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  1. The Albi v TO game was entertaining with a good crowd too. FB Cance is a tidy player but the mom was Brad Wall with Fabre close by. Laguerre looks ok but did look vulnerable with the high ball.
  2. Yes, that’s good news. He’s a nice kid and well disciplined on the park. It was a tough decision for him as he now has a young family to think of. I see a contemporary of his Bastien Canet is still up to his old tricks. Playing for ASC he still is as clueless about discipline as he was when at TO.
  3. Hi again Gordon, hope you are well. I watched the ASC v Albi game on the computer, the crowd looked quite small ? The two sides looked well matched.
  4. Toulouse were The Spacers for a few years as they joined forces with another association. Happily they changed back to Olympique after seeing sense. Toulouse volley ball team is still called The Spacers.
  5. No, that’s about normal from what I’ve seen.
  6. Yes ,that’s Albi. I believe the stand holds about 1200. It was 90% full last Saturday with a handful in the open stand opposite and probably about a hundred watching from in front of the main stand.
  7. Houles has already said that he will be after four or five players with an eye on Aussie and nz players.
  8. Pierre Jean Lima, his dad (Fijian) played for TO 20 years ago. P J has already played for the first team.
  9. A couple of years younger I think, 21 ish
  10. My local village team Lescure have an interesting logo. They are at home to US Entraigues this afternoon with former Catalans Dragons winger/centre Younès Khattabi now 37 turning out for his home town.
  11. Albi isn’t too bad though the tracksuits make the people wearing them look like workers on a building site.
  12. Some of them deffo lacked the required fitness levels. That’s unusual for Houles & co as the fitness is usually the priority. I recall a few years back one of the first team players ( a French international ) came back to pre season ‘overweight’ which, according to sadist Adam Innes (fitness coach) made him unavailable or selection. He missed half a dozen Championship games until he had lost about ten kilos.
  13. Yep, class act. He came from Villefranche a couple of years back. Julien Cance looked pretty solid at fb. Houles was watching, I imagine he would have been more impressed with some of the Albi players rather than his lot.
  14. La guerre looked ok but did fumble a bit on high balls. Was hoping to see the young Sangare but he was 18th man. He walked past me during the game and he looks a clone of big brother.
  15. I live in Albi. Good opening game of the season, best team won. MOM Brad Wall with Baptiste Fabre a close second. Too many errors from TO.
  16. Didn’t know there was one. I’ll roll in at 1830 as usual.
  17. Looking forward to seeing the TO youngsters at the Mazicou tomorrow.
  18. Brrrrhhh, Here’s hoping TO get all home games until April.
  19. Really good summing up for me. In addition I was expecting more domination from Craig Hall who went missing for me. Alex Walker is better than what we saw too.
  20. Sorry, but just seen this. An Englishman killed on the motorway close to the stadium early this morning. The paper is surmising it’s a Fev fan. I hope this isn’t the case.. https://www.ladepeche.fr/2021/10/11/accident-mortel-un-pieton-se-fait-renverser-par-une-voiture-sur-le-peripherique-a-proximite-du-stade-ernest-wallon-9843991.php
  21. Good performance from TO, Casty and Hansen were immense and Jussaume worthy MOM. Fev simply outplayed in the first forty, Toulouse didn’t bottle it second half.
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