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  1. Well I counted at least five ex NRL players in the Salford line,possibly one or two more who I`ve either forgotten or didn`t know of,so it just shows the massive gap between an average Super League side and the players Hornets have. Still,I guess there`s not much point playing an inferior team as you learn nowt from those,so I`m sure Kilshaw would`ve been relatively pleased. You on holiday in January Tyrone? Ahhh,the bracing winter air of Aberdeen,you just can`t beat it!!
  2. Everybody knew there was a "new" Bradford Bulls just waiting in the wings,why would the coach and the players keep hanging around if it was otherwise? Another joke,but I seem to recall that Bradford,whether Bulls or Northern have always had money problems. Somebody please help me here,but I seem to remember in the early sixties when they were perpetual cellar dwellers with Hornets,Liverpool City,Doncaster,Dewsbury and a few more,they either went broke,or came close to it and the players were only part time then,probably on a fiver a week or summat. It would appear the more things change,the more they stay the same.
  3. Fair comment sir,but put the blame on those cretins in Canberra,us "normal people" have to get on with it,no matter what the colour of our backsides are. The biggest racist I`ve seen in Australia is a certain boxer who used to play for St.George,you may remember him.
  4. So all us Honkies are racialist are we? Must`ve been my fault that Chris Sandow behaves like this in public. Nobody forces people to take drugs or drink to excess. People need to be accountable for what they do,not blame everybody else. I know where you`re coming from,but don`t tarnish us all with the same brush mate. I`m married to a none white lady,have been for 35 years and we laugh at our cultural differences,so I`d advise you to do the same from time to time. It does help.
  5. Very sad news this,just hope you do a Rochdale Hornets and come back stronger than ever.
  6. Exactly mate!!
  7. As were the mighty Rochdale Hornets!! Happy New Year mate,looking forward to our tussle at your "new ground" in Staleybridge very soon.
  8. Yes,compliments of the season to ALL Rugby League fans wherever you may be. I may not agree with some comments on here,but respect your opinions nonetheless. Happy New Year and lets get our game on again ASAP!!
  9. I`ve been thinking about this over the last few days. I can understand lawyers getting involved here,parasites just waiting to suck the blood out of McKinnon`s bank account should he succeed,but I can`t get my head around the Players Union getting involved. They say they support McKinnon,but what about Jordan McClean,who will certainly be under the microscope here,having copped an eleven match ban from memory,thereby being held responsible by the judiciary,so surely the Players Union have to support him too. In a similar vein,the family of Phillip Hughes haven`t sued Australian cricket nor the bowler for Hughes tragic death a couple of years ago,though they could argue a fault in the design of the helmet that allowed the ball to hit him where it did. No,McKinnon needs to get some better advice than to listen to greedy lawyers,there`s the financial future of thousands of people to be considered here too. A successful claim against the game (NRL) would see all contact sport drastically changed in the coming years,none for the better.
  10. Well,John Grant pointed out that the grass roots of the game is very much being neglected at the moment,but sadly,it`s not going to happen if the sixteen greedy NRL clubs have their way which is looking extremely likely. The inclusion of two French teams into the game in England to me proves nothing as both have been highly supported financially by GHQ,the same applying to the new teams that mostly comprise Championship 1. How long these Mickey Mouse clubs keep going no doubt reflects on how long the powers that be prop them up,the point of which absolutely baffles me. As far as I know Australia already massively supports the game in PNG,it is their number one sport,but as Lounge Lizard points out,an NRL team there could not be admitted due to the terrible instability of the country. They`ve been doing well in the Queensland Cup in the last three years or so,but that should be all. I guess we`re all bored with the game being in the off season,so we keep coming up with views and ideas that just ain`t going to happen. It won`t be long,friendly games will be up and running mid January in the Old Dart and the 9s in Auckland first weekend in February,so let`s all look forward to that.
  11. Didn`t Jarrod McCracken try to sue Stephen Kearney for a tackle that ended his career some years ago? Think it quite rightly failed,but these days with lawyers making fortunes out of things like this,i fear this could succeed and if it does the game as we know it will be changed,maybe gone,forever. I only hope McKinnon has a change of heart over this,it`s a tough game that they play,injuries happen every time teams take to the field,but actually proving that a serious injury like this is somebody else`s fault,hopefully will be impossible to prove.
  12. I watched a game maybe last season or the season before involving Newtown and saw a recent Hornets flag waving in the crowd. Was that you sir?
  13. Hey Moorside Roughyed,the game over here is structured to supporting the NRL. Juniors,U16s,U18s,U20s,feeder clubs involved with the NSW Cup,Queensland Cup,etc. You need to understand that the structure is completely different in Australia,100 clubs a la English football just wouldn`t work,so no need for promotion/relegation. Anyway,it`s only been the last couple of seasons that teams have even been allowed back into Super League,it was a closed shop for a few years,so I don`t know where you`re coming from. Forget about it mate,just look forward to your Biffos first match of the season against my old club,Rochdale Hornets,weather permitting,in the new year. Try to avoid relegation back to that Mickey Mouse league GHQ started up a few seasons ago,that`s right they had to relegate FIVE teams to get that going,bloody madness.