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  1. Cracking entertainment. About 100 Swinton fans in great voice who went with the players to the local bars after the game, great ambiance which is good to see. Don't know how to sum up the game really. Toulouse rested big players plus Stan Robin has an injury but the replacements did ok when Ford was on the pitch. He got a yellow on 57 minutes and didn't come back which let the Lions in for a load of points which made the contest more exciting. Swinton threw the ball about and just went for it, they looked a slick side orchestrated by Woods and White but not a bad performance on the pitch.
  2. The playing conditions were more North of England rather than South of France. Batley were expansive but disappointing as they lacked creativity, Walker looks a big loss to them. Manning looked a class above the rest of his team mates IMO.
  3. Toulouse looked like as they were pre Ford injury, pretty awesome. This was men vs boys in wet slippery conditions more suited to Batley. Impressed too with my first look at the ref Matt Rossleigh.
  4. Yeah Kala is back off to Oz, Kane hasn't been retained, Canet off to ASC and White retiring.
  5. He's in the 19 but will probably miss out with Sangaré. Ford did ok last week on his return. Rumour is Robin to Catalans but no idea how true this is, that would leave Houles with a headache.
  6. Ford re-signs at Toulouse.

    Thought it was Lezignan originally ?
  7. Ford re-signs at Toulouse.

    Kala is off back to Oz and Kane hasn't been retained. TO have signed a prop from an SL outfit.
  8. Ford re-signs at Toulouse.

    Apparently he's been playing with the heel injury for a while now which wouldn't have improved things I suppose.
  9. Ford re-signs at Toulouse.

    Greg White is retiring from the game and strong rumour is Canet is off to ASC along with Ferret and some other juniors. The Planas injury is less severe than first thought plus he has a heel problem and so will be out for the rest of the season, he's hoping to be back as usual next season despite his advancing years....
  10. Johnathon Ford has agreed to stay at TO13 for another season at least which reinforces the club chairman's comment last week about building a squad to compete for a top four place next season. More players are expected to remain at the club as contract negotiations continue and new recruits are expected to replace players leaving and to strengthen the existing squad.
  11. A classic interview from a bitter individual who was praying that the match be forfeited at HT, if that is indeed how it works ? Credit to the match commissioner and referee who helped Toulouse (and Hornets) 100% to get the game completed. As previously witnessed Rochdale when they tried to play rugby looked a slick outfit who threatened to score on eachattack but only let down by some poor handling and solid defence. The loss of Middlehurst to the sinbin on 68 minutes opened the floodgates and made the final core a bit flattering. Middlehurst sent off last game too for the same thing apparently.
  12. Friends at Donny are impressed with Hakim, apparently he made a couple of telling breaks last sunday which sealed the win.
  13. I can't think of too many better centres at the moment. Ader has been exceptional this season and will do the job tho' Marguerite needs another season of 'regular' selection at TO to prove himself probably. Houles needs to show more confidence in him for him the progress I feel.
  14. Mustn't forget Greg White who is fit again and will never let the team down at centre. Nzoungou has been pretty ordinary when i've seen him. Ader is the most improved player for me this season.
  15. Seb Planas out for the rest of the season with adductor troubles would have been a major problem but TO should be able to make do with what they have to get them through the rest of the Shield games.