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  1. The Gulf In Media Scrutiny Between Hemispheres
  4. Guys myself and Phill Browne who runs Tag Rugby in the UK have just started a business called Mascord Brownz. We're featuring a country a month. So far we've done United States, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Ireland are coming up in the next 24 hours. Find us here: Our shop
  6. steavis

    "Perth should be in Super League"

    I said including transit time. From Dunedin you have to change in Auckland, probably again in Australia and then travel from Joburg. There are commutes in the Super 14 - including transit time - as long as Australia to Manchester or London and with the new Perth-London direct, longer. They do it. We can too. And - two Aussie teams did it just last week!
  7. is in Sydney +61411455426