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  1. TO have never been included in the forums, not that I can recall anyway.
  2. As pointed out the Bentleys and Greg White are French. Last years TO team was the youngest in C1 at 23 years which is dangerously young as you infer. They got away with a lot last season but have learned a lot.Whether they can handle the step up is questionable. Always loads of rumours fliying around tho' Houles has always stated he will neot be adding to the squad but I don't know if that is due to loyalty or constraints from above.. Larroyer would seem an obvious candidate but could they afford him ? Rochdale have made some decent looking signings but they have let some good players leave also. I don't know if the Hornets have a Plan B if their attritional RL starts to fail them. I fear for TO as the season wears on as injuries, lack of squad depth and travel fatigue may well cost them. On the day they can beat just about anyone at this level but I don't know if they can keep it going until the end of a long season.
  3. Who are the 'ageing antipodeans' ? Ford & Curran are 27 and Kheirallah 26. TO will struggle to get to mid-table, their squad is small compared to the others and the travelling plus the leap in level will hurt them.
  4. They certainly need to increase their squad numbers I feel. They relied on juniors from the Academy last season all of whom came through with flying colours but light on the experience needed in the Championship. Kevin Larroyer would be a great addition to any squad and Andrew Bentley should return after a season out so it will be like having a new player on the books. Re - the training techniques : One of the aussies was saying the current regime is as hard as All-Black training regime he went through in Oz.
  5. Blimey, that water looks a bit WET !!! Don't ever recall seeing a game played in those conditions.
  6. Same as last season I believe, most are FT.
  7. Totally amazed Greg White didn't make the French squad Gordon. He had a big season and is an integral part of the TO set-up. Houles has been brutal so far in the pre-season training. The regime has been upped considerably from last season and many players are hurting. Question is, with such a small squad compared to the other Championship clubs should Houles be pushing his players so hard ? They will have the fitness that's for sure but the playing regime will be tough what with the travelling so i'm hoping they won't fade like last season in the last quarter of the season. I believe a pre-season friendly has been arranged with the Catalans at Toulouse for the end of january. This is always an interesting fixture for TO as it acts as some kind of a yardstick of their currrent fitness etc.Catalans usually play their strongest players so it should be a good test; maybe for both clubs..
  8. Dear oh dear, is this a wind-up ?
  9. Can't wait until Sundsy then.
  10. Nothing would surprise me ! Saying that, Toulouse had an easy start to their league season after a 'testing' trip to a boggy Wath Brow encounter. Point is, did the easy league start actually help TO ? I'm not convinced. I reckon a tougher opening would have toughened the team up instead of lulling them into a false sense. I wonder if the RFL are working on an 'easy' start to their Championship rather than making them play HKR, Bulls, London etc early doors ?
  11. Ca anyone tell me why Paul Crook is surplus to requirements ? He was MOM against Toulouse in the Final for me ..
  12. According to the latest press release today both are in the 20 man squad for the England game. http://www.ffr13.fr/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Liste-des-20-Bleus-pour-France-vs-Angleterr.jpg
  13. Well that remains to be seen......
  14. That's not going to happen. Houles has already said he's not adding to the squad.
  15. With their small squad consolidation has to be the aim for next season. I don't see a clear replacement fullback or kicker if Kheirallah gets injured or suspended. Robin looks a tidy player but will he be anywhere near the quality of Danny Hulme ? Also, the props are very quick though a bit lightweight for me. It's been evident this season that opponents with big experienced props like at Barrow made the TO defence look vunerable. Loads of positives tho' and all the kids will have learned a lot from the last few games when the pressure was really on.