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  1. Well it is the Hornets Forum,I would`ve thought it was obvious. I was just trying to lift the gloom......
  2. I see they`ve signed Jordan Hand from Swinton. Any good or what?
  3. You can only play as well as the opposition allows you to,but I think we all knew a drubbing was on the cards at some point soon. Heads will be down,as will confidence,but there`s always next week and it`s now that the lads need the support of the faithful. Two wins from the next three "easier" games will do me.
  4. Well,what do you expect from a bunch of whingeing Southern Softies? Remember,Hornets are part timers,Broncos,from my understanding are full timers,so should be far fitter and able to see out the eighty minutes better. This Sunday`s clash with another full time outfit,Toulouse,will be a real ding dong going back to Hornets whacking them on their own midden last season,so better take the hard hats! Yes,the game`s called Rugby League and it can get pretty tough at times,you wouldn`t want it any other way would you?
  5. What the hell would Cockneys know about Rugby League!!
  6. What new website?
  7. Yes,I recall going to York for a Challenge Cup game,early seventies I`d think. Hornets had a good side,but York belted us something like 36-14 maybe. No matter,it`s defence that wins games and we`re not going to win many if we`re conceding 26 points on consecutive weekends. Killer needs to sort that out,I`m sure he will.
  8. I don`t think it could compete with the other weekly,Big League,the magazine I get. Big League is more like a match day programme;all the teams from 1-17,under 20s,NSW and Queensland Cup,a far better mag for the television fan in my opinion. If anybody would like recent copies of Big League,just let me know and I`ll send them over,two at a time. First in,best dressed,this week was week 3.
  9. Presumably North Sydney Bears think that because they own Tweed Heads Seagulls (they`ve been trying to sell it for years),they can go the whole way and gain control of the Titans. This rumour is not new,it`s been festering for months up here,so who knows,maybe the NRL might look favourably at it as they still financially control the Titans. Personally,I fail to see how a team that will have two grounds over six hundred miles apart could attract people to go along to watch,but who knows these days?
  10. Lets hope so,but it`s still full timers v part timers. Last week`s matches mean nowt now,it`ll certainly be a big match for Hornets.
  11. Hope he doesn`t hurt his finger signing the contract,he seems to hurt everything else these days!!
  12. Johnathon Thurston has just come out and said the Indigenous All Stars should play tests on their own and the all knowing Gus Gould has agreed. So we could have two Aussie sides,one Indigenous and the other one presumably everything else. Just like the Maori All Blacks,I think you only have to be one sixteenth Maori to play for them,even though you`re obviously fifteen/sixteenths not!! Just more politically correct tripe,where will it all end?
  13. Well I see David Fifita is reportedly going to play,dual registration from Wakefield,so Hornets had better watch out for him Like his brother Andrew,the bloke is a thug both on and off the field.
  14. I agree,a definite step down and I`m a Warriors fan. They`re not giving Ryan Hoffman another year and have stripped him of the captaincy,giving it to Tuivasa-Scheck,two decisions that a find absolutely ridiculous. The problem with the Warriors (one of many) is that they`re all followers and no leaders,bar Hoffman and Mannering,and Harris will be no different. Yes,he`s been good playing for Storm,but look who he plays with and who coaches them. Coming from a rugby background,I think Harris will go back to it when his contract is up as I can`t see him playing the same for us.
  15. Apparently the forever omnipotent Phil Gould has criticised the Auckland Nines for being a tournament the game doesn`t need at this time of the year,and Dale Budge,whoever he is,agrees. They say the game doesn`t need the added risk of injuries so close to the start of the season,especially for the three teams who will be travelling to the Old Dart soon for the three World Club Challenge matches,plus the pre season games. What a load of bunkum. They should can the World Challenges as being a complete waste of time and effort,the players surely not wanting to travel halfway round the world for games that mean absolutely nothing,especially the blokes who were there only a matter of weeks ago for the equally unimportant Four Nations rubbish. The Nines is a brilliant concept that lets clubs showcase a lot of their upcoming stars as well as it being a chance for some of the long since retired players to once again tread the green pasture,not to mention the big pay day for whoever wins it. Most pre season injuries are done in training as Gould well knows,though you could say he`s only jealous because the Aussies in general,and the Panthers in particular,missed out on this innovative event. Good on ya Auckland and Dean Lonergan,make sure you keep it going,don`t let the NRL steal it from under your noses as they well might try to do because there`s a few bob to be made.