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  1. Yes Gordon, Eric Anselme has done wonders at Albi. The club has big plans and Eric said a couple of years back that Albi would become the strongest force in the Elite in a few years time.
  2. This isn't rocket science. The Wheelchair Final could be played at say, 1500 which would give RL fans the time to drive the few kms to Blagnac for the TO game.
  3. Also, the Wheelchair final (Championnat de France de rugby à XIII Fauteuil) takes place next saturday in Toulouse between TO & Catalans, typically it's taking place at the same time as the TO v Bulls game ! Talk about bad planning...
  4. It was annouced yesterday by Palaques that a study is being carried out to the viabilty of a National XIII training centre in Carcassonne. Not exclusively XIII apparently with maybe XV too. The maire is in favour (of course) but it's just at the discusion stage.
  5. At the moment TO13 are a top Championship side whereas before they were a mid-table Championship side at best. They need to go up this season as next season it will be tougher imo with the Canadians in the same league. The Academy is producing some good kids so the future is bright. Catalans plod on each year but the number of overseas players is worrying. A new dawn in French RL ? Not for me but let's hope Houles can keep this squad together for a couple of years to see just how far they can go.
  6. Galthié is from Cahors which is a long way from Perpignan.
  7. Well, he's learning quickly at the higher level. The jury is still out on whether the decision to forfait the Ladbrokes Cup was justified, I suppose it depends on where they end up at the end of the first phase.
  8. Maybe the tide is beginning to turn ?
  9. True enough but we can only judge on what's gone on so far this season. Things can and will change i'm sure, that's probably why I love this game so much !
  10. Really tough all as you say. Fev look strong alongside London but for me the big game on the horizon could be Fax at the Big Bash. Fax were unlucky to lose that game apparently thanks to a bad call from the officials who wrongly gave a try to TO (Greg White) to deny them the victory so, still a lot to prove between those two. The TO home games against Fev and London could well decide the final places.
  11. I'm sure you found some consolation in liquid form to dull the pain timtum !!
  12. Post match Tim Sheens was waxing lyrical about how well his 'youngters' did and, to a certain extent using the average age of the squad as an excuse or justification for the loss. Ironically he probably didn't realise the first-choice Toulouse side is about the same average age !
  13. Marion is the real deal and he's getting better by the game. I suppose it helps when he has the quality of Ford and Robin nearby. He played LF for much of last season with Andrew Bentley facing a career threatening injury and looked good there too. I would put Marion ahead of Pelissier personally. So much quality in this TO13 squad with the available props - Kalausa, Boyer, Canet, Hepi, Puech and Sangaré for example having an average age of about 21 ! Ader has come on leap and bounds in twelve months and Marguerite is developing int a top centre too. Various rumours going ound as to how the squad will be strengthened though it's hard to see where a new face would fit in !
  14. Thank you. Cracking game and full of tension up to the end. HKR did well but just lacked that bit of midfield spark for me.I thought Robin, Marion and Ford controlled the game with great support all round. MOM Curran (for me), the 'quiet man' of the team is a 9/10 player every game but never get the headlines. Incredible travelling support and some good banter between the fans as the tension mounted. TO13 were the beter side on the day but at least the weather was great !