If all games were to be televised surely that would make scheduling easier? How does it work in Oz? But this is my point, there are loads of things to consider.
  11. I'm definitely in favour of some increases to allow for some ambition, yet to be convinced it needs to be abandoned tho.
  12. Well no, it was a point on governance which is what I was highlighting in the post you quoted. My thoughts on whether salary cap is necessary is outlined in my longer post early in the thread.
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