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  1. TO13 are dogged by injuries yet again so they will struggle I feel. Fev v Leigh by 8 Toronto v TO13 by 16 Batley v Rochdale by 22 Fax v Rams by 26 London v Sheffield by 24 Swinton v Barrow by 10
  2. oiseau

    Elite 1 Round 16

    That's good news then, they deserve a go at Elite 1.
  3. oiseau

    Elite 1 Round 16

    I'm assuming Villefranche will refuse promotion to Elite 1 as they did last year citing insufficient budget etc La Réole did the same thing in 2015 ish if I recall.
  4. I tend to agree but there is size available. On saturday I watched Bousquet, Simon and Maria play and they looked big and strong enough to me ! At Toulouse Canet, Puech, Boyer and the quickly developing Sangaré look decent too.
  5. oiseau

    Lyon still alive

    Because the potential for success is obviously higher in the UK. Why do Swansea City and Cardiff City for example prefer to play in the English football league than the Welsh ? Why do Celtic and Rangers want to play in England ?
  6. oiseau

    Lyon still alive

    Villeneuve have expressed their wish to enter C1 in 2021, Albi have intentions too. Other clubs have also expressed interest. It looks like Villefranche will one day want to move up from Elite 2 as will Toulon who have ambitions to get to Elite 1 asap.
  7. oiseau

    Lyon still alive

    I think a few of them have designs on Championship 1 which may be a better way to go forward ?
  8. I think everyone was surprised to see that too but Barthau did well.
  9. oiseau

    Lyon still alive

    A couple of weeks back VARL won the Elite 2 cup (Challenge Allières) and the winning try came at the end from a blistering run from Teli Pelo who fed golden oldie Vinnie to crash over under the posts. There's still life in these old dogs !! Just r watched the tries from the TO13 v Fev game via the resumé of the match. Some awesome stuff on there with Hepi's try the best of the bunch for me.
  10. Yes Fabou, that's what I said. Bouzinac slotted in well yesterday but Barthau (according to Houles) will play at7.
  11. Robin is a big blow though Bouzinac slotted in well. Barthau did ok at centre but Curran should be back for the next game. Barthau will play at 7 with Robin out. Fev were disappointing and John Duffy was not amused with the display, Holmes at fb did well but the forwards looked pretty tame against the TO13 kids. Hock couldn't get into the game and the halfbacks were outrun by TO. The quality isn't there in the Broncos (yet) but Houles hasn't ruled out getting in some players to cover if the right players come along. maybe we could talk Greg White to come out of retirement to help out ?
  12. TO could have scored more but for some good defending and a not very generous ref. This was a big game and deserved a higher profile ref. Toulouse were miles better on the day as Fev looked unbalanced. Ford controlled the game which changed dynamic when Hepi and Marion came on after 23 minutes. Kriouache is a poor player at this level but somehow manages to keep his place. Rapira, Pettybourne, Marcon and crucially Curran out today with Robin looking at a long lay-off with a shoulder injury (operation monday). That's 17 fit players in a 22 man pool, the lay-off next weekend will help...
  13. TO13 22 Fev 32 Toronto 58 Swinton 4 Dewsbury 34 Rochdale 14 Broncos 16 Leigh 30 Sheffield 10 Fax 34 Have to agree about TO13, Fev have a great mix of experience and know-how plus the DRs are a big factor for them IMO.
  14. oiseau

    Westerman leaving TWP

    Has he ever even been to Norfolk ?