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  1. Yes, even though the game is behind closed doors there will be a programme You can check it out HERE
  2. We sold out of The Front Row last month and one copy was on ebay for £21. So we're going again this week with four more pages and if we sell out again we'll go weekly for the rest of the season. Here's the link https://mascordbrownz.com/product/pre-order-the-first-ever-joint-nrl-challenge-cup-match-programme-120-only-to-be-printed/ Thanks to those of you who supported it last month!
  3. We will be problishing in London and Sydney simultaneously for the Challenge Cup weekend.
  4. In 1904 Huddersfield and Dewsbury played a game 'behind closed doors' - but Huddersfield members were allowed in. We would say that means it doesn't count. But what would they say of 80 television crew? If we could ask them... and explain what television is ... anyway, we are doing a physical programme for this historic event! 100 only will be printed - being printed right now. For the first time ever, a programme will cover both major competitions in the world with NRL teams listed as well. Plus features and stats. £3.50 only. Ships overnight tomorrow. https://mascordbrownz.com/product/pre-order-rugby-leagues-first-ever-global-match-programme-100-only-to-be-printed/
  5. Yes, we're a little daft at Mascord Brownz
  6. No programmes were printed. I tried to get Duco to do some. Mascord Brownz should have worked harder to make this happen but I had too much else on.
  7. I think you have Sandy Shipley mixed up with Rob and Caz. Sandy is, indeed, Canadian.
  8. http://rugbyam.co.uk/toronto-game-in-belgrade-is-scrapped/
  9. http://rugbyam.co.uk/elstone-says-wigan-salary-cap-penalty-perplexing/
  10. "news" = stuff that's new. News, like milk, expires. This is a feature story now, not a news story and I don't write rugby league features anymore.
  11. I care about what I care about. Up to others to determine what that makes me.
  12. Regarding self-promotion: You'll see that our name is nowhere on the RLIF Store page. They chose to put it in the promo, not us. It says "our partners" on the RLIF Store page - and that's so we take responsibility for store stuff-ups, not them. We were happy to remain completely anonymous.
  13. Yes! I am not objective anymore! I am only continuing to write stories because I need the cash. I will stop as soon as I can.
  14. We don't make them or get them made. We buy existing stock from the teams' official manufacturers.
  15. To me, the RLIF is the world governing body and I want to make a difference in international rugby league not just write about stuff. To do that, you deal with the RLIF. I'll keep coming up with suggestions to help them generate income because that's good for the game. I'm not a particularly strategic person. I like to just get to work. I hope the MB can grow with them but as I said, if we are left behind that's fine. But I'm not stopping at MB. It's just one of a myriad of areas I hope to make a positive difference in the international game now I've left Sydney rugby league journalism behind.
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