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  1. NRL Expansion

    It ain`t gonna happen. Forget about it. End of story
  2. Embarrassing, to say the least

    What bloody disgrace,Hornets should reimburse those loyal supporters who traveled across the Pennines to watch that performance. There`s obviously a problem with attitude and discipline among the players,but I thought a decent coach would`ve sorted that out long ago. One win in the Shield,even getting beat by the two relegated sides sums up a very poor season overall. I guess some will say at least we didn`t get relegated,well,we will next season if those blokes take to the park in 2018.
  3. Matt Moylan Moving

    Another cry baby who thinks the world owes him a living. Got a bollocking off Gus and Griffin,so he wants out now. Jeez,take a look around the Penrith/ Western Sydney area Matt and see how lucky you are to be so talented and on money most of us would only dream of getting. Grow up man,there`s a great future for you at Penrith if you just swallow your pride.
  4. A month ago we were all remarking on how the Titans flogged the Sharks in the rain at Robina,the next week the Titans were arguably robbed by two poor reffing decisions against the Panthers. So what the heck has gone wrong in the space of three weeks? Talk of players walking if Henry stays on is absolute garbage,they all have a contract and they have to honour that,but as somebody has just said on FB,get rid of the lot of them if they don`t want to play for the Titans I`m sure there`s lots of players at Burleigh and Tweed only too happy to step into the breech. The players should butt out,their job is to play to the best of their ability no matter who is the coach.
  5. Let`s get back to having one ref on the park,back to the days when the refs made proper decisions,not passing the buck to the linos and ultimately the Bunker. Another very gray area is the hit on the kickers,some of these so called attempted tackles or charge downs are horrendous and someone will get badly hurt if nothing is done. Any contact after the ball has been kicked should be penalised,more so because the kicker is completely defenceless after he`s kicked the ball. To me it`s an easy way for the opposite team to target the play makers and knock them out of the game.
  6. Class tells

    By class I think you mean full timers against part timers,literally hardly an equal playing field is it? But we already knew that before the season got underway,Hornets and other part time sides have done well considering. Still got it all to play for,so come Hornets,a drop back to the Mickey Mouse division is not an option.
  7. Manu Vatuvei to Salford

    Manu is way passed his best,in fact I`d say he`s been going downhill for the last couple of years. Ok,he scores tries when he can avoid injury,but I wouldn`t mind betting his poor reading of situations have cost the Warriors as many tries as he`s scored over the years. A very popular player though in all fairness,but no legend by any means. He`s a real family man,I think he has four little girls,so settling in Northern England would be a real test for him. Best of luck anyway Manu.
  8. 2021 World Cup

    Bloody pathetic,but what do you expect from a bunch who couldn`t a pub raffle.
  9. Crucial win

    Well done to the boys,it just shows what happens when the team pulls together and plays to the last minute. Give it to the Southern Softies next week too!!
  10. Dreadful...

    So next Sunday`s game with Swinton is a must win then and not it`s hard to work out what the lads have to do. Rugby League is all about heart,guts,pride,and playing as a team. If they can`t muster any of those attributes,they shouldn`t be playing the game. It`s up to the players,not the coach,we will see.....
  11. Thatto Heath 6 Mayfield 70......

    Well done again Mayfield holding top notch Siddal to a 24 all draw. Any reports on the game,it must`ve been a belter?
  12. The last Straw.

    Is this the last Straw??
  13. .....Wow,is that right? Did Thatto Heath have a few sent off,or were Mayfield simply superb? Home to Siddall next Friday night,hope they get a good turn out to see if they can knock of the top, as yet,undefeated team!!
  14. Round 13 Match Thread

    "Eels have won this by sheer grit",are you serious? The Woeful Warriors should`ve won this game in a canter but for schoolboy howlers,Kata and Thompson the main culprits,Johnson`s pathetic kick that led to Radradra`s try,plus the equally pathetic attempt at a tackle by the captain,RTS. The Warriors are a basket case,they should be ashamed of picking up their pay and it wouldn`t surprise me if the thousands of Kiwis living on the Gold Coast give them a big miss when they play the Titans next Saturday. I certainly will. If they can`t be bothered,why should I?
  15. Good win.

    A game of two halves,but Hornets stuck it out and thoroughly deserved the win. Poor goalkicking and a generally poor kicking game all round from Yates and Palfrey though,both players need to sort that out. Hornets certainly got the rub of the green in the second half from the ref,the eight point penalty try was ridiculous,but by then Oldham had lost the plot anyway. The last minute melee after Oldham had knocked on was completely unnecessary,Hornets milking the mistake when they should`ve walked away and celebrated not long after. Still,it was great to see the lads Down Under live and the way they stuck together when they were so far behind at the break. Best of luck for the rest of the season,cut out the ###### and another season in the Championship should be assured.