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  1. DiddyDave

    Gerbil RIP

    Any of you who are on Facebook,type in Sarah Roberts,Dave`s daughter. All information for next Wednesday is on her page,just scroll down.
  2. DiddyDave

    Gerbil RIP

    It`s at 11.30.
  3. DiddyDave

    Killer to Leave.

    Sounds like the proverbial sinking ship scenario.....?
  4. DiddyDave

    Gerbil RIP

    Yes,one of life`s characters,Sixy,as I knew him by,certainly had us all in stitches. RIP Dave,condolences to Pat and Mark.
  5. DiddyDave

    Johnathan Thurston (Merged Threads)

    Not sure if this is the right Forum to put this on,but Steve Birch and I,two staunch Rochdale Hornets supporters,were privileged to have been at Robina Stadium on Saturday night to watch the North Queensland Cowboys defeat the Gold Coast Titans,30-26,to end the career of one of the greatest footballers ever to take the field,Johnathan Thurston. He played a total of 398 games for Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs,North Queensland Cowboys,Queensland and Australia. The man is a legend in Australia and rightly so,not only for his amazing skills as a footballer,but for his ongoing contribution to the Aboriginal people,something he will probably continue to do on a full time basis. No doubt a new star player will emerge in the coming years,but Thurston,to many,will remain their number one of all time.
  6. DiddyDave

    Only bottom club relegated

    I`ve just read Kevin Ashcroft`s views on the game. As he says,Bill Fallowfield would be turning in his grave at the things that are going on in the game today.
  7. DiddyDave

    Killer to Leave.

    Why can`t clubs get back to wearing the traditional big V? These modern day ones look like rugby union shirts,god forbid. Back in the day,blue shirt with red and white V;away shirt,white with red and blue V. Still got my away one from the eighties that I occasionally wear when I go out walking here in Tweed Heads. Now,that IS a shirt!
  8. DiddyDave

    Only bottom club relegated

    And the band plays on.
  9. DiddyDave

    Now for the final tests

    You reckon mate? Barrow and Swinton are definitely beatable,Dewsbury,Batley and Sheffield no world beaters either,so if Hornets stick to the game plan and don`t lose their heads,a Houdini escape act could be on the cards. Let`s face it,there`s nowt to lose,no pressure on the team,just go out there and give it their all.
  10. It`s the RFL who are complicit in this so called expansionism male genitals,so no point complaining to those turkeys. Original 1896 clubs like Rochdale,where the game is still played in schools and at amateur level,are left to stagger along because they`ve been left far behind in this world of the corporate theft of the game. How many local sides does Toronto have mate? How many schools play the game over there ensuring a new crop of youngsters will make the big time? Big money,that`s all you have,no interest whatsoever in the future and nurturing of OUR great game.
  11. Full time professionals,including some top Australian players,against a bunch of part timers,what do you expect? Absolutely ridiculous. You won`t be crowing next season if you get to Super League.
  12. DiddyDave

    Super effort...

    No disgrace losing to a team like Leigh.Obviously a bunch of part timers were never going to hold them out,but at least the lads gave it their all if they scored six tries. That`s all we can ask for,a decent display,never giving up,that`s what the game`s all about..
  13. DiddyDave

    Do we have our Top 8 already?

    Following the Warriors` usual capitulation at Penrith on Friday,I`d say the wheels are wobbling so much,they`re about to fall off in a big way. Therefore expect them to drop down the ladder like the proverbial sack of spuds. Next four game;Broncos away,Storm home,Titans away,and Dragons away will see them battling to survive and come the end of the season will be once again firmly rooted down with the cellars dwellers
  14. DiddyDave

    Leigh fixture

    Common sense where Rugby League is involved? It`s a contradiction in terms.
  15. Lolohea`s best position is stand off,he is no full back. The Warriors mucked him around summat shocking because him and Johnson couldn`t get a good partnership going. Full back,wing,centre,on the bench filling in when somebody was injured,the poor bloke didn`t know where he was. Same at the Tigers,starts at stand off,then they sign Benji and Reynolds and he finds himself at full back again. Enter Mbye so he`s surplus to requirements there too now. Good luck Tui,he`s a good player,vastly under valued and will be a great acquisition over there.