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  1. Yes, that's fair, and my post could easily be worded around the failing of the SLE Board - as ultimately he will always be answerable to the board.
  2. This is probably his biggest failing, and I think it is along the same lines of what McMannus complained about - the new governance structure hasn't been sorted out so that there is clear direction on what happens now i.e. the recruitment started a few weeks back! The problem as I see it is that SLE still isn't a real thing. It was just Elstone and a band of merry staff rather than creating a fully fledged team with proper roles and responsibilities. This should have been an important part of the CEO's role - setting the structure up for the future.
  3. It wasn't for me, but it was a show on a minor channel that you had to go looking for, so it found its market. That market should never be identified as a 44k crowd for a top class international in London. I'm a proud Northerner, but I have an issue with people assuming that I'm not looking for quality food and drink and entertainment. As I say it's a shame as the fanzines used to be a highlight.
  4. That has to be correct. The government won't be interested in how RL sets itself up on that front - particularly when it is similar to other sports.
  5. It's a real shame what they have now done with things like fanzines and the package round events. A few years back we used to make real effort, now they are rubbish.
  6. To bring it back to the article in question - I think it would be useful to base these conversations around facts, rather than "it was better back in the day" kind of evidence. As a Wire fan I had a quick look back to when I was a lad - 1990 - Warrington had 33 players with only one of them being under 20 - Phil Sumner. Wigan had 3 that year (Phil Clarke, Bobbie Goulding and Gus O'Donnell). In 2019 Wire had 2 and Wigan had 4. But whilst these squads may be loaded with players in their 20s and 30s, they did start playing at a young age - again looking at Wire's key players, Cu
  7. The most depressing thing is that it has more views than the rest of the content they have added recently.
  8. I've no doubts that this is 99% unlikely to happen - but this is ultimately the difference between us and sports like Union - they may battle, but they will ultimately make some of these sacrifices. For me, this is a big opportunity that may be forced upon us. The best we can probably expect is an October 22 World Cup to try and squeeze in before the football as much as possible.
  9. That Fanzone at the Olympic stadium was one of my worst RL experiences ever. The Rugby AM guys just bellowing to each other across a car park trying to be the most Northern they could - it was like the Phoenix Nights gala day thing, but a bit worse.
  10. In 2013 we ended up giving a few tickets up (including the final) - and this may sound soft, but because after going to around 10 or 12 games, it got to the point where it became a bit of a drag standing out in freezing cold weather. This included the likes of Workington and a double header in Wembley. Rugby League for me if about watching a game in nice(ish) weather, having a pint in a relatively relaxed atmosphere. Maybe hitting a beer garden before and after the game. Seeing what's going on in the fanzone. That completely changes for a winter World Cup.
  11. Should clarify that Lee Briers did play for GB once - in 2001 versus France in a full Test match, partnered Paul Deacon, in a strong team that won 42 v 12. I'm also not sure we should count players like that who played for Wales 20 times, with many of them full on Test matches and World Cup games. He was an excellent player who had a good international career.
  12. I could go on to give you a lesson in English as a way of explaining, but that would be disrespectful and arrogant at the very least.
  13. He used expressive language, but it's the point he was making. I still don't see how it makes him "disrespectful, bigoted, ridiculous and arrogant". I find it interesting that this is how you would respond to what is ultimately feedback on a columnist in your media.
  14. Yes - they have already acknowledged that if they did delay, they couldn't just delay 12m as it would clash with FIFA's world cup. It feels like this could be one of those things that could be done out of necessity that could be a positive for the future of the sport and this tournament. I do think warm-weather tournaments are more vibrant and fun - a festival atmosphere. Not many festivals are held in miserable Nov/Dec.
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