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  1. DiddyDave

    Super effort...

    No disgrace losing to a team like Leigh.Obviously a bunch of part timers were never going to hold them out,but at least the lads gave it their all if they scored six tries. That`s all we can ask for,a decent display,never giving up,that`s what the game`s all about..
  2. DiddyDave

    Do we have our Top 8 already?

    Following the Warriors` usual capitulation at Penrith on Friday,I`d say the wheels are wobbling so much,they`re about to fall off in a big way. Therefore expect them to drop down the ladder like the proverbial sack of spuds. Next four game;Broncos away,Storm home,Titans away,and Dragons away will see them battling to survive and come the end of the season will be once again firmly rooted down with the cellars dwellers
  3. DiddyDave

    Leigh fixture

    Common sense where Rugby League is involved? It`s a contradiction in terms.
  4. Lolohea`s best position is stand off,he is no full back. The Warriors mucked him around summat shocking because him and Johnson couldn`t get a good partnership going. Full back,wing,centre,on the bench filling in when somebody was injured,the poor bloke didn`t know where he was. Same at the Tigers,starts at stand off,then they sign Benji and Reynolds and he finds himself at full back again. Enter Mbye so he`s surplus to requirements there too now. Good luck Tui,he`s a good player,vastly under valued and will be a great acquisition over there.
  5. DiddyDave

    Well done Hornets, but...

    Same here in Oz. Not long ago players would get a painful injury,but get up and run it off. Now,especially if it`s a hit to the head,they stop the game straight away,the refs having no option. Stopping the game because a player has cramp is ridiculous,but that`s coming in too now. The game that used to flow is now stop/start,this ridiculous shock clock where the players hang around for scrums and drop outs until the clock runs down has me seething. The game we love is going more and more like rugby yawnion every day. Far too many stoppages,trainers on the field more than the players,drinkies every five minutes or so,far too long for the bunker to decide on a try or not. They`re killing the goose that lays the golden egg.
  6. DiddyDave

    Well done Hornets, but...

    Well done lads,playing to the final whistle always pays dividends.
  7. DiddyDave

    A new all time low

    Terrible how our side is going,getting beat is one thing,getting flogged every week is another. I believe there`s an AGM soon,this week maybe,so let`s see what the plan is for the future,assuming we have one.
  8. DiddyDave


    I fear we`re going to be copping quite a few of these scores before the season`s over.
  9. Joe Greenwood has been released and will join Wigan for the rest of the season. For some reason Garth Brennan doesn`t like him as Greenwood hasn`t played for the Titans since Brennan arrived,indeed he`s only been warming the bench for Burleigh Bears in the Queensland Cup. I for one will be sorry to see Greenwood go,he`s a far better player than Hurrell and Cartwright,that`s for sure. Maybe Brennan couldn`t understand his Owdum accent.
  10. DiddyDave

    Well done for today's crucial win

    Well done lads to bounce back from last week. Onward and upward.
  11. DiddyDave

    Summer Bash

    Maybe Hornets can`t afford an assistant coach,but obviously the young man was Alan Kilshaw`s lad,who cares? Kilshaw wasn`t the one missing tackles,dropping the ball and generally playing an awful game against a side who wanted to win far more that our players did. Let`s hope they learn summat from this shambles and stick it to the Lions next week.
  12. DiddyDave

    Summer Bash

    Brilliant try and sideline conversion in the first five minutes,the next seventy five minutes,absolute dross. I`ll say no more.
  13. DiddyDave

    Summer Bash

    Game is live here in Australia at midnight. Hope Hornets do the job like they did against Oldham last year,which was also live.
  14. DiddyDave

    Magic Weekend in New York

    No,I only mentioned convictions of any kind because it would prevent some fans and players from going,that’s all. See you there then with your new market and financial benefit,as per usual propped up by Sky TV.
  15. DiddyDave

    Magic Weekend in New York

    That’s a bit naive isn’t it, most people will have convictions going back years and if they’re drug related,that’s the end of it. Canada and the States have the same entry criteria by the way. You call it progress of the game,I say that’s a load of male genitals,and has been for years. Just a jolly away for the Super League players and those fans lucky enough to have a few grand in the bank.