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  1. Ref for Whitehaven.

    What a pity,both football codes look like basket cases. Same old,same old with them both,is it the weather in Rochdale or summat else?
  2. Taylor Welch.New signing .

    If he`s been playing for Townsville Blackhawks he should be pretty good.
  3. Featherstone rovers

    Well there you have it in a nutshell Even for Fev who are light years way from Super League themselves,are light years ahead of the likes of Hornets financially and in playing strength. A bit like Dale playing the likes of Wolves,Cardiff and Aston Villa most weeks with the odd chance of a draw or sneaky win against Burton or Bolton,but no chance against the rest. Sport,like life these days,is all about the haves and the have nots,if you can`t swim,you sink sadly.
  4. NZ Warriors sold!

    Why would you like to see games in Hawaii? Or anywhere in America? Is this what you call expansionism? The only thing Yanks are interested in is making money,everything and anything goes by the wayside in their quest for more and more. Profits will disappear to the other side of the Pacific as they do in the EPL,so I`m very sceptical with the new Warriors owners. Rich Yanks wouldn`t know the difference between Shaun Johnson and President Johnson,owning sports clubs to billionaires is just a way for them to spread their tentacles of finance across the globe,grabbing more and more as big business does very well. How many Canadians are in the Toronto team Kayakman? One or two,or not even that many,so what`s the point?
  5. Probably back to 2002 when Daniel Anderson coached them to the GF. Nobody criticises the Warriors more than me,a truly heartbroken supporter since day 1,but even I have to admit that they`re playing some fantastic football at the moment. The Roosters were smashed beyond recognition,you could see the bewilderment in their eyes as the game came close to the end. Just hope they can keep it up,their confidence knowing they can finally compete against the top sides must be sky high. Three tough home games coming up,I think we`ll be clearer to knowing their pedigree after those.
  6. This directive has come from Todd Greenberg to get the game cleaned up and rightly so,so don`t blame the refs,they`re just doing their job to the best of their ability.
  7. Gus Gould is just a big mouth former coach,has been for years. Thinks he knows it all,just one more reason why I watch Fox. My only complaint against Cecchin last night was that he clearly should`ve sent players to the bin for constantly infringing. I`m sure he will next week.
  8. Toronto Wolfpack at home

    18-17 to the Wolfpack,couldn`t have been closer. Well done Hornets,holding a side like that so close says a lot. Onward and Upward then.
  9. Whitehaven away.

    What`s particularly hard about a trip to `Haven? Could`ve had a lot worse draw than that.
  10. Footy Show Flak

    Haven`t watched it for years,but I wouldn`t watch anything on Channel 9 anyway. The Footy Show`s only on so they can milk the intelligence insulting ads to the max as they do with all their rubbish programmes. To be fair though,Fatty was the show,without him it`s like watching the Flintstones without Fred.
  11. Barrow win.

    Is it that or the fact that everyone is slowly losing interest? It would appear that way to me,I just hope I`m mistaken. Hornets are as important to Rochdale as the Co-op,terraced houses and the Town Hall. To see the club disappear (and I`m not saying they`re in imminent danger of that),would be a disaster,not only to the town,but to the great game itself.
  12. Barrow win.

    Wow,don`t everybody get too excited all at once. First win of the season,great second half and nobody wants to know,or that`s how it appears.
  13. Exactly mate,I`m sure the NZ Warriors aren`t too keen on this game at all. If I`ve read the Warriors` fixture list properly it looks like they`ve scheduled this for the weekend that they get the bye. So their top players will obviously get selected meaning they`ll get no respite from the tough NRL competition. Methinks the Kiwi team will be a very second rate one,that`s if it still goes ahead.
  14. Start Tipping Warriors!

    Whoops,forgot about the Titans match in between the two I mentioned. Think I`ll pick the Titans as well. As a Warriors supporter,I`m sick of false dawns and this year will be no exception I`m sure. Hope I`ll be proved wrong,but can`t see it.
  15. Start Tipping Warriors!

    Hmmm,I`ve heard this many times before. Trial games mean not very much,so I`ll predict the Warriors first two games;a loss in Perth against the Bunnies,though they`d lose to anybody in WA,then home to Melbourne,so no need to work out what will happen there. Yep as usual,two losses to start the season.