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  1. The coach has done well since my criticisms, keep it up Joris lad
  2. Yes, Fabre is quality. Really surprised Houles hasn’t snapped him up yet. He’s still only 20 so time for him. His mum is in charge of the local academy. I think his grandad is with the Occitan league set-up. Not great from ASC, I bet Boyer wishes he had stayed at TO now !!
  3. Well deserved victory for the home side. Good all round performance against a rather sterile ASC outfit. Yes, Pedrero is rapid.
  4. Looking forward to the Albi - ASC game this weekend Gordon. Albi did ok against TOxiii but they are a bit unpredictable at the moment.
  5. Very much under 30, he’s 23 and a powerful six footer.Signed from St Gaudens and promoted to the first team from the French Elite.
  6. Quillan is ok but again (imo), nowhere near as nice as it was twenty years ago.
  7. There is/was a decent golf course at Saint Cyprien , it was for sale a few years back, I assume it was sold ?
  8. Yeah, Collioure is brill. I seriously thought about moving to Perpignan, remembering how it used to be only twenty years ago but watching it deteriorate over the years put me off big time. I settled for Albi with a few local xiii sides nearby and TO and Cats not too tricky to get to.
  9. Pia are an Elite level side, that’s obvious so maybe they will do the decent thing and step up next season. RCLA have a good fan base with a team which always seems competitive. They have always been a kind of Albi feeder outfit though less so nowadays.
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