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  1. Can`t have it end of season due to International commitments.
  2. DiddyDave

    Ben Barba sacked

    It`ll be a police matter if he`s assaulted his missus in full view of several witnesses,as has been reported,so I`d say he`ll be playing for a prison team for the next couple of years.
  3. DiddyDave

    Ben Barba sacked by North Queensland Cowboys

    Physically and verbally abusing his missus in the Townsville Casino on Friday night. How dumb is that?
  4. Ben Barba sacked by North Queensland Cowboys after an incident at the Townsville Casino last Friday night.
  5. DiddyDave

    Last of the “friendlies”

    That`s what we want to hear!
  6. DiddyDave


    Come on fellas,this game was no more than a getting to know you match. The score was completely irrelevant,a first up game of the season,summat to work on as the coach will no doubt say. Let`s not get too serious yet.
  7. Wayne Bennett should`ve done the right thing and packed his bags,but like Gus Gould,he thinks the game is all about him. Sick of his stupid face on the telly answering questions like a politician,never actually saying anything remotely intelligent. The Broncos should`ve sacked him at the end of the season;if they had,none of his shenanigans would ever have happened.
  8. DiddyDave

    2019 squad.

    Great signing for Hornets,his experience alone will be invaluable,plus the fact he`s been out of the game for a while,he`ll be eager to get out onto the paddock again. Well done to all concerned to get Scott Moore on board.
  9. DiddyDave

    Sharks Speared by Holmes?

    Gallen is right,Holmes should be made to honour his contract and I`m amazed that the Sharks have let him walk out on it. It just shows,contracts aren`t worth the paper they`re written on,but we knew that when SBW did the same to the Bulldogs a few years ago. Oh well,on we go to 2019,I wonder how many more will walk out on their clubs and team mates for pie in the sky desires to play a game they`ve only ever seen on TV.
  10. How can all you blokes take this garbage game seriously? These end of season internationals are a joke,they`re just a way to extend the season when we all know players on both sides of the world must be sick of seeing a Rugby League ball. The refereeing started off ok,but even that degenerated,helped along the way by the ever pedantic Mr Thaler in the Bunker. Most teams in the NRL would`ve walloped both sides on this showing,so roll on 2019 and get back to playing/watching decent entertainment.
  11. I was in Auckland on Sunday,driving back to the Airport with my brother in law. He took us around several suburbs in South Auckland,the red and white flags,bunting and artwork were all over the place. Pity they were soundly beaten,but the match itself will live in the memory for years to come.
  12. Bennett and Siebold to swap places in 2020,though probably both will move before the start of next season for obvious reasons. McGuire is off to the Tigers,with Cleary reuniting with his son at the Panthers and having Gould looking over his shoulder every time he turns around.
  13. DiddyDave

    Swinton v Worky.

    Well done Swinton and Hornets for surviving the dreaded drop. For once the crackpot goings on at GHQ has worked in both clubs` favour. We can both have a good Christmas and look forward to 2019.
  14. DiddyDave

    Half time

    I can only say well done to everyone at Hornets for this lifeline,hope the new coach and new players can keep the status quo again next season and onwards.
  15. DiddyDave

    Dewsbury Rams

    Great result Hornets,a real Houdini act in the offing now. Sheffield got nowt to play for,so it`s a matter of how much Hornets want it.