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  1. By class I think you mean full timers against part timers,literally hardly an equal playing field is it? But we already knew that before the season got underway,Hornets and other part time sides have done well considering. Still got it all to play for,so come Hornets,a drop back to the Mickey Mouse division is not an option.
  2. Manu is way passed his best,in fact I`d say he`s been going downhill for the last couple of years. Ok,he scores tries when he can avoid injury,but I wouldn`t mind betting his poor reading of situations have cost the Warriors as many tries as he`s scored over the years. A very popular player though in all fairness,but no legend by any means. He`s a real family man,I think he has four little girls,so settling in Northern England would be a real test for him. Best of luck anyway Manu.
  3. Bloody pathetic,but what do you expect from a bunch who couldn`t a pub raffle.
  4. Well done to the boys,it just shows what happens when the team pulls together and plays to the last minute. Give it to the Southern Softies next week too!!
  5. So next Sunday`s game with Swinton is a must win then and not it`s hard to work out what the lads have to do. Rugby League is all about heart,guts,pride,and playing as a team. If they can`t muster any of those attributes,they shouldn`t be playing the game. It`s up to the players,not the coach,we will see.....
  6. Well done again Mayfield holding top notch Siddal to a 24 all draw. Any reports on the game,it must`ve been a belter?
  7. Is this the last Straw??
  8. .....Wow,is that right? Did Thatto Heath have a few sent off,or were Mayfield simply superb? Home to Siddall next Friday night,hope they get a good turn out to see if they can knock of the top, as yet,undefeated team!!
  9. "Eels have won this by sheer grit",are you serious? The Woeful Warriors should`ve won this game in a canter but for schoolboy howlers,Kata and Thompson the main culprits,Johnson`s pathetic kick that led to Radradra`s try,plus the equally pathetic attempt at a tackle by the captain,RTS. The Warriors are a basket case,they should be ashamed of picking up their pay and it wouldn`t surprise me if the thousands of Kiwis living on the Gold Coast give them a big miss when they play the Titans next Saturday. I certainly will. If they can`t be bothered,why should I?
  10. A game of two halves,but Hornets stuck it out and thoroughly deserved the win. Poor goalkicking and a generally poor kicking game all round from Yates and Palfrey though,both players need to sort that out. Hornets certainly got the rub of the green in the second half from the ref,the eight point penalty try was ridiculous,but by then Oldham had lost the plot anyway. The last minute melee after Oldham had knocked on was completely unnecessary,Hornets milking the mistake when they should`ve walked away and celebrated not long after. Still,it was great to see the lads Down Under live and the way they stuck together when they were so far behind at the break. Best of luck for the rest of the season,cut out the ###### and another season in the Championship should be assured.
  11. Paul Kent summed up the Warriors perfectly last night on NRL 360. He said they need more players who`ve been brought up in the hard knocks of Aussie Rugby League,players who know how to play the game tough when they have to. Sure the Warriors have some fantastic players,but they need to play as a team,not as individuals. They have no heart,no real guts,and worst of all,apparently no pride. Stephen Kearney is not the man to move the club forward and I`d have thought Jim Doyle would`ve known that,so how long it takes for Doyle to work that one out is the big question.
  12. DCE is nothing more than a cheat. As I`ve mentioned on here on a couple of other threads,I saw him deliberately throw a match against the Titans four or five years ago and you`d have to assume that some,if not all,of the other players knew about it too.
  13. Yes and a very comfortable victory too,30-10,says it all.
  14. I thought England played very well against a potentially very powerful Samoan side. Not only that,the crowd were very vocal for the Polynesians,though the atmosphere was always very friendly as these people always are. Not only did England win,they kept Samoa to nil in the first half and though Samoa scored just after half time to a very dubious scrambled try,the boys in white didn`t panic and controlled the rest of the game,scoring two late tries which was no more than they deserved for a comfortable 30-10 victory. So for all the criticism of this one off game,ten players travelling to the other side of the world,I think it was well worth it. Hodgson,Whitehead,Sam Burgess and O`Loughlin all outstanding against a huge Samoan pack and Wayne Bennett as usual pulled the rabbit from the hat,as he generally does,no problems about his ability to get players up for the one off game.
  15. I hate to say it,but three different occurrences over the one weekend would have to indicate that a lot of players/clubmen take so called recreational drugs. It will soon come to the stage where every player will have to be drug tested after every match,what a shameful state the game,and no doubt the rest of society is in today.