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  1. You may like Watch NRL, but how many subscribers does it have and does it make money are pretty important questions. Calling it a game changer means it must deliver real benefits surely? The conversation was about allowing the NRL to negotiate SL rights - they have never struck me as being particularly impressive negotiators around the world.
  2. I just don't think it is. Salford get a lot of free passes from people for a lot of reasons, but ultimately, they have a good ground (soon to be 'had'), they had a rich backer, they had plenty of good signings, they have been to Wembley and Old Trafford - but people are just not bothering. We can talk about potential all we want, we can talk about them being strategically important, but none of that counts for anything when they just keep returning really poor crowds an struggle to pay the bills. I like Salford - I used to like going to the Willows, and they generally bring a decent loud following to the HJ, but they are a really weak SL club, and I'm not sure I can ever really see that changing. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. Is this supported by facts? A quick scan at a few key events in Catalans history: 1st ever SL game - 9 French players Cup final 2007 - 8 French players Bottom placed finish in 2010 (last game of year) - 10 French players SL Semis 2012 - 7 French players MPG in 2017 - 8 French players Challenge Cup win in 2018 - 10 French players Grand Final in 2021 - 5 French players The Cup win in 2018 was the undoubted highlight in terms of French players - having 10 in there was an outstanding success.
  4. The reduction in funding will be costing everyone. Coventry don't think they should feel a cut. Community clubs don't feel they should feel the cut. I have no doubts some SL chairmen don't feel they should feel the cut. SL clubs will have to fill financial blackholes, probably from the banks or owners. Clubs and the game lower down who don't have backers will need to get income elsewhere, this seems a perfectly reasonable way of doing it. I do understand some people being unhappy, and I see people are complaining it hasn't been communicated and they don't know what the payment is for, but let's be honest, in this scenario it wouldn't matter what the RFL did, its a new cost and never going to be accepted with open arms. But there is no greed here it's clearly survival.
  5. That the sport needs to increase income to be funded properly.
  6. The RFL doesn't generate enough income to run the game well - but nobody really wants to pay for it. For some reason people seem to think the pro game is full of billionaires acting like Scrooge. The Sky deal needs to deliver a quality top flight alive and can't afford to fund the whole sport. Things like this seem perfectly sensible, although I do understand why people get peed off when something is introduced. But people need to look at the bigger picture.
  7. Your last line is weird. You seem to think that simply playing games against SH teams is an obsession. That is why your idea is wrong from the off, because it is based on nonsense. Seeing playing games against all of the other top 7 ranked teams in the World as a bad thing is just bizarre. Your whole strategy for England's international future appears to be based on anger with the Aussies. In reality your ideas will lead to 2k in a random stadium in Wales in SL before they go bust, and England sticking 90 on Jamaica in front of 2.5k in Leigh on Our League.
  8. This seems an important line: Instead, the East Stand will be renamed the Kingdom Group East Stand for Wigan Athletic fixtures in the 2021/22 football season.
  9. You are just making things up. I say we should play SH teams. That means Aus, NZ, Tonga, PNG, Samoa, Fiji etc. Also, you are overstating the problems here. The RFL have arranged plenty of games against SH nations without issue, and will continue to do so. We were due an Ashes in 2020 and a WC in 2021 - whilst I don't agree with their reasons in the slightest, without Covid, these things would have been staged. In fact, the Aussies appear to want to go back to 30 years ago when the big teams just played each other more regular. You are suggesting cutting off your nose to spite your face. The SH teams are the ones that are a draw, sure we should support NH teams and look to drive growth there, but that should be alongside the SH tests, not instead of. The idea of replacing the Aussies and Kiwis with Wales and France is a pipe dream. Again, that's not to say we shouldn't be growing these games, France games return an OK crowd for the minimal effort, so there is definitely growth to be had there, but they aren't going to replace the Kangaroo's as a draw. The approach of stick a team in SL and it'll improve the international performance has never worked. I'd suggest it is you who is not learning anything from history. Bold talk is just that. Talk.
  10. Well two of the things in his post were obvious. Book a different stadium for Jam v Knights, and put a link for ticket sales on the website.
  11. So why is that a good example of what would happen in your scenario? Wales have only ever been strong due to RU players, which has dried up. I used to love watching them in the 90s when the had some brilliant talent. But they are nothing like that now. Look at what happened in the Knights vs Jamaica game last night for the reality of what would happen on the field. I should add, I don't disagree that these teams should have more exposure to top nations, particularly France, but that should be through riding England's coat-tails with SH teams. I. E. England should be hosting tours by some of the strong SH teams and they should be playing against Wales and France for example.
  12. Why would that be a better example?
  13. That didn't happen for a long time though, it had settled into a rather nice play, once teams realised it wasn't necessarily about scoring on them, but starting a turnover set on the front foot, with a zero tackle and a fast PTB.
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