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    Eeeee,them were`t days though.
  2. After being away since 1972 what do you think? Of course I`m still a Pom,but having lived in NZ for 35 years I`m now a Kiwi citizen though curtrently enjoying life in Australia. As I said,as far away from the Land Of Hope And Glory as I possibly can. I think you`re the deluded one mate,oh,that`s right,that`s what you call yourself anyway. Still,Merry Christmas to you and everyone who posts on here,we might not all agree on things,but hey,that`s what it`s all about. Isn`t it?
  3. 2018 home and away kits

    Why don`t Hornets have the traditional V any more?
  4. Well,as I said,I was an England fan on the night and hanging around after the game was definitely not in my plans. I guess with the scant success that England have had in most sports,you`ll be well used to applauding the opposition then? Land of Hope and Glory my ######,that`s why everyone with a modicum of brains have gone to the furtherist points of the globe years ago.
  5. NRL offloads Titans

    No games at Robina during the Commonwealth Games. I think they`ve shifted one game to Toowoomba?
  6. NRL offloads Titans

    Yes,I guess it`s a case of back to the future. Last chance for Rugby League on the Coast now,it simply has to work this time. Garth Brennan seems to know what he`s about though it might take a year or two for his ideas to come to fruition. Just hope the fans and the media will patient enough.
  7. I got out of my seat with about 45 seconds left, went to the stairwell as England`s last attack petered out, heard the hooter sound and took off for the station as fast as my 69 year old little legs could carry me. Two reasons; no way would I want to stay and watch Cameron Smith lift another trophy and I had an hour and a half trip by train and car to get home, which I did, bang on midnight NSW time. Other than that I thought it was a game that could`ve easily slipped out of our grasp by half time, but with true Bulldog spirit we battled it out and once the Aussies had that second half try disallowed, thought the more the game went on, the more chance we had of winning. Sadly, we couldn`t cross their line, but not for lacking effort. As somebody has said, our only playmaker was playing full back so not able to have much influence in attack just when we were crying out for somebody to come up with a sleight of hand as the last few minutes ticked by. It certainly wasn`t a classic, but I think we`ll long remember the Battle of Brisbane, because in the end, that`s what it was.
  8. World Cup Final

    Great game from England, defence was superb, just didn`t have enough nous to cross the Aussie`s line. Had a good catch up with Anita Bath and Brennan Neild, were there any other Hornets supporters at the game?
  9. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    For some reason Fox Sports never show the World Cup,nor the 4 Nations,not even the World Club game in February. The latter two always seem to be on an obscure Channel 9 channel and similarly Channel 7 have put all their games on 7mate,all except Australia`s games that is,they on the proper 7 channel. Many people have asked me what channel these World Cup games are on and when I tell them they shrug their shoulders and say they can`t get that channel,so no wonder viewing figures are very low. It was the same in 2008,the coverage was ######,so why Fox Sports can`t go the extra mile and pull this off I don`t know,but it makes you wonder.
  10. From memory Suncorp was full in 2008 when the Kiwis shut the Aussies up,but yes,after the GF on the first Sunday in October,the Aussies generally head to the beach no matter what League is still on. The powers that be know that Suncorp is more like to be filled than the big stadium in Sydney and Queenslanders undoubtedly support the game more,but certainly a game against England doesn`t hold the interset that it did thirty or forty years ago when the British Lions toured. Plus of course,most Aussies think this will be another walk in the park,no matter who this year`s opposition is. Oh well,I`ll be there in my Rochdale Hornets shirt cheering the boys on,so any other Hornets supporters who might be going,I`ll see you at one of the boozers on Caxton Street pre game!!
  11. England vs Tonga - what it tells us

    Up until Tonga scored their first try (I thought it was short of the line and the guy rolled the ball forward onto it),England were far and away the better side. It was clearly a do or die effort from the Tongans from then on where everything seemed to come off for them. Maybe it was a mistake to take Sam off,but we just went to pieces and were lucky that the final controversial no try went our way. Many things win and lose matches,overall England played really well and in my opinion deserved to win,however there`ll be no ifs and buts next week. Wayne Bennett will have us ready,he is still one of the best coaches around,but an Australian side like this one won`t stand around on ceremony. I can see us competing till half time,but think the Aussies will grind us down as they always do and we`ll do well to keep within twenty points of them.
  12. Let`s put it like this,I wouldn`t like to be a cop in South Auckland tonight!
  13. 2018 Series v NZ

    I`m still not sure these end of season tours/four nations comps are good for the game. I was at the England/Kiwis match in Huddersfield last year and thought it was an awful game,most of the players looked like they`d rather be at the beach and predictably, they both got well beaten by Australia. Rugby League is a tough,tough game. After a whole season where most of the top players have played right up to the final game,motivation to play another few games in none World Cup years must be hard to accept even if they`re playing for their country. League in NZ is an all time low,the Kiwis are woeful,the blue ribbon NZ Warriors have just lost their last 11 NRL games,so don`t expect much.
  14. If the Roosters don`t win the comp in the two years that Cronk is with them and the obvious reaction that Pearce has taken,it has to be viewed as a massive gamble that wasn`t worth pursuing. Time will tell.
  15. Hayne to fly

    Such is the nature of modern football,big money in the off season,but it`s all part of any player`s contract. Hopefully the $180,000 he`ll get before the end of the year will be his last before he heads to the Eels as has been reported on NRL 360. Therefore the Titans will have a million dollars in the salary cap that they wouldn`t have had if Hayne stayed at the club,so there`s a silver lining in this.