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  1. Ridiculous to say Bentham is 'possibly the most anti-French of all SL refs'. He reffed at least two games featuring Toulouse last season, first at Spotland where he was faultless and similarly at Toulouse against Oldham.
  2. Yep, had a bad day against Liban....
  3. Most improved player for me over a twelve-month period is Bastien Ader at Toulouse. Solid every game with a good brain and loads of pace.
  4. There will be games in the Elite 2 and the DN leagues. Depends when you are over.
  5. Doesn't affect Toulouse much as Canet decided to stay, a blessing in disguise to most TO13 fans I would imagine. Maria's previous stay at the club wasn't particularly memorable...Losing Barthau however would be a disaster but would he be first-choice at TO any more than at Catalans ?
  6. Great to see Mark K playing at this level, it's just reward for some great years at TO13. Ader is probably the most improved player since last season and deserves his place too. It looks a very mobile French side with load of pace though they will need to improve their handling after the Jamaica game to take full advantage.
  7. Yep, including a top notch Indian restaurant just off the main square
  8. The Broncos have been struggling to recruit after a load of kids left for one reason or another. I'm wondering if Aaron's budget was cut ? Kane Bentley will be a key signing to help bring the kids through and a handy guy to have around should he be needed in the first team. Any idea why Canet changed his mind about joining ASC Gordon ?
  9. Think of them this weekend as they make the five-hour trek to Salon de Provence in three minibuses driven by themselves then the game and the long trip back..... Speaking with the manager, Marie-Christine (the only person who speaks French, that's why she was asked to do it) and the coach and the problem isn't really money but knowledge and help with coaching methods etc They are a raw bunch who need some 'polishing' up a bit ! They could well win more matches this season but they are still up for it even when they take a pasting, the passion is amazing.
  10. Yes, and Albi would like a shot at it too. Their aim is to be the top French Elite side within a few years with a push to the Championship. But saying that, most Elite 1 clubs and at least one Elite 2 club I have spoken with have the same ambition. Lots of fancyful ambitions is one thing but doing it is another kettle of poissons...
  11. The thing that impressed me was the sheer enthusiasm running through the club. At the end the coach (Elio ?) gave them a 'warm down' just like some of the SL sides, it was all 'professional' in attitude. Discipline is good but the errors cost them, but they don't need me to tell them that !
  12. I did take a couple Matthew but they may not be brilliant, i'll try to send what I have.
  13. Just watched a great game between Marseille Avenir v Saluzzo, the home side probably just about deserved the win but the Italians could well have pipped them but for some silly basic errors close to the French line. Top entertainment for the sparse crowd and the 26-18 defeat was seen as a good result by the Italians who seem to be heading in the right direction. Yet another 10 hur round trip for them next weekend as they play at Salon de Provence, now that's what I call dedication !!!
  14. Springer not in the squad due to injury I believe ?