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  1. I think that each of those chaps who gave so much of their time to demolish transport and rebuild the stands from Scarborough to Fetherstone on behalf of their club and community deserve MBE's. Big fellas indeed!
  2. I didn't think that there would be enough parking at the ground as the website said it is limited so I parked at red ridge which is one of OXfords 5 park and ride sites, it cost e £2 to park and £2:40 to take the bus into the city centre and then 15 minutes to walk to the ground, I also naively thought that the match might be played inside the world famous athletics track, I was wrong on both points.
  3. I too was at the Oxford/Newcastle game, I. agree that the ground is a tidy little facility and 88 is about what I Thought the attendance was although I couldn't accurately count those on the other side of the main stand from me. I didn't mind £12 adult entry and could appreciate that the ground is probably more used to Union than League so if I had noticed any champagne ads it is only what I would expect the university elite of RU to quaff copiously but I Wouldn't know the names of any champers brands anyhow. NEwcastle were stronger in all departments and scored their first in the first minute of the game although OXford soon struck back and a great covering tackle stopped a Newcastle breakaway try down the left wing in the first half and the final whisle diffused a bout of fisticuffs. The Dozen or so Thunder fans made all the noise and we all know that hey are 'on our way', its a good tune and I can,t wait to hear them one day when they have an away following as good as Leigh. It is however a pity the OXford do not have another home game until 12th April, is this right?
  4. I see that Sky Sports is free to air on the 29th September 2010, As all 3 RL grand finals are showing that day, why have the RL not gone to town to advertise this to the nation? Our sport can't get into the papers and is not well known outside the hartlands so a chance like this should not be missed. I live down south and see and hear nothing unless watching on Sky Sports, reading RL world/express or veiwing the TotalRL forums. Come on RFL its not too late to do something, national radio might be acheivable in the week you have left.
  5. A Question from a RU Fan.

    Exactly right, why retain the scrum if we are not going to do it properly? The RFL like to introduce new facets to our game each year, here is my suggestion for the next one; Play scrums properley, bind down correctly (safety issue) and no feeding. This would force teams to develop this weapon in the armoury or constantly scede possesion and would stop RU folk sneering at our game as this small play done so badly is one of the two(along with 6 tackles) examples that they constantly use to champion their code over ours.
  6. A Question from a RU Fan.

    Did you see the Halifax/Sheffield game on thursday? I think it was Halifax who had head and feed but lost the scrum. In the recent showing of the 1978 Challenge Cup final the ball was fed into the scrum from about 6 feet away!
  7. My first ever 'post' and already I'm going to sound like a dinosaur, Town /City coat of arms style badges for me, traditional names and shirt designs too! i.e. Bradford Northern with the 'Boars Head' crest and white shirt with horizontal red,yellow and black bands across the chest.